2019 Hopes Championships Live Blog

Welcome to the live blog for the 2019 Hopes Championships, held in Louisville, Kentucky!

Please refresh your browser every few minutes to see the most recent updates, which will appear at the top of the page.


1. Rafaela O’Neill, Airborne, 51.600
2. Lily Pederson, Flips, 51.200
3. Katelyn Jong, Metroplex, 51.000
4. Ashlee Sullivan, WOGA, 50.800
5. Autumn Reingold, Olympica, 50.700
6. Lucy Tobia, Parkettes, 50.500
7. Michelle Pineda, Metroplex, 49.200
8. Kimmi Shiau, Hill’s, 48.950
9. Gabriella Van Frayen, Gym X-Treme, 48.800
10. Chloe Cho, Wallers GymJam, 48.350
11. Rebekah Smith, World Champions, 48.000
12. Avery King, WOGA, 47.950
13. Kaela Yee, Leyva, 47.850
14. Ava San Jose, Paramount Elite, 47.750
15. Ellorie Cane, Precision, 47.550
16. Karleigh DiCelo, Hill’s, 46.700


1. Nicole Desmond, Parkettes, 49.050
2. Zoey Molomo, Metroplex, 48.650
3. Shanell Valles, World Champions, 48.400
— Izzy Stassi, Five Star, 48.400
5. Cambry Haynes, 5280 Gymnastics, 48.300
6. Audrey Snyder, First State, 48.100
— Carly Weinberg, Buckeye, 48.100
8. Jolyn Sicat Valeros, Sokol Elite, 47.900
9. Carsyn Coleman, Precision, 47.750
10. Ly Bui, Iowa GymNest, 47.700
11. Ella Kate Parker, North East Texas Elite, 47.450
12. Grace Weisser, Flips, 47.200
13. Brooklyn Webster, Empire, 46.400
14. Maddie Losee, World Champions, 46.350
15. Sydney Snyder, First State, 45.850
16. Hailey Avellar, Auburn, 45.550
17. Giovannina Beltra, Rebound, 43.850

5:02 pm. Van Frayen BB: Grabbed the beam on her bhs loso. 😦 Switch to switch half is good. Side aerial. Double full, step back.

Webster FX: Solid double tuck. 1.5 to front layout is also great. Hit routine!

5:01 pm. S. Snyder FX: First pass into a front tuck, looked OOB. Low double pike, hands down. 😦 Hit the last pass.

Losee BB: Excellent triple flight series. Overall a solid set.

5:00 pm. Parker UB: Hit the beginning, then giants into a double tuck, a bit low and buckled but hit routine.

4:57 pm. Valles BB: Side aerial, slight check, full turn, another slight check, OFF ON HER FLIGHT SERIES NOOOOOOOOOOO so close to the end of an otherwise great day. Double full with a big bounce back.

Bui FX: Double pike, a little short, small bounce. Hit the rest from what I saw.

King VT: Yurchenko layout with a lunge back.

O’Neill UB: Looked really nice in her Pak and stalder elements. Double layout with a hop back.

4:56 pm. Avellar UB: Had a Pak early on, full-out dismount with a step.

4:54 pm. Coleman VT: Hit, lots of power!

Shiau UB: Wasn’t typing but this looked like a fab routine!

San Jose BB: Candle mount, nice. Great bhs loso, solid leaps. Good front aerial. Side aerial, slight check. Little bounce on her transverse jump, AND THEN SHE RANDOMLY FELL OVER AND CAME OFF THE BEAM. I’m screaming, AVA NOOOOOOO. Literally just had the dismount left, which she got back on and hit. DAMN.

Pederson FX: Hit her opening pass, which was huge. Stumble forward out of her second pass. Front double full for her third pass I believe. Great routine.

Weinberg VT: Yurchenko layout with a step back.

4:47 pm. Stassi FX: Good double pike, hop back. Hit her second pass, I literally could not see what it was, this camera is zoomed SO far out. Nice traveling in her leap series. Double full, chest is pretty far down, but overall a solid set.

4:44 pm. Beltra UB: Great handstand before her toe-on to Pak. Extra swing out of it, and then another swing before her clear hip to toe shoot, a little messy. Blind change to front giant half, big double tuck with a hop.

Tobia BB: Very nice bhs loso. Casual punch front, awesome. Good double tuck, step back.

