2019 U.S. Championships Live Blog | Junior Men Day 2

Welcome to the live blog for the second day of the junior men’s competition at the 2019 U.S. Championships, held in Kansas City, Missouri!

Please refresh your browser every few minutes to see the most recent updates, which will appear at the top of the page.

4:30 pm. FINAL STANDINGS (17-19)

1. Colt Walker, AcroTex, 160.350
2. Garrett Braunton, Cypress Academy, 158.100
3. Crew Bold, Minnesota, 154.800
4. Jeremy Bischoff, Wallers GymJam, 154.050
5. Mikey Kogan, Buffalo Grove, 153.600
6. Lazarus Barnhill, Oklahoma, 153.500
7. John Chou, Stanford, 152.800
8. Zachary Nunez, Cypress Academy, 151.800
9. Jack Freeman, Oklahoma, 151.250
10. Donte McKinney, Minnesota, 150.200
11. Ethan Boder, GymTek, 150.000
12. Logan Myers, 5280 Gymnastics, 149.100
13. Steven Lukasik, La Fleur’s, 148.750
14. Zachary Martin, Elevate, 147.800
15. Taylor Christopulos, USA Gym World, 146.900
16. Adam Wooten, Harpeth, 146.750
17. Donovan Hewitt, Ohio State, 146.650
18. Daniel Simmons, Cypress Academy, 146.200
19. Kameron Nelson, Arrow, 142.450


1. Taylor Burkhart, 5280 Gymnastics, 159.500
2. Nicolas Kuebler, Metropolitan, 158.750
3. Asher Hong, Cypress Academy, 157.900
4. Isaiah Drake, Gymnastics Olympica, 157.850
5. Khoi Young, Sportsplex, 157.750
6. Matt Cormier, MEGA, 154.450
7. Ian Lasic-Ellis, MEGA, 154.350
8. Fred Richard, MEGA, 153.200
9. Rithik Puri, Lakeshore, 149.800
10. Noah Giordano, 5280 Gymnastics, 149.650
11. Brandon Nguyen, Elevate, 147.650
12. Landen Blixt, Infinity, 146.150
13. Max Olinger, Buffalo Grove, 145.750
14. Zac Tiderman, OMEGA, 145.650
15. Tyler Shimizu, West Coast, 145.600
16. Michael Artlip, Houston, 145.450
— Alex Kuzmenchuk, Paragon, 145.450
18. Vishal Mandava, Cypress Academy, 145.400
19. Oliver Zavel, Crenshaw, 144.750
20. Cameron Lee, WOGA, 144.600
21. Dallas Hale, WOGA, 142.100
22. Luke McFarland, Daggett, 142.000
23. Nicholas Tarca, Premier, 139.650
24. Zachary English, Palmetto, 138.900

4:26 pm. Isaiah Drake PB: Super clean and controlled on everything so far. Presses to handstand before his double pike dismount, great!

4:25 pm. Taylor Burkhart SR: We caught it from one of his handstands, double piek to double tuck to L sit, swinging a bit, presses to handstand, a bit slow, but he gets there. Little scoot back on the dismount.

4:23 pm. I just missed a couple routines, I believe Landen Blixt on rings (12.300, 4.1, 8.200) and Donte McKinney on p-bars (12.350, 4.2, 8.150).

Zac Tiderman FX: Double front, super clean. 2.5 to front layout. Hit a pass after that but I didn’t see what it was. Double full maybe? Punches into his Rudi side pass. Double full to finish. I think the skill I missed may have been a front 2.5 or a back 3/1!

4:21 pm. Jack Freeman VT: Kaz full, pretty good. Solid. 13.650 (4.8, 8.850)

Noah Giordano SR: L sit, presses up to handstand, swings through to another handstand, saltos up to a straddle sit, then presses up to another handstand. Very nice stuck double layout dismount. 13.100 (4.4, 8.700)

4:20 pm. Khoi Young FX: I missed his opening pass. Front full to front double full, nice effort, a little short though. Also a little short punching into his Rudi. Think he had a 2.5 to barani after that, and then ended with a triple! Just a tad low. 13.400 (4.9, 8.500)

4:19 pm. Tyler Shimizu SR: We cut late into this, he was a little shaky at the parts we saw, arched on handstands as well. full-in double tuck dismount was good. 12.350 (3.8, 8.550)

