2019 Canadian Championships Live Blog | Senior Women Day 2

Welcome to the live blog for day two of the senior women at the 2019 Canadian Championships, held in Ottawa, Canada!

Please refresh your browser every few minutes to see the most recent updates, which will appear at the top of the page.


1. Ellie Black 112.065
2. Ana Padurariu 110.799
3. Brooklyn Moors 108.840
4. Isabela Onyshko 105.933
5. Victoria-Kayen Woo 105.449
6. Haley de Jong 103.241
7. Quinn Skrupa 102.607
8. Rose-Kaying Woo 100.532
9. Audrey Rousseau 100.282
10. Myrelle Morin 100.032
11. Laurie Denommée 99.449
12. Emily Walker 99.390
13. Hannah Scharf 99.132
14. Mia St-Pierre 98.090
15. Emma Milne 97.582
16. Kiera Wai 94.599
17. Imogen Paterson 94.599
18. Shallon Olsen 81.815
19. Jessica Dowling 75.716
20. Emma Spence 64.650
21. Zoé Allaire-Bourgie 53.575
22. Laurie-Lou Vézina 46.933
24. Paola Barahona 46.433

3:39 pm. Ana Padurariu FX 13.800, AA 54.591

Audrey Rousseau UB 12.350, AA 50.883

3:37 pm. Victoria-Kayen Woo FX: Double layout, a little low, step forward. Switch to switch half to sissone, lovely. Hit her middle pass. Good double pike. Beautiful routine.

Kiera Wai BB: Big stumble on her split mount, switch leap to split leap, a little low in that second. Nice front aerial and flight series. Bobble on a side somi. Front full dismount is good.

Quinn Skrupa VT 13.500, AA 51.758

Emma Milne UB 1.300, AA 49.500

Jessica Dowling BB 12.100, AA 50.525

3:36 pm. Audrey Rouuseau UB: Maloney to bail to Ray, nice form throughout, short handstand before her between the bars Tkachev, blind full with some leg separation, blind change to front giant half, some leg form in her tucked toe-front half, hop back.

3:33 pm. Emma Milne UB: Great straddle Jaeger, Ray is caught a little close and she has to back swing out of it before the Pak, goes for a Chow back up to high but misses the catch, fall. Gets the Chow this time, full-twisting double layout is great!

Ana Padurariu FX: Piked full-in, HER FACE IN THE AIR HAHAHA. GOD, she literally screams during her vault and floor skills, it makes me laugh so hard, I love her. Lovely work on her leaps. 2.5 into a high punch front, great set. Solid double pike. Beautiful!

Imogen Paterson BB: Bhs loso is good, just a little break at the hips. Side aerial. Switch leap is nice, good wolf jump to sissone after it. Front aerial, little bobble, full turn, hop back on the dismount.

Brooklyn Moors FX 13.100, AA 53.791

3:30 pm. Brooklyn Moors FX: Podkopayeva, tiniest bounce to the side, front double full into a great front full. Triple attitude turn like a boss. Switch ring to switch half is lovely. Split jump full. God she is so good. 2.5, comes out a little low and sits the punch front out of it, NOOOOOOOOO. But the rest is so good I give her bonus points.

Jessica Dowling BB: Double wolf turn, good. Off on her triple flight series. Front aerial. Wobble out of her side aerial.

Emily Walker UB: Blind change to front giant to piked Jaeger, nice. Pak is very clean, short handstand before toe half to toe shoot, hit the dismount, great work.

Haley de Jong VT 14.000, AA is 52.975 today I STAN.

Hannah Scharf UB 12.300, AA 50.658

Emily Walker UB 11.950 AA 49.358

Shallon Olsen BB 12.966

3:27 pm. Ellie Black finishes with a 56.608 today!!! 14.150 for her floor set. Dayum girl.

Mia St-Pierre with an 11.475 on bars to finish with a 48.941.

Hannah Scharf UB: Shaposh half, caught her release into a Pak, van Leeuwen with some leg separation, hit the rest.

Isabela Onyshko FX: Double tuck, solid. Hit her second pass and a lovely Memmel to illusion. Double pike. She looks 500% better TODAY even compared to FRIDAY!!!! And Friday looked 500% better compared to Elite Canada. Literally so happy for her.

Shallon Olsen BB: Nailed the flight series and then a mixed series after it. Front aerial, break at the hips on her Onodi but she grabs her leg to hold herself, honestly brilliant. Little step on her illusion. Hit the double pike.

3:23 pm. Skipping vault again this rotation!

