International Gymnix Junior Cup Live Blog

Welcome to the live blog for the Junior Cup competition at the 2018 International Gymnix! We’re live in Montreal once again to bring you updates, photos, and more from the meet.

Refresh your browser every 3-5 minutes to get the most recent updates, which will appear on the top.

9:21 pm. Update…after a deliberation at the end of the meet, there was an announcement that “scores weren’t yet official” and then they went back and upped Zoé’s score by three tenths, so she ended up with a 53.935 which gave her the win by a tenth.

8:57 pm. Final Standings

1. Asia D’Amato, Italy, 53.835
2. Viktoriia Listunova, Russia, 53.701
3. Zoé Allaire-Bourgie, Canada, 53.635
4. Elena Gerasimova, Russia, 53.268
5. Giorgia Villa, Italy, 52.568
6. Alice D’Amato, Italy, 52.468
7. Emma Spence, Canada, 52.402
8. Chiaki Hatakeda, Japan, 52.169
9. Margaux Daveloose, Belgium, 51.335
10. Shoko Miyata, Japan, 51.334
11. Olga Astafeva, Russia, 51.002
12. Noémie Louon, Belgium, 50.669
13. Chiharu Yamada, Japan, 50.535
14. Kyra Cato, Canada, 50.401
15. Stacy Bertrandt, Belgium, 50.301
16. Elisa Iorio, Italy, 50.168
17. Quinn Skrupa, Canada, 49.235
18. Imogen Paterson, Canada, 48.568
19. Julie Vandamme, Belgium, 48.535
20. Rachael Riley, Canada, 48.367
21. Lucia Jakab, Canada, 48.335
22. Sophia King, Canada, 48.202
23. Noemi Griesser, Germany, 46.368
24. Sidney Hayn, Germany, 46.168
25. Sophia Steurer, Germany, 45.235
26. Sakura Nakaguchi, Japan, 44.968
27. Marielle Billet, Germany, 33.901
28. Irina Komnova, Russia, 23.001

8:46 pm. Paterson FX- Double arabian crashed OOB. 😦 Otherwise such a good day for her. Double tuck with a bounce back. Triple full is under-rotated and her legs are messy in the air, step on the landing.

8:45 pm. WOOOO BOY Asia still got a 14.534 with the hop!!! And she edges out Listunova by just over a tenth! Allaire-Bourgie currently in third.

8:42 pm. Spence FX- Piked full-in with a hop back, 1.5 through to TRIPLE!!!! A brand-new pass for her, some leg form in the triple but she rotated it great, double back, YAAAAS. Excellent routine.

Nakaguchi UB- Tkachev, BHARDWAJ!!! CASUAL. Toe on to Maloney to clear hip, NOOOOO, missed her next release. Toe full to double tuck with a small step and a smile and a bow to the judges.

Iorio VT- Clean FTY, a little short with a hop.

Both Asia and Giorgia did FTYs for their second vaults, and obth were huge an way too easy for these power kids,

8:38 pm. Allaire-Bourgie FX- GET READY FOR SOME GORGEOUSNESS!!!! Opens with a front double full that she just hops forward. Double pike with a hop back. Double tuck is clean but low, but she finishes with a lovely double full.

Hatakeda UB- I aught it from the straddle Jaeger, her teammates screaming is the funniest thing ever, bail is short with leg sep, toe shoot, came off with a form break on the high bar. 😦 UGH, even if she couldn’t take over the lead she still could’ve reached for the podium, and after such an otherwise great day. Back on to hit the dismount, hit.

Asia D’Amato VT- Gorgeous and HUGE DTY but a rather large 0.3 hop back.

8:37 pm. Yamada UB- Van Leeuwen, toe half with a pause in handstand before swinging down to the Jaeger, bail, giant full, full-in, oof, doesn’t get enough height and lands it to her knees, still smiling though.

Villa VT- DTY, small hop, not bad.

8:35 pm. Alice D’Amato VT- DTY, pretty low with a step forward to keep from putting her hands down.

