2019 German Championships Results

The 2019 German Championships were held from August 3 through August 4 in Berlin, Germany.

All-Around Results

Rank Athlete Club VT UB BB FX AA
1 Sarah Voss Köln 14.450 13.050 13.500 13.250 54.250
2 Kim Bui Stuttgart 13.500 13.950 11.550 13.550 52.550
3 Sophie Scheder Chemnitz-Altendorf 13.650 13.850 11.950 13.050 52.500
4 Emelie Petz Backnang 13.250 13.100 12.500 13.250 52.100
5 Elisabeth Seitz Stuttgart 13.750 14.650 9.950 13.250 51.600
6 Pauline Schäfer Chemnitz-Altendorf 14.050 12.850 11.600 13.000 51.500
7 Leah Griesser Neureut 13.400 12.050 12.550 12.850 50.850
8 Isabelle Stingl Rintheim 13.700 11.400 12.300 12.550 49.950
9 Lisa Schöniger Chemnitz-Altendorf 13.000 13.050 12.450 11.350 49.850
10 Helene Schäfer Pflugscheid-Hixberg 12.850 13.100 11.200 12.300 49.450
11 Lisa Zimmermann Chemnitz-Altendorf 14.300 12.300 11.600 11.050 49.250
12 Carina Kröll Berkheim 13.000 11.600 11.300 12.750 48.650
13 Kim Ruoff NeckarGym 13.400 12.600 9.300 12.300 47.600
14 Julia Vietor Dresdner 12.800 12.000 11.050 11.600 47.450
15 Laeticia Gloger Eintracht Frankfurt 12.850 11.950 10.450 11.400 46.650
16 Alina Heinemann Jahn Schlade 12.300 11.600 11.250 11.450 46.600
17 Franziska Roeder Eintracht Hannover 11.950 12.000 11.000 11.500 46.450
18 Elisabeth Wagner Köln 12.200 11.900 10.250 11.450 45.800
19 Lucienne Fragel Dresdner 13.500 11.350 8.200 11.850 44.900
20 Julia Recktenwald Pflugscheid-Hixberg 12.750 10.350 8.900 11.800 43.800
21 Natalie Wolfgang Ulm 12.100 9.500 9.750 11.150 42.500
22 Leonie Papke Jetzendorf 12.150 6.150 9.400 12.100 39.800
23 Lisa Dauth Unterhaching 12.700 6.350 8.500 9.700 37.250
24 Janine Berger Ulm 12.900 13.650 —— —— 26.550

Vault Final Results

Rank Athlete Club D E ND Total Average
1 Sarah Voss Köln 5.4 9.333 14.733 14.249
4.6 9.166 13.766
2 Emelie Petz Backnang 4.6 9.333 14.033 (+0.1) 14.116 (+0.05)
5.0 9.200 14.200
3 Lisa Zimmermann Chemnitz-Altendorf 5.4 8.766 -0.1 14.066 13.833
4.8 8.900 -0.1 13.600
4 Janine Berger Ulm 5.0 8.833 13.833 13.816
4.8 9.000 13.800
5 Isabelle Stingl Rintheim 5.0 7.500 12.500 12.700
4.0 8.900 12.900
6 Lucienne Fragel Dresdner 2.0 8.000 10.000 11.733
4.6 8.866 13.466

Bars Final Results

Rank Athlete Club D E ND Total
1 Elisabeth Seitz Stuttgart 6.4 8.500 14.900
2 Sophie Scheder Chemnitz-Altendorf 6.0 8.100 14.200 (+0.1)
3 Emelie Petz Backnang 5.9 7.966 13.966 (+0.1)
4 Janine Berger Ulm 5.6 7.933 13.533
5 Helene Schäfer Pflugscheid-Hixberg 4.9 8.200 13.100
6 Kim Bui Stuttgart 5.7 7.333 13.033

Beam Final Results

Rank Athlete Club D E ND Total
1 Sarah Voss Köln 5.5 8.300 13.800
2 Emelie Petz Backnang 5.2 7.833 13.033
3 Lisa Schöniger Chemnitz-Altendorf 5.1 7.700 12.800
4 Sophie Scheder Chemnitz-Altendorf 5.3 7.200 12.500
5 Isabelle Stingl Rintheim 4.7 7.566 12.266
6 Leah Griesser Neureut 4.9 7.100 12.000

Floor Final Results

Rank Athlete Club D E ND Total
1 Kim Bui Stuttgart 5.2 8.366 13.666 (+0.1)
2 Elisabeth Seitz Stuttgart 4.9 8.433 -0.1 13.233
3 Leah Griesser Neureut 4.6 8.066 12.666
4 Emelie Petz Backnang 4.7 7.566 12.366 (+0.1)
5 Sarah Voss Köln 4.6 7.933 -0.3 12.233
6 Pauline Schäfer Chemnitz 4.6 7.100 -0.3 11.400

