International Gymnix Event Finals Live Blog

Welcome to the live blog for the Junior Cup competition at the 2018 International Gymnix! We’re live in Montreal once again to bring you updates, photos, and more from the meet.

Refresh your browser every 3-5 minutes to get the most recent updates, which will appear on the top.


1. Viktoriia Listunova, Russia, 13.700
2. Chiaki Hatakeda, Japan, 13.350
3. Elena Gerasimova, Russia, 13.300


1. Irina Alexeeva, WOGA, 14.250
2. Isabela Onyshko, Canada, 13.750
3. Victoria-Kayen Woo, Canada, 13.700


1. Kayla DiCello, Hill’s, 13.550
2. Kaylen Morgan, Everest, 12.900
3. Lilly Lippeatt, Cincinnati, 12.750

3:30 pm. D’Amato FX- Nice clean double arabian, solid landing, little bounce, and then a tucked full-in, a little short with a small hop forward. Leaps are a little sluggish but nothing seriously offensive about them, clean double tuck with a small hop to the side, hit the double full final pass, nice and solid.

3:26 pm. Dowling UB- Stalder to blind change to straddle Jaeger, nice, giant full to clean Pak, Maloney to bail (ankle sep) to toe shoot, great landing on her full-in.

Olsen BB- Good work on her bhs loso loso, switch to switch half to split jump, solid switch ring, big wobble and then a fall on her Onodi, double pike with a step to the side.

Gerasimova FX- Tucked full-in, stuck with her chest down. Hit the next two passes, and a good double tuck to finish.

3:23 pm. Marques UB- Nice toe full to huge Gienger, some leg sep, Church, Pak with flexed feet, van Leeuwen, then lost her rhythm on the high bar and came off. Ugh, that was going so well! I missed when she got back on, but she hit her double tuck with a step.

Hatakeda FX- Tucked full-in, if there was anything between that and her triple full (big step back) I missed it because a Flo guy was like “maybe standing in front of people is cool!” 2.5 to front tuck, some messy legs on the 2.5.

DiCello BB- Hit her wolf turn at the beginning, I missed some stuff right after that, good jumps, switch ring, I think her back leg is a bit low, bhs loso loso is solid, front aerial, side split jump half. Hit the dismount, looked stuck.

3:20 pm. Listunova FX- Whip whip through to double tuck, step. 2.5 to front tuck, little bounce, hit the last pass…and then her ending choreo is HILARIOUS, what is she doing, bless.

Johnston UB- Piked Jaeger, arches over on a handstand after that and then hits her feet on the low bar while trying to regroup, Pak is a little arched, eventually just comes off the low bar because this has been a marathon fight. 😦 Maloney to bail  to toe shoot, hit the dismount. She’s laughing at least!

Blakely BB- Lovely mount, 1.5 wolf turn, bhs loso with a tiny bobble, great punch front to straddle jump, leap series into a back tuck, clean and nicely extended jumps, side aerial, little step on her double tuck dismount.

3:14 pm. Onyshko BB- Bhs tuck full, looks like she has it but she’s just a little too side-weighted and falls. Y turn to full pirouette, is good, switch to side aerial, little adjustment, switch ring with a flexed back foot, sissone to wolf jump, front aerial to switch half with a check, split jump out of that, triple full with a step. Really nice dismount from her! Too bad about the tuck full, that was otherwise a solid set.

Spence FX- Piked full-in is great. 1.5 through to triple full is under-rotated by about a quarter and she ends up sitting it. 😦 Still such a new pass for her…she was sick this week and with the competition going late last night, all of the juniors here are looking pretty tired. Front tuck through to double tuck with a little hop back.

3:12 pm. Villa FX- Tucked full-in, stuck with her chest down. Front double full is great. Triple full, chest down but she cheats the stick. She is flirting with the judges the entire time which is hilarious, I love it. Double tuck is basically stuck, just a tiny slide. Double L turn to full pirouette. Fab routine.

3:09 pm. Moody UB- Toe full to maloney to Pak, some ankle sep, van Leeuwen with some form stuff, blind change to straddle Jaeger, high stuck full-in. Great.

Daveloose FX- Solid double pike, step back. 2.5 has super helicopter legs. I missed her next pass, maybe a front full by how it landed, looked good from what I saw.

