Karmakar Returns with First World Cup Gold

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Dipa Karmakar

After dealing with knee injuries and surgeries following her performance at the 2016 Olympic Games, it’s been almost two years since we saw India’s Dipa Karmakar in competition, but the history-maker returned this weekend in a grand fashion, winning her – and her country’s – first world cup gold.

Now 24, Karmakar has dropped the Produnova, the vault that made her internationally famous last quad, and instead performed a handspring front layout full and a tsuk double. Her form looks a little weak on both, but it’s promising enough to keep her relevant in the international vault race even without that 7.0 D score. She’s planning on upgrading the full to a Rudi eventually, but for now it’s just great to see her on the way back to the big stage.

Behind Karmakar, we saw Rifda Irfanaluthfi of Indonesia get the silver with a 13.400, and Göksu Üctas Sanli of Turkey narrowly beat the rest of the field for bronze with a 13.200. Both of these ladies had low difficulty compared to Karmakar, as did everyone else in the final, but both Irfanaluthfi and Üctas Sanli performed well, with Irfanaluthfi looking exceptionally tight in her form.

Yuliya Inshina of Azerbaijan ended up fourth with a 13.125, a score matched by Croatia’s Ema Kajic, and though Inshina took steps out-of-bounds on both vaults, her execution was still enough to give her the edge over Kajic, who ended up fifth. Just behind them was Marina Nekrasova, who crashed her handspring front pike full, finishing sixth with a 13.025.

Rounding out the field were Demet Mutlu of Turkey in seventh with a 12.925 average and Christina Zwicker of Croatia in eighth with a 12.625.

The bars field was a bit depleted, with only six competing in prelims, giving everyone a spot in the final. It was nice to see that more than half the field hit, however, with Mutlu coming back from the vault final to take the gold with a solid routine that earned a 12.550, followed by teammate Tutya Yilmaz with a 12.300 for silver and Maria Del Sol Perez of Chile with an 11.800 for bronze.

Also in the final were Mariia Smirnova of Azerbaijan in fourth with an 11.350, Nekrasova in fifth with a 10.050 after a fall, and Sabina Turobova of Uzbekistan in sixth with a 9.350.

Üctas Sanli won her first of two golds with the beam title at home in Mersin, showing clean and steady work on one of her strongest routines of the season to post a 12.550. Yilmaz fell on the layout full in her acro series, but otherwise was good enough to get her second silver of the meet with a 12.200, and Inshina won the bronze with a 12.100 thanks to a hit routine.

Though she got close to another podium, Karmakar missed a beam medal by a tenth on a tie-breaker, scoring a 12.100 to match Inshina but ending up in fourth. Perez was fifth with a 12.000, Ira Bencinic of Croatia was sixth with an 11.050, Smirnova was seventh with a 10.200, and Petra Furac of Croatia was eighth with an 8.350.

With an outstanding performance on floor to cap off the meet, Üctas Sanli got her second gold medal, earning a 13.050 with a nearly-stuck double pike, a great 1½ to front full, and a double tuck to finish.

Yilmaz again took the silver, hitting her piked full-in, double tuck, and front layout with only minor deductions to earn a 12.500, and Irfanaluthfi got her second medal of the meet with a 12.150 for bronze, going a little wild on her Memmel turn and bouncing on a couple of her passes, though her 2½ to front tuck was fantastic.

In fourth was Inshina with a 12.000 with some minor mistakes throughout, Perez was fifth with an 11.850 for a solid routine, Zwicker was sixth with an 11.7 with just a few hops on her landings, Bencinic was seventh with an 11.300 for a solid set of her own, and Turobova finished eighth with a 10.150, hitting all of her tumbling but with a few wild moments throughout.

Turkey saw great success in the men’s competition as well, taking three of the six golds. Ahmet Önder kicked off the meet with the gold on floor, earning a 14.450 ahead of Frank Baines of Great Britain in second with a 14.400, while his teammate Ferhat Arican took the bronze with a 14.000.

On pommels, Rhys McClenaghan of Ireland wasn’t at his absolute best, but he still managed a solid enough routine to snag gold by half a point, posting a 14.150 ahead of Baines with a 13.650 for silver and Justin Karstadt of Canada with a 13.350 for bronze.

Gold went back to Turkey on rings, where Ibrahim Colak was perfection, earning a 15.100 to get a big win over Romania’s Andrei Muntean with a 14.600 for silver while Yuri van Gelder of the Netherlands won bronze with a 14.300.

The vault gold went to Rene Cournoyer of Canada, who was lovely in his attempts to average a 14.150, while Dimitar Dimitrov of Bulgaria won the silver with a 13.950 average and Robert Ghiuzan of Romania won the bronze with a 13.900. Önder, who crashed his second vault here, ended up fourth with a 13.725 after coming in the top option for the title.

Muntean got the p-bars win over both Önder and Arican, showing flawless execution to put up a 14.900 total, while Önder took the silver with a 14.750, and Arican ended up just behind with the 14.650 for bronze.

Wrapping things up on high bar, Turkey’s Umit Samiloglu won the gold with a 13.950 for his tidy routine. Samuel Zakutney of Canada surprised to get the silver here, posting a 13.500 for his hit routine, and Baines was also clean, putting up a 13.300 for the bronze.

Full results are available here.

Article by Lauren Hopkins

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