Around the Gymternet: Hallelujah


“Valentina keeps saying nice things and I’m worried about her.” –Luba, after Valentina Rodionenko heaped praise on the Russian dudes. Update: Rest easy, Luba.

It’s raining men

Tell me about Europe. That’s what I’m here for. Russia took the senior and junior men’s team titles at the European Championships, with both of Great Britain’s teams taking silver and France’s seniors having a good day to snag third.

At event finals, Ireland’s beloved son Rhys McClenaghan took his country’s first Euros medal, winning pommels in lime green pants; Russia’s Artur Dalaloyan got gold on parallel bars and vault and a bronze on floor; Great Britain’s Dominick Cunningham won floor; Switzerland’s Oliver Hegi took the high bar title; and Eleftherios Petrounias of Greece won rings.

OK, but what really happened? Well, since you asked. Italy notably came in last as a team with this balked vault. The Netherlands surprisingly failed to qualify, but Epke Zonderland impressed with big D energy on his silver-medal-winning high bar routine. Finally, with no dance elements in any men’s routine, they have no choice but to express themselves through hair.

Anything else? Anyone ever tell you you’re very demanding? Lots have been drawn for worlds, and here are your athletes for the Asian Games.

Some news

Nassar appeals in Eaton. Larry Nassar filed an appeal to his Eaton County, Michigan sentence on Monday. He has now appealed all three of his sentences.

We have a new campsite. The U.S. national team will have camps at Evo, Aimee Boorman’s gym, for the time being.

Orgs will be orgs. USA Gymnastics released this blank sheet of paper before this year’s National Congress. Meanwhile, the FIG’s ethics foundation is on its way.

Required reading. The Worst Story I Never Wrote (Shondaland).

NCAA corner

How it’s done. Norah Flatley’s at UCLA and looking heavenly with her switch leap and sheep jump.

Katelyn spoke. Stop what you’re doing and watch Katelyn Ohashi talk about body issues, her injury, and finding happiness at UCLA. Speaking of UCLA, Miss Val wrote a book, which will come out in October.

Star status

Comebacks. Eddie Penev is off crutches, and Elena Eremina’s back is better.

Injuries. Marvin Kimble pulled a hamstring, and word on the street is that Larisa Iordache’s second surgery didn’t take.

Staying social

Baby got back. Introducing Shawn Johnson, photoshop expert.

Horton came with receipts. He used to do a very pretty laid out Tkatchev, and has the video to prove it.

Lilo made a friend. Simone Biles’ dog hilariously ate a rat.

A gymnerd wuz here. While it’s the ‘Net’s official policy not to vandalize, I’m on board with gymnerds tagging their favorite skills on concrete barriers #pikedfullin.


I think it’s good and necessary for men and women to have different events, but I don’t think it’s fair that men have more medal opportunities than women. Thoughts?

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26 thoughts on “Around the Gymternet: Hallelujah

  1. Interesting lineup for the Asian Games! Japan is sending its B team, while China is sending its A team. Also curious if we’ll get to see Yeo Seo-jeong compete the front handspring double full!


  2. ‘Big D energy’ LMFAO

    I would kinda love for women to have more apparatuses, but I’d have no idea what they would consist of. I would also (unrealistically) love to see men compete on beam, just for the laughs though.


    • If women added horizontal bar, I wonder if the top uneven bar workers would dominate, or is the skill set different enough that it would give a different group of gymnasts could do well there?


      • Right now, the uneven Bars are more about pace and timing, since you have to transition from bar to bar, giving a slight disadvantage to powerful gymnasts. If they went to the high bar, It would be more about power, you have to build up a ton of swing in order to be able to connect element after element to build up difficulty.


  3. I would pay actual limbs to see the FIG bring back the old-style uneven bars a la Ma Yanhong and Elena Mukhina to modern competition as a fifth event for women. Hey, the dudes have parallel bars and high bar! No idea what #6 could be, though.


  4. Is Elena Eremina’s Twitter actually her? I remember there was this thing after Rio where someone made fake twitter accounts for all the Russian team members pretending to be them, and then the team had to confirm that they didn’t have accounts on Twitter.


  5. I think the women’s apparatus are fine as it is. The four events balance each other out well, with two distinct power events and two more “technical” events. If they add an event that the men have it would disrupt the balance and tilt the advantage to one type of gymnast over another since all of the men’s events favor power.


  6. I mainly really wish womens floor was like men’s floor – without music and random dance moves. It never used to bother me (quite the opposite!) until I started watching MAG. Then it hit me that the music isn’t required because it’s “artistic” gymnastic – the artistry comes from the beauty of the gymnastics itself. So now it really irks me that the women have to appeal to the audience and judges through dance moves (I don’t mean dance elements, but the dancing to music) when the men can just impress with their actual gymnastics.


  7. The link on the FIG’s website to the complete list of the draw is not working. It just takes me back to the main news page. Anyone have a link to the actual draw?


  8. Do you think any portion of these national team camps will be open to the public? I just happen to live down the street from Evo. It would be awesome to be able to go watch.

    And, I’m so excited to see Norah looking healthy and happy! I wish her all good things at UCLA. I can’t wait to see her compete again😁


  9. I think the women need two arm events to balance things out. I would love it if they included paralleled bars and instead of having still rings they instead reintroduced the flying rings as a women’s event (only have it done on the still rings apparatus so you do not need another piece of equipment).

    I really do not want the women to do pommels because one nail biter event per AA final is more than enough. I also don’t think still rings would be a good fit for female gymnasts, but if you remove the stillness requirement you could do some very exciting things.


    • Yes! This is basically what I’d want to see, except I’d lobby for the p bars to be different height like they were back in ye olden dayes (and NO GIANTS ALLOWED on them! I just really don’t like the look of giants on the old set.) Regular p bars probably makes more sense though, but hey, this is all fantasy hypothetical, right!

      I also think this setup does a good job of addressing Zyxcba’s concern above.


  10. 5 events for men and women

    Women – Vault, Uneven Bars, Beam, Floor and High Bar
    Men – Vault, P Bars, BEAM, Floor, High Bar

    No one men or women should have to compete pommels and rings (or us have to watch!)


  11. How is it that the US and Russia always get the good spots in the ””’draw””” but Asian countries like China and Japan always gets the bad spots? I’ve never seen the US in one of the first lots ever.


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