2018 U.S. Classic Live Blog | The Juniors

Welcome to the live blog for the junior session at the 2018 U.S. Classic, held in Columbus, Ohio!

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1. Leanne Wong 55.350
2. Kayla DiCello 54.000
3. Jordan Bowers 53.850
4. Tori Tatum 53.800
5. Sunisa Lee 53.250
6. Skye Blakely 53.200
7. Aleah Finnegan 52.800
— Karis German 52.800
9. Olivia Greaves 52.500
— Sophia Butler 52.500
11. Alexis Jeffrey 52.150
12. Sydney Morris 51.650
13. Selena Harris 51.550
14. Kailin Chio 51.450
15. Brenna Neault 51.350
16. Levi Jung-Ruivivar 51.300
17. Ciena Alipio 51.150
18. Claire Dean 51.000
— Katelyn Rosen 51.000
20. Zoe Gravier 50.950
21. Addison Fatta 50.700
— Ava Siegfeldt 50.700
23. Love Birt 50.500
24. Lyden Saltness 49.800
25. Kaliya Lincoln 49.750
26. Lauren Little 49.650
27. eMjae Frazier 49.550
28. Mallory Marcheli 49.250
29. Gabbie Gallentine 49.200
30. Kaytlyn Johnson 49.050
— Lillian Lewis 49.050
32. Lauren Pearl 49.000
33. Cally Swaney 48.850
— Maeve Hahn 48.850
35. Abigail Scanlon 48.450
36. Trista Goodman 47.900
37. Elizabeth Gantner 47.750
38. Delaney Fisher 47.350
39. Hannah Hagle 46.200
40. Amari Drayton 45.350
41. Konnor McClain 39.800
42. Sydney Barros 25.250
43. JaFree Scott 13.650

Juniors who qualified to nationals either here or elsewhere: Alipio, Barros, Blakely, Bowers, Butler, Chio, Dean, DiCello, Finnegan, German, Gravier, Greaves, Harris, Jeffrey, Jung-Ruivivar, Lee, Lippeatt, McClain, Morris, Neault, Rosen, Scott, Soma, Tatum, Wong

4:30 pm. Neault FX: Double pike is great. So is the double tuck. High and lovely 1.5 to front full. Beautiful double full. That was an E score heaven.

Siegfeldt BB: Bhs bhs layout, and her layout is “very Chinese” which sounds awkward but you know what I mean. She has a good lift! That’s what I mean. Gets a little wobbly on some skills, but nice switch leap, though the subsequent switch half is a little low and short. Double tuck with a step.

4:27 pm. Birt FX: Great first pass! OOB on her second one though. Hop back on her double pike.

Pearl BB: Mini Aly! She even finishes her full turn like Aly did, I LOVE IT. Bhs loso loso is solid. Punch front tuck, AGAIN she looks like Aly just in her mannerisms when she finishes skills, I can’t get over it. Side aerial, switch to split half, YAS. So solid. Front aerial, clean, big amplitude on her switch half, and a big double pike to finish. She’s fab.

Frazier UB: Hope change to front toe half to Maloney to Tkachev, great! Clear hip to Pak, leg sep, toe shoot, solid double layout.

4:24 pm. Gallentine FX: I love her music. Tucked full-in, little hop. Low double pike. Front tuck through to 1.5, low and a little skidded, and she’s a little wild on her 2.5.

Marcheli UB: Maloney to Pak, some leg sep, muscles cast out of it but gets it back for her big toe shoot, blind full, straddle Jaeger, double tuck is stuck.

Scanlon BB: Lovely control on her wolf turn but she comes off on her bhs loso. 😦 Good side somi, and she dismounts with a double full.

4:21 pm. Swaney VT: Good FTY.

Rosen BB: Full turn, side aerial, front aerial, slow into the sissone. Good double tuck dismount.

Gantner FX: Solid double pike. Hit the second pass a little low and hit the last pass.

Scott UB: HUUUUGE Tkachev. inbar to clean Pak, clean van Leeuwen, toe full right on the bar, stalder half to straddle Jaeger, high double layout with a hop. BEAUTIFUL!