Ellie Black FX: Popa into the corner before her first pass, the front layout full to triple full!! Amazing. 2.5 through to double back, just a little short on the landing. tour jeté half to switch full. Solid front double full at the end. Excellent day today.

Laurie-Lou Vézina BB: Off on her bhs loso. The rest had some bobbles and minor form breaks. Hit the dismount!

Mia St-Pierre UB: Maloney, Tkachev, clear hip to toe-on to bail to toe shoot, nice. Blind change to front toe-on to double front, too long and low in the air and she sits it.

3:19 pm. Rotation 7 Standings

1. Ellie Black 97.915
2. Ana Padurariu 96.999
3. Brooklyn Moors 95.740
4. Isabela Onyshko 92.483
5. Victoria-Kayen Woo 91.724
6. Haley de Jong 89.791
7. Quinn Skrupa 89.107
8. Audrey Rousseau 87.932

Padurariu BB 13.266, Woo FX 12.600

3:16 pm. Ana Padurariu BB: Triple wolf turn, just gets a little slow at the end, switch ring, side aerial loso, ugh, hips are off center after the aerial and she kinda flies off. 😦 Good on the switch half. Front aerial with a bobble, switch to sheep jump, little check at the end, love her little cat leap in her choreo, double pike with a lunge back.

Rose-Kaying Woo FX: Good arabian double front, little bounce, solid double pike, nice double full. Lovely set from her!

Moors BB 14.066, Denommée FX 12.625

3:15 pm. Onyshko BB 13.600 I CRY, Paterson UB 11.125, Walker VT 13.200, Scharf VT 14.050, Skrupa FX 13.125

3:12 pm. Brooklyn Moors BB: Hit the mount, switch to split ring jump, front handspring front tuck, comes out of it a little low and takes a step. I think she was trying to spot it after missing her foot the other day. Front aerial into a leap and her full attitude turn are both good. Side somi, little step. Good switch half. The most emotional beam choreo ever, then a front handspring into her Rudi dismount, good work!

Laurie Denommée FX: Double layout with a little step. No DLO full today. Layout full second pass. Double pike with a step.

Black BB 14.033, Vézina UB 11.850

3:09 pm. Imogen Paterson UB: I missed the very beginning, but she hit…caught her piked Jaeger when I caught on, Pak is also very solid, toe-on to van Leeuwen, I think her foot hit the low bar but it didn’t phase her, blind full, low double front, ugh, to her knees. Great until that point!

Isabela Onyshko BB: Bhs bhs layout, her set into the layout wasn’t great but she still got it around no problem. Ring leap, front aerial to split jump, nice. Switch half. Split ring jump, tiny check on the full Y turn, side aerial, very clean! Sissone to wolf jump, she’s killing it. Double full with a lunge back, HER FAAAACE. BELA IS BACK.

Quinn Skrupa FX: Nice arabian double front, small hop back. Piked full-in, step back and her chest is a little low. Lovely switch to switch half. Solid double pike. Double tuck is great.

V Woo BB 12.833, de Jong FX 13.550, St Pierre VT 13.950, Morin FX 11.900

3:05 pm. Laurie-Lou Vézina UB: Ray, nice, clear hip arches over a little into her toe half to Ezhova, shot handstand before a toe-on, but she misses her toes and then drags her feet on the mat, jumps off. Toe-on to clear hip hecht, got the clear hip directly into the back tuck dismount with a solid landing.

Haley de Jong FX: Arabian double front is good! She’s got that NCAA bop already down, and she’s smiling during her tumbling runs. LOVE. Great triple full. Switch ring to tour jeté half, great! Little bounce on the double back last pass. SUPERSTAR.

Ellie Black BB: Switch mount, solid, excellent double spin. Punch front, little bobble, bhs layout is also solid. Switch to switch half, 2.5 dismount with a hop. Fab job. She’s like I would love to win this title, okay?

Jessica Dowling UB: Toe half to straddle Jaeger, nice, Ricna, toe full, clean Pak to Maloney to bail to toe shoot, excellent! Great handstand before her giants into her full-in with a step back.

Rousseau VT 13.500, Wai UB 10.825

3:02 pm. Myrelle Morin FX: Nice switch ring to switch half. Double pike is clean, hop back off the sting mat. Lovely 1.5 to front pike to stag. Great 2.5!

Victoria-Kayen Woo BB: Candle mount, solid bhs loso, front aerial is also great. Wild on her double spin, basically does it into a back attitude, haha. Good save. Also a little wobbly on her side somi but saves it. Transverse split jump half, chest forward and another bobble. Side aerial, check, switch leap to sissone, 2.5 dismount with a step forward.

