2018 Romanian Championships Results

The 2018 Romanian Championships were held from October 12 through October 14 in Ploiesti, Romania.

All-Around Results

Rank Athlete Club VT UB BB FX AA
1 Silviana Sfiringu Constanta 13.750 12.950 13.950 12.950 53.600
2 Ioana Stanciulescu Constanta 13.050 13.200 13.200 13.850 53.300
3 Nica Ivanus Cetate Deva 13.200 12.050 13.550 13.250 52.050
4 Daniela Trica Barlad 13.100 11.550 13.700 13.500 51.850
5 Ioana Crisan Cetate Deva 12.650 13.100 12.450 13.250 51.450
6 Maria Holbura Constanta 12.600 12.950 12.450 13.050 51.050
7 Laura Iacob Onesti 12.950 11.500 13.250 13.200 50.900
8 Antonia Duta Dinamo 13.000 11.200 12.900 13.650 50.750
9 Carmen Ghiciuc Cetate Deva 12.300 12.700 13.000 12.600 50.600
10 Andreea Ciurusniuc Steaua 12.250 12.800 12.350 12.600 50.000
11 Lisa Marchidanu Steaua 12.700 11.050 12.550 12.600 48.900
12 Maria Pana Dinamo 11.450 11.000 12.950 13.450 48.850
13 Valentina Borca Cetate Deva 12.050 11.800 12.250 12.050 48.150
14 Anastassia Pascu Onesti 12.650 11.500 11.300 11.650 47.100
15 Agathe Germann Onesti 11.500 9.900 10.050 11.950 43.400
16 Alina Craciun Focsani 11.650 9.900 9.400 10.550 41.500
17 Loredana Constantin Focsani 12.100 7.600 9.200 11.300 40.200
18 Iohana Pasere Focsani 11.800 8.200 9.050 10.750 39.800

Guest All-Around Results

Rank Athlete Nation VT UB BB FX AA
1 Julie Erichsen Norway 13.150 12.300 12.350 12.350 50.150
2 Julie Søderstrøm Norway 12.150 11.400 12.350 12.400 48.300
3 Juliane Tøssebro Norway 11.650 10.850 12.450 12.450 47.400
4 Sara Davidsen Norway 12.150 10.850 11.200 11.750 45.950

Vault Final Results

Rank Athlete Club D E ND Total Average
1 Silviana Sfiringu Constanta 5.4 8.500 13.900 13.133
4.0 8.366 12.366
2 Ioana Crisan Cetate Deva 4.6 8.600 13.200 13.033
4.2 8.666 12.866
3 Lisa Marchidanu Steaua 4.6 8.500 13.100 12.900
4.2 8.500 12.700
4 Daniela Trica Barlad 4.6 8.333 12.933 12.733
4.0 8.533 12.533
5 Antonia Duta Dinamo 4.6 8.500 13.100 12.650
4.0 8.200 12.200
6 Anastassia Pascu Onesti 4.0 8.066 -0.1 11.966 12.133
4.0 8.300 12.300

Bars Final Results

Rank Athlete Club D E ND Total
1 Andreea Ciurusniuc Steaua 4.3 8.266 12.566
2 Maria Holbura Constanta 4.7 7.866 12.566
3 Silviana Sfiringu Constanta 4.6 7.633 12.233
4 Carmen Ghiciuc Cetate Deva 4.6 7.166 11.766
5 Valentina Borca Cetate Deva 4.2 7.533 11.733
6 Ioana Crisan Cetate Deva 5.1 6.466 11.566
7 Daniela Trica Barlad 3.6 6.700 10.300
8 Nica Ivanus Cetate Deva 4.2 5.733 9.933
Laura Iacob Onesti 4.4 7.700 12.100

Beams Final Results

Rank Athlete Club D E ND Total
1 Daniela Trica Barlad 5.4 8.066 13.466
2 Laura Iacob Onesti 5.2 8.066 13.266
3 Carmen Ghiciuc Cetate Deva 5.1 8.033 13.133
4 Lisa Marchidanu Steaua 5.3 7.633 12.933
5 Nica Ivanus Cetate Deva 5.0 7.500 12.500
6 Silviana Sfiringu Constanta 5.6 6.733 12.333
7 Maria Pana Dinamo 5.1 7.233 12.333
8 Antonia Duta Dinamo 4.8 6.866 11.666
Ioana Crisan Cetate Deva 5.8 7.733 13.533

Floor Final Results

Rank Athlete Club D E ND Total
1 Silviana Sfiringu Constanta 5.1 8.600 13.700
2 Antonia Duta Dinamo 4.9 8.500 13.400
3 Maria Holbura Constanta 5.0 8.266 13.266
4 Ioana Crisan Cetate Deva 5.1 8.100 13.200
5 Nica Ivanus Cetate Deva 4.8 8.333 13.133
6 Daniela Trica Barlad 5.0 8.166 -0.1 13.066
7 Laura Iacob Onesti 4.7 8.200 12.900
8 Maria Pana Dinamo 4.7 7.766 12.466


35 thoughts on “2018 Romanian Championships Results

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      • This is a really rude response. They didn’t demand to and they asked politely. Why do you feel the need to act like this towards some people?


