2019 U.S. Championships Live Blog | Junior Women Day 2

Welcome to the live blog for the second day of the junior women’s competition at the 2019 U.S. Championships, held in Kansas City, Missouri!

Please refresh your browser every few minutes to see the most recent updates, which will appear at the top of the page.


1. Kayla DiCello, Hill’s, 112.700
2. Konnor McClain, Revolution, 112.600
3. Olivia Greaves, MG Elite, 110.850
4. Skye Blakely, WOGA, 109.850
5. Sydney Barros, Texas Dreams, 109.800
6. Ciena Alipio, West Valley, 107.300
7. Anya Pilgrim, Hill’s, 107.050
8. Lilly Lippeatt, Cincinnati, 106.250
9. eMjae Frazier, Parkettes, 105.900
10. Sophia Butler, Discover, 105.350
11. Sydney Morris, First State, 103.850
12. Kailin Chio, Gymcats, 103.550
13. Addison Fatta, Prestige, 103.250
14. Zoe Miller, World Champions, 102.550
15. Lauren Little, Everest, 102.400
16. Ava Siegfeldt, World Class, 102.100
17. Jamison Sears, World Class, 102.000
18. Karis German, World Champions, 101.750
19. Katelyn Rosen, Mavericks, 101.600
20. Love Birt, First State, 101.150
21. Nola Matthews, Airborne, 101.050
22. Ariel Posen, MG Elite, 100.900
23. Kaylen Morgan, Everest, 100.800
24. Sienna Robinson, Brown’s, 99.750
25. Ella Zirbes, Flips, 99.550
26. Levi Jung-Ruivivar, Paramount Elite, 99.400
— Lyden Saltness, Midwest, 99.400
28. Mya Witte, Genie’s, 99.350
29. Sophie Parenti, San Mateo, 98.300


1. Kayla DiCello, Hill’s, 29.500
2. Konnor McClain, Revolution, 29.250
3. Sophia Butler, Discover, 29.150
4. Anya Pilgrim, Hill’s, 29.100
5. Olivia Greaves, MG Elite, 28.800
6. Skye Blakely, WOGA, 28.650
— Sydney Barros, Texas Dreams, 28.650
— Addison Fatta, Prestige, 28.650


1. Olivia Greaves, MG Elite, 28.950
2. Konnor McClain, Revolution, 28.400
3. Kayla DiCello, Hill’s, 27.700
— Sydney Barros, Texas Dreams, 27.700
5. Lilly Lippeatt, Cincinnati, 27.150
6. Sydney Morris, First State, 26.700
7. Lauren Little, Everest, 26.400
8. Skye Blakely, WOGA, 26.350


1. Konnor McClain, Revolution, 28.500
2. Skye Blakely, WOGA, 27.800
— Ciena Alipio, West Valley, 27.800
4. Kayla DiCello, Hill’s, 27.700
5. Mya Witte, Genie’s, 26.950
6. eMjae Frazier, Parkettes, 26.700
7. Ariel Posen, MG Elite, 26.450
8. Ava Siegfeldt, World Class, 26.400


1. Kayla DiCello, Hill’s, 27.800
2. Sydney Barros, Texas Dreams, 27.200
3. Skye Blakely, WOGA, 27.050
4. Olivia Greaves, MG Elite, 26.950
5. Lilly Lippeatt, Cincinnati, 26.650
6. Konnor McClain, Revolution, 26.450
7. Kaylen Morgan, Everest, 26.300
8. eMjae Frazier, Parkettes, 26.000

4:18 pm. Mya Witte FX: Big triple full! Some ankle form and a bounce back. Switch ring to switch full. 2.5 to front tuck with a hop forward. Solid double pike.

4:16 pm. eMjae Frazier FX 13.100 (5.1, 8.000)

4:15 pm. Kailin Chio BB: Hit everything I saw at the beginning. Switch leap to switch half with a huge wobble that lasts FOREVER. Saves it but LORD. Korbut after that. Side aerial, good. Double full, some ankles, little bounce. 12.400 (4.8, 7.600)

Katelyn Rosen BB 12.550 (4.9, 7.750, -0.1)

Kaylen Morgan BB 10.700 (5.3, 5.400)

4:13 pm. Sophia Butler UB: Stalder half to piked Jaeger, nice. Good handstand before her Church. Ray to Pak, just some leg separation. Stalder full right on the bar, decent van Leeuwen, UGHHHHH, crashed the full-in at the end, WHY. Just came off a bit too early it seemed. 12.600 (5.5, 7.100)

Sophie Parenti UB 11.750 (4.8, 6.950)

