2018 German Worlds Trials Results

The 2018 German Worlds Trials were held on September 15 in Stuttgart, Germany.

All-Around Results

Rank Athlete Club VT UB BB FX AA
1 Kim Bui Stuttgart 13.366 14.300 12.200 13.133 52.999
2 Carina Kröll Berkheim 13.000 12.533 12.866 12.900 51.299
3 Sarah Voss Köln 14.233 12.566 11.766 12.600 51.165
4 Leah Griesser Neureut 12.966 11.866 12.566 12.166 49.564
5 Elisabeth Seitz Stuttgart 13.466 13.066 10.133 12.666 49.331
6 Isabelle Stingl Rintheim 12.633 11.333 11.866 11.600 47.432
7 Pauline Schäfer Chemnitz-Altendorf —— 13.466 12.966 12.033 38.465
8 Michelle Timm Berlin —— 13.133 —— —— 13.133
9 Lisa-Katharina Hill Stuttgart —— 12.733 —— —— 12.733
10 Emma Höfele Neureut —— 12.500 —— —— 12.500
11 Kim Ruoff Neckarhausen —— 11.133 —— —— 11.133


19 thoughts on “2018 German Worlds Trials Results

  1. Have they announced the World Team? I would take the top 5 AA, and Schaeffer. But that beam lineup is … not great/a real liability. Seitz should add a great bar score by the time Worlds starts, but she’s not very good on beam. I think Alt would have shored up Germany’s beam rotation, but she’ sadly out of commission.


    • Teams are only five people this year. They still have nationals before they announce the team. It will likely be Bui, Seitz, Schäfer, Griesser, and Voss, but Timm is probably also being considered since Voss and Griesser both fudged Euros. She has a minor injury right now so only did bars here but they could use her on beam and floor if she outscores Griesser at nationals. I’d also consider Kröll for that spot based on today, but Kröll has been otherwise inconsistent this year so they’d probably want her to prove more of what she can do on those two events.


        • In that case she’s on the team probably over Griesser (or whoever gets that spot)…she can add more on bars than anyone else can add on beam/floor combined.


        • Scheder, Seitz, Bui have been one of the best 3/3 UB lineups in the world for almost 10 years. UB is an amazing rotation for Germany. Then they give back the points gained on UB when they go on BB. The German WAG team is always Seitz, Schafer, Scheder, Bui + some young AA’er (who gets switched around because of injury). Alt is still the best young AA’er option when she’s healthy. She was pretty good on beam.

          If Scheder is back to Rio-level bars, then I think the 5 member team will be: 4S + B, and then ??? (Griesser/Kroll/Timm)


  2. I was keenly anticipating Griesser’s floor routine, and my expectations were fulfilled! She might not have the difficulty, but I LOVE her choreo, it’s so beautiful.


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