4:17 pm. Lazarus Barnhill VT: Very nice, I didn’t see what it was, but he had some nice distance and was pretty clean. 13.400 (4.4, 9.000)

4:16 pm. John Chou HB: Arches over on his tak half, but stays on the bar! And then busts out a Kolman! Straddle Tkachev after that, hop full, stalder half to Endo, a little muscled through those swings, clean and stuck FTDLO. 11.500 (4.5, 7.000)

4:15 pm. Kameron Nelson FX: Double double, good! Omg, 1.5 to double front, HUGE D for this field, unfortunately stumbles it back and sits it. Front double full, good. Triple full to finish, little step back. Really ambitious routine. 11.700 (4.5, 7.200)

We missed Colt Walker’s floor, but he got a 13.400 and finished with a 160.350 total, his AA today was an 80.250!

4:14 pm. Asher Hong VT: Kaz full, a little rough in the air, doesn’t get a ton of power, but pretty solid on the landing, just a hop forward. 13.950 (4.8, 9.150)

4:13 pm. Matt Cormier PH: Slightly closed in his hips and had some minor leg separations but another hit routine.

4:12 pm. Nicolas Kuebler HB: I wasn’t typing but everything was great, had a straddle Tkachev, the usual stalder work, and a fabulous DDLO!

4:11 pm. Garrett Braunton VT: Kaz full, EXCELLENT. 14.250 (4.8, 9.45)

Steven Lukasik PB: Had a muscle up into handstand early on, and was a little shaky in one after. Big hop on his dismount. 12.050 (3.7, 8.350)

4:10 pm. Ian Lasic-Ellis PH: Nice handstand transition down to his scissor elements, and the rest is pretty well-done. These pommel kids are fab. 12.600 (5.0, 7.600)

4:04 pm. ROTATION 11 STANDINGS (17-19)

1. Colt Walker 146.950
2. Garrett Braunton 143.850
3. Crew Bold 141.800
4. Jeremy Bischoff 141.500
5. Mikey Kogan 141.400
6. John Chou 141.300
7. Lazarus Barnhill 140.000
8. Ethan Boder 138.400


1. Taylor Burkhart 146.800
2. Nicolas Kuebler 145.700
3. Isaiah Drake 144.600
4. Khoi Young 144.350
5. Asher Hong 143.950
6. Matt Cormier 142.450
7. Ian Lasic-Ellis 141.750
8. Fred Richard 141.200

4:03 pm. Donovan Hewitt FX: We cut in at his press handstand, so we probably missed at least two passes. Next up is a 1.5 to front full, good landing, just jumps it into the corner. Double full, a little low.

4:02 pm. Landen Blixt PH: He has some of the better hip extension for the most part. Just muscled into his dismount, but that was very well-done. 12.350 (3.8, 8.550)

4:01 pm. Daniel Simmons SR: I only saw the dismount, a double front, but he looks pretty happy with it. 12.150 (4.4, 7.750)

4:00 pm. Ethan Boder FX: We saw it from the double front, also hit a front full after. Layout side pass. Punched into a Rudi to finish. 13.250 (4.3, 8.950)

Dallas Hale HB: We cut in at the Rybalko, stalder, and huge FTDLO dismount with a hop back. 11.300 (4.1, 7.200)

3:59 pm. Lazarus Barnhill SR: Straddle planche, his hips are really high and his legs are basically the opposite, that was a yikes position. Really arched in his handstands as well. Full-twisting double tuck, step. 10.750 (2.8, 7.950)

3:58 pm. Michael Artlip FX: Double double! A little low but solid. Double full, clean. Punches into a Rudi after that. Hit the next pass and then I believe a barani side pass, I looked down for a sec so wasn’t super clear on those. 2.5 to finish came in super low and he stumbled it back but held it up. 12.000 (4.6, 7.400)

3:57 pm. Donte McKinney VT: Another one who did his block SUPER low onto the table, idk how anyone gets over the table when they do that, and he has to really pull up off the table to get his Yurchenko 2.5, around, flies forward out of it. 13.000 (5.2, 8.100, -0.3)

3:55 pm. Adam Wooten HB: Yamawaki, a little wonky in his swing into that, Tkachev caught really high, straddle Tkachev looked a bit better, tak, Endo, stalder, FTDLO, lovely in the air, basically stuck. 12.750 (4.4, 8.350)