Greaves VT: FTY, lovely with a great landing.

4:19 pm. Lewis UB: Blind full, misses her piked Jaeger, toe shoot, double pike with a hop.

Fatta VT: Solid DTY!

4:17 pm. Fisher VT: FTY, step forward.

UB: Blind change, muscles through it into the piked Jaeger,

Lee BB: Front aerial, great layout series, switch leap, switch half to back tuck, nails the side aerial loso loso. Just a layout dismount, still protecting her knee.

Bowers FX: Double layout, step back. Double arabian to one knee UGH. ALSO crashed the full in WHYYYYYYY. Leanne Wong is the only top girl who hit today I think. Oh, and Tori Tatum! Great front double full to finish.

Gravier VT: Clean FTY.

4:12 pm. Sophia Butler, Alexis Jeffrey, Selena Harris, Kailin Chio, and Claire Dean have all made it to nationals! They hadn’t yet qualified and needed a 51 AA here.

Those who DIDN’T reach the scores who still needed a 51 to qualify so far are Lyden Saltness, Kaliya Lincoln, Lauren Little, Kaytlyn Johnson, Maeve Hahn, Hannah Hagle, and Amari Drayton.

4:10 pm. Tatum FX: High full-in! Super clean 2.5 to front pike. Hit the third pass. Double tuck to finish, basically stuck. She’s so clean here!

Barros BB: Bhs loso, wobble on switch half, just a layout dismount.

4:07 pm. Jung-Ruivivar FX: Lovely 2.5 to front tuck, Memmel turn to full pirouette, 1.5 to front full, a little low on her double back to finish.

Harris BB: Bhs loso bhs is good. Switch to split leap to full Y turn #BabySanne, side aerial, side somi, side straddle jump half, front aerial to split jump to straddle jump. High double tuck with a step.

4:05 pm. Jeffrey UB: Toe full to Maloney to Pak, van Leeuwen, clean! stalder half to big straddle Jaeger, full-in with a hop and Al is LIVING LIFE.

Butler FX: Opening pass is solid. Solid 2.5 to front tuck. Good work on her leaps. Front double full, step forward. Cool choreo at the end. She is like the coolest person here, I guarantee you. Double pike

Blakely BB: Wolf turn got a little bobbly but the rest was very nice!

4:00 pm. McClain VT: Super high and lovely FTY.

Morris FX: Tucked full-in, hop back. Hit her second pass then a good front lay front full. Hit the last pass. Good job from her again today!

Lincoln UB: I love her big poppy leo with the black and white! Or are they roses? Yeah it’s a bunch of roses. Clear hip to big Pak, stalder to stalder full (a little rushed), toe on to toe shoot, double pike with a little bounce in place. No release? She missed her release at the American Classic and it cost her nationals so maybe playing it safe? Her coach said “no matter what happens, I’m proud of you” when she came off the podium.

Alipio BB: Front aerial to split jump to straddle jump.

3:56 pm. German VT: Lovely FTY.

Johnson UB: Maloney to Pak, toe on to Ray, double pike stuck cold.

DiCello VT: DTY, lovely, just a little tentative on the landing, step back.

Chio BB: Nice back handspring mount. Solid triple flight series. Front aerial, wobble, jump series, also hit a sideways jump, and then had a break on a skill after that. Full turn, split leap to switch lap to Korbut, nice!! Hit the dismount, step back.

Drayton FX: Tucked full-in, a little low. Hit the second pass and then a double tuck, both good. Last pass looked a little short.

Hahn VT: FTY, a tad short.

Wong UB: Inbar to Chow to Pak to stalder to clean van Leeuwen, toe full right on the bar, stalder half to piked Jaeger, high double layout, a little buckled in the knees with a scoot forward. Lovely!

3:54 pm. Hagle VT: Hit

Finnegan UB: Toe 1.5!!!! Maloney tobail to toe shoot, nice straddle Jaeger, double front low with a step back and Al Fong is SO happy. So is Aleah!!! And ARMINEEEE. They’re all freaking out.

Saltness BB: Wobbled on something early on. Little bobble on the front aerial, hit the dismount.

