American Classic Live Blog | The Seniors


Jade Carey

Welcome to the live blog for the senior division at the 2018 American Classic, held in Salt Lake City, Utah!

Please refresh your browser every few minutes to see the most recent updates, which will appear at the top of the page.

7:51 pm. Junior Standings (this session’s juniors have asterisks)

1. Kayla DiCello 55.400*
2. Konnor McClain 53.950
3. Skye Blakely 53.400*
4. Olivia Greaves 53.300*
5. Ui Soma 52.500
6. Aleah Finnegan 52.250*
7. Levi Jung-Ruivivar 52.000
8. Sydney Morris 51.900
9. Ciena Alipio 51.300
10. Karis German 51.200*
11. Zoe Gravier 51.000*
12. Claire Dean 50.850
13. Alonna Kratzer 50.800
14. Lauren Little 50.700
15. Gabbie Gallentine 50.600
— Selena Harris 50.600
17. Addison Fatta 49.900
18. Abigail Scanlon 49.850
19. Kaliya Lincoln 49.750
— Brenna Neault 49.750
— eMjae Frazier 49.750
23. Cally Swaney 49.450
24. Lyden Saltness 49.250
25. Love Birt 49.000
26. Mallory Marcheli 48.950
27. Amari Drayton 48.600
28. Sophia Butler 48.400
29. Ava Siegfeldt 47.650
30. Alexis Jeffrey 47.450*
31. Maeve Hahn 47.000
32. Kailin Chio 46.950
33. Katelyn Rosen 46.800
34. Elizabeth Gantner 46.050
35. Tori Tatum 24.200*
36. Lillian Lewis 23.750

7:45 pm. Senior Standings

1. Shilese Jones 53.900
2. Shania Adams 53.250
3. Maddie Johnston 53.150
4. Kara Eaker 52.900
5. Audrey Davis 51.200
6. Sloane Blakely 48.800
7. Olivia Hollingsworth 48.000
8. Madelyn Williams 40.400
9. Jaylene Gilstrap 39.350
10. Deanne Soza 39.150
11. Isabel Mabanta 38.250
12. Emily Lee 35.800
13. Riley McCusker 27.500
14. Grace McCallum 26.450
15. Alyona Shchennikova 25.900
16. Jade Carey 24.800

7:43 pm. Carey BB: Little check on her L turn. Side aerial, a little short on her side split jump half, bhs loso to layout, awesome! Switch to switch half, good amplitude, little check and a pause before the back tuck. Front aerial with super straight legs, into the jump series. Sat the double pike and she’s like laughing at herself hahaha. Love. She’s like meh, I’m here for fun.

14.000 for McCusker on beam. She got her two-event score!

Skye Blakely UB: Hit everything I saw, just a step on the dismount!

7:42 pm. Gilstrap is short on two and three event scores for nationals sadly, and so is Soza. Williams got her three-event score!

7:40 pm. Eaker FX: I saw the front double full and the triple full, some leg stuff but not bad! Finishes with a 52.900 so she’s all set for nationals.

McCusker BB: They didn’t show her AGAIN so I’m assuming she was like “please don’t show me on the feed” lol. Anyway, she hit.

Williams UB: Maloney to pak to stalder to van Leeuwen, nice and clean! Inbar half to piked Jaeger, hit the dismount, lovely work.

7:38 pm. DiCello VT: Big DTY! Only some slight form issues with her legs in flight, but a great landing.

German VT: FTY, clean with a little hop.

Jones UB: Only saw the toe half to piked Jaeger, full-in with a little step, hit routine and Christian looks THRILLED. Whoever is editing on the fly needs to actually put the bars cam back on maybe BEFORE the routine happens and not basically after it ends.

Jones finishes 53.900! Highest so far.

7:35 pm. Jeffrey FX: A little buckled on her opening double pike. Double tuck and double full after that, the double full was helicoptery.

Gravier BB: Wolf turn, front aerial, check on bhs loso then a big break at the hips, almost hands down, back tuck,

Gilstrap VT: Yurchenko 1.5 with a step back OOB.

51.200 for Audrey Davis means she’s just shy of her nationals AA score. She’s also shy of the three-event but I think she just hit the 27 for two events! Should qualify on vault and bars, unless she outperforms this at the US Classic.

7:34 pm. Adams VT: FTY, huge clean and almost stuck! 13.5, and her AA is a 53.250. Going to nationals!