Miyata UB- Nice piked Jaeger, bail is a little short with leg sep, double tuck with a small hop.

Skrupa FX- Low piked full-in with a hop. I think there was a pass before that which I may have missed, I know she used to have a double arabian early on in her routine. Double pike is next, a little hop at the end. Basically stuck the double tuck to finish.

I DON’T HAVE TO WATCH BEAM THIS ROTATION!!!! It’s so far away, my neck feels broken and permanently stuck facing sideways.

8:32 pm. Viktoriia Listunova with a 53.701 and Elena Gerasimova with a 53.268, good for them! Allaire-Bourgie can def chase them on floor, but I’m not sure if Chiaki Hatakeda will be able to do it on bars? Last time I saw her on bars she had an 11.9. Actually, I think Asia D’Amato could take over the lead if her DTY is as good as we usually expect from her but it’ll be super close.

8:29 pm. Daveloose BB- ANOOOOTHER lovely bhs mount! Bhs loso is also gorgeous. Straight jump full from a sideways position, front aerial with a check, Korbut, wolf turn, switch leap to split leap, wobble on switch half, side aerial, double full with a hop. Great routine from her.

Komnova VT- Balked, saluted, and was like “bye!” She touched the table on the balk. Maybe she’s nursing an injury and that’s why she didn’t do floor? Her coach was prob like “you must vault” and she was like “lmao okay” and just balks because it’s easier than saying “no.”

Cato FX- Double turn, double pike with a step, double tuck is a bit cowboyed. Hit the last pass.

8:26 pm. Louon BB- Another lovely bhs mount. Some wobbles in the interior but good overall.

Listunova VT- First vault is a handspring front pike half, gets a little wild, second is a handspring front pike with a step.

Billet UB- Maloney to Pak to toe shoot, toe on to toe half gets super wild and she has to hop off. I didn’t see after she got back on.

Jakab FX- Piked full-in with a step. Front lay front full. Stuck double tuck. Great routine!

8:24 pm. Astafeva VT- FTY, a little whippy, low on the landing.

Bertrandt BB- Lovely bhs mount. Hit the rest that I could see, full turn, side aerial with a wobble,

King FX- I loooove her “Sweet Child of Mine” routine. Doule tuck with a great landing. 2.5 with a couple of steps forward.

Hayn UB- Toe on to toe shoot, fall on straddle Jaeger, I missed the rest but she hit the dismount with some steps and a huge ping off (which I heard rather than saw).

Gerasimova VT- Yurchenko layout for her second vault, I didn’t see detail but not bad.

8:21 pm. Gerasimova VT- FTY with a couple of steps.

Steurer UB- I saw from the toe on to toe shoot, blind change to front giant half, layout dismount is clean.

Riley FX- Double pike, leaps are a little wonky, 2.5 to low front tuck, double tuck is okay, and she hit the last pass.

Vandamme BB- Switch to split jump, bhs loso, some bent knee action, full spin, front aerial with a wobble and a fall. Double tuck with a step.

Griesser UB- Toe on to stalder to toe shoot, blind change to front giant to big straddle Jaeger, pretty spotted, giant full, a little late, layout dismount stuck.

8:20 pm. It’s close after three! Zoé Allaire-Bourgie leads two tenths ahead of Chiaki Hatakeda, and Viktoriia Listunova is in third two tenths behind Hatakeda.

8:14 pm. Iorio FX- Tucked full-in, chest down and a little bounce. 2.5 with a hop, good work on her leaps and jumps, triple is a little under-rotated, double pike with her chest a bit low but good leg position.

Spence BB- Candle mount, wolf turn, switch half is great, split jump to sissone, wobble on front aerial, hit a jump with a full after that but I didn’t see what, bhs layout with a slight wobble, side somi, side split jump half with her chest down, double tuck with a step back. Some little fights in there but good finish. I think she forgot to salute LOL. Kind of does it a second later like “whoops.”

