2019 U.S. Championships Live Blog | Senior Men Day 1

Welcome to the live blog for the first day of the senior men’s competition at the 2019 U.S. Championships, held in Kansas City, Missouri!

Please refresh your browser every few minutes to see the most recent updates, which will appear at the top of the page.

9:57 pm. DAY 1 STANDINGS

1. Sam Mikulak, USOTC, 86.750
2. Yul Moldauer, Oklahoma, 84.000
3. Akash Modi, Stanford, 83.950
— Shane Wiskus, Minnesota, 83.950
5. Trevor Howard, Ohio State, 82.250
6. Riley Loos, Technique, 81.150
7. Donnell Whittenburg, USOTC, 81.100
8. Matt Wenske, Oklahoma, 80.950
9. Sean Melton, Ohio State, 80.800
10. Allan Bower, Oklahoma, 80.650
11. Adrian De Los Angeles, USOTC, 80.400
12. Paul Juda, Buffalo Grove, 78.850
13. Mike Fletcher, Illinois, 78.800
14. Levi Anderson, Oklahoma, 78.750
15. Alec Yoder, Ohio State, 78.550
16. Gage Dyer, Oklahoma, 77.950
17. Jacob Moore, Michigan, 77.750
18. Stewart Brown, Iowa, 77.700
19. Kiwan Watts, Arizona State, 77.600
20. Kanji Oyama, USOTC, 77.150
21. Evan Davis, Iowa, 76.550
22. Timothy Wang, USOTC, 75.500
23. Justin Ah Chow, Ohio State, 74.400
— Brennan Pantazis, Penn State, 74.400
25. Bennet Huang, Iowa, 73.500
26. Mitchell Mandozzi, Iowa, 62.200
27. Alex Diab, Illinois, 55.000
28. Donothan Bailey, USOTC, 54.100
29. Eddie Penev, USOTC, 26.600
30. Stephen Nedoroscik, Penn State, 14.950
31. Michael Paradise, Illinois, 14.550
32. Mike Wilner, Illinois, 13.700

9:54 pm. Donnell Whittenburg HB: Late handstand on his first skill, hop full, layout Tkachev half, hand slips off and legs come apart, but saves it, how Epke of him, one-arm pirouette, Yamawaki half, had another release after I think but I looked down and didn’t see it, stuck (and gorg) DDLO. Lots of things in there that’ll get pretty rough but good fight.

9:52 pm. Shane Wiskus sneaks into third with a 14.500 on p-bars!

Sam Mikulak with an 86.750!

9:51 pm. Sam Mikulak HB: Nastia bringing up his worlds AA high bar just hurt me in my soul. Cassina, Kolman, layout Tkachev, straddle Tkachev, straddle Tkachev half, muscles through the catch, one-arm pirouette, tak half, hop full, stalder, DDLO with a lunge and a slide back. Little things but fantastic and SO aggressive.

9:47 pm. Shane Wiskus PB: Long wait for him. He was really clean on pretty much everything. This was great. Double front dismount with a hop forward.

Riley Loos 81.150, Sean Melton 80.800, Kanji Oyama 77.150

9:45 pm. Trevor Howard PH: Three scissor elements to start, some are jerky, some are fine. The rest is a little scrappy but super solid. Good for him, this was a solid set. 12.500

82.250 for Trevor! I like him a lot and really hope he can get to Stuttgart.

9:44 pm. Just a 12.850 from Alec Yoder, finishes with a 78.550 all-around.

9:43 pm. Akash with a 14.050 on floor to finish with an 83.950, ugh, I think he should’ve outscored Yul if we want to rank how these days went, but Yul had that really huge p-bars score to balance things out. But this day was amazing for Akash.

Matt Wenske with an 80.950, Allan Bower with an 80.650, Adrian de los Angeles with an 80.400

9:41 pm. Alec Yoder PH: His first one-arm swing is GORGEOUS, but his legs come apart on the second one and he smacks his leg against the horse before rolling off. Back on, some leg separations throughout but when he’s doing things right he looks lovely.

9:39 pm. Yul Moldauer VT: Kaz 1.5, some leg sep in pre-flight, looked really nice in the air, the best among all of the vaults we saw today by far, landing was okay but took a step to the side OOB. 14.300

84.000 for Yul today, which is kind of amazing given that he wasn’t at his best…he had that pommels dismount drama, rough rings form, hops on floor…still a pretty good day but just not 100%.

9:38 pm. Kanji Oyama HB: Oh god, Yamawaki, hit his legs on the bar and somehow it DIDN’T STOP HIM but yikes. Straddle Tkachev, hop full, stalder, stalder half, full-twisting double layout with a hop. Rough day.


