2019 Canadian Championships Live Blog | Senior Women Day 1

Welcome to the live blog for day one of the senior women at the 2019 Canadian Championships, held in Ottawa, Canada!

Please refresh your browser every few minutes to see the most recent updates, which will appear at the top of the page.

8:40 pm. DAY 1 STANDINGS

1. Ana Padurariu 56.208
2. Ellie Black 55.457
3. Brooklyn Moors 55.049
4. Zoé Allaire-Bourgie 53.575
5. Isabela Onyshko 52.233
6. Victoria-Kayen Woo 51.966
7. Emma Spence 51.600
8. Laurie Denommée 51.083
9. Quinn Skrupa 50.849
10. Myrelle Morin 50.841
11. Haley de Jong 50.816
12. Rose-Kaying Woo 50.716
13. Emily Walker 50.032
14. Audrey Rousseau 49.399
15. Mia St-Pierre 49.149
16. Hannah Scharf 48.474
17. Emma Milne 48.082
18. Kiera Wai 46.908
19. Imogen Paterson 46.582
20. Paola Barahona 46.433
21. Shallon Olsen 40.799
22. Jessica Dowling 25.191
23. Laurie-Lou Vézina 23.083

8:38 pm. Hannah Scharf BB: Great flight series and punch front. Switch to switch half, good. The rest looked good to me, a little short with a break at the hips on a side aerial, which she did out of a dance element I think, ugh, and then she sits her double pike. 😦

Laurie Denommée FX: Full-twisting double layout, a bit short and she crashes it. I missed the double layout, but the front tuck to double tuck was good.

8:36 pm. Ana Padurariu gets a 14.333 on beam to finish with a 56.208! She’s almost a point ahead of Ellie Black with a 55.457, Brooklyn Moors will finish third with a 55.049, and Zoé Allaire-Bourgie is fourth with a 53.575, not bad for the junior (with a fall).

8:33 pm. Ana Padurariu BB: Candle mount and wolf turn are both good. Switch ring. Good side aeiral loso loso, little shy there with a step but covers it well. Switch half with a little break, front aerial, break again, pauses and doesn’t go directly into the next skill. Switch leap after also has a little nervous bobble. Good double pike! She’s got it for today.

Zoé Allaire-Bourgie UB: Maloney to Pak to toe-on to van Leeuwen, nice!! Clear hip, blind full, blind change to front giant, muscles it and hops off. 😦 Saw some of the rest, she hit the full-in dismount at the end.

Isabela Onyshko FX: A little low on all of her passes but she looks much stronger than she did earlier in the year!

8:32 pm. Black FX 13.966, Moors VT 13.800, V Woo BB 11.466, Morin UB 13.025, R Woo BB 11.833

8:29 pm. Emma Milne BB: Front leg was a little short on her leap mount, then she missed her flight series. 😦

The floor stream is down completely. Just came back up in Emily Walker’s routine, just caught her bounce OOB on a double tuck.

Emma Spence VT: Good Yurchenko 1.5!

8:24 pm. Shallon Olsen VT: I missed her first vault but she did the DTY in warmups so I assume that’s what she did here. UGH I also missed her second vault. She put up the number for a Lopez but I saw her warming up Khorkinas. Will have to go back and find video!

Rose-Kaying Woo BB: Stumble on her punch front, and then a fall.

Kiera Wai FX: Good double pike.

8:21 pm. Switching the floor feed over to vault back and forth here so I’ll catch the vaults and will only miss a few seconds of floor hopefully.

Victoria-Kayen Woo BB: Candle mount, back leg is a bit awkward on the landing of her flight series and she falls. UGH, she was having such a great day. Fell again on something after that. 😦 Nice on the 2.5 but she looks quite bummed.

Brooklyn Moors VT: Believe she did the handspring layout half, good landing.

Ellie Black FX: Front tuck through to triple full and 2.5 through to double back are both super solid. Tour jeté half to switch full. A little short on the last pass.

Myrelle Morin UB: Hit what I saw.

