Around the Gymternet: I threw up on your bed


“Anyone know of a Black Friday deal on my rent?” -Ruby Harrold could use a break in the finance department. If anyone has any leads on this, please do spread the love.

The wheels on the Cottbus go…

The 2018 Cottbus Apparatus World Cup—the first in an eight-part series that will qualify 10 athletes to the 2020 Olympics—happened.

Brazil’s ladies cleaned up at the comp, with Rebeca Andrade winning vault (with a beautiful flared DTY), the beam title, and bars silver; and Flavia Saraiva taking the floor title (with Jade Barbosa in second) and beam silver. Nina Derwael took what’s hers on bars, and our very own Jade Carey took second on vault and came in fifth on floor with errors.

For the dudes, Oleg Verniaiev won p-bars gold and teammate Igor Radivilov won vault, Epke Zonderland won high bar because duh, Chih Kai Lee won pommel horse, Artem Dolgopyat took the floor title, and Yang Liu got the still rings gold.

P.S. The last U.S. national team meetup of the year is campening.

Wut else happened

Former MSU president charged. Former Michigan State University president Lou Anna Simon was charged on Tuesday with lying to police in May about what she knew regarding the 2014 Title IX investigation of Larry Nassar (more on that investigation). Police say documentation from a May 2014 meeting shows that Simon had discussed the case with her advisor.

Abuse survivor and MSU student Morgan McCaul called the arrest “justice,” and survivor and former MSU gymnast Lindsey Lemke said in a statement that “there are still more enablers that need to be held accountable.” Survivor Larissa Boyce called for the 2014 investigation to be reopened.

On the flip side, one of Simon’s attorneys called the charges “strictly false.” 

Decertification is moving forward. The U.S. Olympic Committee announced on Tuesday that, after USA Gymnastics did not voluntarily give up its certification, it will move forward with the revocation process by appointing a panel to review the complaint against the org.

Meanwhile, USAG has made the confusing moves of calling for nominations for the new board of directors and releasing an update on the search for a new CEO.

What the USOC knew. The USOC knew about sexual abuse in gymnastics in the 90’s, according to court documents filed on Wednesday as part of Aly Raisman’s lawsuit.

Kathy Scanlan, who was USAG’s president from 1994 to 1998, said she alerted the USOC of the abuse during her tenure, but that the org discouraged her from investigating cases against the accused.

More on the missing files. Former USAG president Steve Penny ordered former USAG national teams manager Amy White to remove Nassar-related documents (Yup, those documents) from the Karolyi Ranch in 2016, according to a deposition in Aly Raisman’s case. White plead the fifth 130 times during a deposition in November.

Naddour said he’s cleared. Alex Naddour wrote on Instagram that the U.S. Center for SafeSport has “completed its investigation” and that he is cleared to compete and coach. Naddour was suspended in June in connection with allegations of sexual misconduct.

  • Trampoline gymnast Kristle Lowell tweeted that she was forced to get breast exams and to take drugs by a USAG doctor, and that Ron Galimore and Steve Penny silenced her. Rachael Denhollander wants Lowell’s allegations to be investigated fully.
  • The Trinidad & Tobago Gymnastics Federation was ordered to pay Thema Williams $200,000 for swapping her with Marisa Dick at the 2016 Olympic test event.
  • The FIG announced that it will test out a new “judging support system” involving lasers at an upcoming world cup, and that it will be in full force for 2019 worlds.

Required reading

  • How Aly Raisman decided to confront abuser Larry Nassar in court (Refinery29)
  • Women’s gymnasts found their voices in their sport’s darkest hour (The Washington Post)
  • After sex abuse scandal, what now for USA Gymnastics? (WBUR)
  • Why is MSU paying Nassar-related legal bills? (WKAR)
  • Believed: The parents (Michigan Radio)

Star status

Upgrades. Dominick Cunningham is training this confusing new vault, and Rayderley Zapata showed off this confusing new floor pass #Icantcounttwists

Comebacks. Romanian goddess Larisa Iordache confirmed that she’s back in training mode.

Staying social

My holiday wish to you. I hope you all enjoyed your carbs this Thanksgiving!

They’re a handful. Bridget Sloan’s not sure about kids, which is OK, we’re still young *back pat*.

Excuse me there’s a hole in your hand. I was never a gymnast, so I never had rips, but they look disgusting so no thank you.

Nastia took a break. Nastia Liukin hung out with her mom in Germany and supported Team Brazil at Cottbus. She also met Mr. Gienger himself, presumably to thank him for that concussion in person.

PSA. Norah Flatley looks amazing. That is all.

Grab a Guinness. Here is gymnast Ashley Watson setting a world record for a high bar backflip, and here is Watson decidedly not setting said record.

Ewing says “Ew.” LSU alum Sydney Ewing laughed at her level nine bar routine, which actually got a 10 in the “arched handstands and feet dragging are an aesthetic” code of points.

Last words

Gobble gobble gobbl—BANG

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15 thoughts on “Around the Gymternet: I threw up on your bed

  1. I’ve been googling Larisa Iordache every week for the past year and a couple of months ago I didn’t want her to comeback because 1. I didn’t think it would work out 2. The juniors would get tossed to the side 3. It would be to much of a mental and physical burden for herself 4. She seemed to have found a love for life after gymnastics. But now that she’s coming back I’M SO FRIGGIN EXCITED TO SEE OUR QUEEN LARI

    Liked by 1 person

    • I was wondering the same thing. LSU’s website says that incoming international students are only eligible for school aid if they attended an American high school in their home country. It also says their athletic scholarships can be either full or partial. Given that she didn’t attend an American high school, I suppose that means that she’s on a partial athletic scholarship that only covers tuition/fees.


      • I wonder if that’s true of all NCAA schools? I don’t think many countries have American high schools (I know China does and I’m sure a few other do, but a lot don’t). Maybe it’s some weird visa thing?


    • Agreed. If you’re going to ruin someone’s reputation you might as well try to salvage it by posting that he’s in the clear. He shouldn’t have to make that announcement himself.


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