Around the Gymternet: I’m not crying, you’re crying


“It’s a girl.” -A new Denhollander is here and ready to take names. Oh, and speaking of names.

Comp news

The Central American Games are happening. Here are your results so far.

Euros team drama happened. In decidedly Russian news, their Euros team was named, but Viktoria Komova didn’t make the cut. Valentina Rodionenko said it’s because of Komova’s back pain, and Komova was literally like, “What back pain? I’m loosey goosey.” Drama.

In less dysfunctional news, here’s your overview of the national competitions that decided the Euros teams.

Classics are coming. The roster for this weekend’s U.S. Classic is set.

What happened

Survivors were honored. The hundreds of individuals who spoke up about Larry Nassar’s abuse were honored with the Arthur Ashe Award for Courage at the ESPY Awards on Wednesday. An incredible 141 survivors took to the stage to accept the award.

If you haven’t watched the video of the survivors telling their stories, or of the women accepting the award, stop what you’re doing and do so now.

Aly Raisman—who was also featured on the cover of this month’s ESPN magazine—spoke at the ceremony. Maggie Nichols, Jordyn Wieber, and Jamie Dantzscher were there. Everyone looked amazing, so beautiful and strong, hang on while I go cry some more.

We’ll have another hearing. U.S. Olympic Committee acting CEO Susanne Lyons, USA gymnastics president Kerry Perry, and Michigan State University interim president John Engler will testify Tuesday at another Senate hearing regarding how their orgs handled Nassar’s abuse.

Watch here on Tuesday at 2:30 Eastern.

  • The International Olympic Committee will consider making FIG president Morinari Watanabe a member.
  • Speaking of Watanabe, he just visited North Korea.
  • USAG released a very short statement saying, in part, that the survivors are “more than deserving” of the Arthur Ashe Award. Uh, thanks?

The state of Michigan

Settlement details released. Survivors of Nassar’s abuse who have yet to come forward will have two years to do so and accept some of the $75 million set aside for them in MSU’s settlement with survivors. The rest of the $500 million settlement will be divided among 333 plaintiffs, with a mediator deciding who gets how much.

The settlement also requires that three Michigan Senate bills fail to become law, though this doesn’t prohibit survivors from advocating for other, similar laws.

Required reading

  • If not for them: 12 women, part of the army of sister survivors, tell their stories (ESPNW).
  • Read survivor Selena Brennan’s story (Bleacher Report).

NCAA corner

Ignition sequence start. Should Houston have a gymnastics team? These Olympians sure as hell think so, but I mean, if every school had a gymnastics team then what would Bring It On even have been?

Myk’s busy. Utah’s Mykayla Skinner is “playing around” with an Amanar, kind of like how I regularly “play around” with being a concert pianist.

Mind change. Kiya Johnson of Texas Dreams changed her verbal commitment from Georgia to LSU.

Peng is an actual zombie. Los Angeles Times profiled UCLA clutch beamer Peng Peng Lee, including the fact that her knee is held together, in part, by parts of dead people.

GoFundHer. Georgia alum Amanda Curry was shot in the arm in a drive-by. Here’s how you can help.

Star status

Injuries. Giulia Steingruber had surgery on her ACL and meniscus, and expects to recover in nine months. Luckily, she has a panda to help with the healing process. Meanwhile, Eddie Penev also tore his ACL.

Moves. Olivia Cimpian is back in Romania after having trained in Hungary for a hot second.

Comebacks. Here’s an unconfirmed report that Simone Biles plans to compete a Moors and a Fabrichnova (yeah, I had to look it up) at Classics. Also, Oleg Verniaiev hopes to be back in time to compete at worlds.

Marian Dragulescu. The saga continues. He was not named to Romania’s Euros team, and they say this is because of his recent heart surgery, but he disagrees. Who needs Make It or Break It when you have Romania and Russia?

Staying social

Cover controversy. Lynn Raisman and Jennifer Sey are not happy about International Gymnast’s cover honoring Parkettes coaches. 

Gina did it first. McKenna Kelley marveled at a baseball player pulling an A League of Their Own.

Morgan’s a triple threat. Morgiboo wants you to see her sing and dance to Hamilton.

Where should I start. Someone asked Melnikova whether they have psychologists at camp, and she…well, she answered.

Last words

It wasn’t unanimous, but the Gymternet sorting hat has named Jade Carey a Hufflepuff. Let us know what you think of Oksana “just a number” Chusovitina. Once we have enough members for each house, the Hogwarts Olympics are on.

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9 thoughts on “Around the Gymternet: I’m not crying, you’re crying

  1. Chusovitina is a hufflepuff,hands down.She seems very friendly with lots of people, and she is definetely not afraid of toil.
    I hated the IG Cover so much and frankly I don’t get it with Paul Ziert being so outspoken about the State of USAG and all.


  2. I am truly curious about the incoming class at MSU. i follow one from WOGA and am flabbergasted that kids still choose to go there.


    • That gymnastics program is probably the safest right now because everyone is watching, Kathy is no longer there and they are under so much scrutiny that they are likely triple checking everything. Also as even survivor Lindsey Lemke said the current team has nothing to do with what happened.


  3. I couldddd see Chuso in Hufflepuff, but to me she fits better in Gryffindor. Sure, she’s clearly a hard worker, but HER NERVE. Only a Gryffindor would throw a hail-Mary Produnova at the Olympics at age 41 (or ever). Chuso’s daring almost to the point of recklessness, whereas Hufflepuffs avoid taking risks.

    Then again, she competed for Germany for years to thank the country for saving her son’s life, which is a pretty loyal/Hufflepuffy thing to do (although I guess it could also be an act of Gryffindor chivalry: someone she loved was in trouble, so she did whatever she had to do to save him – and then had the moral obligation to make it up to those who helped her). … OK I’ve spent way too much time thinking about this.


  4. This might be unpopular, but I think that Chuso is a Slytherin: her ambition is remarkable, and her trying to throw a Produnova only shows how much she wanted another medal!


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