A. Snyder FX: Double pike, lunge back. Front full to stag. Very nice leap series. Finishes with a double full, step back.

4:41 pm. Pineda UB: Arched over a handstand at the beginning, stalder to Pak, the rest looked good, clean double tuck with a hop.

Smith BB: Wobbled near the beginning but not a big deal. Hit her jump series well. Good bhs loso. 1.5 with a big hop forward.

Sicat Valeros FX: Double pike, a bit low but doesn’t affect her landing. Step forward out of her second pass. good finish.

4:38 pm. Haynes VT: FTY, just a step back, good work.

Desmond BB: Hit what I saw at the beginning. Good side aerial. Double full with a step back.

Cho FX: I wasn’t typing during this but a good routine overall.

Sullivan VT: Hop back on her vault.

Molomo UB: Pak caught really high and then she struggles a bit to get her rhythm back. Toe shoot. Stuck her dismount.

4:37 pm. Yee VT: I think I missed this…

DiCello UB: Pak, some flexed feet, toe-on to inbar to clear hip to toe shoot, nice little combo there. Blind change to front giant half, slow and steady, double tuck with a small step.

4:35 pm. Cane VT: Yurchenko pike with a step.

Jong UB: Stalder to Pak, clean, toe-on to toe shoot, stalder half to front giant half, full-in stuck cold! Nice.

Reingold BB: Hit her flight series well. The rest that I saw was great. Double full with a hop back.

Weisser FX: Nice double pike to start. Front full with a step to the side. Omg she has Evanescence music I’m screaming. WAKE ME UP INSIDE. Hit the second pass…and the last pass. Great routine.

4:31 pm. ROTATION 3 STANDINGS (12-13)

1. Rafaela O’Neill 39.200
2. Katelyn Jong 38.300
3. Lily Pederson 38.200
4. Autumn Reingold 37.800
5. Ashlee Sullivan 37.400
6. Lucy Tobia 37.350
7. Gabriella Van Frayen 37.000
8. Michelle Pineda 36.800


1. Zoey Molomo 37.700
2. Izzy Stassi 36.950
3. Shanell Valles 36.750
4. Ella Kate Parker 36.350
5. Carly Weinberg 36.250
6. Audrey Snyder 35.950
— Jolyn Sicat Valeros 35.950
8. Nicole Desmond 35.800

4:28 pm. Coleman FX: Great arabian double front to start! Solid double pike after, just a small lunge. Hit her third pass. Double tuck, chest just slightly down. Fab!

Bui BB: Full turn, good flight series, then a back tuck. Switch leap into her jump series. Side aerial, double pike with a step back. Yay!

4:27 pm. Valles UB: Great handstand, shootover, clear hip to stalder to toe-on to blind change to front giant half, great! Lots of control. Full-in almost stuck. Fab.

4:23 pm. Sullivan FX: Double front, UGH, almost there, just overrotates it to her hands and knees. Double pike with a lunge back. The rest was good.

San Jose UB: Arched over a handstand at the beginning but fights back and gets her Pak. Nice stalder to toe shoot, has a really straight handstand that she ALMOST arches over again but fights through it, hits the double pike dismount.

Pederson BB: Good jump series, just a check on her side aerial loso. Double pike with a lunge back.

4:22 pm. Avellar VT: Yurchenko layout to her knees. 😦

4:21 pm. Stassi BB: Great bhs loso, just some minor leg form things. Side aerial, little bobble into her leaps, not quite at 180. Nice on her transverse jump though. Floaty double full, nice!

4:20 pm. Haynes FX: First pass was really low but I don’t think she fell. Solid double full.

Tobia UB: Stalder full, a little late, into a Pak, stalder to toe-on to toe shoot, nice. Double pike with a lunge forward.

Shiau VT: Stuck her FTY!

4:17 pm. Pineda VT: FTY to her knees, NOOOOOOOOOOOO

Smith UB: Clean Pak, toe-on to toe shoot, stalder to clear hip to blind change to front giant half, hands down on her full-in dismount.

A. Snyder BB: Some nice dance work at the beginning before her full turn. Solid bhs loso. The rest is great, just a few little wobbles here and there. Great double full.

Beltra VT: Hit but I didn’t see what she did.

4:13 pm. Sicat Valeros BB: Big switch leap, solid bhs loso, almost connects it to her jump series. Front aerial, little bobble into her split ring jump. Side aerial to straddle jump. 1.5 with a step back.