Lippeatt BB- Press handstand mount into a straddle hold is lovely. Bhs bhs into a whippy layout, a bit piked. Front aerial to split jump, great bhs loso loso, nice side aerial into a leap series, double pike dismount is solid.

Little UB- Stalder full, a little rushed, Chow to clean Pak, Maloney to bail, toe shoot, stalder half to straddle Jaeger, clean double layout but she’s a little short and has to take a step forward.

3:05 pm. Allaire-Bourgie FX- Her opening choreo is gorgeous. 1.5 to start. Clean double pike with a little bounce. Clean double tuck with a bounce. Finsihes with a solid double full.

de Jong BB- Big straddle Jaeger, clean Pak, toe on to Maloney to bail, messy toe full, ugh tries to save it but ends up having to stop her routine. Super clean double layout, stuck cold! That dismount was great.

V. Woo BB- Off on back handspring mount. Wobble on bhs loso, front aerial, side aerial, wobble on double spin, hit her leap series, side somi with her chest down, side split half, chest down again and it looked like she either grabbed the beam or just put her hand down. Shame, she had been looking so good here! And at Elite Canada. Wild 2.5 with a step forward.

Shallon WILL compete in this rotation on beam, btw.


1. Zoé Allaire-Bourgie, Canada, 13.700
2. Elisa Iorio, Italy, 13.050
3. Chiaki Hatakeda, Japan, 13.000

2:58 pm. Iorio BB- Nice front walkover mount, side aerial is clean, switch to sissone, bhs loso is pretty solid, tiny adjustment, great double spin, front aerial with a check, 1.5 Y turn, a little check out of that, love her choreo in her dismount prep, double pike with a small bounce, that was excellent!!!


1. Shallon Olsen, Canada, 14.475
2. Martina Dominici, Argentina, 14.125
3. Mia St-Pierre, Gym-Fly, 13.400

2:55 pm. Woo UB- I wasn’t typing at the beginning but everything she did was hit, clear hip half with some bent elbows into the ipked Jaeger, has to slowly muscle her way through a giant full before her stuck double layout dismount, big smile.

Allaire-Bourgie BB- Front aerial to split jump to tuck jump half, nice, side aerial is lovely, a couple of steps back out of her bhs loso, double spin, slight check, side somi, side split jump half, tiny adjustment, but nice extension, good switch to switch half to back handspring, and a 2.5 with a step over to finish.

2:52 pm. Alexeeva UB- Toe full to Maloney, Ono!!!!! to piked Jaeger!!! Pak with slight leg sep, hit a shap skill into a Gienger, blind change to double front with a step.

Miyata BB- Layout mount lands a bit low, and then she’s off on her layout series. Switch to sissone, front aerial, wobble, 1.5 spin, clean 2.5 with a little bounce and a smile.

Guerra VT- I’ve kind of tuned vault out because I always miss it. First was hit from what I did see, and the second had a bounce back.

2:47 pm. Listunova BB- Off on front handspring front tuck after her lovely mount press to planche mount. Hit what I saw after that but I wasn’t typing until the front aerial, split ring jump into another jump, split ring leap, wobble, full turn, wobble and break at the hips, double tuck with a step back. Noooooo she looks so sad!!!!!

D. Doddoli VT- Handspring front pike with a crazy stumble backwards basically all the way to the table. Hit her second vault but I didn’t see what.

Gallentine UB- Stalder full a little awkward in the angle, Maloney to Pak to stalder to van Leeuwen, some little issues in there, goes for a full pirouette but loses her legs in the middle and has to regroup with a hip rest on the high bar before her straddle Jaeger, halts her swing again there and has to re-cast, full-twisting double layout stumbled to her back. 😦

2:44 pm. B. Doddoli VT- Super clean FTY with a fabulous landing. Second vault is a clean handspring front tuck, step to the side. She’s gooood!

Daveloose BB- Back handspring mount, bhs loso is wonderful, these wee Belgians are super promising on beam, straight jump full from a side position, front aerial to Korbut, a little slow in the connection, full wolf turn is clean, switch leap to sissone to wolf jump, tiniest bobble, nice amplitude on the switch half, side aerial is good, hilarious little hip swivel choreo omg that was hilarious, LOVE. Double full, some ankle form but a great landing. BELGIUM!!!

