Around the Gymternet: It’s one louder


“Lip filler?! Just bang your mouth on your knee caps a few times at gymnastics practice and ur set with swollen lips for life.” –Margzetta Frazier’s totally practical and relatable beauty advice

Comp news

American Classic happened. Shilese Jones took the senior title at Saturday’s American Classic, with Kayla DiCello topping the junior podium.

Riley McCusker was absent from the live stream, though we were treated to this tweet with her name misspelled. Speaking of the stream, Twitter’s Casey Magnesium gathered some highlights from the virtual peanut gallery.

Psst: Here are your senior and junior qualifiers to nationals.

Hopes happened, too. The Hopes Classic gave us a glimpse into the future. And no, Gabby wasn’t there.

The Thialf Summer Challenge happened. Sanne Wevers won beam with an excellent routine, and Nina Derwael had a kickass bar routine, which included a Nabieva and connections up the wazoo.  

Mersin happened. Dipa Karmakar won vault at the World Challenge Cup in Mersin, Turkey, her first meet after injuring her ACL shortly after Rio.

Italy and Sweden named their champions. Giorgia Villa is your new Italian champ, and Jessica Castles is her Swedish counterpart.

Euros teams are being named. Here’s a running list of the European Championships teams.

The state of Michigan

Strampel stepped down. William Strampel—former dean of osteopathic medicine at Michigan State University and Larry Nassar’s former boss—retired after reaching an agreement with MSU, it was announced on Friday.

He’ll still get paid. As part of the agreement, Strampel will receive $175,000 as a final payment. Reminder: Strampel faces four criminal charges for sexual misconduct in Michigan.

  • U.S. Department of Education investigators scheduled interviews with 40 MSU employees in April and May over how the uni handled abuse allegations, and sought to interview eight former employees.
  • John Geddert and Twistars’ attorneys say the gym is not responsible for Nassar’s actions.
  • An expert says MSU has violated patient confidentiality laws by not notifying some of Larry Nassar’s patients that medical records were moved in 2016.

What else happened

Indictment details were released. The indictments issued against Larry Nassar in Texas last Friday accuse him of abusing six gymnasts from 1995 to 2014 at the Karolyi Ranch, it was revealed on Tuesday.

The indictment of Debbie Van Horn is from abuse that occurred in 2012. Van Horn was added to USA Gymnastics’ Suspended Members list on Tuesday.

Jail guards falsified records related to the suicide of inmate and former Olympic gymnastics coach Marvin Sharp, according to WTHR.

Required reading

  • Watch this video of a Kentucky Special Olympics gymnastics team getting messages from their favorite elites, then complain that your allergies are acting up (ESPN).
  • The USOC needs a leader who cares about athletes more than expense accounts (The Washington Post).
  • Former elite gymnast and survivor Kamerin Moore learns to take back her accomplishments from an abusive coach (Deadspin).

NCAA corner

Grace spoke up. Grace McLaughlin wrote about her experiences competing for Florida.

Wayne said goodbye. After cleaning out his closet and finding a Hawaiian shirt, San Jose State University’s head coach Wayne Wright decided to take it as a sign and retired.

Utah stepped up. The Utes have a new volunteer choreographer. I’ve never seen a routine choreographed, but if the process doesn’t look exactly like this I’ll be sorely disappointed.

Star status

D size matters. Margzetta Frazier is channeling Jordan Chiles with a triple wolf-to-L turn, but wants you to see it backwards first.

Sticks and stones. Filed under “why can’t we have nice things,” Giulia Steingruber hurt her knee on floor, Asia D’Amato has a back issue and didn’t compete at Italian Championships, and Sophie Scheder hurt her finger. For the boys’ club, Nile Wilson has an undisclosed injury and won’t compete at Euros.

Movin’ on up. Viktoria Komova has her sights set on the 2020 Olympics, as do I. Lobbying to have endurance sleeping introduced as a spectator sport, wish me luck.

Staying social

Work hard, fall hard. Latvia’s Anastasija Dubova fell off the end of the beam, hard.

Nastia versused Andrew. Shawn Johnson played “Who knows you better?” with her hubby Andrew East and an under-the-weather Nastia Liukin. You guys, that’s what I look like when I’m sick. Perfect skin and hair, always.

Simone dropped the mic. Simone Biles shut down an ADHD denier, like a pro.

The 2036 Olympic champion was born, nbd. Alicia (Sacramone) Quinn had a babay with husband Brady Quinn.

Norah and Morgan make no sense. Norah “you didn’t know beam could look this good” Flatley thinks rhythmic gymnastics is the “most beautiful sport,” and Morgan “I have a double double on floor” Hurd wishes she were coordinated enough to do hoops.

Last words

Iceland was amazing, thanks for asking. In other news, I just found a piece of lava rock on my person, and I literally just took a shower?

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11 thoughts on “Around the Gymternet: It’s one louder

  1. Nile Wilson discussed his injury in his latest YouTube video – he has a bulging disc in the C6-C7 area of his neck. It’s compressing the nerve and giving him lots of pain – he’s had some treatment which has helped somewhat but he’s still feeling pain so decided last week not to push it too hard and focus on rehabbing it and then Worlds instead.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I think Grace’s experiences are terrible and so sad. so there goes Florida’s image of doing it better. I thought scholarships are given for 4 years and can’t be taken away after one year on a performance basis? they were running her completely into the ground .competing injured and sick….where have I heard that before….


    • There is no such thing as a four year scholarship, all scholarships are always on a one year basis and from my understanding different teams handle the renewal process differently. Her blog was sad and I understand that she went through a lot, but unfortunately schools can’t give out scholarships out of fairness or pity, or even just to the hardest working athlete, they generally need to go to the best athlete. I hope that Florida handled these meetings with respect and honesty but I don’t think its fair to view Florida in a bad light because of this experience alone. I hope that Grace has learned a lot in this process as well.


  3. I may be wrong but I think Lauren said several times in her YATGA that scholarships are for.4 years in gymnastics and are usually not taken away on performance alone.


  4. Is an athletic scholarship guaranteed for four years?

    At a minimum, an athletic scholarship must be a one academic year agreement. In Division I, institutions are permitted to offer multiyear scholarships. Athletic scholarships may be renewed and the school must notify the student-athlete in writing by July 1 whether the athletic scholarship will be renewed for the next academic year. Individual schools have appeal policies for scholarships that are reduced or not renewed. In most cases, the coach decides who gets a scholarship, what it covers and whether it will be renewed.


    SO they can be four years but don’t have to be.


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