Around the Gymternet: It’s very nice. We change it all, though.


“designer: what kind of design do you want?

ou: yes”

Oklahoma showed off their new leos, to which the gymternet collectively replied Oh honey, no.

NCAA regionals happened

THE QUALIFIERS. Oklahoma, UCLA, Georgia, LSU, Denver, Michigan, Utah, and Oregon State are going to nationals (scoring in that order in Saturday’s regional finals) along with these individual competitors.

THE UPSETS. Florida shockingly didn’t advance after counting a fall in the first rotation on Saturday, letting Oregon State sneak into nationals. But four Florida gymnasts will go as individuals, including Alyssa Baumann, who will rotate with her sister Rachel, and Alicia Boren, who will compete in the all-around. Meanwhile, Michigan snuck in over Alabama by a glitter-coated hair.

THE DRAMA. Maggie Nichols got a 10 on Saturday, and Oklahoma walked away with a casual 198.475. For UCLA, Kyla Ross got a 10 on Friday in another horrible leo, plus another two 10s on Saturday in what I’ll call the redemption leo.

Marissa Oakley’s 10 on bars helped Georgia advance. LSU made it through despite Sarah Finnegan’s flu, said Betty Lou Who. MyKayla Skinner of Utah had her first ever NCAA career fall, ending a 161-routine streak. Denver won their first ever regional championship.

OTHER THINGS. Nebraska’s Taylor Houchin’s 9.975 vault brought up the 10 debate, and senior Sam Cerio of Auburn had a horrifying fall on Friday, dislocating [note: links are NOT videos] both knees and tearing several ligaments on a double front. Sam, a senior, bade farewell to gymnastics in an Instagram post, and we wish her a quick recovery.

THE SHITSHOW. FloGymnastics was “excited” to announce that the Ann Arbor regionals would be behind a paywall this year, sparking outrage due to a) fans having to pay $30/month to watch such an important meet, and b) the quality of coverage (or lack thereof).

Even Katelyn Ohashi and Madison Kocian have an opinion, y’all. I like to hide in the bathroom when everyone’s fighting. Where’s your spot?

PSST. Here are your rotations for semifinals.

Tokyo World Cup

Go team. First of all, I wouldn’t really call two medals a “sweep” for Team USA, but here we are. ‘Merica.

Morgan Hurd, who apparently had surgery on her elbow recently, hit her DTY despite a scary block, hit bars, was shaky on beam (with a new loso loso combo), and hit her new floor routine to take the win with a 55.099 over Ellie Black.

Black hit four-for-four (unless you count that OOB on floor (I don’t)) to take silver, impressing with her stuck vault, a handspring full. Asuka Teramoto had a great day to take the bronze. Recap.

For the men, Sammuel Samuel Mikulak hit to take the win, followed by Wataru Tanigawa and Kenzo Shirai, who appears to be still on the mend from his ankle issues.

Psst. Tickets are on sale for the GK U.S. Classic, to be held in Louisville this year.

Some news

Nassar appeals denied. Larry Nassar filed appeals to his Eaton and Ingham County, Michigan sentences, but the Michigan Supreme Court isn’t hearing it. Two more appeals are still pending.

Code update. The FIG announced that “no major changes” are expected for the 2021-2024 Code of Points, but that more focus will be placed on “elegance in movement,” whatever the hell that means.

Brazil coach banned. Fernando de Carvalho Lopes, Diego Hypolito’s former coach, has been banned from the sport after more than 40 athletes came forward with abuse and harassment allegations. Lopes denies the allegations.

Li Li Leung logs on. USA Gymnastics’ new CEO created a Twitter account “as part of my effort to create more open dialogue,” because we’re all so dialogue-friendly on Twitter.

Required reading

  • UCLA’s 18 perfect scores brings “wow” factor to gymnastics–and some scrutiny (Los Angeles Times)
  • Four-time champ Nichols is more than Athlete A in Nassar case (The Associated Press)
  • Gymnast Jade Carey reflects on her recent world cup success that could be her Olympic ticket (Team USA)

Star status

Euros lineups. After much confusion Nina Derwael has confirmed that she won’t be at Euros, opting to stay home to focus on upgrades. Apparently Axelle Klinckaert is injured and also won’t be there. For the dudes, Pablo Braegger of Switzerland is sadly out with an injury.

In Aliya Mustafina news, she confirmed that she does what she wants, and right now that is skipping Euros to focus on the European Games in June. Honestly, I never relate to these people as much as I do when they leave us hanging before announcing that they’re just going to stay home.

Recoveries. Kelly Simm is already back in the gym after fracturing her foot at British Champs.