2:43 pm. Louon BB- Bhs loso is solid, switch to sissone, front aerial with a tiny bobble, Korbut, full L turn, side aerial with a big wobble, layout full is clean, great work.

2:40 pm. Hatakeda BB- Bhs loso loso, beautiful! Switch ring with a wonky back foot, back tuck with a hip break but she saves it. Great extension on side split half, side aerial, switch leap to stag ring jump, again with the back foot, wobble there, triple full, actually OVER rotates it, and ends up stumbling it like crazy back.

Lazo VT- FTY, a bit short, chest down. I missed her second vault.

DiCello UB- Toe full to Maloney to Pak caught with bent elbows, van Leeuwen, clear hip, blind change to piked Jaeger is nice, stalder half, full-in, tiny bounce.

2:39 pm. Blanco UB- Stalder to toe full arches over and turns into a 1.5, whoops, casual accidental 1.5 pirouette, toe half to Maloney to Tkachev, nice, Pak, van Leeuwen, blind change to front giant half, super clean stuck double tuck.

2:34 pm. Gerasimova BB- Excellent mount, big switch leap to sheep jump, chest down and hip break on full Y turn, side aerial loso, feet are just too far over and she slips right off, front handspring to front tuck, front aerial to split jump, Onodi, side split half, a little shy with a wobble, 2.5 with a tiny step. Too bad about the fall, she has some great stuff in there.

Mejias VT- Good tsuk full to start, follows it up with a handspring front tuck full which is quite short and she stumbles it back to her butt.

Onyshko UB- Clear hip full is a bit wild to Maloney to Tkachev, nice, hit her next Tkachev, I didn’t see the entry, Pak to van Leeuwen, good, front giant to double front, high with a little bounce. Good work, just that opening full needs work.


1. Elena Gerasimova, Russia, 13.700
2. Viktoriia Listunova, Russia, 13.400
— Zoé Allaire-Bourgie, Canada, 13.400


1. Irina Alexeeva, WOGA, 13.650
2. Konnor McClain, Revolution, 13.350
3. Victoria-Kayen Woo, Canada, 13.150

2:27 pm. Spence UB- Ughhhh, arches over toe full at the beginning and has to hop off. 😦 Maloney to Pak, doesn’t try to connect to van Leeuwen, which is solid on its own, clear hip to blind change to piked Jaeger is good, double pike dismount is stuck cold.

2:24 pm. D’Amato UB- Another Ricna, another fall. 😦 😦 😦 Remounts the low bar for a Maloney to Tkachev, front giant to front full, not bad, double front with a little hop. Meh. Some of her front giant work looked a bit labored but for someone who isn’t like a bar worker it was fine.

Dominici VT- Beautiful DTY!!! Incredible landing. Then an equally gorgeous tsuk layout full, large step back. SO nice to see her show what she can really do.

Johnston FX- Beautiful stuck double arabian to start, and then a whip whip to double tuck, solid. Third pass is a double full I tihnk, nice in the air…then she’s a tad short on the double pike, but overall wonderful work.

2:23 pm. Villa UB- Fall on her Ricna, UGH. Remounts the low bar for a Maloney to stalder half to Ezhova to Chow to bail to toe shoot, excellent, toe half to front giant full to front giant half, full-in with a tiny bounce. Fall aside that was excellent.

Olsen VT- DTY, STUCK cold. Excellent. Not going for the Cheng today, has no need to. Lopez, lunge back, mostly solid in the air.

McClain FX- Solid double layout to start. 1.5 to front full after that. Super clean 2.5 to front tuck. Showing nice extension on her leaps as well. Sails through her double pike, just a step back. Good work.

2:18 pm. Allaire-Bourgie UB- Maloney to Pak, both super clean, clean van Leeuwen, clear hip to giant full to blind change to piked Jaeger, excellent, big stuck double tuck. DAMNNNNNNNNNN.

Maldonado VT- FTY, maybe a little low in the block, just a small hop though. Solid tsuk tuck full for her second.

