Around the Gymternet: Goodbye, Ruby Tuesday


“when you’re enjoying the bar routine & then they do a giant half before the dismount.” -Just watch the clip.

Wut happened

Riegel came forward. Chris Riegel, a former U.S. national champion and 1984 Olympic team alternate, said this week that he was sexually abused by his coach Larry Moyer from 1973 to 1981. Rieger told The Orange County Register that Moyer abused him starting when he was eight years old, and that he told USA Gymnastics officials about the abuse but that they took no action.

Moyer was expelled from the sport in 1983 but does not appear on any banned lists, according to The OC Register. Riegel filed a complaint with the U.S. Center for SafeSport in October, and says he hopes that his coming forward can help bring to light the problem of abuse of boys in gymnastics. Rachael Denhollander tweeted her support, saying, “I stand with Chris.”

  • Ioanna Xoulogi is your new Greek champ with a 47.600, while Vasiliki Millousi and Eleftherios Petrounias decided to steal the Zeusian thunder by tying the knot.
  • Great Britain named its team for the European Youth Olympic Festival, which apparently start July 21 #time.
  • Aimee Boorman has left coaching to focus on being a mama to her biological children while very rudely ignoring my own requests to be adopted.
  • The draw was held for worlds, and it’s bad news for the women of Australia and Ukraine hoping to qualify a full team, with both teams getting in that unlucky first subdivision.

Required reading

  • The United States didn’t win gold, and that’s OK (The Gymternet)
  • The most important steps: How Sam Cerio overcame her horrific gymnastics accident (ESPN)
  • Judgment call: Judge Rosemarie Aquilina has continued to use her voice (ESPN)
  • The 36 most iconic female athletes of the past century (Business Insider)

Star status

Injuries. Olivia Dunne announced that she won’t be competing this summer due to an undisclosed injury that I’m sure will have its own gorgeous Insta in due time.

Comebacks. MyKayla Skinner’s making progress with her Amanar.

Interviews. Morgan Hurd and Riley McCusker (who’s damn ready for Classics, y’all) talked to Inside Gymnastics, Morgan sat down with Sports Illustrated, and Eddie Penev talked on the podcast Same Team.

NCAA corner

Ohashi won an ESPY. Katelyn Ohashi won the first-ever ESPY Award for Viral Moment for her viral floor routine. She also did a red carpet handstand in heels, and had some words for body shamers in her rhyme-y acceptance speech.

Hires. Lindsey Bruck Ayotte is New Hampshire’s new head coach, and the Illini also have new coaches.

Commits. Abi Walker switched her commitment from Georgia to Penn State, and Andrea Maldonado of Puerto Rico is going to Iowa State.

Upgrades? Aleah Finnegan is doing a pretty perfect Silivas, and Natalie Wojcik was spotted training a sky-high Deltchev. Say it with me…

Staying social

BYU won bottle cap. The thoroughly stupid bottle cap challenge was won by BYU, so we can stop doing it now, please and thank you.

Engagements. Congrats to Sarah Finnegan, who just got engaged at a museum.

Fan’s new ‘do. Fan Yilin got a haircut and it looks awesome. 

Childhood complete. Spongebob turned 20, and Peng Peng Lee was there to help him celebrate.

Chellsie’s in shape. Chellsie Memmel did a laid out arabian on a Tumbl Trak.

Last words

I ate too much chocolate cake.

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15 thoughts on “Around the Gymternet: Goodbye, Ruby Tuesday

    • I noticed she took Georgia off her Instagram profile a few months back and thought something might be up. She was injured a while back but had surgery and seemingly returned just fine. I guess either she changed her mind or Georgia did? Seems weird to choose to switch Georgia for Penn State but maybe there are personal reasons?


      • Sometimes it happens where an injury can take a gymnast who maybe once might have been a top recruit down to someone who won’t fit in with the school’s level of gymnastics, so it’s possible that Abi’s gymnastics declined with her injury…also, I believe Abi committed under the old coaching staff, so it could very well be a personal decision either on the Georgia staff’s part or on Abi’s part.


        • Not to be harsh, but she was recruited when she was expected to be an at least midtier elite that would put up 9.9s on multiple events as a freshman in the SEC. That just probably isn’t in the cards rn. But she will be a star at Penn State


        • Yeah, that’s what I was thinking…I wanted to be a little more diplomatic but honestly she ended up having a vastly different career from what she was expected to have when she was a younger elite. It happens sometimes but this is a problem with recruiting fetuses instead of waiting until kids are 16-17!


  1. I wish those lists would get over MLR as an iconic athlete. There was nothing iconic about her. She only won because the Olympics was boycotted and it was only made into such a huge deal because she won in the US and over Bela`s former athlete. That`s it. Aside from that * win, there was absolutely nothing iconic about her.

    Liked by 2 people

    • For the impact she had on so so so many American gymnasts, let’s not be a hater dear. To say she isn’t ICONIC ( a word thrown around way way way too much these days) for gymnasts in the USA is silly. Not a fan of her choices the past few years… but… To say she had no impact and couldn’t be in the ‘ICONIC’ lexicon is silly.


      • I think this was supposed to be an international list as there are quite a few international athletes on this list.most of them have accomplishments far superior to hers. for the US and involvement in the sport, fine, maybe she is iconic, but in terms of accomplishments,she has no business being on this let’s calm down with calling what I say in this post silly just because you don’t agree with it,darling

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Mary Lou Retton was iconic because she helped grow the popularity of gymnastics in the USA which had never won an Olympic medal in womens gymnastics before 1984. After her win, gymnastics was televised more than it is today..even minor meets were televised. She became a household name and she inspired an entire generation of future gymnasts. It is not always the most successful athletes ir most gifted athletes that become is that special something that they possess that maje them memorable to so many people.


  3. The Inside Gymnastics article on Morgan Hurd and Riley McCusker has been deleted. Google still has hits for it, as does their table of contents, but it goes to a dead link. Weird.


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