3:54 pm. Mikey Kogan VT: Came SO low off the table and started twisting so close to it, but somehow has absolutely zero problem getting around an EXCELLENT Kaz 1.5, pretty much stuck. 14.550 (5.2, 9.350)

Asher Hong SR: Straddle planche is clean, arched in his handstand out of it, back swing up to another handstand, even more arched there, clean saltos up to a straddle sit, and solid on the dismount. 12.800 (4.4, 8.400)

3:53 pm. Jeremy Bischoff PB: Quick and simple but solid routine. 12.300 (3.4, 8.900)

3:52 pm. Nicolas Kuebler PB: Hit routine, just some little handstand deductions here and there, but everything I saw was pretty solid and clean. 13.000 (4.0, 9.000)

3:51 pm. Garrett Braunton SR: He’s swinging quite a bit on everything. We missed the beginning but that was my big call-out from what we did see. FTDLO dismount, hop. Good overall! 13.250 (4.4, 8.850)

Colt Walker HB: Clear hip, layout Tkachev, straddle Tkachev, blind change, goes right back to regular grip. FTDLO dismount with a little shuffle back and the most hilarious little celebration for himself ever, BLESS HIS HEART. 12.700 (3.9, 8.800)

3:50 pm. Ian Lasic-Ellis FX: Randi to start! Nice. Front double full to front tuck full, a little short, hop back. 2.5 to front layout, cheats the stick into his little step-out into his cartwheel. Clean double full to finish. 13.200 (4.8, 8.400)

3:49 pm. Jack Freeman SR: Double tuck to double pike to L sit, good. Swings through to a handstand, only mildly shaky compared to most. Next handstand has a considerable arch, good strength to pull it back. A little low on his dismount, but overall one of the stronger rings dudes here. 13.000 (4.1, 8.900)

3:48 pm. Taylor Burkhart PH: Oooh, REALLY nice flair work!! Okay, he can GET IT, I stan. 13.000 (4.0, 9.000)

3:47 pm. Isaiah Drake VT: Huuuuuge Kaz 1.5, huge step forward out of it. He looks like he has a double in his back pocket just waiting to come out. 13.900 (5.2, 8.800, -0.1)

3:41 pm. ROTATION 10 STANDINGS (17-19)

1. Colt Walker 134.250
2. Garrett Braunton 130.600
3. Lazarus Barnhill 129.250
4. Jeremy Bischoff 129.200
5. John Chou 128.900
6. Crew Bold 128.200
7. Mikey Kogan 126.850
8. Zachary Nunez 125.700


1. Taylor Burkhart 133.800
2. Nicolas Kuebler 132.700
3. Khoi Young 131.850
4. Asher Hong 131.150
5. Isaiah Drake 130.700
6. Matt Cormier 130.150
7. Ian Lasic-Ellis 128.550
8. Fred Richard 127.650

3:40 pm. Noah Giordano FX: Hit his first pass, again we jumped into the routine like as the pass was already over. Hit a double tuck after and then a front double full to front layout. Clean double full.

3:39 pm. Khoi Young PB: Tippelt was mostly nice, maybe a little quick with some of his holds, good double pike, small wobble. 13.350 (4.4, 8.950)

3:38 pm. Lazarus Barnhill PB: Scissor work at the beginning, not bad. Overall a tidy and super controlled routine. This event is going remarkably well! 13.500 (5.0, 8.500)!

3:37 pm. Ethan Boder HB: Yamawaki, some leg sep, blind change to Endo, stalder, FTDLO with a lunge back. 11.950 (3.6, 8.350)

3:36 pm. Brandon Nguyen VT: Kaz 1.5, gets a ton of power but actually doesn’t look like he twists fast enough, almost doesn’t get it around, ends up facing the right direction but has to take a huge lunge back to hold it up. 14.100 (5.2, 9.000, -0.1)

Scores are back!