Staying social

Shawn is prego. Shawn Johnson East and hubby Andrew announced on Thursday that they’re expecting a babay that apparently already has an Instagram account. The Easts have been open about suffering a miscarriage in 2017. Congrats, you crazy kids.

Sittin in a tree. Aly Raisman and Jonathan Van Ness’ friendship is all I needed. But also, these leggings.

Last words

Ice cream time.

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16 thoughts on “Around the Gymternet: It’s very nice. We change it all, though.

  1. So how many more cups is Jade Carey going to go to now? How many would be paid by USAG vs her paying on her own? if she doesn’t go anymore then this will not be good for her chance…


    • Even though they said they’d only send an athlete to three, I think it makes sense for her to go next year at least for the international experience. Keeping Paseka from stealing the spot is also good, but I think the US knows they can get their two spots anyway with the AA world cups and Pan Ams. But in the spring of an Olympic year when they try to test as many people as possible at international assignments, it would be weird and unhelpful to just tell Jade to stay home.

      To be honest I think even if they never sent Jade to world cups she would still have a >80% chance of making the olympics. The best strategy with the USA’s two individual spots to me is a vault specialist and the fifth best all arounder who is your alternate. Jade’s vault scores in the high 14’s are scores that more powerful gymnasts like Jordan Chiles and Shilese Jones can put up pretty easily and many others can reach 14.5-14.6, so Jade’s one vault in the team competition won’t add too many tenths to the team score (her floor is more of an argument now, but I think many gymnasts are waiting to upgrade and will close the gap). However, she can do 2 vaults that score equally high which wouldn’t help the team at all but that puts her among the best vaulters in the world, and the potential vault finalists on the US team is exactly 2 people at the moment: Simone and Jade. So Jade won’t get two-pered out of that final, which is also a bonus.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Grace Mccallum is a potential dark horse. I can see her trying to do debut her amanar. I dont think grace is as strong as jade in vt but mccallum would def help herself by having a strong amanar. i think she has a lopez anyway?

        i am wondering who will be the other 3 or 4 beside simone…. this new format is going to make it very interesting…

        Aren’t you allow to have alternate for the 4 non nominative spots anyway? I don’t think the two non team members can compete for the team anyway.without withdrawing from their individual non team spot…


        • Grace McCallum was on the 2018 team that qualified the U.S. their team spot, so she can’t compete for the individual spot. I.e., can’t challege Jade for it.


        • Right.. But i am wondering if grace will also do two vt and that would mean US has 3 people that can vie for 2 final vt spot..

          I do think if carey can go to a few more cups to solidify her leads and prevent anyone else from winning 3 then she would be fairly safe with her spot but we shall see.


        • @WP If Jade can win another floor gold with a hit routine, her spot is a lock. Even if someone else manages to get 3 floor golds, the tiebreaker is the scores the athletes got for their routines, and there’s no way a current senior (obviously other than Simone who is ineligible) can beat Jade’s floor scores.

          Liked by 1 person

        • The way its working jade has to go to at least one or two more cups to ensure her spot(s). Let see if it will happen…

          US could certainly use her vt and fx score in worlds team final this yr to pad their lead…lol..

          Liked by 1 person

  2. I usually don’t care about leos but the teams dropped the ball during regionals.
    Oklahoma put up— back to back no less— the two worst leos I’ve ever seen from them. Oklahoma has kind of built a bit of reputation for having either exquisite or barftastic leos with no to little in between, but these were a new low for them. For UCLA, the semifinal Leo has been used plenty of times before, and I really wouldn’t have that much of a problem if the mesh cut wasn’t .01 mm above the nipple. It constantly looks like their boobs are seconds away from being on full display. Their second day Leo is just a different color of their national championships leo and while I like the design I didn’t really like the colors that were used. I think Alabama and Auburn might’ve been the only teams to put out good new leos.


  3. I had read that in addition to the dislocated knees and soft tissue/ligament damage Cerio sustained that she also broke both legs. I’m hoping your report is more current and therefore slightly less horrifying.


    • As reports by Auburn & Sam herself, she did not break both legs. She did dislocate both knees & tore several ligaments & tendons. It’s horrifying enough without the broken legs! 😢


  4. I’m glad to see an article published from a major news outlet covering the problematic scoring. While it’s been nice that we’ve heard a few mentions in gymnastics broadcasts of “people online are mad,” it is even better to read a well-reasoned article with input from actual judges. I’d love to see another article from a major news source that addresses the broader scoring issues in NCAA gymnastics. While the fact that more than half of all 10s given out this year have gone to only 2 athletes is deeply problematic and I’m thrilled that they’re writing news pieces about it, I’d also love to see something written about some of the other scoring issues.

    Liked by 1 person

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