NCAA Week 11 Preview and Schedule


It’s the FINAL WEEK OF REGULAR SEASON COMPETITION!!! Are you as excited as we are?

One of the big meets tonight is the annual red and black matchup between No. 4 Utah and No. 20 Georgia. It’s senior night for Utah, which has been upset on the road two weeks in a row, so I’m suspecting the local judges are so excited to give them the scores they’ve been dreaming of all season long.

There’s also No. 1 Oklahoma at No. 6 Alabama, and with the Crimson Tide picking up steam at the end of the season, they’re bound to go all out at home tonight as well, though I can’t see the Sooners dropping this one unless something goes wildly wrong.

No. 11 Arkansas will say goodbye to some of the most consistent, solid gymnasts the team has seen in quite some time, and they’ll see some close competition from No. 15 Denver at the same time, with No. 26 Iowa State also in the mix, getting some Big 12 action against the Pioneers. No. 13 Oregon State will compete at a quad meet at No. 55 Sacramento State along with No. 17 Arizona State and No. 43 UC Davis, and No. 18 George Washington will travel to No. 35 Kent State alongside No. 44 Temple, with the ladies of KSU hoping to put up a big score to keep a firm hold on their regionals spot.

On Saturday, we’re excited to finally be attending our first live meet of the season, the Big Five meet at No. 52 Rutgers, where four of their Big Ten rivals — No. 7 Michigan, No. 22 Minnesota, No. 25 Penn State, and No. 32 Iowa — will come in for one of two matches that will determine the subdivision and rotation order for next week’s Big Ten Championships. The other Big Five meet will be held at No. 46 Michigan State, seeing competition from No. 11 Nebraska, No. 24 Ohio State, No. 28 Maryland, and No. 30 Illinois.

Of course, you can’t miss No. 2 LSU’s senior night, where they’ll host No. 36 Arizona. The Tigers’ scoring has actually been mostly conservative at home this season, compared to many other teams, but I can see their judges really going for it this week, which could also benefit the Wildcats, who will be hoping to hold onto their ranking so they don’t miss out on regionals for the first time basically ever.

Sunday’s a slow day, but I always love when No. 1 Oklahoma travels down I-35 to visit the Division II gymnasts from No. 50 Texas Woman’s. TWU will say goodbye to an incredible senior team here, and depending on how the rest of the weekend goes, OU can either play it safe here and give some top performers a rest, or if they see LSU creeping in on their regular season title (let’s make it a thing outside of the SEC!), they’ll be sure to go all-out to add yet another insane road score to their tally.

The full schedule is below. All times listed are ET, the first team listed is the host team, and we’ll update any links as they are updated on each program’s schedule. Once the meet is finished, we’ll add results. Enjoy!

6:00 pm Eastern Michigan 195.375, Western Michigan 192.725 Results
7:00 pm Kent State 196.325, George Washington 195.650, Temple 195.075 Results
William & Mary 193.425, Pennsylvania 191.975 Results
8:00 pm Arkansas 197.300, Denver 196.725, Iowa State 196.075 Results
Missouri 196.800, Lindenwood 195.200, S.E. Missouri 192.500 Results
8:30 pm Oklahoma 197.925, Alabama 197.150 Results
9:00 pm Utah State 196.500, Southern Utah 195.750 Results
9:30 pm Utah 198.150, Georgia 196.350 Results
10:00 pm Oregon State 196.850, Arizona State 195.900, Sacramento State 195.275, UC Davis 194.475 Results
12:00 pm West Chester 194.350, Southern Conn. 192.250 Results
1:00 pm North Carolina 196.600, Pittsburgh 196.050 Results
2:00 pm Big Five Meet (Illinois 196.850, Maryland 195.700, Ohio State 195.150, Nebraska 194.900, Michigan State 192.825) Results
Bowling Green 196.475, Northern Illinois 195.700 Results
4:00 pm Air Force 192.850, Seattle Pacific 192.625 Results
5:30 pm Big Five Meet (Michigan 197.225, Iowa 195.275, Minnesota 195.150, Penn State 194.375, Rutgers 193.725) Results
6:30 pm Yale 194.650, Bridgeport 194.275, Brown 192.600, Centenary 190.000 Results
TBD LSU 198.125, Arizona 195.525 Results
2:00 pm West Virginia 196.775, NC State 196.550, Towson 196.400, Cornell 193.475, William & Mary 192.825 Results
3:00 pm New Hampshire 195.700, Illinois-Chicago 194.775 Results
Oklahoma 198.175, Texas Woman’s 193.475 Results

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