Little FX: Strong tuck full-in. Double tuck is good. Skid on her 2.5.

Dean VT: FTY, hop.

3:48 pm. Rotation 3 Standings

1. Jordan Bowers 41.900
2. Leanne Wong 41.750
3. Tori Tatum 40.950
4. Aleah Finnegan 40.500
5. Skye Blakely 40.000
6. Sydney Morris 39.700
7. Sophia Butler 39.450
8. Kayla DiCello 39.400

3:46 pm. Fatta FX: Double pike, bounce back. 2.5 through to double full, CASUAL. Great landing. Front layout to front full. A little underrotated on the triple full, hops it around. Happy she hit after missing at American Classic!

3:44 pm. Scanlon UB: Toe full, Tkachev is good, toe on to bail to toe shoot, blind change to front giant half, double pike with a hop. Solid!

Gravier FX: Double pike is good. Whip to double tuck, little shuffle back. Switch ring through to switch half. Her music is bizarre as heck but I love it. So different and fun. Double full, little bounce. Front full to finish, clean and lovely.

Gallentine BB: Side somi, big wobble but fights, bhs loso, wobbles through the landing but fights again. Split leap to side aerial, little check, switch leap to split jump, side split jump half, switch half, double full with a hop back.

3:40 pm. Fisher FX: Double pike, short, big step forward. Nice 1.5 to front pike. Dobule tuck to finish.

Rosen UB: Toe on to blind change to straddle Jaeger, Pak, leg sep, toe shoot, blind full, double pike, little hop.

Gantner BB: EXCELLENT bhs loso loso!!! Switch to switch half to back tuck, excellent!! Good side split jump half, front aerial to split jump to straddle jump, full turn, good double tuck. Great job!

3:37 pm. McClain FX: Take two! Big double pike to start. 1.5 to front full is good and she hit her third pass. Clean double full to finish.

Lee UB: Stalder half to piked Jaeger, Nabieva, leg sep, to Pak, leg sep and a little close, Maloney to Gienger, GREAT form there!! toe full muscles through, to a full-in with a hop. Some little clean-up things there but I mean, she’s doing a freaking Nabieva, I forgive her.

Bowers BB: Good triple flight series. Got her front handspring front tuck! Apparently missed those a bunch yesterday, according to Jason from Region 5 next to me. Front aerial, great jumps, short on her switch ring and her double pike is a little low with a step but great effort from her.

3:34 pm. Barros UB: Maloney (tons of amplitude) to Pak (some leg sep), stalder full to toe on to van Leeuwen, a little messy, toe half to piked Jaeger, full-twisting double layout, good!

Tatum BB: Switch to sissone, punch front is solid. Good double full. Hit routine!

McClain FX: So no idea why she didn’t do beam but here she is on floor. I think they thought Delaney Fisher was going next because now there’s a music issue. They did show her as scratched on the scores so I’m assuming the music people also think she was done.

3:29 pm. Lincoln VT: Lovely FTY! Flared it out and everything.

Harris UB: Big Ray, Bail (ankle sep) to toe full to toe shoot, blind change to another release (prob a Khorkina? I only saw the catch and heard the audience GASP), double layout, little bounce.

Jung-Ruivivar BB: Lovely work into her Korbut, switch to switch half, little bobble, PERFECT extension on her split jump half (from the side, bhs loso is a little short and she keeps going backwards which is terrifying but thankfully she just takes it off the beam. Sad about the fall but that was gonna hurt and she made it at least not scary. Double pike with a step.

Hahn FX: A little short on her opening pass. Hit the rest.

Jeffrey VT: Hit.

3:25 pm. DiCello FX: Excellent big and solid double layout. Her next pass, either a front double full or 2.5 (I hate missing entries to passes UGH) has a big step over. High 1.5 through to 2.5, better, guessing that means the second pass was a front double full. Double tuck, stuck.

3:23 pm. German FX: Nice double layout! High tucked full in and then a 1.5 to front full, both strong. Hit the last pass, very nice work!