3:35 pm. Vishal Mandava PH: Legs get a little stuck the second he mounts, but gets back into it pretty quickly, has a nice high position above the horse but tbh his arms just look REALLY long, hahaha. Blessed. Good swing, though, just a big form break going up into his dismount, which he muscles a bit. 11.850 (4.0, 7.850)

3:34 pm. John Chou VT: Kaz full with a little hop back, good. 13.750 (4.8, 8.950)

Live results stopped working btw. 😦

3:32 pm. Zachary Martin VT: Kaz 1.5, doesn’t get the block needed, tries to twist fast and he rotates it ALMOST there, but is just really far back on his heels, sits it. 13.200 (5.2, 8.100, -0.1)

3:31 pm. Colt Walker PB: really nice salto to handstand at the beginning, he has lots of control so far, Tippelt was really nice, he looks like he can hold handstands for 20 years. Double pike with a little hop. 13.950 (4.9, 9.050)

3:30 pm. Zachary Nunez PH: I didn’t see a lot of this at the beginning but what I did see looked fine. Just some leg separation going into the dismount as his one ‘big’ problem. 13.050 (4.8, 8.25)

3:28 pm. Garrett Braunton PH: Gets a little low to the horse for a second on his Russians, but that was really it, a strong effort overall, nice pirouette into the dismount, the transition was on fire. 12.600 (3.8, 8.800)

Ian Lasic-Ellis HB: Huge Yamawaki, stalder to stalder half to Endo, and I *think* he did a DDLO dismount but couldn’t really tell, his twist was in the first flip and he was super fast, it looked like he squeezed in two but that could just be my brain. 12.600 (3.8, 8.800)

3:27 pm. Alex Kuzmenchuk VT: Just a kaz, not bad, just not super powerful, small hop on the landing. 12.650 (4.0, 8.650)

Isaiah Drake SR: Double pike to double tuck to L sit, very nice! Swings through to another handstand, great, and hit the dismount with no issues. 13.700 (4.4, 9.300)

Nicholas Tarca VT: Kaz, a little messy in the air, step to the side. 12.550 (4.0, 8.650)

3:26 pm. Jack Freeman PH: Really solid work for the most part. Hips go a bit soft on some of his circle elements and he has to muscle the dismount a bit but overall strong. 11.700 (3.8, 7.900)

3:25 pm. Luke McFarland VT: Yurchenko 1.5 with a hop forward. 13.450 (4.4, 9.050)

3:24 pm. Landen Blixt FX: I think he had a triple to start, then a front layout to front double full. Good. Japanese press handstand, EXCELLENT 2.5 to front tuck full, 1.5 to front full also superb. Clean stuck double full to end. This was brilliant! 13.400 (4.8, 8.600)

3:19 pm. ROTATION 9 STANDINGS (17-19)

1. Colt Walker 120.300
2. Garrett Braunton 118.000
3. Lazarus Barnhill 115.750
4. Jeremy Bischoff 115.550
5. Crew Bold 115.450
6. John Chou 115.150
7. Mikey Kogan 114.150
8. Donte McKinney 113.900


1. Taylor Burkhart 120.300
2. Nicolas Kuebler 119.050
3. Khoi Young 118.500
4. Asher Hong 117.750
5. Matt Cormier 117.350
6. Isaiah Drake 117.000
7. Ian Lasic-Ellis 115.950
8. Fred Richard 114.700

3:16 pm. Vishal Mandava FX: I missed his first pass, did a 1.5 to barani after it, and then a double tuck, baby hop. 2.5, little skid back. Clean layout side pass. Stuck the double full at the end with just minor ankle form issues. 12.450 (4.2 D, 8.250 E)

3:15 pm. Michael Artlip PB: Tippelt at the beginning, pretty smooth, but then he goes a bit wild into the next handstand and has to hop his hands forward a couple of times to hold on. L sit to press handstand was nice, into a double tuck, basically stuck. 12.100 (3.9 D, 8.200 E)

3:14 pm. Asher Hong FX: Triple full, nice! Little hop back. 2.5 to barani, also done very well. Front full to Rudi, a little wobble on that. Love his cartwheel to dive roll to get down to his strength skill…he does flairs, great, then a Japanese press handstand out of a split. Jogs into his double full to finish. Lovely routine. 13.350 (4.6 D, 8.750 E)

3:13 pm. Adam Wooten VT: Kaz full, a bit short, some form issues to call out as well. 13.400 (4.8 D, 8.600 E)