Davis UB: Ono (or similar one-armed front full) to layout Jaeger MYLANTA. Toe full to Pak, good, toe shoot, double front with a little bounce.

7:32 pm. Sloane Blakely UB: Paused on the bar after something…a clear hip maybe? Looks like she’s struggling to get through this.

Soza BB: Front aerial to split jump to wolf jump half, a little over rotated. Insane control on her double L turn but she had a check on something after that. A little low on her double pike dismount.

Johnston VT: Yurchenko, good! just bends her knees a little at the end. Finishes with a 53.150, she’s going to nationals! What an excellent day for her.

Finnegan FX: hit from what I saw.

7:31 pm. Hollingsworth VT: Hit her FTY. Finished with a 48.000 AA.

7:29 pm. Kayla got a 13.5 on floor so I’m guessing the judges were like “that was totally choreo” hahaha. BLESS.

For those not in the senior AA roundup, Deanne Soza got a 13.2 on bars, Grace McCallum got a 14.05 on UB and a 12.4 on BB, Alyona Shchennikova got a 13.95 on UB and an 11.95 on BB, Riley McCusker got a 13.5 on UB with a fall, and Jade Carey got a 12.65 on UB.

7:25 pm. Rotation 3 Senior Standings

1. Shilese Jones 40.100
2. Shania Adams 39.750
3. Kara Eaker 39.250
4. Maddie Johnston 39.150
5. Isabel Mabanta 38.250
6. Sloane Blakely 38.000
7. Audrey Davis 37.500
8. Emily Lee 35.800

Rotation 3 Junior Standings

1. Kayla DiCello 40.900
2. Olivia Greaves 40.600
3. Skye Blakely 39.450
4. Aleah Finnegan 39.150
5. Zoe Gravier 38.500
6. Karis German 37.450
7. Alexis Jeffrey 35.850
8. Tori Tatum 24.200

7:22 pm. Carey UB: They showed it from the Ezhova, Maloney to Pak, toe shoot, blind full, full-out with a little bounce. From what they decided to show, she looked great!!!

DiCello FX: Front double full is excellent, just a little soft in the knees…omg then she fell on a leap AHAHAHA. POOR KID. She did a switch ring into like…a tour jeté half I think? But kinda tripped and fell forward. She’s literally laughing. Hopefully they’ll think it’s choreo! 1.5 through to 2.5, step over. Good double tuck with a little hop.

McCallum BB: Came off on a side aerial loso.

7:19 pm. McCusker UB: I THINK WE’RE MISSING THIS PLEASE WHY. Yeah, they’re literally not showing her. Just checked with someone in the arena and sounds like she fell on a van Leeuwen.


7:17 pm. Jeffrey BB: Hit her wolf turn, switch to sissone, bhs loso with a little check, punch front from a standing position, doesn’t run into it! Switch side, little wobble. Double full with a hop back.

Gilstrap FX: Excellent double pike. Front layout to a Rudi. Double tuck stuck cold. I do NOT remember her being this tight on everything!!! She’s definitely grown tremendously as a gymnast since I last saw her. Good double full to finish. Fantastic job.

7:14 pm. Adams FX: 2.5 to front tuck, good. Double pike, a little underrotated with a step. Hit the rest.

Finnegan BB: Bhs loso loso is solid. Side aerial to bhs is also great. Front aerial, then my feed cut out.

Gravier UB: Piked Jaeger, Pak, stalder to Ray, toe on to blind full, full-in with a step back. Mostly good, just a few little cleanup things in there.

7:13 pm. Soza UB: Toe full right on the bar and then arches over a little but she connects and hits a Tkachev, then hits a Ray right after, clear hip half to Ezhova, YAS! Van Leeuwen with slight leg sep, arches over a handstand after that, and then is angled a little back on her full-twisting double layout and has to take a step but that wasn’t bad!! Glad she got to travel to compete in front of what is a home crowd for her.

7:10 pm. Shchennikova BB: Double wolf turn, really steady bhs loso loso, front arial to split jump to bhs, again with the control!! Onodi, wobbled on some dance elements and slightly on her side somi after that, side split jump half isn’t the best but gets it around. Double full with a hop. Well, started out good, but no falls at least.

Mabanta VT: Saw her hit a good FTY in the background.

Johnston FX: Whip whip through to double tuck, good! Front double full. Double pike, a little low with a step. She’s also having a pretty solid day!