Lippeatt FX- Piked full-in and double tuck are both solid. 2.5 to front tuck, some ankle stuff in the twists but great landing, love her low choreo bit before her double pike to finish, another solid landing.

Chloe Lorange, a Gymnix gymnast who was supposed to compete here but ended up not, is taking pictures on the sidelines. Her floor is stunning and is always something to look forward to at meets!

2:16 pm. Johnston VT- FTY, nice and big, but with a big hop back. Second vault is a tsuk tuck full, small hop.

Gerasimova UB- Inbar to inbar full right on the bar to stalder to Ray, inbar half to piked Jaeger, excellent, lovely Pak, toe half to toe shoot, toe on to full-out with a baby step. Absolutely beautiful.

2:13 pm. Louon UB- Maloney to bail (leg sep) to toe shot, blind change to front giant to huge Jaeger, giant full, double tuck with a stumble back.

Roberts FX- Dos Santos gets a little…weird in the air? Like she’s in a plane and the plane has turbulence, and it rocks her back and forth a bit lol. Down to her knee a bit but it didn’t touch the floor, just low. Full-in pike is better on the landing. Good double tuck, maybe a little buckled…and she finishes with a double pike, chest just down a bit with a lunge forward.

2:10 pm. Listunova UB- Inbar to inbar half to big straddle Jaeger, nice, super super super clean Pak, toe on to toe half to stalder to Ray, nice, giant full, double layout super clean with a step. WOWZERS.

de Jong VT- FTY, a little short with a hop. Handspring front tuck with a little hop. Good for her, glad she didn’t go for a DTY today, her simpler vaults are much better for her.

Vézina FX- Memmel turn to start. Good landing on her double pike. Front handspring front full, insanely good tirple spin to full pirouette, switch ring to ring leap, 1.5 to finish, into a nice arabesque.

2:04 pm. Bertrandt UB- Maloney (leg sep) to bail (clean!) to toe shoot, nice, blind change to straddle jaeger is lovely, giant full, tries to fight for the handstand but arches and has to come off. Hit the dismount once she got back on.

St-Pierre VT- Hit the first vault but I didn’t see what it was because I wasn’t prepared, whoops. Second is a handspring front pike, slightly loose knees as she comes in to land, step forward.

Boura FX- 1.5 to front layout, nice. Looooove her double back spin and her poses after it. Nice 2.5 with a step to finish.


1. Asia D’Amato, Italy, 14.600
2. Giorgia Villa, Italy, 14.075
3. Chiaki Hatakeda, Japan, 13.775

The Challenge finals are combined so we won’t know the beam champ until the final rotation, and we’ll know the floor champ after this upcoming rotation.

2:00 pm. The start list had Shallon going fourth on beam and sixth on floor in the same rotation??? Lmao okay. Guessing if Shallon does beam she’ll do it in the next rotation with challenge gymnasts on beam, which is the final rotation.

1:59 pm. Allaire-Bourgie VT- Starts with an FTY, super clean with a little hop back. Second is a perfect stuck Yurchenko layout. NIIIIICE. Last night was a game changer for this kid, I’m telling you. She’s gonna be killer from here on out.

1:56 pm. D’Amato VT- Big clean DTY, excellent landing!! She’s so good. Lopez second vault is great as well! WOW. Just a small hop back.

Olsen FX- Big double double is landed very well, then a front tuck through to double tuck, solid. Almost stuck her piked full-in. Finishes with a nicely rotated triple full, one of the cleanest I’ve seen her do. Fantastic set for her!

1:53 pm. Hatakeda VT- Good FTY with a hop back. Clean tsuk full for her second vault.

Morgan BB- EASY triple wolf turn, GOD she is so good at these, follows it up with an easy double. Little wobble on the side somi, side split half is SO nicely extended, bhs loso is solid, side aerial, switch to split leap to split jump, all clean, she is so elegant and her lines are phenomenal. Double tuck a little low with a step.

Alexeeva FX- Memmel turn, clean and easy double layout with a little bounce, Stanford is gonna be SO lucky to have this kid, super clean 2.5 to front tuck, YES. Switch ring to tour jeté half, beautiful extension. Hit her third pass, and then a clean double pike, just buckles her knees a bit on the landing.

