2018 Izvorani Friendly Results

/The 2018 Izvorani Friendly was held on July 14 in Izvorani, Romania.

Senior All-Around Results

Rank Athlete Nation VT UB BB FX AA
1 Denisa Golgota Romania 14.600 12.600 13.000 13.250 53.450
2 Laura Iacob Romania 13.300 12.450 12.450 12.300 50.500
3 Anamaria Ocolisan Romania 14.300 12.100 10.850 12.900 50.150
4 Carmen Ghiciuc Romania 13.300 12.400 12.950 11.000 49.650
5 Shailee Weiss Israel 13.100 10.150 10.050 11.200 44.500
6 Meitar Lavy Israel 12.250 10.150 9.350 11.300 43.050
7 Lihi Lamesh Israel 11.800 8.100 10.400 10.650 40.950
8 Nica Ivanus Romania 13.200 —— 11.800 —— 25.000
9 Maria Holbura Romania —— 12.150 —— —— 12.150

Senior Team Results

Rank Nation VT UB BB FX AA
1 ROMANIA (Carmen Ghiciuc, Denisa Golgota, Laura Iacob, Nica Ivanus, Anamaria Ocolisan) 42.200 37.450 37.750 37.150 154.550
2 ISRAEL (Lihi Lamesh, Meitar Lavy, Shailee Weiss) 37.250 28.400 29.800 33.150 128.600

Junior All-Around Results

Rank Athlete Nation VT UB BB FX AA
1 Silviana Sfiringu Romania 14.300 11.900 13.650 12.850 52.700
2 Antonia Duta Romania 13.250 12.150 13.700 13.000 52.100
3 Ioana Stanciulescu Romania 13.600 12.400 12.450 12.950 51.400
4 Ana Maria Puiu Romania 13.000 12.550 13.000 12.700 51.250
5 Lisa Marchidanu Romania 13.600 10.550 13.600 13.300 51.050
6 Daniela Trica Romania 13.500 9.600 12.400 13.100 48.600
7 Dana Negru Israel 12.100 10.750 11.900 11.500 46.250
8 Emilia Babich Israel 12.700 11.650 9.850 11.200 45.400
9 Lihie Raz Israel 12.850 8.850 11.400 11.850 44.950
10 Noga Shalit Israel 12.350 8.800 10.350 11.350 42.850
11 Noam Dadon Israel 12.150 8.950 10.700 10.450 42.250
12 Geffen Dor Israel 12.250 9.550 9.100 10.950 41.850

Junior Team Results

Rank Nation VT UB BB FX AA
1 ROMANIA (Antonia Duta, Ana Maria Puiu, Silviana Sfiringu, Ioana Stanciulescu, Daniela Trica) 41.400 37.100 39.800 39.050 157.350
2 ISRAEL (Emilia Babich, Geffen Dor, Dana Negru, Lihie Raz, Noga Shalit) 37.300 29.150 30.350 33.650 130.450

12 thoughts on “2018 Izvorani Friendly Results

  1. When Golgota is your best bar worker you know you’re in trouble. Lol.

    I want this Romanian team to hit so bad at euros, but I think it’s gonna be really really tight. 😦


    • Golgota kind of reminds me of 2014-2015 Laura Jurca. Powerful vault, dynamic tumbling, decent Beam, and while their bars were both very weak as juniors, they both showed good upgrades and potential as first year seniors. While Golgota shouldn’t be the best bar worker, she has upgraded a fair amount since last year and has improved a little bit in form and consistency as well.


      • I do think she has improved a lot. Especially on floor where she has cleaned up her execution.

        I just think that bars will drag the Romanian team down and I’m not sure if their VT, BB and FX is strong enough to keep them in contention for a TF spot. Other teams are looking a lot stronger and better balanced.


  2. My projection for Euros using Romania’s nominative roster:
    Golgota all 4 events: 50 – 53
    Ghiciuc UB+BB with Ocolisan VT+FX: 50 – 53
    The third set of scores come from any random combination from Iacob, Ivanus(no UB), and Ocolistan (UB)
    FTY4.6D + UB4.7D + BB5.2D + FX5.1D: 48 – 51

    Lower-bound projection: 148 (No finals)
    Upper-bound projection: 157 (around 5th)
    Average projection: 153 (8th)


  3. They definitely have a chance to make finals but EVERYONE has to hit. It also looks like Ocolisan hit a DTY which is a nice boost for them. Bars will drag them down, but I think they’re way stronger than Hungary or Switzerland now that they’ve lost Kovacs and Steingruber, respectively. With Golgota, Ghihuic, Ocolisan, Iacob, and Ivanus? (Crisan..?)
    VT: Ghihuic, Ocolisan, Golgota
    UB: Ocolisan, Ghihuic, Golgota
    BB: Iacob, Ghihuic, Golgota
    FX: Ivanus, Ocolisan, Golgota
    That 2 DTY lineup will serve them well, as well as their floor lineup. Their beam isn’t as strong as traditional Romanian beam, but it should be fairly solid and consistent. Golgota has really become the new Iordache, though she’s more of a Laura Jurca type gymnast.


    • The thing with this team is that they are really consistent like romanian used to be, right now i think they have a chance to go to the finals and if they hit contend for a medal… The only good teams are Russia and France , but the UK is playing at home. I am happy if they make it to the finals


    • Yaaaas! I’d like to read more about that as well (by that I mean – Cimpean coming back).

      I’ve been following the boiling pot of drama that Romanian gymnastics is all about and it seems (very hush-hush) that altough Berar was initially put up, she won’t be attending. Forminte says it’s because of an injury, but this wasn’t 100% confirmed by her, I was kind of left with the impression that there’s a lot more behind it, judging by her replies when questioned about it. Also, we know that Romania just *loves* to make random decisions and fake injuries (Olympics 2012, Bulimar and Iordache anyone?)
      Now that my rant is over – the junior team will be the one to watch. They have solid scores and great consistency, even better than the seniors. Ana Maria Puiu and Stanciulescu Ioana have great potential, and even Sfiringu if she has a good day and is consistent.
      It’s good to see that Romania can put 5 juniors up, i’m super duper excited to see them.

      Gonna go print a T shirt with their faces (nope, not joking).


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