4:10 pm. Yee FX: Double tuck, with a step to the side. Might have been a full-in but I couldn’t really see it on this small screen. Good leaps. Front tuck through to 1.5, nice. Double pike and double tuck! Jam-packed for this level.

4:09 pm. Cho BB: A little forward in her wolf turn. Bhs loso, switch to split ring jump, side aerial, split ring leap, transverse split jump half, front aerial to split jump to wolf jump, 1.5, jumps her heels together.

4:07 pm. Cane FX: Felicia Hano’s music from this season. Double pike, stuck cold. Great! 2.5, a little low with a lunge forward. Hit the last pass. Great work.

4:05 pm. Molomo VT: Excellent FTY! Stuck.

Weisser BB: Bhs loso, little stumble back and a fall. Switch leap to split jump, transverse split half, grabs her legs to keep from falling. Another transverse jump with a more stable landing. Side aerial, good, hit the dismount.

Desmond UB: Toe-on to Pak, third of that exact beginning in a row, toe shoot, blind change to front giant half, double pike, pretty open, step back. Good!

4:03 pm. DiCello VT: FTY small hop.

King FX: Carly Patterson’s music! Gonna cry because she was nowhere even near born when Carly won gold. Double pike is great. Big switch side. Front full. 1.5 to front pike, excellent.

Reingold UB: Stalder to Pak, her Pak is textbook. Ray to high.

4:02 pm. Van Frayen UB: Nice stalder to Pak!! Toe shoot back up, great handstand, blind change to front giant half, double layout with a step back. Very nice.

Webster BB: Solid bhs loso, side aerial is clean, back tuck, hit the dismount.

Jong VT: FTY with a bounce back.

4:01 pm. Parker VT: Yurchenko layout, a little underrotated.

Weinberg FX: Double tuck, a little low and long but gets it. Good leaps. Hit her second pass. Her music is like a theme park ride version of “Be Our Guest.” 1.5 at the end.

3:58 pm. O’Neill VT: I missed this. Looked like she had a good FTY based on the score.

Losee UB: Clear hip, arched it over and fell. Back on for a toe-on to Pak, hit the dismount.

S. Snyder BB: Had some nice elements early on. Clean full turn. Double full is good.

3:54 pm. ROTATION 2 STANDINGS (12-13)

1. Rafaela O’Neill 25.800
2. Gabriella Van Frayen 25.650
3. Ashlee Sullivan 25.550
4. Lucy Tobia 25.450
5. Lily Pederson 25.400
6. Michelle Pineda 25.300
7. Autumn Reingold 25.200
8. Katelyn Jong 25.000


1. Shanell Valles 25.400
2. Nicole Desmond 24.900
3. Izzy Stassi 24.700
4. Carly Weinberg 24.350
5. Ella Kate Parker 24.200
6. Maddie Losee 24.100
7. Grace Weisser 24.000
8. Zoey Molomo 23.850

3:52 pm. Beltra FX: Double pike, little stumble back. Nice leap series. 1.5 to front pike with a little bounce. Layout full with a bounce back.

3:48 pm. Stassi UB: Pak, good, toe shoot, blind change to front giant half, full-in with a step forward.

Pineda FX: Nice double pike, front layout front full is also good, 2.5 to finish.

Haynes BB: Great flight series. Side aerial. Double full. Another great routine!

3:46 pm. Molomo FX: I missed most of this but a hit routine.

A. Snyder UB: I missed most of this.

Yee BB: I just saw that she had a fall.

3:43 pm. King BB: Press mount is gorgeous. Solid bhs loso. Hit some leaps in there, then a front aerial and a side aerial, excellent extension. Hit the dismount well.

Smith VT: FTY, big bounce.

Sicat Valeros UB: Stalder to toe-on to toe circle, jump to high, blind change to front giant half, double pike, pretty open, hop on the landing.

Tobia VT: Really nice FTY!

3:39 pm. Reingold VT: Yurchenko layout, little bounce. Nice and tidy.

Cho UB: Arched over on a handstand and came off early in the routine. Gets it the second time, and hit the routine, including a double layout with a lunge forward.

DiCello FX: Popa in the corner. 1.5 through to double full. Switch ring to switch half, nice. Double tuck, ugh, a little short and over-corrects to land on her back.

Desmond VT: Yurchenko layout, small step.

