Around the Gymternet: Happy Anniversary, Wayne


Welcome to ATG! In honor of the one-year anniversary of Around the Gymternet, we’ll be presenting information in order of most fun to least. Which basically just means we’re starting with the random internet stuff and working our way back to our most prevalent topic, abuse. Enjoy!

Wut’s up on social

Ting ting tic toks. Liu Tingting was spotted dancing, as I’m told the young people are wont to do. Stay safe, kids.

Some ballsy stuff. Ball-based sport player and Seattle Seahawk Chris Carson did a barani in an attempt to get the ball to the field basket before time ran out on the inning. Go balls!

Mark your calendar. November 27 is Simone Biles Day in Houston, Texas. She was also given a key to the city, an honor I’m told does NOT mean she gets to walk into anyone’s house and sleep in their bed, so what’s the point really?

My single is napping. John Orozco’s single “What Goes Up” dropped. Meanwhile, my single “Staying in bed” will never drop because of a crippling lack of initiative.

Aly’s on top. Aly Raisman’s book is a New York Times bestseller! Also, if I had a Christmas tree, she would be on top just so I could get this reaction from Mama Raisman.

It’s upgrade season, y’all

Since worlds are over and gymnasts just can’t seem to catch on to the appeal of sleep, they’re upgrading:

Olivia Dunne has a Bhardwaj, Olivia Greaves has a Nabieva, Danny Purvis did a triple back, Kayla DiCello did a Moors (? HALP), Jake Jarman did a triple double layout, Sam Mikulak is upgrading pommels and high bar, and Dominick Cunningham did something inhuman on floor.

Other things. In less fun news, Louise Vanhille is retiring to spend more time with circus folk, Ashley Watson of Great Britain also retired, Matvei Petrov moved to Albania, and Rhys McClenaghan had shoulder surgery. But Claudia Fragapane is back with a DTY, you guys!

Comp news

Last week. Hungary won the team title at the Olympic Hopes Cup, and Diana Varinska of Ukraine took the women’s title at the Joaquin Blume Memorial.

This week. The Toyota International is happening this weekend. Among those attending: Gabby Jupp, Oksana Chusovitina, and Daria Spiridonova.

Looking forward. Word on the street is Italy, USA, China, Russia, Brazil, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Romania, and Australia were all invited to compete at Jesolo in March.

Meanwhile, a new gymnastics competition, the “World Outdoor Gymnastics Gala,” will premier in July at the Panathenaic Stadium in Greece. Hopefully it won’t rain? Does it rain in Greece? Siri?

Wut else happened

USAG has new board chair. Kathryn Carson replaced Karen Golz as the USA Gymnastics board chair, the org announced on Thursday. Carson used to work for Pepsi, Quaker, and the U.S. Golf Association.

Lemmen won’t lose license. Michigan’s licensing board cleared Dr. Brooke Lemmen, who resigned from Michigan State University after moving medical documents from the school at Larry Nassar’s request, on Tuesday.

Perles resigned. Speaking of MSU, board member George Perles resigned, citing health concerns. Reminder: Perles is the one named in the lawsuit wherein Erika Davis accused him of working to cover up her allegation that Larry Nassar raped her.

  • The 82nd FIG congress is happening in Baku. There, they’ll discuss abuse and parkour, hopefully in that order.
  • MSU interim president John Engler said in an interview that the office of the Attorney General has completed its investigation into how the uni handled abuse allegations, and that the fund to support survivors is unlikely to reopen. Read Lansing State Journal’s Matt Mencarini’s response to the interview.

Required reading

  • Former Olympian and Central Floridian Kathy Johnson Clarke talks fallout and future after USA gymnastics sex abuse scandal (Orlando Sentinal)
  • Betsy DeVos’ new Title IX regulations will only hurt female student athletes (HuffPost)
  • Believed: Two key moments (Michigan Radio)
  • How Lindsey Lemke and the sister survivors overcame 30 years of abuse (The Daily Tar Heel)

Last words

I can’t believe it’s already been a year. I’d like to thank my parents for giving me so little attention as a child, and Hershey’s chocolate for keeping me sustained through this difficult period. It’s been a real whirlwind.

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17 thoughts on “Around the Gymternet: Happy Anniversary, Wayne

  1. Thank you so much for all the great content gymternet.

    And what is it with abuse in gymnastics? USA, there was something with Great Britain, and then Silviana Peng ( Asiana Peng’s mother ) with her constant Facebook posts and gymnastics commentary.

    Sigh. Gymnastics should be a beautiful sport.

    Liked by 2 people

    • You are a horrible person. Seriously, Simone was 11 when this happened. In addition, there is no way a goddess like Mustafina would ever agree with you. You disrespect Aliya. She is a sportswoman of worth who does not need to tear down a colleague. You have no idea how respect and sportsmanship works. Go back to your sadness and inexorable uselessness. You are dismissed.

      Liked by 1 person

    • I mean, I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure I recall Morgan Hurd winning four individual medals, and Jade Carey winning two, this quad alone.
      Not to mention:
      Aly Raisman: AA and floor silver 2016
      Laurie Hernandez: Beam silver 2016
      Maddie Kocian: Bars silver 2016, bars gold 2015
      Gabby Douglas: AA silver 2015
      Maggie Nichols: Floor bronze 2015
      Kyla Ross: AA bronze 2014, bars and beam and AA silver, 2013
      Mykayla Skinner: Vault bronze 2014
      Mckayla Maroney: Vault gold 2013

      Also not to mention: Every team would have won gold without Simone.

      But yeah, Simone is def the only reason USA wins medals.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Admittedly, they said “Simone Biles,” not “the US”

        If we assume that non-injured Mustafina would have beaten Simone in every individual final they both qualified to, Simone would have:
        3 World FX titles
        2 World AA titles
        1 World VT title
        1 World BB title
        1 Olympic VT title
        1 Olympic FX title
        2 World AA silvers
        2 World VT silvers
        1 World BB silver
        2 World BB bronzes
        1 World VT bronze
        1 World UB bronze
        1 Olympic BB bronze
        So… what a loser?
        (Fun fact: the only time Simone and Aliya qualified to the same final and Simone got a bronze, Aliya got the gold)


  2. Whaaaaat, Louise Vanhille is retiring ?? I didn’t expect that, but I’m so glad she’s joining Cirque du soleil, what a great news for her !


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