1. Sam Mikulak 72.550
2. Akash Modi 69.900
3. Trevor Howard 69.750
4. Yul Moldauer 69.700
5. Shane Wiskus 69.450
6. Donnell Whittenburg 69.250
7. Mike Fletcher 67.450
8. Matt Wenske 67.400

9:28 pm. Sam Mikulak PB: Beautiful handstands early on. He is moving SO quickly and effortlessly and fluidly, going from releases straight into pirouettes like it’s nothing, his combination work is insane, especially the straddle salto into the Bhavsar, this is beyond. Double front half-out stuck. That was INSANE. Wow. 15.350

9:27 pm. I can’t tell if the rotation’s over or if we’re just getting a commercial break mid-rotation before Sam’s parallel bars.

Okay, Sam’s coming up now.

9:24 pm. Matthew Wenske SR: Swings through to an iron cross, then through up to another cross, a bit wonky and wobbly. Really high straddle planche, but his leg angle is higher than his hips by a bit. Saltos elements up into a straddle sit, which he presses to handstand, a bit muscled. Some arch in a handstand after, then a double double with a hop to the side.

9:22 pm. Trevor Howard FX: He looks like he’s crying, his eyes are SO RED. Piked double front with a little hop, he takes like two steps into it. Front layout to double front half-out, big hop forward. Full-in half-out double tuck, cool. Wide-arm press handstand, is that called a Japanese handstand? 2.5 to front full, little bounce into the corner. Flares open his double full a little early and he comes up slightly short. Arabian double front with a tiny hop.

9:20 pm. Akash Modi just hit high bar for a 13.700, he’s had a great day so far.

9:18 pm. Yul Moldauer SR: He had a beautiful flow into his maltese and then into his iron cross. Some shaky moments otherwise, including a really arched handstand near the end. Super open double double with a big hop back. 13.350

9:16 pm. Kanji Oyama PB: He had some suuuuper short handstands early on, out of difficult elements but like, they were halfway to horizontal. Lots of salto skills in this routine, another short handstand near the end, kind of a low double front to finish.

9:13 pm. Shane Wiskus VT: Beautiful Kaz 1.5!! Just sliiiightly soft knees and a tiny hop on the landing. 14.500!

9:12 pm. Donnell Whittenburg PB: I missed the beginning, just saw some handstands that were either weirdly arched or short, one that was SUPER short and that he almost fell out of. Had a double salto and then a salto half and a straddle salto, held a handstand near the end super well, and then stuck the double front half-out. That one super wonky handstand will be rough but the rest was pretty good.

According to Tim, the really bad handstand came out of his Peach I think? I have the volume on really low but I think I heard him say Peach. Now I know what a Peach is.


1. Sam Mikulak 57.200
2. Yul Moldauer 56.350
3. Akash Modi 56.200
4. Trevor Howard 55.850
5. Donnell Whittenburg 55.250
6. Shane Wiskus 54.950
7. Sean Melton 54.050
— Matt Wenske 54.050

9:03 pm. Matthew Wenske PH: Some leg form early on. Single pommel work was so quick, picks up some nice speed as he goes through and this ends up being a really solid routine until he just has to really muscle the dismount at the end.

9:00 pm. Akash Modi PB: Legs are a bit wild in one of his early skills, Bhavsar, a little muscly in some of his pirouettes, full-twisting double tuck with a small hop, lots of little things throughout but nothing super major. 14.500

8:57 pm. Yul Moldauer PH: One of his scissor transitions was a little slow but then he goes right into his flairs, which are insanely gorgeous, single-pommel work, travels okay, into circles, really rough getting up into handstand, smacked his leg against the horse, almost couldn’t get the press up and started to deflate a bit, but then finally muscles through to the dismount. Ugh.

8:56 pm. Kanji Oyama VT: Kaz 1.5, soft hips and crossed legs, comes up way short, lands on his heels, sits it. Oof. 😦

8:55 pm. Eddie Penev VT: Shewfelt, some form things and a big step but good for him. He had a rough floor earlier apparently, I didn’t see it.

8:53 pm. Donnell Whittenburg VT: Roche, pretty great! Nice and upright, and a very slight cowboy compared to most of the men. Landing was solid as well. Tiny bounce.