3:01 pm. Kiera Wai UB: I missed the beginning of this, but she hit everything I saw in the early part of the routine, just some little form breaks…came off on her Jaeger after. Back on for a stalder half to tucked toe front dismount.

I’m skipping vault this rotation!

2:58 pm. Rotation 6 Standings

1. Ellie Black 83.882
2. Ana Padurariu 83.733
3. Brooklyn Moors 81.674
4. Victoria-Kayen Woo 78.891
5. Isabela Onyshko 78.883
6. Haley de Jong 76.241
7. Quinn Skrupa 75.982
8. Myrelle Morin 74.532

2:57 pm. V Woo UB 13.025, Onyshko UB 13.350, Moors UB 13.225, de Jong BB 13.000, Skrupa BB 12.433, Scharf FX 12.875, Walker FX 12.775

Looks like Emma Spence scratched beam….. 😦 😦 😦 😦

2:54 pm. Emily Walker FX: Double tuck with a lunge and then a step back. She has a Queen medley and I’m in love. 1.5 to front full is great. Nice work on her leap series. Solid double full to finish.

Laurie Denommée BB: Off on her flight series. Hip check on her side aerial. Transverse split jump half is great. Side somi. Hit the dismount.

2:53 pm. Brooklyn Moors UB: Shaposh to Pak, nice, toe full, van Leeuwen, I think she wanted to connect them but played it safe, clear hip to blind change to front giant to piked Markelov, Moors dismount with a step. YAY! Her face LOL.

2:49 pm. Isabela Onyshko UB: Caught her first release, then a Hindorff, pirouette to Pak, her Pak looks SO much better than it has recently, van Leeuwen, toe half, double front with a lunge. Good gal!

Quinn Skrupa BB: Lovely Onodi to front aerial, I SCREAMED. Also almost connected it to the split jump. Clean side aerial. Lost her form on her wolf turn and kind of sat it on the beam. Double tuck with a stumble back.

Hannah Scharf FX: Good piked full-in! Also hit a solid double pike.

Olsen VT 14.150 average I believe, but I don’t see the single vault scores, Black UB 13.975, V Woo UB 13.025, Dowling VT 12.950

2:46 pm. Ellie Black UB: Maloney to Hindorff, nice. Shang, also great, blind change to piked Jaeger, fab. Clean Pak, nice handstand before the van Leeuwen, some ankle form, excellent on the tucked toe front half dismount. YAY.

Haley de Jong BB: Front aerial, looked like she wanted to connect but opted not to. Bhs loso is solid. Kochetkova landed a little crooked, but good correction, side aerial to 1.5 dismount, YAS! She’s killing it.

Jessica Dowling VT: Hit her FTY with a step.

Mia St-Pierre FX: Tucked full-in with a little bobble to start. Lunged back on her double pike at the end. That’s all I saw!

Rousseau FX 13.300

2:45 pm. Shallon Olsen VT: DTY, solid, a little forward with a hop. Second vault is the Lopez, good!

Padurariu UB 13.675, Wai VT 13.400

2:43 pm. Kiera Wai VT: Hit her FTY well.

Audrey Rousseau FX: Hit her first pass into a stag in the background.

Myrelle Morin BB: Side aerial to split jump, nice, good triple flight series as well! Just a little step back. Hit the rest and the dismount, looks very pleased!

Victoria-Kayen Woo UB: Shaposh to clear hip full (late), toe-on to bail to toe shoot, clear hip half to piked Jaeger, very nice there, double layout on her toes, steps out of it. Great work!

Milne FX 12.100, Paterson VT 13.150, R Woo BB 11.366

2:30 pm. Rose-Kaying Woo BB: This started super fast and I thought it was still warmups…she fell on something at the beginning, then had a big wobble on her flight series, put her hands down on something else (side aerial maybe), and wobbled on a leap. Break at the hips on her full turn as well. Good double full.

Imogen Paterson VT: FTY, good landing! Just some leg form in the air.

Ana Padurariu UB: Inbar half to piked Jaeger, nice. Piked Galante to Pak, inbar to stlader half to stalder to stalder full, Ray, she looks a bit more labored today, full-in a bit low with a step to the side. Good fight through that but you can tell she’s a bit bummed.

2:38 pm. Gonna have vault on for the beginning of this next rotation so I can catch Shallon, and then will switch back to floor!

2:35 pm. Rotation 5 Standings

1. Ana Padurariu 70.058
2. Ellie Black 69.907
3. Brooklyn Moors 68.449
4. Victoria-Kayen Woo 65.866
5. Isabela Onyshko 65.533
6. Emma Spence 64.650
7. Haley de Jong 63.241
8. Rose-Kaying Woo 63.016

2:32 pm. Quinn Skrupa UB: Blind change to Endo half to stalder to inbar to Galante, LOVE LOVE LOVE! Pak, clean van Leeuwen, stalder full, a little late, arabian double front dismount. YAAAAAY!