Addison Fatta UB 13.000 (5.2, 7.800)

4:12 pm. Lilly Lippeatt FX: I wasn’t paying super close attention to this but saw that she hit her first pass and her whip to double tuck! I didn’t see anything super wrong but I looked down multiple times to check scores so I def missed a lot. 13.200 (5.1, 8.100)

Nola Matthews VT 12.850 (4.6, 8.250)

Love Birt VT 13.000 (4.6, 8.400)

4:11 pm. UGH, SOOOO CLOSE. 14.600 for Konnor’s vault, which tbh is generous, but that puts her at a 56.100 today and a 112.600 total, just a tenth behind Kayla DiCello with a 112.700! THESE TWO, THOUGH.

4:09 pm. Konnor McClain VT: DTY, oh noooo, it’s a little short and she takes a step forward. Sadly that’s not going to do it for her. 😦 😦 😦 SO CLOSE.

4:07 pm. Sienna Robinson FX: Tucked full-in, a little underrotated with a skid back. Front tuck through to 2.5, good! Nice switch to switch half. 1.5 through to double full, stuck. Great job! 12.400 (4.4, 8.000)

4:06 pm. Skye Blakely with a 55.250 today and a 109.850 total, currently has her in third behind Kayla DiCello and Olivia Greaves.

4:05 pm. Konnor will need a 14.700 on vault to tie Kayla, and she got a 14.650 on day one so now’s the time to start screaming.

4:04 pm. Zoe Miller FX: Arabian double front, great! Also hit the next pass, a 1.5 into something but I didn’t see what. Double pike, solid. 12.450 (4.8, 7.650)

4:03 pm. Oooooh, Kayla finishes with a 56.700!!! Two day total is a 112.700. Omg. It’s going to be SOOOOO TIGHT with Konnor. Like, maybe even co-champion levels of tight.

4:02 pm. Ariel Posen UB 12.500 (5.0, 7.500)

4:00 pm. Skye Blakely BB: Standing full, overdoes it, big wobble and a slide back but saves it. Better on the bhs loso. I wasn’t typing during the next two series but she hit both super well. Front aerial to split jump to split jump half was a little iffy with a wobble at the end. Jump series into a side aerial was great. Step back on the double pike. 13.700 (5.5, 8.200)

Lauren Little BB 12.950 (5.2, 7.750)

Karis German FX 11.750 (5.2, 6.650, -0.1)

3:59 pm. Kayla DiCello FX: Nice FTDLO! Just a step. Looked better extended. 1.5 through to 2.5, fab landing. Kelli Hill is smiling at her like a pageant mom at a toddler. Gets the wolf turn. Front double full, some knees, a hop forward. Switch ring to switch ring full I think, couldn’t see the back leg. Double tuck, a tad buckled but solid. What a weekend for this one! 14.100 (5.7, 8.400)

3:58 pm. Ciena Alipio with a 54.250 AA today, more than a point improvement over yesterday! Total is 107.300.

3:57 pm. Ciena Alipio UB: Inbar to Komova II to Pak, a little too arched with some leg sep. Short handstand before her van Leeuwen, some leg form, toe half to piked Jaeger, nice handstand before her stalder half, arches it way over, toe full is a bit late, double tuck with a little bounce. 13.000 (5.4, 7.600)

3:56 pm. Lyden Saltness VT: DTY, pretty tucked throughout, step back on the landing. 13.650 (5.5, 8.150)

Ella Zirbes VT 13.700 (5.0, 8.700)

Levi Jung-Ruivivar UB 12.100 (5.4, 6.700)

3:55 pm. Anya Pilgrim with a 53.150 AA today, 107.050 total.

3:54 pm. Jamison Sears BB: Check on her flight series. Good punch front to split jump to straddle jump. Switch leap, pause, switch half, super low, pause, back tuck, leg up. Front aerial, pause into the split ring jump, break at the hips. Lovely on the transverse split jump half. Full turn. Double tuck with a lunge back. 12.650 (5.2, 7.450)

Sydney Morris VT 13.100 (4.6, 8.500)

Ava Siegfeldt BB 13.100 (5.0, 8.100)

3:53 pm. Olivia Greaves with a 55.150 today, 110.850 total.