8:11 pm. Allaire-Bourgie BB- Front aerial to split jump to tuck jump half, side aerial, bhs loso is solid, hit jump series. Big wobble on a split half I think…but fights and holds onto it. 2.5 with a hop off to the side.

Alice D’Amato FX- Full-in to start is solid. Also love her music. Very Vegas showgirl. Great triple full!! The rotation is fab. Excellent double tuck to finish. Excellent job.

Nakaguchi VT- I almost had a heart attack because they put up a 4.38 instead of a 4.30. She did a Yurchenko layout, and it was quite piked, but when I saw the 4.38 I was like ummmmm ARE WE GOING TO SEE A YURCHENKO QUAD LMAO and I believed it for a second because #Japan

8:07 pm. Hatakeda VT- Second vault is a tsuk layout full, also a good job with that.

Skrupa BB- Off on layout series. 😦 Omelianchik into a split hold that she walks over with one leg down in front of her, lovely, just a tiny check at the end, full turn. Finishes with a double tuck with a step.

Villa FX- Memmel turn to full turn, tucked full-in, stumble, I think I might have missed a pass after that but maybe not. The next pass I saw was a gorgeous triple full. Love her music so much. I think I missed more of this thatn I would have liked.

Miyata VT- Excellent Yurchenko 1.5! Then she does a tsuk tuck full. Great work.

8:03 pm. Yamada VT- FTY, good!

Paterson BB- Candle mount, wolf jump full, bhs loso is solid, off on a switch leap, ugh. Hit a jump into a back tuck after that, then something into a side aerial, good jump series, double full with a hop.

Asia D’Amato FX- Mustafina turn! Good double arabian, little hop. Solid landing on tucked full-in. Stuck her double tuck cold, just waved her arms once a tiny bit for balance. Double full to finish is great. Impressed with that!

Hatakeda VT- Another solid FTY, small hop back.

8:00 pm. Damn, 13.934 for Gerasimova and 13.9 for Lustinova on floor!! Floor has been a little low here too, at least yesterday and earlier today…get it! I don’t think Komnova did floor.

7:58 pm. King BB- Split leap mount, into a split leap into a full Y turn with a big wobble. Bhs loso is solid. Switch leap, switch half, little bobble, side aerial with a break at the hips, front aerial with a wobble and break at the hips, 1.5 dismount with a little bounce.

7:55 pm. Vandamme UB- Maloney to stalder full, big Tkachev, falls. 😦 Bail to toe shoot, blind change, double front is SUPER clean, step back.

Gerasimova FX- Hit opening pass, then the second into the corner I can’t see, maybe a double? Triple if we’re feeling ambitious? 2.5 to punch front after that. Double tuck with a couple of steps to finish.

Riley BB- Bhs loso loso, second loso is completely off-line and she just lands on the ground. Off again on a side split half. Sissone to wolf jump, hits 2.5 dismount.

7:53 pm. Listunova FX- Whip through to double tuck, 2.5 to punch front, I missed what came after that.

Jakab BB- Candle mount, hit jump series, hit flight series, punch front tuck, came off on something after that and hit the dismount.

Steurer VT- Handspring front tuck, sat, I couldn’t see who, gonna go with Steurer’s second vault?

Daveloose UB- Stalder to bail to toe shoot, double front, nice!

Hayn VT- FTY is nice and clean, small hop.

7:47 pm. Griesser VT- Yurchenko back pike with a couple of steps,

Louon UB- Maloney to bail (leg sep) to toe shoot, huuuge straddle Jaeger, double pike with a step.

Cato BB- Opening wolf turn, front aerial with a little wobble, split leap, side aerial with a large wobble, split jump to wolf jump, side split half, bhs loso, break at the hips, double tuck with a step.

Astafeva FX- Double pike, 2.5 to front tuck, a little wild, double tuck with a little step, double full to finish is good.

Steurer VT- Tsuk back pike, not bad.

