Around the Gymternet: I can see my breath


“Why would you keep messing with Rachael Denhollander? She’s just going to kick your ass.” -Overheard by Kate Wells of Michigan Public Radio. Now that’s something I’d watch.

Comp news

What happened at Junior Pan Ams? Jordan Bowers happened; she took the all-around title plus some other hardware. Read our recap. Also, it was cold in the arena. Really cold.

Maisie’s Golden in Guimarães. Welsh gymnast Maisie Methuen continues to make a case for herself as a worlds team threat for GB after winning the gold on beam and floor at the most recent challenge cup, where Manrique Larduet made every final but high bar and took three golds of his own.

The state of Michigan

Engler ridiculed survivors. In April emails, Interim Michigan State University President John Engler wrote that survivor Rachael Denhollander would get “kickback” from her lawyers and was manipulating other survivors, it was revealed on Wednesday.

Denhollander responded to the news in a Twitter thread, saying “I truly pity him.”

Officials want him gone. Board members Brian Mosallam and Dianne Byrum, along with several Michigan lawmakers, said on Friday that they want Engler to resign, but he says he’s staying put.

Denhollander said she’s “grateful” to Mosallam for taking a stand against Engler; survivors Amanda Thomashow, Morgan McCaul, and Sterling Riethman also approved.

Bills became law. Michigan’s Lieutenant Governor signed into law Nassar-inspired legislation that extends the statute of limitations for abuse survivors on Tuesday.

Survivors like Denhollander were in attendance for the signing; Denhollander said “this is nothing more than the first step.”

  • MSU has refused to reveal whether any top officials are under investigation for misconduct, despite Freedom of Information Act requests.
  • April 13 emails show that MSU considered crafting an apology to survivors before scrapping the idea.
  • MSU’s Title IX chief has resigned.

USAG news. In a 2015 interview, former USA Gymnastics CEO Steve Penny said the org was “pretty good” in terms of its policies for handling sexual abuse.

Required reading

  • Engler must apologize and raise standards of conduct in order to remain MSU’s leader (Lansing State Journal).
  • Forbes released a list of the 100 highest-paid athletes in the world. The number of women? Zero (The Lily).

NCAA corner

The NCAA banned weekends. The NCAA will make a rule change that will allow coaches to have their athletes train for up to 24 days without a day off, eliminating the guaranteed one-day-a-week off policy.

Shortly after the news broke, Katelyn Ohashi said on Twitter that “The NCAA silences us.” Felicia Hano is also not happy.

Mykayla Skinner, bars specialist. The star Ute caught a Ray for the first time in two years.

Star status

Moves. Laney Madsen is competing for Bulgaria now, and Laurie Hernandez’s new gym is GymMax. Fingers crossed that this means we’ll see more of Jenny “here have some sunshine” Liang.

Injuries. USA junior Sienna Robinson is out for the season with a wrist injury.

Comebacks. Ana Perez is on the up-and-up after her February wrist surgery, and Oleg Verniaiev hopes to be back in time for worlds.

Upgrades. Rhys McClenaghan has a new vault, and Sam Mikulak has a pass worth 16 tenths, or 1.6 points for you simpletons.

Staying social

Svetlana’s definitely qualified. Svetlana Khorkina is now a coach of the Russian national speed skating team for some reason. Her resume is just her name in Times New Roman.

Laurie was onstage. Laurie Hernandez joined a singing dude from Waitress on Broadway, and she also made an appearance at the Tony Awards.

Simone’s living life. University of Houston needs an NCAA gymnastics team, and Simone needs to be their coach. She also joined the clan of Gaming Widows, and we’re so very sorry for her loss.

Please read this. It’s hands down the best ranking of the top 15 gymnasts of all time, of all time.

Because you asked…

Where the hell were UCLA’s freshmen this year? And what’s up with Norah Flatley? WHAT ARE WE DOING PEOPLE ARE MISSING.

Last words

Charmed, I’m sure.

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