3:52 pm. Anya Pilgrim FX: 1.5 through to arabian double front, little hop forward. Dobule pike, some leg separation in the air, slight hop back. Good leap series. One step into her roundoff into the double full, obsessed. Double turn in front attitude. Stuck the double tuck. 12.600 (5.0, 7.900, -0.3)

Sydney Barros 54.550 AA today, 109.800 total

3:51 pm. Olivia Greaves UB: Stalder full to Chow, lovely handstand out of it, big piked Jaeger, Downie to Pak, excellent. Super van Leeuwen, toe-on, full-in with a little hop back. Lovely!! 14.500 (5.9, 8.600)

3:50 pm. Sydney Barros VT: DTY, oh lawd, has a stumble on the landing and kinda flies forward a bit. UGH. Nothing like, SO dramatic, but you know, just not what she’s fully capable of. 14.150 (5.5, 8.650)


1. Kayla DiCello 98.600
2. Konnor McClain 98.000
3. Olivia Greaves 96.350
4. Skye Blakely 96.150
5. Sydney Barros 95.650
6. Anya Pilgrim 94.450
7. Ciena Alipio 94.300
8. Lilly Lippeatt 93.050

3:43 pm. Lilly Lippeatt BB: Bhs bhs layout, little stumble, some form in the air. Front aerial to straddle jump to Korbut, good, just a little picky with the knee form on some. Transverse straight jump full, little bobble. Switch leap to sissone, good. Side aerial, check at the hips, split jump to back tuck, good. Full turn, little step out of it. Transverse split jump half, good! Double pike, leg sep and a step back. 13.300 (5.2, 8.100)

Sienna Robinson BB 12.000 (4.8, 7.200)

3:41 pm. Just waiting for Sienna Robinson’s beam score so the final competitor can go!

3:39 pm. Nola Matthews FX: Love her super confident and sassy opening. Split jump full. Double pike, hop back. Switch ring to switch full. Double tuck, hop back. Got her wolf turn with no problems. 1.5 to front pike, a little iffy coming out of the 1.5, gets the pike around right on the line.

Zoe Miller BB 12.650 (4.9, 7.750)

3:38 pm. Katelyn Rosen UB: Toe full, super late, Maloney to clear hip, a little shy of handstand, into a big Tkachev, short handstand before her stalder to Pak, leg separation. Toe shoot, slightly short on the handstand after, blind change to front giant half, clean double tuck with a little bounce. 11.850 (4.5, 7.350)

3:37 pm. Lyden Saltness FX: Arabian double front, big lunge forward. Triple full with a bounce back. Switch ring, low knee, to switch side half. Good triple wolf turn, and then another good double after. Tour jeté full, a little iffy on the landing. Double pike, big bounce back. Good double tuck. 12.700 (5.4, 7.400, -0.1)

3:36 pm. Sophie Parenti VT: FTY, bigger than most! Pretty clean with a hop back. 13.150 (4.6, 8.550)

3:35 pm. Skye Blakely UB: Great handstand before her inbar to Ricna, a little low, to Pak, good. Van Leeuwen, some ankle form, another good handstand before the blind change to front giant half, stalder to stalder full, almost right on the bar, hit the full-in with a step back. 13.850 (5.5, 8.350)

3:34 pm. Ariel Posen VT: FTY, very clean! Just a small step back. 13.250 (4.6, 8.650)

Lauren Little UB 13.150 (5.2, 7.950)

3:32 pm. Kayla DiCello BB: Candle mount, nice. Super solid on the triple wolf turn, mostly solid on the double. Side aerial to split jump to sissone, good. Switch ring, back leg isn’t quite there. Bhs loso loso, bent knees on all and a huge wobble but she saves it well. Front aerial to split ring jump, back leg isn’t there at all. Transverse split jump half, mostly good, the tiniest bit underrotated maybe. Double tuck is high, chest down and a step back on the landing. 13.800 (5.8, 8.000)

Ciena Alipio VT 13.900 (5.0, 8.900)

3:27 pm. Sydney Morris FX: Full-in, hop back. Split jump full. 2.5 to front tuck to stag, great. Switch to switch full. Double tuck, chest down and a hop. A little bobbly in her double wolf turn. Tour jeté half. Double pike, super low in her set, gets it around with a sorta low landing, but hits! 12.350 (5.1, 7.250)

3:25 pm. Karis German BB: Bhs loso, knee form, but pretty solid. Switch leap. Back tuck, good. Front aerial, little bobble and shuffle. Side aerial, a little underrotated, check. Full turn, adjusts on that. Standing front tuck, love it, just a bobble. Split jump to wolf jump. Transverse split jump half, a little short with a bobble. Full-in dismount!! A little under, just a lunge forward. 12.700 (5.3, 7.400)

Jamison Sears UB 12.000 (4.7, 7.300)