Bertrandt UB- I saw it from the toe shoot, blind change to straddle Jaeger, toe half, giant full to layout with a hop. Like not one single person in the crowd clapped for this? #JERKS

7:46 pm. Zoé Allaire-Bourgie holds the lead, followed closely by Emma Spence and then Chiaki Hatakeda, who had a 13.834 on floor!

7:42 pm. Villa BB- Switch leap mount, switch half, full L turn, roundoff back tuck, fall, ugh. Double spin breaks at the hips and I think she hast to grab the beam. I think an aerial to an illusion, switch leap to straight jump full, hit the dismount.

Hatakeda FX- Tucked full-in is good. Triple full with a step, gets it around quite easily, I’d imagine since she can do a quad lmao. NBD. Front 2.5 to punch front tuck, great job from her. Also some big turns in there, I think a double L to full pirouette and a double in front attitude? I kind of saw them out of the corner of my eye.

7:38 pm. Alice D’Amato BB- Off on punch front mount. 😦 Front aerial, bhs back tuck, full turn, triple full dismount! Slightly under-rotated and a little helicopter-y but yay for her, aside from the mount.

Yamada FX- Bounce back on opening pass. Music is “Once Upon a December.” Kind of a wild triple full, front lay front full with a little hop, double pike with a step.

Allaire-Bourgie UB- I missed the beginning, saw the Pak, van Leeuwen, giant full, piked Jaeger, high near-stuck double tuck, excellent!

7:36 pm. Iorio BB- Front walkover mount, side aerial, good leap series, bhs loso is good, double spin, front aerial, 1.5 Y spin, nice! Just some bobbles. Double pike low with a step forward. Good fight and comeback after bars.

Miyata FX- Triple full, nice, I couldn’t see it in the air but the landing was solid. 2.5 to front full, comes in a little horizontal and I think she put her hand down on the full but either way it was quite low. Hit the last two passes, I think a double tuck and double pike? Hard to see. #LifeguardChairJudge

Paterson UB- Caught release, Pak, toe on to van Leeuwen, giant full, full-in with a step, good work.

7:31 pm. Spence UB- Toe full to Maloney to Pak  to van Leeuwen, YAS, her dream skill and SHE HAS IT. Piked Jaeger, nailed the dismount and fist pumped, YAAAAS.

Asia D’Amato BB- Split leap mount, hit side somi and bhs loso, front aerial with a wobble, I missed up to the full Y turn, with a wobble. Double pike with a bounce back, looks annoyed at herself but that was pretty good for Italian beam? I have really low expectations. #UpsideDownCross

Nakaguchi FX- Double pike with a bounce back, I missed most of the rest, and was blocked from seeing the last pass, looked like from her footing she landed it though so yay.

Skrupa UB- Big Ray, nice! Pak with flexed feet, Endo half to Ray, nice, stalder full almost right on the bar, arabian dismount with a hop and some steps forward. Pretty solid aside from a few issues!

7:27 pm. Komnova BB- Front aerial to weak …ring jump we’ll call it? I think it was meant to be a split ring but it ended up being more staggy. Bhs loso is fine, switch leap, meant to connect to jump series, but she pauses, jump series is split jump to wolf jump. Side somi, side split jump half, wolf turn landed practically standing up but she goes back into a squat like “jk,” side aerial, punch front layout full dismount, small hop.

7:25 pm. Listunova BB- Press mount into a planche, nice, I loved that! Front walkover handspring thing into a front tuck, they are all toeing that line between the two so I’m wondering how judges take it? LEARN FROM ALIYA. Bhs bhs back tuck, hit leap series, front aerial, split ring jump to split jump, legs are wonky, split ring leap, also with a weak back leg, full turn, double tuck with a lunge back.

7:22 pm. Vandamme VT- FTY, nice, just a step back.

King UB- Stalder to Pak with leg sep, Maloney to bail (a little wild) to toe shoot, blind change to front giant half, double tuck, high with a little bounce to the side.

Hayn FX- Oh, no Marielle Billet…I saw her walking to the bathroom earlier in tears, hope she didn’t get injured on beam. Good double tuck, bobble on the landing with her chest down. Front layout full. Finishes with a 2.5 with a couple of small steps forward.