7:09 pm. Williams VT: FTY with a lunge back.

7:07 pm. Davis VT: FTY, some noticeable leg separation in the preflight but a solid landing.

Lee UB: Clear hip to toe full arched way over and she came off. 😦 Back on for a Maloney to low Tkachev, Pak with flexed feet, OOF, then went back up to the high bar with a van Leeuwen and pinged off, flipping under the bar onto her back…kind of holding her head/nose. Looks a bit injured. 😦 NOOOO, I was dying to see her beam.

Hollingsworth FX: Sat her double arabian to start, hit her second pass and then the 1.5 to double full. Double pike bounced OOB.

Jones VT: Good DTY! Shame about that beam fall, she seriously looks SO GOOD. And fall aside on beam, it was a great routine.

7:04 pm. German FX: Big double layout! Hit the second pass as well. Big 1.5 to stuck front full. Hit the double back last pass.

Eaker BB: Full Y turn, front aerial to split ring jump to back handspring, great side aerial loso loso, split leap to side somi, switch ring to back handspring right into an arabesque I’m screaming, switch to switch side, 2.5 with a hop. QUEEN.

Sloane Blakely VT: Good FTY with a bounce.

Greaves UB: I missed most of this but it was a good, hit routine from the moments I peeped!

7:01 pm. They didn’t show Grace McCallum’s bars but she got a 14.050!!!!! I’m mad we missed it! We could hear clapping in the background of the final beam routine and I was like omg that’s 900% for Grace.

6:59 pm. Rotation 2 Senior Standings

1. Emily Lee 26.500
2. Shania Adams 26.250
3. Maddie Johnston 26.150
4. Shilese Jones 25.750
5. Isabel Mabanta 24.850
6. Sloane Blakely 24.750
7. Kara Eaker 24.400
8. Audrey Davis 24.200

Rotation 2 Junior Standings

1. Kayla DiCello 27.400
2. Olivia Greaves 26.450
3. Aleah Finnegan 25.900
4. Zoe Gravier 25.350
5. Skye Blakely 25.250
6. Karis German 24.650
7. Alexis Jeffrey 23.650
8. Tori Tatum 11.350

6:57 pm. Gilstrap BB: Double wolf turn, punch front tuck is super solid, right into a split jump to wolf jump, bhs loso with a tiny check, LEO COMMENT BUT I LOVE THE BACK OF HER LEO, IT’S SO NICE. Front aerial to split ring jump, good! She’s crushing it. Switch to split ring leap, switch ring, her ring shapes are some of the better ones we’re seeing, double full, lands with feet apart and a little hop, that was great.

6:54 pm. Jeffrey UB: Maloney to Pak, van Leeuwen, stalder half to straddle Jaeger, fall. Half-in half-out dismount with a hop.

Adams BB: Bhs loso loso is super solid and VERY clean. Front aerial to split jump to sissone, good. Little wobble on the side somi, hit a sideways jump after that, and a good double full dismount, just some ankle form stuff.

6:52 pm. Jones FX: Double double, DAMN! Superb. Then a double arabian with a strong landing. She looks REALLY good and in fantastic shape right now. Tucked full-in, a little low with a bounce back, and a good double tuck. Solid.

6:49 pm. Davis FX: Pike full-in and double tuck are both good. Switch ring to tour jeté half. 2.5, jumps her feet together after some leg separation in the air. Double pike is a little low but not super problematic for her.

Johnston BB: Double spin, YAS. Good side split jump half, bhs loso, slightly soft knees, front aerial, side aerial, brings her leg through because she wants to connect to the switch leap to split leap but she has a little pause. Hit the dismount.

Finnegan UB: Bail to toe shoot, toe half to straddle Jaeger, half-in double front, crashed it.

6:46 pm. Sloane Blakely FX: GREAT arabian double front! Looked pretty stuck to me. Switch ring to tour jeté half, Memmel turn. Double pike is basically stuck as well, damn! Get those landings. Front double full is excellent, not stuck but still very strong. 2.5 stumbled back and sat NOOOOO WHY GOD WHY THIS WAS SUCH A GOOD ROUTINE IT DID NOT DESERVE THAT ENDING.

Hollingsworth BB: Bhs tuck full, ugh, a little low and hips aren’t square, fell. Side split jump half, and then a side straddle jump half. Side aerial, sissone to straddle jump, full turn, a little over, hit the dismount.