3:24 pm. Sydney Barros FX: Double layout, maybe a little low in her set, small hop back. Arabian double front to stag, super clean! Switch ring to tour jeté full, queen. Super solid double full. Switch full. Double wolf turn, gets a bit high in her rotation. Double pike, hops it into a lunge. Fab. 13.700 (5.3, 8.400)

3:23 pm. Anya Pilgrim BB: Punch front to split jump, solid bhs loso, check on the full turn, side aerial is clean. Leap series into a back handspring, nice. Front aerial. Transverse straight jump full. Double tuck with a hop back. 13.050 (5.0, 8.050)

3:22 pm. Ava Siegfeldt UB: Unfortunately came super late into this, saw from the Maloney to Gienger, pretty close in her catch, blind change to double front, big lunge forward, couldn’t see if she touched her hand down on the mat. 12.150 (5.2, 6.950)

3:21 pm. Levi Jung-Ruivivar VT: FTY, not the most powerful, but mostly clean, big hop back. 13.050 (4.6, 8.450)

Love Birt FX: We jumped in at her wolf turn. They don’t want to show us her full routines today at all, do they?! Double pike with a small hop.  11.750 (4.6, 7.450, -0.3)

Kailin Chio UB 12.900 (4.8, 8.100)

3:20 pm. Olivia Greaves VT 14.400 (5.5, 9.000, -0.1)

Kaylen Morgan UB 12.900 (5.1, 7.800

3:19 pm. Mya Witte BB: Candle mount, bhs bhs layout, suuuuper solid. Great extension on all. Perf full turn. Front aerial, tiny check, split jump to sissone. Great transverse split jump half. Switch to switch half to back tuck, literally perfect, just lands the tuck with her feet apart. Side aerial, wobbles out of it, good save. Double pike, no issues today! Just a step back. Excellent routine. 14.050 (5.9, 8.150)

3:17 pm. Konnor McClain FX: Double layout, excellent in the air, step back. Full turn. 1.5 through to double pike. Switch ring to switch half, solid. Front tuck through to a 1.5, little stumble. Love the double full to back handspring at the end. So old school. Great work. 13.200 (5.0, 8.200)

Addison Fatta VT 14.300 (5.5, 8.800)

Sophia Butler VT 14.500 (5.5, 9.000) – wish we saw this!

3:15 pm. eMjae Frazier BB: Double wolf turn, solid, just some flex in her foot. Front aerial to split jump to straddle jump, great amplitude on both. Side aerial, pretty solid. Transverse split jump half. Bhs loso, bent knees on both, Switch ring, pretty good, just a little bobble. Split ring jump to back tuck, bobble, but GET IT. Laurent is STARING at her, he’s like YAS QUEEN. Step back on the double pike. Good! Just the technical flaws really, overall it was pretty solid. 13.650 (5.6, 8.050)

3:13 pm. Screaming at Konnor and Kayla tied right now. Konnor’s gonna lose quite a bit relative to Kayla in the next rotation if Kayla hits beam, because Konnor is a bit behind on floor, but then Konnor finishes on vault where she’ll gain much of that back…so BUCKLE YOUR SEATBELTS.


1. Konnor McClain 84.800
— Kayla DiCello 84.800
3. Skye Blakely 82.300
4. Sydney Barros 81.950
— Olivia Greaves 81.950
6. Anya Pilgrim 81.400
7. Ciena Alipio 80.400
8. Lilly Lippeatt 79.750

3:10 pm. Zoe Miller UB: Inbar full, inbar to Komova II, nice, Pak, arches way over on the handstand after, UGH. Has to come off. Maloney to Tkachev, clean. Blind change to front giant half to stalder. Clean double layout with a good landing there. 11.750 (5.6, 6.150)

3:09 pm. Ella Zirbes BB 11.050 (4.6, 6.450)

3:07 pm. Ciena Alipio FX: Double pike, lunge back. Double tuck, chest a bit low, baby step back. Tour jeté half to switch half. 1.5 to front full, stuck, that was a great pass. Lovely turn series. Split full into the corner. Double full with a slight hop back. Good work.