7:19 pm. Cato UB- Hit everything in the routine including a big Pak, double front dismount is also hit, with a step to the side, she struggled with that at Elite Canada.

Daveloose VT- Yurchenko layout, almost stuck, just a little step.

Griesser FX- Double tuck with a bounce back onto her butt. Her music is “I would do anything for love” hahahaha god bless. Hit the other passes in this set.

Gerasimova BB- Looooove her mount. Switch to sheep jump, full Y turn, side aerial loso, holds it, but then has a big wobble and break at the hips. Front walkeover/handspring kinda to front tuck, but then fell on something after that, front aerial, Onodi, both good, 2.5 with a small step. Def some improvements since we saw her here last year!

Riley UB- Caught her Pak, stalder half to toe shoot, hit the dismount.

7:16 pm. Bertrandt VT- Yurchenko layout, hop.

Jakab UB- I missed the beginning, good Pak, inbar shoot to high, caught her release, double front dismount is solid.

Astafeva BB- Off on her mount. Wobble on her triple flight series but holds it up. Front handspring to front tuck, a little messy but hit. Front aerial, hits what comes after that up until the dismount, a double full with a step.

Steurer FX- OMG SHE’S USING MUSIC FROM THE CHICAGO MUSICAL. All the feels. I saw this on Broadway at least 300,000 times. Double tuck. 1.5 to front tuck. Crashes 2.5 OOB. 😦

Louon VT- Another good Yurchenko layout.

7:14 pm. Zoé Allaire-Bourgie leads after the first rotation with a 13.934, followed by Rachael Riley with a 13.9 and Emma Spence with a 13.834. I’d imagine Canada 1 and Italy are close for team scores?

7:07 pm. Nakaguchi BB- Loso mount is great. Good leap series. Hits her layout series as well, nice, switch leap to sheep jump, awkward positioning on the sheep and she falls. Ooh, front aerial…half? I know that is called something but I can’t remember what. It was like a front aerial with a half twist to two feet. Fell though. Hits her double spin, and then sat her 2.5 but she’s like cracking up while she does it???? Japan is the happiest freaking team here.

Asia D’Amato UB- Ricna to Pak, some leg sep but good, extra kip cast before Maloney to Tkachev, good front giant work until the full which is a little muscled, right into a stuck double front,

7:03 pm. Spence VT- This will be her first time STARTING with the Yurchenko 1.5. She did it as her second vault at Elite Canada but sat it. And it goes well here! You can see her trying to push it forward so she doesn’t come in too short and sit it, so she has to take a hop but that’s def better than the alternative. Also does an FTY which has too much power and she has to kind of run backwards out of.

Iorio UB- Missed her Ricna. 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 Gets back on the low bar for a Maloney to stalder half to Ezhova, smacks her knees on the ground, also then muscles something on the high bar and has to fight an arch after that which the crowd loves, Endo is muscled, to a front full after that into a double front HALF OUT. Well, that was a mess, but good job fighting I guess.

Hatakeda BB- Bhs loso loso, solid! I missed some of this…but saw that she hit it. TRIPLE full to finish. WHAT THE WHAT Japan?!??! They’re like “hi Tokyo 2020 ;)”


6:59 pm. Villa UB- Here we goooooo! Ricna to Pak to Maloney to stalder half to Ezhova to Chow OH GODDDDDDDDD to bail to toe shoot OH GODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD I CAN’T BREATHE, toe half to front giant full NOOOOOO THIS is where she decides to lose her rhythm. It’s okay, she got it back, full-in to finish. That opening series MY GOD IN HEAVEN. Shame about the mistake but damn. She’s like “I had a lot of free time when I tore my Achilles and casually did bars 300 hours a week.”

Allaire-Bourgie VT- FTY is great!

Yamada BB- Layout mount! Japan bringing the beam D. Bhs loso is solid, just slightly soft knees, full turn, side aerial, switch leap, pause, split leap, side straight jump full with a little bobble, wolf jump to sissone, double pike nearly stuck, HUGE smile. Damn Japan!