Zachary Martin SR: Nice work early in the routine, very controlled going between elements. Double tuck up to L sit, swinging a little, presses up to handstand, only slightly shaky, handstand after that is much more wobbly, full-in double tuck with a hop back. 12.200 (4.2 D, 8.000 E)

3:11 pm. Kameron Nelson VT: Kaz full, just jumps it back a bit. 13.350 (4.8 D, 8.650 E, -0.1 ND)

Zachary English PB: Muscled into the first handstand and he kept kind of losing his hip form in it. Tippelt, swings down through another handstand and has a little issue holding it again. Then fell out of the handstand before his L sit, presses that up into another shaky handstand, double tuck with a step. Those handstands are gonna get hammered. 11.850 (4.1 D, 7.750 E)

3:10 pm. Colt Walker VT: Good Kaz 1.5! Pretty clean with a solid landing. 14.400 (5.2 D, 9.200 E)

Crew Bold PH: Everything I saw looked great, very tidy and solid throughout. 12.100 (4.2 D, 7.900 E)

3:09 pm. Nicholas Tarca SR: We just saw the dismount, I think it was a full-in, kinda low with a step. 11.300 (4.1 D, 7.500 E, -0.3 ND)

Garrett Braunton FX: I believe he started with a 2.5 to barani, from what we saw. May have been his second (or third) pass but that’s where we jumped in. Japanese handstand. Stuck the double full with some bobbly arms at the end. 13.800 (4.8 D, 9.000 E)

3:08 pm. Fred Richard PB: Gets a little stuck in a press handstand for a split second, but covers well. Tippelt was lovely, does a pirouette out of it. Double tuck with a step back. 13.000 (4.3 D, 8.700 E)

3:07 pm. Zac Tiderman VT: Very clean DTY with a beautiful landing! 14.200 (4.8 D, 9.400 E)

3:05 pm. Donte McKinney PH: Hit routine! 12.900 (4.0 D, 8.900 E)

Landen Blixt HB: Straddle Tkachev, stalder half to Endo full, nice, hops into L grip for a sec, tak, hops back to reverse for an Endo, clean FTDLO with a step to finish. 11.900 (4.1 D, 7.800 E)

3:01 pm. Lazarus Barnhill FX: Tucked full-in, good. Front tuck full to Rudi, also pretty solid. 1.5 to front full, stuck, lovely. Hit the rest but my computer was being a jerk so I couldn’t type… 13.100 (4.3 D, 8.800 E)

I also didn’t really see Khoi Young’s vault super close but think he did a kaz 1.5 with a step IIRC. 13.800 (5.2 D, 8.900 E, -0.3 ND)

2:55 pm. ROTATION 8 STANDINGS (17-19)

1. Colt Walker 105.900
2. Garrett Braunton 104.200
3. Crew Bold 103.350
4. Mikey Kogan 103.000
5. Jeremy Bischoff 102.900
6. John Chou 102.800
7. Lazarus Barnhill 102.650
8. Donte McKinney 101.000


1. Taylor Burkhart 107.400
2. Nicolas Kuebler 106.450
3. Khoi Young 104.700
4. Isaiah Drake 104.500
5. Asher Hong 104.400
6. Matt Cormier 104.250
7. Ian Lasic-Ellis 102.850
8. Fred Richard 101.700

2:54 pm. Logan Myers PB: He’s very scrappy to start. Had a couple of nicely-hit handstands, but his form overall was a little soft. He cleans up as he moves through, though, and just a hop on his double front dismount. 12.400 (4.4 D, 8.000 E)

2:53 pm. Jeremy Bischoff PB: Had a few iffy handstands throughout. Little hop forward on the double pike. 12.950 (4.4 D, 8.550 E)

2:52 pm. Zachary Martin PH: Had a fall shortly before the dismount, got back up and finished strong. 11.500 (4.5 D, 7.000 E)

We missed Crew Bold on floor, he got a 12.900 for a hit routine.