3:35 pm. Jong FX: Tucked full-in with a step back. 1.5 to front layout, a little archy. 2.5 with a couple of steps forward. Good work with some solid difficulty!

3:32 pm. Parker FX: Double pike, nice and big, lunge back. Huge leap series. 1.5 with a step forward. Double full with a step back. Great!

King BB: Candle mount, bhs loso is excellent, punch front into a jump, Onodi with some bent knees and a wobble but get it, double full with a step back.

Weisser UB: Toe on to stalder to shootover, dobule tuck dismount with a step.

3:30 pm. Webster UB: Toe circle, jump to high, clear hip to her giants, double tuck dismount. Another simple but hit routine!

3:27 pm. S. Snyder UB: Stalder to toe-on to toe circle before jumping to the high bar, double pike dismount with a step back.

Weinberg BB: Great flight series. Front aerial is also very nice. Switch leap to split jump to back tuck, great. 1.5 dismount almost stuck.

O’Neill FX: Feed came back at her excellent leap series. Double back after that was great. Hit her last pass as well. What I saw was fab!

3:25 pm. Losee VT: Yurchenko layout, hop back.

Coleman BB: Bhs loso is great. Little wobble on her full turn and then had a big wobble on an acro skill after that. Nice double tuck dismount!

Avellar FX: I missed the beginning of this because I literally couldn’t see anything aside from a blur. Actually ended up missing all of this.

Bui UB: Missed all of this.

Van Frayen VT: Hit, I couldn’t see what it was.

3:24 pm. Now all of the fields are Russian potato camera levels of blurry.

3:23 pm. Pederson UB: Clear hip to toe full to Pak, good! Toe-on to toe shoot, clean, nice handstand before her blind change to front giant half, double pike dismount, a bit buckled with a step to the side. Good work.

3:20 pm. San Jose VT: Yurchenko layout, just a lunge forward.

Shiau FX: Double pike, bounce back on the landing. 1.5 to front layout, nice. Double full, big hop back.

Sullivan BB: Had a bobble on something early on. Bhs bhs layout, nice!!! A little piked but that’s awesome for her age. Front aerial to straddle jump, solid. Onodi, great. I missed some stuff in there, but she finished with a big double tuck with a lunge back. Well, everything I saw was fab.

Valles VT: Nice FTY, just a hop back.

3:19 pm. Feed is down AGAIN, during the touch this time. GRRRRRRRR. I didn’t have a single problem during ALL of podium training.

3:16 pm. ROTATION 1 STANDINGS (12-13)

1. Lily Pederson 13.300
2. Rafaela O’Neill 13.250
3. Michelle Pineda 12.750
4. Chloe Cho 12.700
5. Autumn Reingold 12.550
6. Katelyn Jong 12.500
7. Lucy Tobia 12.400
8. Gabriella Van Frayen 12.350
— Ashlee Sullivan 12.350


1. Izzy Stassi 13.250
2. Grace Weisser 12.550
3. Shanell Valles 12.300
4. Nicole Desmond 12.150
5. Ly Bui 12.100
— Maddie Losee 12.100
7. Audrey Snyder 11.950
— Carly Weinberg 11.950

3:13 pm. Molomo BB: 1.5 wolf turn, a little bobbly with a bent leg at one point to control it. Jump series, little bobble, but then a super solid bhs loso. Front aerial, leg up, split jump. Switch leap, bobble, 1.5 dismount with a hop forward.

3:12 pm. Desmond FX: Double tuck, skidded a bit on the landing. Very nice leap series. Front tuck through to double full, lunge back. Hit the last pass. Great work!

3:08 pm. Reingold FX: Double tuck with a hop back to start. Switch ring to split ring leap, very nice! 1.5 to front layout, stuck. Hit the last pass with a big step.

DiCello BB: Bhs loso loso, bent knees at some points but super solid. Transverse split jump half is a little low in the split. Side aerial comes up super low and crooked, ends up missing her foot and kind of splitting the beam before falling. 😦 Casual punch front, but ugh, a step, and then another fall. Step back on the dismount.

3:07 pm. Katelyn Jong BB: Wolf turn, nice. Cutesy choreo into a back tuck. The rest that I saw was good, just a few small issues, double full dismount with a hop.

Sicat Valeros VT: Hit, just some steps back.