6:56 pm. Skrupa VT- FTY, solid, nothing super dramatic about it.

Alice D’Amato UB- Maloney to Tkachev, huge Ricna to Pak, van Leeuwen, blind change to front giant full to front giant to double front low with a hop. Good work!!

Miyata BB- Roundoff layout, nice. Switch leap to split leap, side aerial, front aerial, 1.5 turn, interesting, 2.5 with a hop. Big smile when she finishes and the crowd loved her.

Paterson VT- FTY, step back, good.

6:52 pm. Daveloose FX- Ooh, she sells the beginning of this. Double pike with a step. 2.5, some helicopter legs, with a step forward. Her music is a parade of insanity and I’M OBSESSED. Front handspring to front full. Excellent!

6:49 pm. Louon FX- Some very Belgian choreo and interesting music to start. Good double pike, just brings her feet together. 1.5 to front full with a step, OOB. Omg her music change is so weird, I thought someone else’s music started playing. Fun? Double full, good. Solid set.

6:47 pm. Hayn BB- Loso mount with a big wobble but a save…but then she falls on her side aerial. Noooo. Bhs loso is solid though, and her form is the best out of this group in terms of paying attention to knees. Switch leap. Switch half, some foot form going on, split jump, wobble, try again, split jump to wolf jump, side somi, falls forward off the beam. Side split jump half, full turn, double full with a small hop.

6:43 pm. Komnova UB- Inbar to either Maloney or Komova II (I couldn’t see the entry) to Pak, van Leeuwen, inbar half to straddle Jaeger, fingers don’t come close to grasping. UGHHHHH. Toe full, full-in with a hop.

Griesser BB- Full wolf turn, love her little hop back choreo, switch leap, walks back out of it, front aerial with bent knees, side aerial to bhs, big wobble and a fall. The Germans have lots of cutesy little hand choreo bits here, they must be watching Pauline Tratz at UCLA and paying close attention to beam. 😉 Front toss, 1.5 dismount.

Listunova UB- Inbar (or toe, can’t see) half to straddle Jaeger, realy straddled straddle lol, Pak is super clean, toe on to toe half, stalder to shoot to high, giant full, double layout with a tiny hop.

Vandamme FX- Hit her opening pass, and then a 2.5 to front tuck, NICE. Hit third pass, and then a clean double full to finish.

Riley VT- Yurchenko 1.5, step forward. Nice! Just some form stuff in the air but a solid landing and more difficulty than most first-year juniors do in Canada by far.

6:39 pm. Astafeva UB- Toe on to Maloney to Pak, slight leg sep and she can’t cast out of the Pak, pauses before going back to high, inbar, piked Jaeger, fall. 😦 Does a full pirouette into a full-in dismount.

Billet BB- Bhs loso with a step back. Switch leap, dances out of it, wobbly switch half, punch front tuck, low with a leg up, good jump series, front toss with a wobble, punches into a front lay full dismount which is a little weak in terms of form.

Jakab VT- I think I missed her first one, and I think I also missed Kyra Cato’s. Second was a tsuk…pike full maybe? I can’t really see the table.

6:37 pm. King VT- Yurchenko layout, clean with a step.

Gerasimova UB- Toe on to toe full to stalder to Ray, caught her release, Pak, toe half to toe shoot, really nice form for pretty much all of this. Full-in with a little step. Nice work.

Steurer BB- Side aerial to layout stepout, doesn’t have a prayer coming out of the aerial, but she goes for it and it looks terrifying, fall. Wobble on a turn after that, switch to split leap, side split jump half with a wobble, cartwheel to layout full dismount.

Bertrandt FX- Good double pike to start, hit the second pass as well, and the third. Nice routine, and fun big band music.

6:34 pm. The Junior Cup begins NOW! Canada will start on vault, Russia and Italy on bars, Germany and Japan on beam, and Belgium on floor.


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