2:50 pm. Oliver Zavel PB: Again joined this super late, before I could get into it. What I saw was good, just low on the double pike dismount, may have put his hands down. 10.850 (4.4 D, 6.450 E)

Asher Hong HB: Yamawaki to Endo, Endo half, straddle Tkachev, stalder half, stalder, BEAUTIFUL FTDLO that he stuck BANANAS COLD. Wow. 12.600 (4.0 D, 8.600 E)

2:48 pm. Matt Cormier VT: Kaz 1.5, big stumble back on it, like 1 million steps. 😦  13.100 (5.2 D, 8.200 E, -0.3 ND)

Colt Walker SR: I missed much of this, just saw the usual “juniors on rings” issues like swinging and shaking, but not much. Tried to stick his dismount on his tiptoes, but has to hop out. 13.100 (4.4 D, 8.700 E)

2:47 pm. Steven Lukasik FX: Cut in at the double tuck, little bounce, front layout to front full, pretty solid. Circles. Layout side pass, clean enough. Double full, little scoot back. 12.550 (3.7 D, 8.850 E)

2:46 pm. Cameron Lee SR: Double pike to double tuck up to a straddle planche, leg angle is a bit off, into an L sit. Pretty short on one of his handstands, and then muscles through a second one, full-twisting double tuck with a hop.

2:45 pm. Taylor Burkhart PB: Loved his little flip right up into handstand at the beginning, super nice. Big straddle salto that he swings through to L sit and then presses to handstand, amazing. Tippelt, very nice, and a double pike dismount. Fab! 13.550 (4.8 D, 8.750 E)

2:44 pm. Jack Freeman HB: Straddle Tkachev, layout Tkachev, then a layout Tkachev half, good! Just some pike in the hips during his prep. Tak, hop change, FTDLO with a super solid landing. 13.050 (4.6 D, 8.450 E)

2:43 pm. Fred Richard VT: Kaz 1/2, huge step out of it, OOB. 12.850 (4.4 D, 8.550 E, -0.1 ND)

Zachary Tiderman SR: Came late into this, looked good at what I saw, had a full-in half-out double tuck dismount with a large-ish step back. 12.900 (4.2 D, 8.700 E)

2:42 pm. Donovan Hewitt VT: Kaz 1.5, looks maybe a little soft in the air, but his landing was great, omg he’s SO HAPPY, bless him. 14.350 (5.2 D, 9.150 E)

Landon Blixt PB: We cut in late into this but the end was good, solid double pike dismount.

2:41 pm. Lazarus Barnhill HB: Hit an Endo half early on, then a Tkachev, stalder half to some front giant work, including a tak, suuuuper floaty full-twisting double layout, a little low on the landing but solid. 12.950 (4.1 D, 8.850 E)

2:39 pm. Ethan Boder VT: Roche, really high position on the landing, which was solid. Fantastic! 14.400 (5.2 D, 9.200 E)

Before him, Michael Artlip got a 14.000 for what I assume was a kaz full!

2:37 pm. John Chou PH: Very tidy and solid routine! One of the best ones here, I’d imagine based on what else we’ve seen. 13.450 (5.1 D, 8.350 E)

2:36 pm. Mikey Kogan FX: We came into this fast so I missed the first two passes but saw that he hit both. Front full, stuck. Tucked front full for what I assume was the side pass. Double full to finish. Lovely work but not super difficult. 13.600 (4.4 D, 9.200 E)

2:31 pm. ROTATION 7 STANDINGS (AGE 17-19)

1. Colt Walker 92.800
2. Garrett Braunton 91.500
3. Crew Bold 90.450
4. Jeremy Bischoff 89.950
5. Lazarus Barnhill 89.700
6. Mikey Kogan 89.400
7. John Chou 89.350
8. Zachary Martin 88.350
— Zachary Nunez 88.350


1. Taylor Burkhart 93.850
2. Nicolas Kuebler 93.350
3. Khoi Young 92.500
4. Asher Hong 91.800
5. Isaiah Drake 91.250
6. Matt Cormier 91.150
7. Noah Giordano 89.750
8. Ian Lasic-Ellis 89.550

2:28 pm. Nicolas Kuebler FX: I didn’t see his first pass, but he had a very nice 2.5 to barani for the second. Clean 1.5 to front full after that. Stuck the double full at the end. Very nice! 13.750 (4.6 D, 9.150 E)

2:27 pm. Zachary Nunez PB: We cut into this a little late but it looked good overall, solid double pike dismount. 12.850 (4.4 D, 8.450 E)

2:26 pm. Crew Bold HB: Huge Yamawaki, really open Kolman!! Straddle Tkachev into a straddle Tkachev half, his body shape was way off in the first of those two, like he wanted it to be a layout but wasn’t quite there, but damn, really high D for this level. Good stalder work, a hop full, and a FTDLO dismount with two big lunges back. 12.350 (4.8 D, 7.55 E)