22 thoughts on “2019 German Championships Results

  1. Beam was a huge disaster today, nearly everyone had at least one fall (Seitz even 3!!😨) Sarah definitly won the competition here with a good routine and her other events were also good, so I’m super happy for her and it’s very well derserved!
    Also can we talk about Emelie Petz bc she really proved herself here as a first year senior! She had one I unfortunate fall on bars, but otherwise a really good meet!
    And let’s not forget about Seitz’s 14.65 UB routine where she also upgraded to a 6.4 D! I mean it wasn’t the cleanest routine, she hit her feet on the bar at the piked yaeger and there were some leg seperations, but someone is aiming for a Worlds medal in front of the home crowd this fall! Can’t wait to see her cleaning this routine up a bit and then hopefully killing it out there!!

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    • She’ll likely be the alternate this year, with Seitz, Voss, Schäfer, Scheder, and Bui on the team. The only way I see Petz getting on is if Schäfer isn’t at 100% in October. They offer similar skill sets with vault/beam/floor, but Schäfer is stronger on all three at full strength, and though Petz has a better bars set, there are three other gymnasts already on this team with even stronger bars, so Petz is the odd man out on all four events. However, she is proving that she’s becoming more consistent whereas Schäfer is still returning from injury and might need more time. If Schäfer doesn’t end up being ready by worlds, Petz would make for the perfect replacement, and she could also fill in for pretty much every other gymnast on this team pretty seamlessly (better than any other alternate options), but if everyone is healthy, Petz will be the alternate.

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      • I agree that Petz would be a perfect alternate because she can fit in everywhere. Usually she has some consistency problems as well.. Once she is consistent she can become a lock for future teams, I think. But for now do you think she could get on the team if she upgrades to a DTY? And replace maybe even Bui or Scheder instead of Schäfer (at 100%)?

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        • Yeah, I think the future looks amazing for her, and if she can actually stay healthy for the next year, she could be a major threat for the Olympic team. It’ll come down to who’s potentially injured next year. I think a DTY would definitely help her become more of a lock, but it’s going to be so close with those four spots next year, it’s impossible to say right now who could be replaced. It could honestly be any of them.

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        • Emelie Petz did a great job in her first senior national championships. In a recent interwievs, she told that before her foot surgergy, she did the comepetitions without apparatus warm-ups because of the pain in her foot. Now that she can warm up properly, I think the constistency will come. In June she had a little setback, she tore an outer ligament in her foot. Maybe that held her back on vault and floor, where she is capable to present more difficulty.

          Team Coach Ulla Koch just nominated the following gymnasts to compete the first trial for the world’s team:
          Sarah Voss, Kim Bui, Sophie Scheder, Emelie Petz, Elisabeth Seitz, Pauline Schäfer, Leah Grießer, Isabelle Stingl, Lisa Schöniger, Helene Schäfer, Lisa Zimmermann, Carina Kröll, Kim Ruoff, Janine Berger

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    • Yeah, I still think she’s going to be the alternate if everyone is at full potential. Her vaults aren’t difficult enough to make a final and she likely wouldn’t be used in the team final there either, her bars medal is pretty much because Bui didn’t hit, her beam is looking VERY consistent and is a huge plus for her, but if Pauline wasn’t in that final and if she’s at 100% it’ll be her and Voss as the top beam workers…basically if everyone is doing what they’re capable of doing in late September/early October, there’s no one I’d take off the team to have a place for Petz.

      She does make for the PERFECT alternate, though, and could sub in on literally any event which is amazing. Like, if Seitz is out, she can do the AA and have a decent bars score, if Schäfer is out she can replace her on beam and floor without much of a loss to the team score. I also really don’t trust Petz’s consistency at this point, and though I’m happy she had a mostly strong meet here, she’s historically been a wildcard at international meets. I know there are some friendly meets and world cups coming up in the next couple of months, so hopefully she can be tested there and prove herself a bit more, but right now I’d be hesitant to include her as a first option over someone who has already proven to hit when it counts in major international competition.


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  3. Kim Bui is a goddess!! She is 30 years old, and apart from being an elite gymnast, she is also a biologist. QUEEN. And I love her fierce bars.
    Also Leah Griesser’s gymnastics are so pretty (love the artistry on floor).

    So I have a lot of soft spots for the German team. So sad to hear that their most promising new senior (Emelie Petz) is struggling with injuries already. They desperately need some younger gymnasts in order to stop relying on veterans this much


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  5. I just noticed that Pauline posted the handspring stretched full on vault but only competed her usual half. Do you think they posted the wrong number or did she want to upgrade but felt off while vaulting? If she can do that vault that would be a big plus!


    • My guess is that she probably put the number up in case she felt like doing it, but then decided not to after the touch warmup. I really hope she can eventually get the full competition-ready, though!


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