        • It’s HELLA ANNOYING to get comments like this asking for things you KNOW I’m going to put up. Like, obviously I’m going to put up the EF results but they just happened and I’m not a magician. If you worked on something like 300 hours a day and had people commenting nonstop asking where something is or why you haven’t done something yet, you’d be annoyed too. Between YOGs, Romania, the friendly meet yesterday, and starting worlds previews, I spent 13 hours working on gymnastics in a single day. YOU work 13 hours on something and then wake up the next morning not to see “Thanks!!” but instead to see people being like “WHERE IS ____?”


      • You were a bit rude :/ and that makes me kinda sad because my request did not come from a bad place. I am hurt by your answer because I just wanted you provide me (as always) the results in 1st hand… Since it’s such a problem to you I will stop asking
        Also, i just wanna say that I did not said “WHERE IS ____?”, i wrote “please update”, not now, not today, not in a year
        I understand that everyone has bad days but people asking you those kind of thing its a good thing and you should not attack them, it’s the second time I saw this kind or reaction… People want your opinion… just that 😦 be humble
        Hope you urderstand that… Its a sign of trust, not disrespect
        As for me, I am surprised and sad by your reaction, and will not post never again.
        Thank you for job
        And Sorry.


        • I apologize, and didn’t mean to be rude, but I get a lot of comments here and on twitter asking for things, which gets incredibly frustrating and when it all builds up or if I get a lot of similar comments at once especially after spending literally hours working my butt off to get as much info as I possibly can on this site, I react out of frustration. It’s not you personally, I don’t even know you, but it’s the bulk of people who ask for things on a daily basis without ever considering that I’m a person who works hard on this site but also has a life outside of it which seems to annoy people when I don’t post something immediately.

          I wasn’t even necessarily mad or frustrated with your comment, I was more just finding it funny that someone expected me to have results up instantly as if I’m a machine. I honestly didn’t think my reply was rude, I was just saying like…chill, I’ll get them up eventually. But as always with the internet, you don’t see my face or hear my voice when I’m saying this, so it probably comes across more angry than I meant it. I didn’t mean it to be personally attacking you and I wasn’t angry at you, just like I saw your comment as yet another person asking for something and to me it came off as demanding even though going back I can see that you were probably just reminding me to get them up.


  2. I would still behave professionally. Its ok to be annoyed obviously. But you shouldn’t be mean and snarky to a well meaning poster in public just because you are stressed out. Ignore it and complain to your friends. Thanks for all that you do.


  3. I really don’t know how/why this escalated. I don’t interpret ‘morito’s original post was demanding it any immediacy rather than a mere reminder, and I also don’t think Lauren’s response is anything ‘rude’ or ‘unprofessional’ at all. Lauren is not running a FIG official scores website, she just blogs about gymnastics (and she is the most-followed blogger of course). It is very nice of her to interact with readers in the comment section and it’s definitely nothing wrong for her to show her emotions and complaints in the comment section – because it means that she treats us as friends rather than pure followers.

    Liked by 1 person

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  5. Oh my goodness. Everyone other than Lauren, PLEASE take a Xanax. Obviously she posts every single gymnastics score EVER, so calm down. Also, if you really want to find scores immediately, LOOK. THEM. UP. YOURSELVES.

    Liked by 2 people

    • LOL. Thank you. I’m like damn I posted results from like, Chilean selection camps, of course I’m going to get to these eventually, everyone sit back and relax and just wait it out.


    • I still think they are good enough to be top 24 (even if they send just 5 gymnasts and no alt – which seems the situation today) . But even so to talk about Olympic champions from 14 years ago as a top 24 team is mind-boggling.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Im pretty sure it was just a muscle cramp so my team would be based off of AA+EF
        Denisa Golgota
        Maria Holbura
        Ioana Crisan
        Carmen Ghiciuc
        Laura Iacob

        traveling alternate: pack of bottled water for Denisa’s cramps

        Non traveling alternate: Nica Ivanus


        • Are you leaving the new senior Romanian champion Nica Ivanus on the bench? Haha actually who’s the reserve doesn’t matter at all because they are all so inconsistent…


        • Hahaha Stefy – loved this comment – a bottle of water for Denisa 😂😂😂. Made my morning.