2:25 pm. Garrett Braunton PB: Beautiful handstands at the start. Muscled one near the end, loved his L sit pressed to handstand, and then he stuck his double pike cold. 13.200 (4.4 D, 8.800 E)

2:24 pm. Oliver Zavel VT: Kaz full, slightly short, little bounce. 13.400 (4.8 D, 8.700 E, -0.1)

2:23 pm. Steven Lukasik HB: Hit a release early on, and then a straddle Tkachev after that, stalder, blind change to Endo, tucked full-out dismount, really fights for the landing, but it means some arm wobbles are involved. 12.250

2:22 pm. Rithik Puri VT: DTY, a little low coming in for the landing, but covers it well, little tentative hop and an arm wobble. 13.600

2:21 pm. Taylor Burkhart VT: Kaz 1.5, some little form things and a hop, but really strong for his level! 14.400!

Isaiah Drake HB: Huge Yamawaki, layout Tkachev, straddle Tkachev, blind change to Endo, stalder, full-twisting double layout stuck. That was fantastic! 13.300 (4.1 D, 8.900 E)

2:20 pm. Daniel Simmons PB: Hit routine, I wasn’t paying super close attention but I just noticed a couple of handstands that were a little off. Overall very strong.

Asher Hong got a 13.500 on p-bars earlier in the rotation, btw!

2:19 pm. Landen Blixt VT: Yurchenko 1.5 with a step forward. 13.400

2:18 pm. Maximilian Olinger HB: We came in a little late to this, but nice layout Jaeger, lots of clean front and back stalder work, tucked full-in with a step. 11.850

2:16 pm. John Chou VX: Hit his first pass and then a tucked full-in. 2.5 to barani, stuck, very nice. 1.5 to front full, little hop. Circles for his little nonsense part. Hit the last pass well. 13.850!

Noah Giordano VT: I believe he did a kaz full, pretty good overall! 13.750

2:15 pm. Kameron Nelson PH: Solid enough routine. Some little iffy moments throughout and he’s not entirely fluid, but he made it through! 11.000

2:14 pm. Matthew Cormier SR: He’s from near my hometown. SHOUTOUT. A little shaky in his straddle planche, swings down into an inverted hang. Double tuck to double pike to straddle sit, pressed up to handstand, arm angle is a bit off and he’s shaking a lot in his handstands in general. Little scoot back on the dismount. 12.850

2:13 pm. Touch warm-ups are just finishing up!

2:04 pm. Taylor Burkhart has the biggest frat boy vibes for a 16-year-old, I’m crying, his salute to the crowd was so extra.

2:02 pm. The athletes are marching out now!

2:00 pm. I didn’t get a chance to watch the first day of the junior men’s competition, so here’s a little look at the standings from Thursday afternoon before we get into today’s competition:

Day 1 (age 17-19)

1. Colt Walker, AcroTex, 80.100
2. Garrett Braunton, Cypress Academy, 78.300
3. Crew Bold, Minnesota, 78.100
4. Mikey Kogan, Buffalo Grove, 76.850
5. Jeremy Bischoff, Wallers GymJam, 76.450
6. Lazarus Barnhill, Oklahoma, 76.300
7. Zachary Martin, Elevate, 75.750
8. J.R. Chou, Stanford, 75.500
— Zachary Nunez, Cypress Academy, 75.500

Day 1 (age 15-16)

1. Nicolas Kuebler, Metropolitan, 79.600
2. Taylor Burkhart, 5280 Gymnastics, 79.450
3. Khoi Young, Sportsplex, 79.000
4. Matt Cormier, Massachusetts Elite, 78.300
— Asher Hong, Cypress Academy, 78.300
6. Isaiah Drake, Gymnastics Olympica, 78.250
7. Fred Richard, Massachusetts Elite, 76.750
8. Ian Lasic-Ellis, Massachusetts Elite, 76.450

3 thoughts on “2019 U.S. Championships Live Blog | Junior Men Day 2

  1. Not a lot of difficulty in this competition (except for that excellent Roche vault), but plenty of athletes with good basics, which should bode well for the men’s program going forward.


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