Butler BB: Here we goooo, she’s looked SO great so far today! I NEED HER TO HIT THIS. Split jump to wolf jump, excellent, bhs bhs layout, no full today, and smart — she nails it. She needs to get to nationals! Then she can be a trickster there. Switch half, nice. Onodi to sheep jump, gets it!!!! SOPHIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Front aerial to split ring jump SHE IS CRUSHING. Full turn, double pike with a little stumble. YAAAAAAAAS.

3:21 pm. Blakely UB: Inbar to inbar full, nice! Tkachev to Pak catches it at her hips and has to circle around. 😦 Maloney, doesn’t connect to anything, blind change to front giant half, stalder full a little crooked to full-in with a step. A fight there after the Pak.

3:17 pm. Alipio UB: Arched over her first skill, a toe full, comes off, Maloney, legs come apart, into a Pak, also some leg sep, same on the van Leeuwen. BEAUTIFUL inbar to toe half, muscles through the handstand and then falls on the Jaeger. High full-in to finish.

Dean FX: I love her on floor so much. 2.5 to stuck front layout, lovely 1.5 to front full. Double pike, little bounce, chest down just a tad.

Morris BB: GOD I hate where I’m sitting, whenever a coach chalks bars he completely blocks beam. Saw that she hit her triple flight series, then a side split jump half, good switch to switch half, double pike, set is a little low and she has a little stumble back but good fight!

3:15 pm. Chio UB: Piked Jaeger, lovely stalder to bail to toe on to toe shoot, blidn full, ankles get a little messy, double layout stuck cold.

Hagle FX: Double arabian to the very backs of her heels, sits it. Double pike to her knees. 1.5 through to double full is nice. Double tuck to her hands and knees…also hits her head. Well that was…upsetting. Just not quite enough gas in any of those passes.

Drayton BB: Very clean and confident bhs loso, side split half, wobbled on something after that, full turn, front aerial, double tuck with a bounce and step back.

3:14 pm. Greaves FX: Tucked full-in, good landing to start. Front tuck through to 2.5, a little low with a step back. Lovely double pike. Double tuck with a step. This clearly isn’t her event but she still does a solid job with it.

Saltness UB: Piked Jaeger, Pak, blind full to double tuck, good landing.

Little BB: Solid bhs loso and side aerial, switch to split jump, switch half is maybe at 50 degrees in her split. 2.5, a little underrotated with a step.

3:12 pm. Wong VT: WOAHHHHHHH THE MOST GORGEOUS DTY EVERRRRRR. Show that to me 3 million times. A J.O. perfect 10.

3:09 pm. Finnegan VT: Huuuuuge DTY, almost near the end of the mat!

Neault BB: I didn’t really see any of this.

Siegfeldt UB: Maloney to Pak, some leg sep, toe shoot, caught her Jaeger, double pike with a step.

Johnson VT: Really excellent FTY! Comes down like a dart. Lots of power.

3:07 pm. Marcheli VT: FTY, great landing, floaty in the air!

Pearl UB: Blind change, swing got a little crazy and she had to pause on the bar. Front giant to Jaeger after that, and hit her bail and double tuck dismount.

Birt BB: Front aerial, side aerial, switch leap, all nice. Switch ring, a little low with the back leg. Hit the dismount and I think she hit everything else that I didn’t have time to type.

Swaney FX: Only saw the double pike at the end, hit routine though.

Frazier VT: Good FTY, a little low on the landing.

3:01 pm. Rotation 2 Standings

1. Jordan Bowers 28.150
2. Tori Tatum 27.900
3. Skye Blakely 27.250
4. Leanne Wong 27.100
5. Sophia Butler 26.800
6. Sydney Morris 26.700
7. Gabbie Gallentine 26.550
8. Kayla DiCello 26.350

3:00 pm. KONNOR DIDN’T DO BEAM!!! She has 0.000’s on the results app so it looks like she scratched the rest of the meet? She def scratched beam.

2:58 pm. Jeffrey FX: Double arabian, some knee separation, a little low on the landing. That’s all I saw from her.

Fisher BB: I caught it from the punch front, a little low, side aerial, little bobble. Switch to switch half, low split on the latter. Double tuck low with a step back.

