Around the Gymternet: Can’t sleep, clown will eat me


“She doesn’t even go here! #2018” -Laurie Hernandez overcame plane adversity to decorate her graduation cap in time for pomp and circumstance.

Comp news

With the European qualifier over, the Youth Olympic Games field is set. Vera van Pol is your Dutch national champion. USA’s boys went to learn a thing or two from Japan. Jade Barbosa hit her face on the beam at Brazilian Champs, then then it was lights, camera, sabotage!

What happened

Naddour got suspended. USA Gymnastics suspended Alex Naddour on Wednesday due to allegations of sexual misconduct from 2012 and 2016, according to The OC Register. Naddour tweeted that he has “no idea what is happening or why.”

The OC Register initially contacted USAG on Tuesday to inquire about the allegations, and USAG denied knowledge, but then suspended Naddour the next day.

Frederick filed suit. Marcia Frederick filed a class action lawsuit against USAG, the U.S. Olympic Committee, her former coach Richard Carlson, and a former national team coach on Wednesday.

USAG recently banned Carlson, three years after Frederick reported that he abused her.

USAG and the USOC are filling seats. USAG named a new board of directors on Thursday. Meanwhile, the USOC should name their new CEO soon, with acting CEO Susanne Lyons calling this a period of “transition and evolution” for the org on Friday.

USOC officials are also expected to speak in front of Congress again next month.

  • Interim USAG president Kerry Perry told the USOC on Friday that the process of changing the org’s culture “will be the longest and hardest” of the changes that need to be made.
  • Canada’s Sports Minister Kirsty Duncan says that sport governing bodies must disclose allegations of abuse or risk losing federal funding.

The state of Michigan

Attempt to vote Engler out failed. Michigan State University trustee Brian Mosallam called for an amendment to put Interim President John Engler’s job up for a vote at Friday’s board of trustees meeting, but the amendment failed 6-2. More than 100 people attended the board meeting, many wearing teal.

Survivors led the charge. The vote came after 120 survivors signed a letter urging the board to oust Engler on Tuesday. In addition, a petition calling for Engler’s termination had reached over 1,300 signatures on Sunday night.

Engler apologized. Engler apologized on Thursday for disparaging comments he made about survivors in a series of emails, but now he’s also under fire for reportedly trying to change coverage of the scandal in the uni’s alumni magazine, and for saying “Get that teal shit out of here” at a recent meeting.

Survivors are not impressed by the apology. Survivor Morgan McCaul tore it in half at Friday’s board meeting.

  • The board decided to sell $500 million in bonds to pay for settlements with survivors.
  • The prosecutor investigating MSU says the school’s attorneys are withholding documents, and that he intends to seek a search warrant.
  • Rachael Denhollander has been declared a 2018 Michiganian of the Year, in accordance with the prophecy. Next, she’ll move on to become American of the Year, Human of the Year, and then Carbon-Based Life Form of the Year. It is written.

Required reading

  • What Rhonda Faehn’s 1988 Olympic experience tells us about the culture of USAG (Deadspin).
  • All of the Amanars, ranked. God’s work (The Balance Beam Situation).
  • Survivor Morgan McCaul: Spartans are calling for a revolution (The State News).
  • It’s time for Nike and other MSU sponsors to stop waiting and help survivors (ThinkProgress).
  • Larry Nassar survivors are right: MSU president John Engler must go (USA Today).

Star status

Comebacks. Simone Biles told Paper magazine that she’ll be competing bars and beam at the Earl’s Discount Auto Parts U.S. Classic next month. Read the article and follow Paper’s stylist’s swift descent into clown madness.

In more depressing but less clown nightmare-provoking news, Larisa Iordache says there’s only a 50% chance she’ll make a comeback, and that she’s still recovering from tearing her Achilles at 2017 worlds, an event that I’ve repressed so deeply that my therapist had to get certified in hypnosis to help.

Moves. Rhys McClenaghan’s coach has been “made redundant,” which is British for “laid off.” McClenaghan tweeted that he was “forced to leave” his club, and he is now training in his garden, because that’s how you treat the only Northern Irish Commonwealth Games gold medalist.

Upgrades. Georgia-Mae Fenton is training a Downie, which would bring her D up to a 6.2.

Staying social

Danell spoke out. Danell Leyva, who emigrated from Cuba as a one-year-old, is rightfully pissed about child separation at the border. Here’s how you can help.

Simone had one of those weeks. She has the twisties and walked out of practice for the first time ever. She also lost all of her pictures from the Olympics, and apparently broke her toe, all problems us mere mortals can’t fathom.

Men’s gym is shook. Margzetta Frazier’s lil sis accidentally attempted a Kovacs.

Beth Tweddle got married. Congrats, Beff! Though no matter who he is, he’s not good enough for her #sorrynotsorry.

Aly took it off. The warrior princess looks amaaazing in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, complete with some actual body armor.

Because you asked…

Why didn’t people like Elfi Schlegel? Could have something to do with this. What was the transition like when the bars were moved apart? Shocking, let me tell you.

Last words

Men are garbage.

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12 thoughts on “Around the Gymternet: Can’t sleep, clown will eat me

  1. Does anyone know what point in reporting/investigation SafeSport suspends members 2.what burden of proof (preponderance of evidence/clear and convincing evidence/beyond reasonable doubt) SafeSport uses?


    • There’s no news yet. We can’t report on the hearsay without getting sued lol so that’s what social media gossip is for. But officially, he’s being investigated and that’s all we can say.


  2. Because I’m a cynic, I have to wonder if Naddour wasn’t suspended until now because in this quad pommels aren’t as weak for the US MAG team as they were last quad.

    I really hope Larissa Iordache manages to come back. I know she was the 2012 Olympics, but she wasn’t up to her full potential yet back then. 2016 should’ve been her time. I’d love to see her make it to Tokyo.

    Glad to see Dannell Leyva speaking out. I’m happy to see that athletes are getting as political as artists these days. The family separation policy is arguably (and I think is) genocide under the UN Charter. It’s so crucial to resist this policy. Please, please if you oppose this come to one of the events on Saturday if you’re able. You can find one and RSVP here


  3. Those photos of Simone Biles are really weird :(. Also, I totally thought the “Earl’s…” part was true.

    The clown quote – LOL, love these cultural references ha.


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