          I am in so much doubt/worry about making the top 24.
          Denisa will hit (if she is healthy). She’s super confident and she mentioned she plans a new second vault which she will show at Worlds.
          As for the rest…I’d honestly take Sfiringu (even though they can’t cause she is a junior argh). I dunno what’s the situation with Holbura but she’s hitting her routines – for now. I think this will change in comps though.
          Ioana is back and has good D scores on floor and beam but she’s inconsistent.
          Ana Maria Ocolisan also withdrew so we are at that point again, where our main hope is Golgota. As for the rest, I personally don’t think they will be able to hit. Not after what I have seen on Day 2 at the nationals.


        • Gym_newbie
          I feel like leaving her is nescessary because they NEED to have 4 similar bars routines so that they can get at least two hits. If she went and someone got injured with no time for a replacement, if she were to have to count towards their 3 bars scores that would be TERRIBLE. I think that Holbura and Ghiciuc should go over her as they can get into the mid 12s on UB. and obviously Iacob for consistency on beam. If everyone is healthy I think that Crisan, Golgota, Iacob are locks, then Ivanus, Ghiciuc and Holbura should fight for the remaining 2 spots


        • I think since the qualification competition format is 5-4-3, Nica won’t be doing bars no matter who else is chosen. In terms of other events, her FTY is the best among others, while both Ghiciuc and Holbura have shaky and inconsistent FTY. Only Iacob and Golgota have consistent beam, the others hit or miss a lot. If hit, Nica is capable of a higher score. Ghiciuc is clearly behind the others on FX. In my opinion the reserve should be between Ghiciuc and Holbura. Crisan is the reserve on the temporary roster but she’s quite good during the nationals, so her spot should be safe now.


        • I think that Denisa is the only lock. I also think that Crisan and Ghiciuc are pretty valuable for their bars and beam (they have the second+third highest potential scores when they hit). Iacob and Ivanus can fill out the floor lineup, with Ghiciuc being weak there and Crisan no longer competing it. I´d put Holbura as the alternate, she doesn’t scream her necessity anywhere, sadly.
          VT: *anyone really*, Crisan, Golgota
          UB: Ghiciuc, Crisan, Golgota Alt: Iacob
          BB: Ghiciuc, Crisan?/Anyone, Golgota
          FX: Iacob, Ivanus, Golgota default Alt: Ghiciuc
          With Denisa, they’re pretty safe, but without her, things get dicey.
          If they fail to qualify I´ll be rage-blogging all damn night haha.


  6. Lauren,
    Just wanted to say thank you!
    You work SOOOO freaking hard for us and I´m sorry we´re not always appreciative of you/it.
    You post about literally every single meet in existence, and on top of that, you interact with us in the comments (which is more than most can say), which makes me happy. I´m getting to talk with the best gymnastics blogger in the world!
    You´re a superhuman! You balance a job, a super successful blog, and a personal life, all while doing a great job!
    Thanks again, you inspire me!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, I really appreciate it!! I don’t require thank yous from everyone every day for everything I do, so I don’t want to come off as being like WHERE IS MY PRAISE lol and I never think about that until I get a bunch of demanding tweets and messages all in a row and I’m just like damn I spend hours doing this all as like a free service and all I get is demands for more. I LOVE doing what I do, and would do it even if no one read it, but yeah, those moments of feeling like I’ve done a million things only to have people being like “where’s this?” always make me super annoyed lol. But thank you, I really appreciate it!

      Liked by 1 person

    • Ditto what Matt said. And u also work ? I mean, like at a job other than this? Dude, u r superhuman. It’s a shame people cant understand tone when reading online. I never seem to have a problem doing so. Anyway, evidently not everyone on here is an old fogey like me. If they were, they’d be as thankful as Matt. (And me). I come from a time where youtube didnt exist. My only gymnastics info came on wide world of sports on a sat afternoon for 30 minutes when 1 rotation or highlights of a major meet were shown. No cable. Oh….and 1 tv, so if something like boxing or baseball was on???? Yeah, id be s.o.l. an older brotherand a dad and 1 tv (blk amd white til like 1989). It amazes me the amount of info u pump out. If the internet and gymternet existed in the 80s??? Holy cow, i wouldve never made it out of the house. I wouldve been glued to this rather than watching “Gymnastics Fun with Bela Karolyi” over and over and over. So thanks again, Lauren.

      Liked by 1 person

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  8. You are amazing at posting results, even from competitions I didn’t even know were happening. I appreciate all your hard work. I know how much it takes to do this voluntary stuff, even if you love it.

    Liked by 1 person

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