Bowers UB: Toe full to Maloney to Pak to van Leeuwen, a little bit of leg separation on the latter two, YAS blind 1.5 to Jeager!!!! Full-in with a step.

2:57 pm. Harris VT: Yurchenko 1.5 with a step, excellent.

Lee FX: Solid FTY.

2:55 pm. Lincoln FX: Omg I love her opening and her music. Double arabian, hop. Tucked full-in with a bounce back. Clean double tuck.

Hahn BB: Wolf turn, bhs loso with bent knees, switch leap to split leap to split jump, lovely, side aerial, side hop full turn, double full dismount. Mostly good work!

Tatum UB: Toe on to maloney to Pak, van Leeuwen, ankle sep, blind change to piked Jaeger, double layout pings off a little bit early but she has the power and rotation to get it around.

2:54 pm. DiCello BB: Triple full gets wild at the end and almost looks like she’s gonna fall but she holds on. Good jumps after that. Switch ring, bhs loso loso, knees bent throughout and she pops off. UGH. Front aerial to split jump, side split jump half. Low on the double tuck, buckled landing and a step.

Wong FX: Opened either with a double arabian or double front, either way it was absolutely perfect (I just caught it mid-first flip so didn’t see the entry). Great triple full. Double pike is lovely. 2.5 to finish.

Jung-Ruivivar UB: Inbar to toe half to piked Jaeger, kind of grabs one hand but misses the other one and has a hard fall onto her shoulder, looks to be in tears a bit. She’s okay though. Toe full to Pak, some leg sep, stalder with gorgeous form to a great van Leeuwen, high full-in, some leg sep in it, step back.

2:50 pm. Blakely VT: Lovely DTY with a little step back. Pretty solid distance too.

Butler UB: Great stalder full to Maloney to clear hip half to toe half to piked Jaeger, YAS, get those connections. Toe full to Pak, great!! Toe shoot, high, perf handstand before giants to a double layout stuck OH YASSSSS AND HER COACH IS DEAD he’s so happy.

2:46 pm. Chio VT: She bailed on her FTY like, mid-air at the American Classic and did a no-salto Yurchenko so hopefully she has better luck this time around. Here we go! BEAUTIFUL AND STUCK OH GOODNESS! Okay, that was the turnaround of the century.

Morris UB: Nice inbar to toe half to piked Jaeger, Pak, stalder to toe shoot, toe full to full-in, hit! Great work.

German BB: I saw her solid bhs loso, a nice side split jump half, front aerial, side aerial, SUUUUUUUPER high double tuck DAYUM. She can do like a triple layout off the end of that beam with that height! High chest and solid landing.

Johnson FX: Solid double layout! Great landing. Next two passes were also super solid. SUPER clean double tuck to finish! Her knees are GLUED.

Alipio VT: I missed this.

2:42 pm. Dean BB: full L turn, bhs loso loso a little under but pulls it through. Jump series to a back tuck. Side aerial that she desperately wants to connect to a split leap to switch half, but she’s a little slow. Side straddle half is a little low. Beautiful 2.5 with a little step forward. I LOVE HER.

Drayton UB: Toe half to kind of a wild straddle Jaeger, tries to grab but falls. Hands down on her full-in at the end. 😦

2:40 pm. Little UB: Stalder full, Chow to Pak, Maloney to bail (leg separation), toe shoot, misses her straddle Jaeger completely. 😦 Back on for the double layout, solid.

Finnegan FX: GORGEOUS double arabian, omg her legs are perfectly together. BEAUTIFUL and perfect 2.5 to front layout. Omg whip half to Rudi I think?? I couldn’t see part of it but I loved whatever happened. Finished her last pass with a front pike. She’s so lovely. E score should be a 9.999999999.

Hagle BB: I missed all of this.

2:37 pm. Neault UB: Toe full, Maloney to Pak, very clean! Everyone’s yelling COME ON BRENNA and I’m like WHERE, WHERE IS BRENNA?!?!?!! Different Brenna. Toe half to lovely straddle Jaeger. Stuck the double tuck. Very nice!

Frazier FX: Double tuck to start, good, 2.5, just a lunge forward. Solid double pike to finish. Good work!