Shchennikova UB: Inbar full to Komva II to Tkachev, her inbars look better!! Galante to Pak to Chow, YAS! Stalder half to front giant to half in double tuck, hands down, UGH. She still has some little form things going on but her feet definitely looked better to me.

6:43 pm. Soza VT: FTY with a little step. The TD leo looks INTERESTING.

Eaker UB: Hit the beginning from what I could see, then a van Leeuwen, toe half to piked Jaeger, nice pike. Arched over a handstand and had to fight to get her rhythm back. Double layout close to the bar, kind of a jolt on the landing, step back.

German BB: Saw her come off on the bhs loso. Front aerial, full turn, good double tuck with a tiny hop.

Skye Blakely FX: Here with her big band! Double tuck. A little short on the triple full rotation. Good double pike.

Gravier VT: FTY with a little bounce, not huge in the air.

6:40 pm. Greaves VT: Hit her FTY, not bad.

DiCello BB: Nice wolf turns! Switch ring, back leg slightly off, bhs loso loso is great, side split jump half is very nice, hit the dismount.

Mabanta FX: Solid double tuck to start. Front layout to Rudi. Those were the only passes I saw.

Lee VT: Hit, I didn’t see what. Looked like she had a bounce back.

6:39 pm. “Circle of Life” is playing in the arena with like, lots of animal noises layered in the music? It’s frankly terrifying.

6:34 pm. Rotation 1 Senior Standings

1. Maddie Johnston 13.550
2. Kara Eaker 13.300
3. Emily Lee 13.100
4. Shania Adams 12.800
— Madelyn Williams 12.800
6. Sloane Blakely 12.650
7. Isabel Mabanta 12.000
8. Olivia Hollingsworth 11.950

Rotation 1 Junior Standings

1. Aleah Finnegan 13.850
— Kayla DiCello 13.850
3. Karis German 13.350
4. Olivia Greaves 13.150
5. Alexis Jeffrey 13.050
6. Zoe Gravier 12.300
7. Skye Blakely 12.150

6:32 pm. Jones BB: Good jump series before a lovely L turn. Big standing arabian, little wobble ont he landing, but fights it. Bhs loso is clean and solid. She’s at Christian Gallardo’s new gym, Futures, I can see him in the background. Tour jeté half is a little short in rotation, and then she falls on her sideways straight jump full. 😦 Good punch front, then a side straddle half. Switch half, great double tuck with a little bounce.

6:31 pm. Some juniors scores…Finnegan 13.85 VT, DiCello 13.85 UB, German 13.35 UB, Greaves 13.15 FX, Jeffrey 13.05 VT, Gravier 12.3 FX, Skye Blakely 12.15 BB. Tori Tatum is scratching vault and floor; she qualified to nationals at Pan Ams.

6:29 pm. Davis BB: Double wolf turn, front aerial to split ring jump, not close to 180 and the back leg is almost straight. Bhs loso loso with a big wobble, good fight to stay on. Switch leap to switch half, a little short. Split jump half, some soft knees. Soft knees on most skills in general actually, which is weird because she typically has nice extension on bars…nice side aerial, switch ring, back leg is better this time but the foot is a bit flexed. Double pike with a little hop.

Some senior scores…13.550 for Johnston on UB, 13.3 for Eaker on VT, 12.8 for Adams on UB, 12.8 for Williams on BB, 12.65 for Sloane Blakely on BB, 12.0 for Mabanta on BB, 11.95 for Hollingsworth on UB.

6:25 pm. Most here are competing just a couple of events…I guess this will be more for U.S. Classic prep than trying to qualify outright for the majority. Slash several have already qualified to nationals through camp, international meets, or being on the worlds team last year like Jade Carey.

Sloane Blakely BB: Switch to switch half to back tuck, nice, UGH went for a front handspring front tuck but fell. Front aerial to split jump to split jump half, side aerial, good double tuck dismount.

Adams UB: Toe full to van Leeuwen, straddle Jaeger, Pak, full-out a little low with a step.

Scratches right now…no vault/floor for Grace McCallum, Riley McCusker, Alyona Shchennikova, or Jade Carey, no floor for Deanne Soza and Madelyn Williams, and no bars for Jaylene Gilstrap.

6:23 pm. Gravier FX: Love her music too. Hit the first pass, then the whip to double tuck, a little stumble. 2.5 with a step. Hit the last pass.