1:49 pm. Villa VT- Big and clean DTY, just a tiny bit short with her chest on the landing, step. Second vault is a

Blanco BB- Looove her mount always. Wobble out of bhs loso, hands down. 😦 Hit everything I saw after that, including a lovely switch to switch half, side aerial to split jump, full L turn to full pirouette, double full dismount with a step.

Onyshko FX- Hit her opening pass, either a 2.5 or front double full, I didn’t see the entry but it was an upgrade from what she did in the AA. Double tuck after that, a bit cowboyed with a step. Double pike gets no set, she managed to get it safely around but still comes up short and has to put her hands down. Ughhhh.

Haley de Jong is scratching from beam, but I don’t think she’s scratching from all finals. I see her walking around and she looks fine.

1:44 pm. Spence VT- Yurchenko 1.5, her elbows are a little bent in the block and you can tell early on she won’t get it high enough to get it around. 😦 Sits it and quickly jumps up out of the sit to salute. It’s okay, it’s still new. FTY second vault, Denis makes her laugh right before she goes which is so great, nice and tidy with a solid landing, feet apart.

1:41 pm. Hayn VT- Clean FTY to start, chest is down on the landing and she has a little bounce. Yurchenko layout with a small hop for the second vault.

Dowling FX- Nice 2.5 to punch front, the legs in the 2.5 looked much better than they did the other day! Good work on her spin, double pike, a couple of steps back, Memmel turn, double tuck with a step back OOB to finish. Really great work in there once again.

1:38 pm. Listunova VT- First is a front pike half, good landing, just a small step, looked clean in the air too. Better than most we see in NCAA tbh! NOOOOO, then she sat her handspring front pike! WHY.

DiCello FX-Stuck tucked full-in, 1.5 through to 2.5 with a step, and hit her third pass but I didn’t see what it was. Finishes with a high double tuck, just a bit short and her back leg flies up a little but mostly good work in there.

Johnston BB- Wobbled early in the routine and may have put her hand down but I can’t really see from here, punch front is nice, solid bhs loso, just a slight bend in her back leg. Hit a jump into a back tuck, side aerial to switch to split leap. Stuck double tuck!!

1:32 pm. Miyata VT- Yurchenko 1.5, excellent, just a small hop. Second vault is a tsuk tuck full, just a tiny bobble back on the landing.

McClain BB- Bhs bhs layout, lovely, just a wobble, side aerial with a bobble, switch  leap with a wobble, hits switch half, then back tuck. Front aerial with a large wobble. Split ring jump is nice though. Her standing full is basically her easiest skill for her, BLESS. Jump series is clean, and she takes 200 hours to prep for the dismount. Double pike with a step. She’ll take a hit for all of those wobbles but I’m glad she made it through without a fall!

V. Woo FX- Great double layout, just a small hop back. Double L spin, switch to switch full to sissone, front through to 2.5 with some messy ankles, and she hits the last pass, a double full I think.

10 thoughts on “International Gymnix Event Finals Live Blog

    • Oh, interesting…I saw Xuan’s name in there but didn’t see Chloe’s, I just saw her as a scratch on the Challenge start list! I know some other girls didn’t get their required elite scores at Elite Canada (like Megan from Dynamo), so maybe she was expecting to compete elite here but then ended up having to drop down? Chloe had a pretty rough Elite Canada this year unfortunately so that’s probably why.


    • I just checked Elite Canada results…it seems like maybe a 47 AA was the cutoff for making senior elite this year. Emily Walker was the lowest-ranked senior who was able to do elite at Gymnix, and she was 19th with a 47.918. Everyone below her (Amanda Pedicelli, Jada Mazury, Xuan, Chelsea Murray, Emma Milne, Laurie Gagnon, Megan DiPietro, Alexis Djoboulian, Chloé Lorange, Charlotte McDevitt) was in the JO 10 sessions at Gyminx.


      • Very interesting. I’d noticed a few names that I knew had competed elite at EC in the JO10 category here, but hadn’t put 2 + 2 together.


        • Yeah, I didn’t until now either! I asked Dynamo about Megan and they said she didn’t qualify so that’s the only reason I knew her situation but it makes sense with everyone below that threshold also in the JO category here.


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