Greaves BB: Lovely front aerial, split jump to straddle jump, solid bhs loso, punch front tuck, good landing, switch leap, side aerial, very clean, high double tuck with a step. Good comeback after bars.

2:32 pm. Saltness VT: Yurchenko 1.5, not bad! Just a little step forward.

Swaney BB: Nice side aerial. Full turn, great bhs loso loso, solid double pike dismount.

Birt UB: Nice first handstand before the inbar to toe half to big straddle Jaeger, Pak, legs apart, stalder to toe shoot, a great handstand before her toe full, big double layout with a bounce in place. SO much great stuff in there! She just gets a little rushed on some skills but she has a ton of great qualities.

Marcheli FX: I missed the beginning of this, solid double tuck and clean double full to finish.

2:28 pm. Pearl VT: HUGE NCAA FTY with just a tiny bounce in place. After seeing all of the tiny humans doing FTYs, there’s a CLEAR DIFFERENCE in the power when you see someone like Lauren doing hers.

Gallentine UB: Stalder full, Maloney to Pak, some ankle sep, van Leeuwen, a little archy on a handstand before her stalder half to straddle Jaeger but both look great. nearly stuck the full-twisting double layout! Great work.

Fatta BB: Front aerial, bhs loso, both great. Side aerial, a little shy on her side split jump half, hit the rest.

Lewis FX: Beautiful double arabian!! Her leaps are INSANE OMG her switch ring!!!! Double pike with a bounce. Hit her last pass. I can’t get over her leaps.

Siegfeldt VT: FTY, also gets some great power. Mostly clean with a solid landing too.

2:24 pm. Rosen VT: High FTY, jumps her feet together, seemed a little stunned by the landing.

Gantner UB: Missed her Tkachev by a mile, I think it was a Ray. Toe full to clean Pak but hit her feet on the mat which is impossible because she is one foot tall. Hit the rest, but tears in her eyes when she walks away.

Gravier BB: Wolf turn city at the beginning. Solid bhs loso and everything else after that seemed pretty strong. Switch to split jump is lovely. Double full with a little lunge back.

Goodman FX: Triple full, just a little shy but good! OMG I JUST ALMOST CRIED AT HER ENDING CHOREO, IT WAS SO BEAUTIFUL AND PERFECT, I missed a lot of this but OOF that ending made me emotional?!?!?!

Scanlon VT: I missed this. 😦

2:21 pm. Rotation 1 Standings

1. Tori Tatum 14.400
2. Kayla DiCello 14.300
3. Jordan Bowers 13.950
4. Lauren Little 13.900
5. Konnor McClain 13.800
6. Leanne Wong 13.700
7. Brenna Neault 13.500
8. Sophia Butler 13.450

2:17 pm. Blakely FX: Tucked full-in with a little step. Here for her big band music. Gorgeous double full, little bounce on the landing. Step out of her third pass. Double pike is super buckled to finish, couldn’t see if her knee went down.

Lauren Little only got a 13.9 on vault??? Which is lower than what Jordan Bowers got and…from my POV Lauren’s was at least half a point higher. Can’t wait to see the video.

2:16 pm. Wong BB: Caught it from the bhs loso loso, beautiful, full L turn to full pirouette, so much control, bhs missed connection to straddle jump full but what a series that’ll be if she can get it! Side aerial, little wobble on the side somi, front aerial to split jump, hit the dismount, triple full a little underrotated. Excellent.

Alipio FX: I missed most of this but she hit all of the passes I saw out of the corner of my eye. Finished with a nice 2.5.

Hahn UB: Saw from a kind of shaposh (maybe Chow? I didn’t see the entry) to Pak, Maloney to stalder half, Tkachev between the bars, ankles apart on a blind change to front giant half, double pike a little low but stuck.

2:11 pm. Chio FX: Double pike to start was good, and then hit her second pass. Finished with a great double full.

Johnson BB: She had the weirdest landing ever on her first skill and caught the beam before falling which was awesome. I think she came off on her back tuck after that, and then almost came off on her bhs loso. Hop on the double tuck.

