Around the Gymternet: I just took a shit in the middle of the street


“Somehow MLT is basically the Anthony Scaramucci of USAG.” -AR Fedorova on Mary Lee Tracy’s short tenure, which, fun fact, lasted for about the lifespan of the marine microorganism the gastrotrich (adjusts taped glasses)

The dumbest shit

USAG hired MLT. USA Gymnastics named Mary Lee Tracy their elite development coordinator on Tuesday.

Reminder: MLT has faced backlash for defending Larry Nassar in 2016 after 50 survivors had come forward and for questioning Aly Raisman’s account of conditions at the Ranch, and has faced accusations from former gymnasts like Alyssa Beckerman and Dominique Moceanu of unhealthy coaching methods.

Survivors reacted. Aly Raisman was not happy about the appointment, and neither were Sarah Klein or Rachael Denhollander, who called the appointment a “slap in the face.” Survivor Chelsea Kroll Williams called it “maddening.”

MLT reacted back. MLT responded on Facebook, saying “I was fooled [by Nassar] too!” and new women’s team coordinator Tom Forster defended her. She then said on Thursday that she might resign due to alleged cyberbullying and threatening emails.

Rachael Denhollander took issue with MLT complaining about bullying, along with Jennifer Sey.

MLT tried to apologize. In a truly bizarre turn of events (WHY is this transpiring on Facebook like 2007 prom drama), MLT said on Friday that USAG CEO Kerry Perry told her to either resign or be fired after she tried to contact “Ali” to apologize.

An hour later, MLT said she told USAG that she was not resigning and that she would be seeking counsel, but later said she wasn’t seeking counsel.

USAG fired MLT. USAG released a statement saying MLT was being asked to resign because she “inappropriately” contacted a survivor and plaintiff in a suit against USAG.

Strangely, Mama Lynn Raisman said that to her knowledge Aly was never contacted.

There’s no confidence in Kerry Perry. Meanwhile, new U.S. Olympic Committee CEO Sarah Hirshland made her first public statement on Friday, calling for “adjustments in leadership” at USAG.

The United States Athletic Club Owners Association and The United States Elite Coaches Association are also over it, releasing a vote of no confidence for Kerry Perry.


Other dumb shit

Klages was arraigned. Former Michigan State University gymnastics coach Kathie Klages turned herself in to authorities on Thursday. She was arraigned on charges of lying to police about when she knew about Larry Nassar’s abuse.

She denied knowing about the abuse before 2016, but Larissa Boyce and one other survivor say they informed her in 1997. Survivor Lindsey Lemke waited outside the courthouse for Klages to turn herself in. Meanwhile, Klages was (finally) added to Safe Sport’s Permanently Ineligible Members list.

The NCAA cleared MSU. In another installment of our ongoing series, “Wut,” the NCAA found no violations in its investigation of abuse at MSU.

Nassar’s appeal was denied. Judge Aquilina denied Larry Nassar’s request for a new sentencing in Ingham County, Michigan on Monday, saying “This is not Burger King. He will not have it his way.” He has also been moved to a federal prison in Florida.

  • Everest Gymnastics head coach Qi Han denied allegations of abuse on Wednesday.
  • Japan’s Sae Miyakawa is upset about how her coach’s dismissal was handled, and might withdraw from worlds. Her coach has been accused of hitting her and pulling her hair.
  • The University of Illinois at Chicago announced on Friday that the 2018-19 gymnastics season will be its last. Here’s what you can do to help.

Required reading

  • The Future of Men’s Gymnastics Is Not Well-Balanced (The New York Times). Psst: Mark Williams has an opinion on this one…as do I.
  • AP sports writer Will Graves asks, what does it mean to burn it down?
  • The NCAA isn’t punishing Michigan State, but *actual* authorities should (SB Nation).

Star status

Comebacks. Ashton Locklear is back in the saddle again, and so is Amy Tinkler. Congratulations, ladies!

Upgrades. Sunisa Lee has bars upgrades, Sydney Barros is training an Amanar, and Becky Downie continues to impress with her badass bar routine.

Injuries. Italy’s Giada Grisetti is out with an elbow injury, as is Toni-Ann Williams with an arm injury.

Retirements. Lizzy Leduc retired, and Polina Shchennikova retired, too.

Staying social

Making new friends this year? France hung out with the ladies of WCC.

Wanna kill 10 seconds? This boomerang catch seems dangerous and unnecessary, and I’m here for it.

Need a change in perspective? China’s tumbling world champion will compete as an artistic gymnast.

Ready for fall? Here’s what we know so far about NCAA’s rosters, thanks, of course, to Spencer.

Need a breath of fresh air? Aly and mama Raisman were on Gymcastic.

Because you asked…

Was Shawn better than Simone on beam? Why are the national teams so small this year? This week on You Asked.

Last words

And I’m spent.

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13 thoughts on “Around the Gymternet: I just took a shit in the middle of the street

  1. Is there any speculation, like informed speculation, about USAG getting decertified yet? I mean, what the hell is left at this point, and should the USOC take care of that BEFORE it affects the rest of this quad?


  2. As for the unbalance between audiences for MAG & WAG in the U. S.,
    it’s a no-brainer: (1) people love a winner, (2) the great unwashed
    are drawn by scandal, and (3, mainly) little girls, who make up
    3/4 of the live audience for WAG, simply have no counterpart among
    little boys, who’d rather be out playing soccer or sandlot softball.
    When you count noses in the audience, notice especially whose
    noses you’re counting. … the Court Jester


  3. The fact that there isn’t an organization to deal with issues like the abuse at MSU among collegiate organizations is shameful. Maybe the NCAA should stick to amateurism violations, but then another organization needs to be built.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Honestly, we know now that the NCAA no longer values an athletes soul so long as they institute isn’t giving money to the said athlete in question (See the Louisville Basketball-Rick Pitino scandal) while he or she currently is or will compete for them.


  4. Perry just resigned. wonder who will be next…… what a mess. If this whole thing doesn’t resolve soon, there will def be big impact on the gymnasts.


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