8:17 pm. Rotation 3 Standings

1. Ana Padurariu 41.875
2. Ellie Black 41.491
3. Brooklyn Moors 41.249
4. Zoé Allaire-Bourgie 40.900
5. Victoria-Kayen Woo 40.500
6. Isabela Onyshko 39.100
7. Haley de Jong 38.916
8. Laurie Denommée 38.883
— Rose-Kaying Woo 38.883

8:14 pm. Isabela Onyshko BB: Bhs bhs layout, little bobble. Switch ring, nice! Front aerial to split jump, some little feet issues. Switch half not near 180 and she doesn’t quite get her hips around, big bobble. Full Y turn is nice. Side aerial, big break at the hips, saves it. Switch to wolf jump. Hit the dismount.

8:09 pm. Emma Spence FX: Front tuck through to 2.5, little stumble out of it. Switch leap to switch half. Stuck the double tuck cold. Fab.

Emily Walker BB: Awesome switch half to split jump half!!! Front aerial, a little too much oomph on her bhs loso and she bounces right off.

Padurariu 14.925 UB (CASUAL), Wai 11.500 BB

8:05 pm. Ana Padurariu UB: I wasn’t typing but she hit!! Great work as always.

Shallon Olsen FX: The stream got a bit wonky for a minute so I didn’t see either of her first passes, just that she hit them. Front tuck through to double tuck was great.

Kiera Wai BB: Same with the stream issues, she had a big wobble at some point but overall hit.

8:03 pm. Black BB 13.066, Moors FX 13.966, Allaire-Bourgie VT 14.000 (FTY), De Jong VT 12.750 (went for the Yurchenko 1.5), R Woo UB 13.700, Milne UB 11.600, Barahona VT 12.100

8:01 pm. Emma Milne UB: Hands down on her dismount. 😦

Laurie-Lou Vézina BB: I believe she had a fall at one point but good job the rest of the way, and a solid dismount.

7:56 pm. Ellie Black BB: Switch leap mount, a little shaky. Step out of her double spin. Punch front and layout series are both great. Switch to switch half, sits it on the beam and rolls off. 😦 😦 😦 UGH. Good side somi. 2.5 basically stuck with a smile.

Brooklyn Moors FX: NEW MUSIC AND CHOREO! Double front half-out is great. Front double full to front full, FAB. Omg. Oh god I’m screaming this routine is GOOOOORRRRRGGGGGEEEEEOOOOUUUUUSSSSSS. 2.5 to front tuck, little bounce out of it. Okay I’m actually crying bye.

Rose-Kaying Woo UB: Blind full to big Tkachev, big Pak but some form things going on, hit the double front. Great work.

V Woo UB 13.700, Rousseau FX 12.333

7:54 pm. Mia St-Pierre BB: Nice side aerial. Transverse split jump half is also good. Off on her flight series. 😦 Nice wolf jump to sissone.

Victoria-Kayen Woo UB: I missed the beginning but her Jaeger and double layout were FAB!

St Pierre BB 11.933, Scharf UB 9.775

7:53 pm. Audrey Rousseau FX: Arabian double front and double pike are both good. 1.5 is clean. Lovely leaps. Good double tuck at the end.

Denommée BB 11.933, Skrupa VT 13.400, Morin VT 13.750, Paterson VT 13.300

7:50 pm. Laurie Denommée BB: Off on her flight series. Switch to straddle jump, good side aerial, just a tad under, bobble on transverse split jump half, front aerial is okay, just a layout dismount, she injured her foot last year.

Scharf UB: Missed a hand on a shaposh half but quickly regrasped and the handstand out of it was so nice. Piked Jaeger, Church to Pak, hit her legs on the mat but THAT D. Van Leeuwen, hit her foot on the low bar, ugh, then fell from the high bar and landed hard on her back. 😦 Back on for toe full to double tuck with a small step.

7:46 pm. Rotation 2 Standings

1. Ellie Black 28.425
2. Brooklyn Moors 27.283
3. Ana Padurariu 26.950
— Laurie Denommée 26.950
5. Zoé Allaire-Bourgie 26.900
6. Victoria-Kayen Woo 26.800
7. Isabela Onyshko 26.400
8. Hannah Scharf 26.366

7:45 pm. Emily Walker UB: Front giant to piked Jaeger, good, big floaty Pak! Toe half to toe shoot, a little short on the handstand out of the toe half, layout half dismount with a little bounce.