DiCello UB: Beautiful toe full to Maloney to Pak, YAS. PERFECT van Leeuwen, OMG. Clear hip to blind change to piked Jaeger, she OWNS these bars. Stalder half, right on the bar, stuck full-in. MY GOODNESS MY GOODNESS MY GOODNESS. Like she’s not this amazing bars worker who will be a specialist on this event, but she just happens to be VERY VERY GOOD AND TEXTBOOK PERFECTION ON BARS.

2:10 pm. German UB: Stalder to stalder full right on the bar, great amplitude on her van Leeuwen, almost a little TOO high, toe on to stalder half to front giant to piked Jaeger, bent her knees a tad, bail to toe shoot, also a little higher than it needed to be, double layout rotates excellently and she has a solid landing.

Jung-Ruivivar VT: Very clean and straight FTY, solid landing!

2:07 pm. Morris VT: Hit her FTY well!

Saltness FX: Tucked full-in, good. Hit her second pass. The rest was good as well.

Dean UB: Good piked Jaeger, HUGE Tkachev. Toe full to Pak, van Leeuwen is nice. Double pike, rotation is pretty slow but she gets it around.

Butler VT: Clean FTY with a hop.

Finnegan BB: I caught it from the switch ring, just a little flex in her foot, bhs loso loso is solid! Did something into a bhs after that but Laurent was blocking me. #LAURENT stop spraying the bars. The rest looked good from what I could see, and she had a big hop back on her dismount, a double full.

2:04 pm. Little VT: Easy DTY for her. Very nice, and a solid landing!

Hagle UB: Stalder to Tkachev was fine but then she came off on her transition to the low bar, probably a Pak but I missed it. Low-ish double layout to finish, bends her kneeds to get the landing, step forward.

Frazier BB: Switch to switch half, a little low on the latter, one of her acro skills had a hip break, but her side split jump half is one of the better ones. Switch ring, flexed back foot, looked like she either fell or put her hands down on something after that, the camera pole thing ws blocking me. Double tuck with a little hop.

Siegfeldt FX: Tucked full-in, some leg separation…her double pike was really nice, and she hit her last pass.

Drayton VT: FTY, hit.

2:01 pm. Touch warmup for the second half of the rotation! The highest non-vault score was Konnor McClain’s 13.8 on bars.

1:57 pm. Pearl FX: Watching her on beam is literally like watching Aly, it’s SO bizarre. Huge double arabian with a step forward. 1.5 to front full with a step. Double tuck had a step and the double pike was pretty much fine.

Greaves UB: Lovely cast before her piked Jaeger, then a Church, also great. Ricna to Pak is perfect. Toe on to van Leeuwen, just a little ankle crossing, blind full UGH arches over and she basically does an accidental 1.5. UGH. Full-in ends up being super low and she puts her knee down. That’s a shame, GOD she is so beautiful and this is unfair. Her face is like utter devastation.

1:55 pm. Scanlon FX: Double layout, nice!! Just a little short. Double tuck is a little short and she bounces forward but holds on. Gets the double pike with no problems. Bounce on the front full to finish.

Swaney UB: Big Tkachev that she misses and lands on her feet. Back on for a blind full, Pak with leg separation, lovely landing on her double layout dismount.

Marcheli BB: Wolf turn, front aerial, big wobble but fights through, solid bhs loso landed almost on her tiptoes, switch leap, wobble into a split leap, great side aerial to split jump to back tuck!!! Awesome series. Double full with a bounce. Good for her!

1:54 pm. Lewis BB: Solid bhs loso, switch leap to split ring jump, side aerial, just a few little adjustments here and there and then a big prep before her dismount, but she goes for a high double tuck with just a bounce. Good work!

1:51 pm. Goodman BB: I’m so far away from beam I legit didn’t even know she had started her routine and only caught it from the double full dismount, which was tidy and solid.

Rosen FX: Full-in, chest a little low with a lunge and bounce back. Front tuck through to double full is excellent! Double pike, good, just a little bounce. Nailed her last pass. Fantastic!

Fatta UB: Toe full to Pak, legs slightly apart, stalder to toe shoot, piked Jaeger with a little bit of leg separation, full-twisting double layout dismount, excellent landing.