Cane UB: Pak, stalder to toe-on to toe shoot, blind change to front giant half, legs come apart a bit, double tuck with a small hop.

3:06 pm. I think Chloe Cho just hit vault. I should be back on track with who is where now.

3:05 pm. Okay, it seems to be back up but with no sound or name graphics so the issue must be on their end. Someone just hit vault, Grace Weisser I assume? And I think that was Avery King on bars, I must have missed Carly Weinberg. Also missed Ella Kate Parker on beam and Gabriella van Frayen on floor.

3:03 pm. My feed keeps freezing and then going back to ads which is super annoying. Is it just me, or is everyone getting these issues? I’m missing a lot right now, it’s been down for a while.

3:00 pm. Webster VT: Yurchenko layout with a small step forward.

Losee FX: Double pike with a small step to start. Hit a leap series and the second pass. Clean double full.

2:56 pm. O’Neill BB: My feed froze for a second so I missed the beginning. Caugit it from the side aerial, and then a really nice leap series into a back handspring. Dismounted with a 1.5.

No Paityn Walker on floor…she was supposed to go after Shanell Valles.

2:51 pm. Valles FX: She’s my favorite to win in her division if she hits! Opens with some nice choreo before her full-in, small hop to the side. Great leap series, she uses the entire floor. HUGE 1.5 to front layout! Excellent. Fab 2.5 to finish, just a hop. Fantastic routine!

Avellar BB: Candle mount, a little shaky in her full turn. Hit an acro element and a leap after that, and then solid on her bhs loso. Switch leap, little bobble, split jump to back tuck, another correction in there. Layout full with a step back to finish.

2:49 pm. San Jose FX: Double pike, a little low and long, but no problem getting it around, lands it with just a bounce back. Front layout full with a hop. Switch half, nice. Double full, a little crooked from this angle, small hop to the side.

Shiau BB: Candle mount, holds it well. Full turn, little check. Bhs loso, some bent legs. Leap series into a back tuck. Transverse straddle jump half, not really quite there in the jump, side aerial turns into a bit of a side somi, chest down but she saves it. Double full with a small hop. Good fight in there!

2:48 pm. Coleman UB: Short handstand before her Pak, stalder to toe-on to toe shoot, just a little sway in her back but overall some good skills. Blind change to front giant half, and a small step back on her double layout. Great!

2:46 pm. Sullivan UB: Nice Tkachev, toe-on to Pak, very clean. Toe-on before jumping to the high bar. Gets her grip change in there with a front giant, then does a blind full and a double pike dismount. Great work.

Beltra BB: Solid bhs loso. Switch leap to back tuck, little stumble. Punch front! Good, just a small step. Transverse split jump half is at about 90 degrees, and she’s too far forward on the landing, fall. Dismounts with a layout full.

S. Snyder VT: Yurchenko pike, good landing.

2:45 pm. Pederson VT: FTY with a lunge back.

Tobia FX: Front tuck through to double pike, good! Hop L turn into a leap. 1.5 through to double full, also excellent. Double tuck to finish, great landing again. This was fantastic!

Bui VT: Yurchenko layout, not a ton of power, small hop back.

2:43 pm. Stassi VT: FTY, not bad! Not huge or anything but very nice in the air with a good landing.

Pineda BB: Wolf turn, good control. Very clean bhs loso. Swing down into her low choreo, which is nice and precise. Front aerial to split jump to sissone, clean. Switch leap into a beautiful flex hold, and then an Onodi! Amazing! Hit the dismount. This was a fantastic routine.

Haynes UB: Clear hip to toe on to toe shoot, blind change to front giant to front giant half, and a double pike dismount.

2:38 pm. A. Snyder VT: Yurchenko layout, very tidy, little bounce in place.

Yee UB: Toe-on to a big Pak, but her hands slip and she lands on her bum. Toe-on to toe shoot when she gets back on, blind change to front giant half, and she dismounts with a lovely stuck full-in! Shame about that fall, overall very nice work.

Smith FX: Nice clean double tuck. Front full after with a step. Also hit her third pass, which ended with a front layout, slash may ahve been just a front layout, and then has a lunge back on her double pike to finish.

2:35 pm. The touch warm-up is beginning now for the first rotation!

2:30 pm. Athletes have just marched in for the Hopes Championships in Louisville! We’ll keep you updated with as much as humanly possible throughout the meet.

If you want to follow along, here are the start lists, live scores, and streams.

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