Spence UB 13.050, St Pierre BB 11.166, De Jong UB 12.425, Scharf BB 11.433, Skrupa UB 12.700

2:30 pm. Hannah Scharf BB: Lovely double wolf turn. Bhs loso is solid as well. Excellent punch front. Switch to switch half, big wobble, ugh, and she hops through it and has to take a fall. Side somi, nice. Side aerial is also solid. Double pike is very deep on the landing and she ends up sitting it when she pulls out of the squat. 😦

Shallon Olsen got a WELL-DESERVED 13.700 on floor! D was 5.3.

2:28 pm. Haley de Jong UB: Big Ray! Pak is nice and clean. Maloney to bail to toe full, a little late on the pirouette, toe shoot, blind change to front giant half, stuck the double layout cold. EXCELLENT!

2:26 pm. Emma Spence UB: Nice piked Jaeger and piked Tkachev to Pak! Toe full, van Leeuwen, clear hip, double pike dismount with a hop. Solid routine!

Mia St-Pierre BB: I missed the beginning, she came off on her side aerial at one point and then off again on her flight series. Nice switch half. Step back on her high double tuck dismount.

Milne BB 12.700, Rousseau BB 11.733, Wai FX 11.600

2:24 pm. Audrey Rousseau BB: I missed most of this but she hit what I saw.

Shallon Olsen FX: Double double, excellent landing!! Double pike is maybe a tiny bit low. Excellent front tuck through to double tuck! Switch to switch half. Stuck the triple full. DAMN GIRL.

Isabela Onyshko VT: I missed it but she had u pthe number for the FTY and got a 13.300.

Black VT 14.450, R Woo UB 12.300, Morin UB 11.425

2:20 pm. Ellie Black VT: Handspring front layout full, great as usual! Guess that means no Rudi today, and she’s only doing the one vault.

Myrelle Morin UB: Maloney to Pak, clean, nice handstand before the toe half to toe shoot, my feed froze after that and I had to restart the stream. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Padurariu VT 13.850, Paterson FX 10.825

2:19 pm. Emma Milne BB: Hit her flight series and a switch ring, a little low on her wolf jump into her split ring jump, nice mixed series after that into a Korbut, illusion turn with a little bobble, double full a bit low with a step. Hit!

Victoria-Kayen Woo VT: A little deep on her FTY landing.

Moors VT 13.500, Walker BB 11.433

2:17 pm. Rose-Kaying Woo UB: Maloney to pirouette to Takchev, nice, Pak with some leg separation, van Leeuwen, toe half a bit arched and then she loses her leg form completely coming out of it, arches over, puts her feet on the bar, tries to correct it, but has to hop off. Toe half, a little crooked and wonk, double front is stuck.

Ana Padurariu VT: Solid FTY!

Denommée UB 10.575, Dowling FX 11.675

2:16 pm. Brooklyn Moors VT: Solid on her handspring front layout half, actually looked like she twisted early coming off so it almost looked like a tsuk full, either way it was a good landing and decent in the air.

2:15 pm. Emily Walker BB: Switch to switch half, wobble, front aerial is solid. Off on her bhs loso, and then a big wobble on her side aerial. Double full dismount with a hop.

2:13 pm. Laurie Denommée UB: Hit the beginning, but then went for a front toe-on and couldn’t muscle out of it, had to come off. Gets it the second time, front toe half to Maloney, caught her Gienger, but then had the same issue with muscling around a pirouette on the high bar and came off again. Gets it the second time, then hits the toe front half dismount.

Jessica Dowling FX: I can kind of see floor in the background of bars and vault. She hit her 2.5 to punch front and double pike, maybe a little low on the first pass. I didn’t see the end.

2:10 pm. Zoé Allaire-Bourgie suffered a knee injury in training yesterday and will miss the final today. 😦 I hate starting out meet coverage with bad news!

The touch warmup for the first event starts now.  I’m going to start with vault, bars, and beam, and then when vault is done, I’ll move that stream to floor.

8 thoughts on “2019 Canadian Championships Live Blog | Senior Women Day 2

  1. Is Zoe Allaire Bourgie’s knee injury severe, or is it minor? It’s a bummer to not see her today, based off of blogs and videos it seems like she was strong coming into these nationals. It’s great to see how Olsen has done, and it seems NCAA has helped improve her beam scores. I hope she chooses to go to worlds, the team needs her.

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