1:50 pm. Gravier UB: Piked Jaeger, clean Pak, stalder to Ray, really GORGEOUS form on everything. Toe on to blind full RIGHT on the bar, super high stuck full-in GOODNESS that was LOVELY.

Neault VT: FTY, some little form things to work on but hit.

1:47 pm. Fisher UB: Blind change to a piked jaeger, almost catches but falls. Hit everything else I saw, including a lovely stalder to stuck double tuck dismount.

Jeffrey BB: Good jump series into her back tuck. Hit the rest, nice double full dismount.

Lee FX: Ugh I missed the beginning of her opening pass…a full-out I think, tucked. Then only does a layout second pass. I think her third was a 1.5 to front full, really clean. Finishes with a double tuck, clean and almost stuck. Interesting about the second pass, wonder if it was planned or balked?

Gallentine VT: Lovely stuck FTY! Chest just a little down.

Birt VT: FTY, a little piked and whippy, but she gets it around!

1:46 pm. Gantner VT: FTY, clean with a little hop back.

1:44 pm. Tatum VT: DTY, nice power, some little form things, not as clean as it was at Pan Ams, little hop back. 14.4

McClain UB: Beautiful first handstand, toe on to inbar half to piked Jaeger, great. Good Pak, little stumble on the full-in.

Lincoln BB: Had a wobble on her flight series but everything else has been good. UGH, then she sat her double pike.

Harris FX: Lovely illusion turn to open. She’s the closest thing we have to the Wevers twins in the U.S. tbh. Hit her first pass with some form issues and then a 1.5 to front full. Also hit her third pass and then a double tuck to finish I believe.

Bowers VT: DTY, mostly lovely in the air but didn’t get the height/distance she usually does and she has to REALLY pike it down at the end to land it. 13.95

1:36 pm. Touch warm-ups for the first rotation are starting now.


1:32 pm. Gymnasts are marching out now. Shortly before the meet, Ui Soma scratched which is a bummer, but she already has her nationals score so not a huge drama.

1:28 pm. We’re two minutes away from the meet starting!

For a quick preview, the biggest names to watch in the junior session are Jordan Bowers and Kayla DiCello, who came pretty much out of nowhere this year to start dominating at this level both at home and internationally. Sunisa Lee is coming back from injury with huge skills everywhere, Olivia Greaves is a first-year elite with the potential to medal, and I’m also pretty obsessed with Konnor McClain, Levi Jung-Ruivivar, Kaliya Lincoln, Sydney Morris, and Kailin Chio. But this is such a strong group overall, and while not everyone is going to come out with sky-high difficulty, there are plenty of really strong talents here making their debuts who will I’m sure be stunners in the future!


36 thoughts on “2018 U.S. Classic Live Blog | The Juniors

  1. Delaney fel on UB?! Baby noo! She could’ve medaled with that difficulty. Was gonna complain that the stream didn’t show her but I guess that’s why.. damn.


    • You’d have thought they’d have put in composition deductions for that nonsense by this point, wouldn’t you? I mean, they have deductions for multiple Shushunova-style jumps, but who cares about the kind of skills people are actually doing?


  2. Sydney Morris currently in 6th at the halfway point, look at her at the Hopes Championships last year and tell me that’s not the gymnastics glow up of the century. Major cred to First State.


  3. Graviers music is um… experimental? I couldn’t mute it but I also didn’t want to hear any more of it!!! What do you guys think?


  4. So exciting that more girls qualified today, they really took that second chance. The juniors came to play and the future is bright, that’s for sure!


  5. It stinks that you missed Hannah’s beam – she brought the standing full and it was literal heaven on earth.


    • UGHHHHHHH I’m so mad!!! I was so blocked for almost everything on beam, it was so annoying. I’m right in front of bars so whenever a coach stands up there I can’t see beam at all.


      • Darn! By the way USAG youtube posted videos of individual routines so you can watch it there (if you haven’t already) but I’m sorry you had bad seats live.

        Liked by 1 person

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  7. Have we heard how Levi is doing? She looked like she was in a lot of pain when she left FX. I hope it wasn’t anything major.


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