Skye Blakely BB: OMG LOVE HER OPENING LOW CHOREO. Gets the wolf turn around. Little wobble on her triple flight series and wobbly on some leaps as well. Punch front tuck. Wobbled on some stuff after that but hit the double tuck dismount.

Johnston UB: Hop change to toe front to straddle Jaeger, really cool! Clear hip is a little arched, to Pak, Maloney to bail to toe shoot, and a double pike dismount with a little bounce.

6:20 pm. Lee FX: Really nice big double layout to start! 2.5 to front full, wow! Shel ooks great. Just some leg stuff in the 2.5. Ugh, leg stuff in the triple and her rotation’s a bit off, wonky landing. Big double pike to finish.

Mabanta BB: Bhs loso, good. Tour jeté half is a quarter short, lands sideways. Front aerial to split jump to sissone, Side aerial, came off on something after that, hit the side somi, double full with a step.

Hollingsworth UB: Toe full, a little messy and late, Maloney to Pak, some form stuff, van Leeuwen again with some form issues. Straddle Jaeger, double tuck with a hop.

6:19 pm. German UB: Toe on to toe full, a little late, van Leeuwen, piked Jaeger, some bent elbows, bail to toe shoot, clean double layout, looked stuck to me.

6:16 pm. Eaker VT: I didn’t see it but she got a 13.3. Assuming FTY?

DiCello UB: Piked Jaeger and dismount were the only things I saw. Both good.

Williams BB: Wolf turns to start. Switch…supposed to be ring but the back leg is too low. Same with the ring jump after.

Greaves FX: Front tuck through to 2.5 was cool. Hit the pass after that. Some cool choreo moments. Double tuck with a step.

Someone on vault just did a DTY but I wasn’t sure who…it had kind of an uncontrolled landing with a big step. No idea who, maybe Aleah Finnegan?


6:12 pm. Reminder that seniors need a 52 AA to qualify to nationals, and the juniors need a 51 AA. There are eight juniors in this session so this live blog should actually be called THE SENIORS PLUS EIGHT JUNIORS but alas it’s not.

6:08 pm. Athletes are heading into the touch warmup now! Be back in about five minutes with updates.

First rotation starting order:

VT- Finnegan, Jeffrey, Shchennikova, McCallum, Eaker, Tatum

UB- Gilstrap, German, DiCello, Johnston, Hollingsworth, Adams

BB- Davis, Mabanta, Williams, Jones, Blakely, Blakely

FX- Soza, Lee, Carey, Greaves, McCusker, Gravier


26 thoughts on “American Classic Live Blog | The Seniors

  1. Lol to the USAG twitter posts right now. Also I think there was a list that included a few more qualifiers from the spring verification on USAG’s website? I think it was with Pac Rim? Idk if its any additional people or not though!


  2. For Jade, is she going for a layout after the loso? I thought she was going for a pike, though I feel like sometimes it would only be credited as a pike.


  3. Riley McCusker or Maggie are just funny. Like you attend a MEET. Where they sold TICKETS. She’s never gonna make a team with that head case.


    • I doubt McCusker will make the team anyway. She isn’t needed anyway and as an UB/BB specialist (what she qualified to Nationals as, unless she does AA at US Classic) why take her when others can bring those types of scores in, including Morgan Hurd and Ragan Smith who are AAers. If you are going to take a specialist it would be Jade Carey, but even she is going to be doing AA by Nationals.

      Worlds: Smith, Hurd, Biles, Carey, Malabuyo would easily take home gold.
      VT: (Malabuyo) Hurd, Carey, Biles
      UB: (Malabuyo) Biles, Smith, Hurd
      BB: (Hurd/Malabuyo) Hurd/Malabuyo, Biles
      FX: (Hurd/Malabuyo or Smith) Hurd/Malabuyo or Smith, Carey, Biles

      AA: Biles and Hurd, with Malabuyo 3rd AA if she does FX over Smith in prelims.

      Not to mention we have Perea for UB and O’Keefe for UB/BB as well as other options.

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  4. Yeah McCusker is done, unless USAG’s new coordinator is that obsessed with her like Liukin was. Then she is on the team, no matter what she does. But with Perea, O’Keefe, Malabuyo now being seniors, too she doesn’t stand a chance. IF they want to have an UB specialist, take Perea who has the highest diffuculty in the world.


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