8:52 pm. Sam Mikulak VT: Kaz 1.5, hips and knees are pretty soft, underrotated a bit, pretty seated in the landing, a couple of steps to the side, really kind of a weak vault for him which is a bummer with how well he’s doing. 13.500


1. Sam Mikulak 43.700
2. Trevor Howard 43.150
3. Yul Moldauer 42.650
4. Akash Modi 41.700
5. Sean Melton 41.200
— Matt Wenske 41.200
7. Alec Yoder 41.100
— Shane Wiskus 41.100

8:43 pm. Some scores…Mikulak 14.300 SR, Howard 14.350 PB, Moldauer 14.300 FX, Modi 13.800 SR, Melton 14.200 PB, Wenske 14.150 FX, Yoder 14.150 PB, Whittenburg 14.500 SR

8:42 pm. Allan Bower FX: Piked double front, good. Double double, little bounce in place. Front double full to front tuck full. 2.5 comes up SUPER short and he does like…a weird tucked barani out of it. I thought he’d crash it so good for him. Wide-arm press handstand, double full side pass with his chest pretty far down, and a triple full, a little short, hop to the side.

8:39 pm. Yul Moldauer FX: I missed the first pass. Second was a lovely arabian double front half-out. His excellent flairs and then I wasn’t paying close attention in the next pass, something to a barani I think. Double full side pass. Triple full with a hop to the side at the end. Everything I saw was excellent.

8:34 pm. Donnell Whittenburg SR: Maltese through to iron cross, amazing. A little shaky in a handstand before his double pike up to maltese, which he presses up into a planche, maybe a little quick there but omg. Planche after that is good, starts losing it a bit in his last handstand, and finishes with a solid double double layout.

8:32 pm. Sam Mikulak SR: Press up to maltese, planche is good down to iron cross, double tuck up to iron cross, a little shaky and not super exact, double pike up to handstand, arms aren’t super straight, lovely double double, just a little scoot back.

8:30 pm. Akash Modi VT: Kaz 1.5, pretty good for him actually! Just some soft knees in the air and a bit crooked on the landing, hop OOB.

Alec Yoder hit p-bars just before this.


1. Sam Mikulak 29.400
2. Trevor Howard 28.800
3. Yul Moldauer 28.350
4. Akash Modi 27.800
5. Shane Wiskus 27.650
6. Donothan Bailey 27.550
7. Stewart Brown 27.250
— Adrian de los Angeles 27.250

8:21 pm. Okay now THIS is the end of rotation two I guess? Why am I so confused? Why did they cut to commercial in the middle of the second rotation?

8:20 pm. Adrian de los Angeles PH: I was just gonna say “I feel like he’s been around forever,” but then Tim just said it. He’s a little scrappy at parts, but a solid effort.

8:18 pm. Yul Moldauer HB: Yamawaki to Endo, one-arm pirouette, Kovacs really close, one-arm swing, hop full, Rybalko, full-twisting double layout stuck. Lovely work.

8:14 pm. Oh damn, this was the second rotation LOL. I thought it was the first. I just opened results and Sam had a 14.650 on floor, other callouts are Trevor Howard’s 14.550 on rings, Stephen Nedoroscik’s 14.950 on pommels, Yul Moldauer’s 14.800 on p-bars…Colin van Wicklen is out with an injury sustained in training, and Allan Bower had a rough high bar routine apparently but I didn’t see it.

8:12 pm. Sam Mikulak PH: Hit his scissor work at the beginning, and looked great on his handstand pirouettes back down to flairs, nice transition. His swing looks so aggressive and kind of great? Like this looks incredible?!?! OMG. This was so good. 14.750!

8:11 pm. Okay, apparently NBC Sports online showed the first part of the rotation, which started at 7:30. I wasn’t home yet so I guess it doesn’t matter.

8:09 pm. Akash Modi SR: L sit pressed through to maltese, then through to an inverted pike hang and back up to maltese, legs are a little low. Saltos up to an iron cross, nice, handstands near the end, one isn’t held really close to long enough. Good double double with a hop back.

Side note, I’ve always been comfortable with knowing what’s happening on rings, but I only recently read the rings part of the code and WHO KNEW that instead of “connections” various combos are actually skills? I sure didn’t. So I’m just gonna keep talking about rings in the way I know how, but hopefully by Tokyo I’ll know every variation of everything.

8:08 pm. Just kidding, here we go for some more.

8:07 pm. I feel like this entire rotation is over and we saw exactly one routine LOL.

8:04 pm. Donothan Bailey PH: Really quick with his scissor work at the beginning, I’ve seen so many routines lately where people get stuck in positions and it takes them a second to transition between scissors but he was super quick. Just tiny ankle separation near the end but overall this was a good routine!

8:03 pm. The competition has already started and apparently Sam and Yul looked great right off the bat but here on NBC it’s been three minutes of standing around so SHRUG.

7:58 pm. So I’m watching the NBCSN broadcast, and I think we’re jumping in a little late, but I just walked in the door after a 14 hour day so I don’t have it in me to look for another stream. This just popped up on my TV and I’m like yes please.

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  1. Yay for Trevor Howard for having a great day! I really like him too! I hope he has a really good second day and makes it to Stuttgart because I think he can be a great addition to the team!

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