7:42 pm. Haley de Jong FX: She hit beam earlier I think. She went up first when my streams were still freaking out so I missed it but she got a 12.966. Hits her arabian double front with a little slide forward to start here, switch ring to switch half, she already has a SUPER college routine with the music. EXCELLENT triple full, HALEY!!!!! YAS. Beautiful stuck double tuck. GOD, Georgia is SO SO SO LUCKY TO GET THIS KID.

7:40 pm. Kiera Wai UB: Had a nice Pak but came off on something after that.

7:38 pm. Paola Barahona FX: Double pike, a little bobble and step on the landing. Front handspring front full to split jump, nice. Double tuck with a step. Hunger Games music. Love!

Ellie with a 13.925 on bars, Jessica 12.666 on beam, Myrelle 12.033 floor, Paola 11.6 floor

7:36 pm. Shallon Olsen BB: Bhs loso loso, just a tiny check, switch leap to switch half to split jump, good, Onodi, a slightly bent front knee coming out of it, illusion, smiles at the judges in some choreo because she’s like “I go to college now.” Double pike with a small step. Claps for herself LIKE A QUEEN.

Laurie-Lou Vézina UB: Fell on her dismount. 😦 But hit everything else!

7:34 pm. Myrelle Morin FX: The girls from Quebec have floor artistry in their blood. Hit her opening pass. Then a 1.5 to front pike with a hop forward. 2.5 with an awkward side step at the end. Beautiful routine overall.

7:33 pm. Jessica Dowling BB: I missed some of this but saw some solid acro and a good dismount.

14.033 for Brooklyn on beam, is it okay if I quietly sob? I mean, home scoring but also YES.

7:31 pm. Ellie Black UB: Maloney to Hindorff, Shang, bent her knees on the catch but didn’t really phase her, blind change to piked Jaeger to Pak, van Leeuwen, both with some minor form issues. Beautiful toe-front half dismount, stuck. Not her best but still solid overall, and that Shang catch would’ve been a dead hang for absolutely anyone else.

7:30 pm. Imogen Paterson FX: I missed the very beginning but she hit a really solid double tuck and a front tuck through to double full, just some leg form in the air there.

13.2 for Laurie’s bars, 12.1 for Emma’s beam, 12.366 for Quinn’s floor, 11.1 for Mia’s bars, 11.966 for Audrey’s beam

7:28 pm. Brooklyn Moors BB: Solid punch front mount. Switch leap to ring jump, her front leg on the switch leap was SOOOOOO FAR IN OVER-SPLIT, I die. Front handspring to front tuck, landed it basically on one foot but no problem fixing it. Front aerial to split jump, again with that oversplit, I’m screaming. Full turn in attitude. Side somi, little bobble. Front handspring to Rudi dismount, stuck like A QUEEN.

Mia St-Pierre UB: Had a fall in the middle of her routine but SCREAMED at her front toe-on to double front dismount!!! WHAT A BADASS. She went SOOOOO long and didn’t get a ton of height but rotated it so well she had no problem landing it.

7:26 pm. Quinn Skrupa FX: Arabian double front, almost overrotated! A little short on her double pike, chest forward. Solid double tuck to finish was in a great place. Her passes were like Goldilocks’ Three Bears.

13.65 for Rose-Kaying Woo on vault.

7:24 pm. Laurie Denommée UB: Maloney to bail, clean, front toe half to van Leeuwen, Gienger, and she hit the dismount. Really great work, she’s improved so much on this event.

Audrey Rousseau BB: Awkward 90 degree body position in her back handspring chest stand mount. Wobble at the end of her bhs loso. Some nice leaps. Hands down on her double tuck dismount. 😦

7:23 pm. 13.750 for Ana Padurariu’s FTY on vault! Victoria-Kayen Woo after her gets a 13.8, and Hannah Scharf gets a 13.9!!!

13.3 for Zoé on floor, and 13.55 for Isabela on bars!!! YAY, I’m so happy she hit.

7:21 pm. Zoé Allaire-Bourgie FX: Went for a quad turn! Bit of a stumble out of it but yas queen. Double tuck, tiny hop. Little hop on the double pike. Hit her third pass. Beautiful work as always.

Emma Spence BB: Double wolf turn, some little knee bends throughout. Good layout series and then leap series but had a fall on something after that. 😦 Side somi is clean. Double full dismount.

Isabela Onyshko UB: I think I caught this later in the routine but she hit everything I saw! Just a big step forward on the double front. And a BIG smile coming off.

7:19 pm. I think I can tackle bars, beam, and floor now that my stream isn’t being as naughty but whenever I open vault it starts freaking out so apologies to everyone on that event. I’ll try to guess how amazing everyone is from the scores.

7:18 pm. Rotation 1 Standings

1. Ellie Black 14.500
2. Mia St-Pierre 13.750
— Laurie Denommée 13.750
4. Zoé Allaire-Bourgie 13.600
— Emily Walker 13.600
6. Kiera Wai 13.500
7. Brooklyn Moors 13.250
8. Ana Padurariu 13.200

7:14 pm. Paola Barahona BB: My first time seeing her! I’ve seen a lot of training videos, though, and she has some great skills. Good flight series but off on a side somi. Feed froze after that for a bit. Front aerial to split jump to back handspring, very nice. Double tuck, chest a bit low and a step back but solid elite debut!

7:10 pm. Rose-Kaying Woo FX: Sat the arabian double front, which she struggled with in warmups as well. 😦 Double pike, little steps back. Double full, legs are a bit weak.

Myrelle Morin BB: Side aerial, wobbles back out of it. Switch leap is short, as is the jump out of it. Front aerial, super aggressive on her triple flight series after!! Side somi, little bobble. Her transverse jump half is actually better in the split than her regular leaps! Good dismount landing as well.

7:09 pm. Ellie Black with a 14.500 on vault, this was for her handspring front layout full I believe. NICE. 13.6 for Zoé on beam, 13.2 for Ana and 13.0 for Victoria on floor.

7:05 pm. I saw most of Quinn Skrupa’s beam, which looked good, wobbled on a flight series, she looks so grown up! Also saw some of Hannah Scharf’s floor, legit cannot wait for her to be at ASU. LOVE.

Victoria Kayen Woo FX: Good double layout to start. Front tuck through to 2.5, little stumble forward. Solid on the double pike. Beautiful work.

Imogen Paterson BB: Bhs loso with a slight check. Good leap series and side aerial. Switch leap is lovely. Didn’t connect super quickly to the switch half, little bobble there. Hit the dismount! Great job!

Mia St-Pierre and Laurie Denommee hit vault. 13.250 for Brooklyn on bars!

7:01 pm. Looks like Isabela Onyshko had a rough go on vault. 😦 Also looks like Emma Spence hit bars.

I can see Brooklyn Moors in the background on bars now I think…A little wild on a toe full, but everything else good and a PIKED Markelov!!!!!!!! Hit the dismount.

6:58 pm. Gonna do my best here but the streams do not work at all (shocked, are we?!) and are lagging/skipping every five seconds so it’s basically impossible to follow. Just gonna try to focus on two events at a time.

Zoé Allaire-Bourgie BB: Front aerial to split jump to tuck jump half, great. Solid on bhs loso loso. THE MOST EXTRA wobbles on her double spin that went hilariously to the music of Ana’s floor, shame about the big wobbles but that was an awesome save. Good side somi. Double full landing is a bit deep.

Ana Padurariu FX: Piked full-in is back!! Good! Stuck the 2.5 to front tuck. Step back on the double pike. Excellent work.

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  1. I love your live commentary, Lauren. It’s so joyful and positive, and so well done overall. Even though I don’t really like reading live commentary for gymnastics (obviously I’d rather watch it than read it…), I have fun with yours, so thank you. Also I love Ellie Black lol.

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