Levi Jung-Ruivivar FX 12.250 (4.6, 7.650)

3:06 pm. Kayla DiCello UB: Great handstand before her stalder full, a little late, to Maloney to Pak, good. Short handstand before her van Leeuwen, clear hip, arched over a bit, blind change to piked Jaeger, sweet. Toe half, a tad short, stuck the full-out cold. 14.000 (5.4, 8.600)

3:04 pm. Lauren Little VT: Tsuk layout, I didn’t really see much of it but she hit. 12.750 (4.2, 8.550)

3:03 pm. Sydney Morris BB: Standing full, lots of prep, but great landing. Sissone to pike jump, little bobble. Bhs loso loso, break at the hips but saves it from anything worse. Full turn. Transverse split jump half, pretty good. Side aerial, a little stumble. Switch leap to switch half, to back handspring, maybe shy on the switch half. Double pike, a little low, tiny hop. 13.150 (5.3, 7.850)

Jamison Sears VT 13.850 (5.5, 8.350)

3:02 pm. Karis German UB: Toe full, arches way over and looks like she’s going to have to op off but she kinda makes it a toe 1.5. Figures out her directional issues after that, hit the transition to the high bar, then stalder to toe half, a little messy in both, to piked Jaeger, also wonky in the form and how she caught it. Pak and van Leeuwen are probably the strongest…a little low out of her double layout dismount. 10.450 (5.3, 5.150)

3:00 pm. Olivia Greaves FX: Double layout, lands it a bit buckled but super quickly stands up out of it. Tucked full-in, super open, great landing. Double wolf turn. Front tuck through to 2.5 to stag, great. Switch ring to switch half, the ring shape didn’t look quite there from this angle. Good double tuck, small hop back. Popa into her end pose. Great. 13.300 (5.1, 8.200)

Ava Siegfeldt VT 13.850 (5.0, 8.850)

Anya Pilgrim UB 12.950 (5.2, 7.750)

2:58 pm. Sydney Barros BB: Wild on her double wolf turn in that she starts out crouched and then finishes it standing up…but in all of that she doesn’t wobble pretty much at ALL lol. NEW SKILL BONUS. Punch front with a little bobble, hit the triple flight series well. Front aerial with a bobble into a split jump, a little short, to a sissone. Switch to switch half, way short on the latter. Side aerial, super solid and excellent position when she finishes it. Double pike, slightly short, hop back. 12.850 (5.5, 7.350)

2:55 pm. Sienna Robinson UB 11.900 (4.7, 7.200)

Nola Matthews BB 13.150 (4.8, 8.350)

Lyden Saltness BB 12.950 (5.5, 7.450)

Addison Fatta FX 11.800 (5.0, 6.800)

2:54 pm. Love Birt BB: We came in at the switch ring, little bobble, oh, and then just the dismount left, hit it with some leg form issues. 12.550 (4.9, 7.650)

2:52 pm. Sophia Butler FX: Arabian double front, a bit cowboyed and overrotated, springs forward out of it, OOB. Piked full-in, a little reserved there, short on the landing with a step forward. 2.5 to front tuck, clean. Switch full. Whip to double pike, huge for a last pass and yet she’s TOO powerful on it, runs back out of it OOB. Too much adrenaline, but she makes a hilarious face at her coach at the end, bless. 12.050 (5.1, 7.550, -0.6)

2:51 pm. Mya Witte UB: Blind change, but struggled to hold onto it and had to pause on the bar for a second, then really kind of has to muscle it down…into a Jaeger, but I think the beginning threw her off a bit so she’s like, no, I am not having it with this Jaeger, and falls. Back on for a front giant, Pak, toe-on to toe full, a bit late and she loses her leg form, toe shoot, high clean double pike with a lunge back. Bummer about the beginning but good fight. 8.800 (3.8, 5.000)

2:49 pm. Konnor McClain BB: Standing arabian, a little off in her rotation but just takes a wobble. Bhs bhs layout, beautiful, tiny check. Wolf jump to sissone. Full turn, solid. Addison Fatta’s music on floor right now is THE WORST to do beam to, so kudos to Konnor for keeping her brain together. I’d be panicking, it’s super fast-paced and anxious with lots of slamming noises lol, my heart is racing and I’m just sitting still. Standing full, switch to switch half, little bobble on the latter. Front aerial to split ring jump, hard to see the leg angle from this POV. Double pike with a step back. 14.200 (6.1, 8.100)

2:47 pm. Kailin Chio VT: Yurchenko 1.5, not super huge, but mostly super clean, step forward. 13.800 (5.0, 8.800)

eMjae Frazier UB: We came in at the Church, a little messy, arched over in her clear hip, to a Pak that was pretty weak. Maloney to Tkachev was much better. Hop change to front toe-on, gets stuck in the uprise and can’t muscle it, has to hop off. 😦 Back on for a short handstand before the giants into her double layout, comes off a bit early and is a little low, with a step. 11.850 (5.2, 6.650)

2:46 pm. Kaylen Morgan VT: Big air on her FTY, just some form things in the air, I didn’t really see the landing super close though. 13.350 (4.6, 8.750)

Sophie Parenti FX: Good double pike, bounce back. Split full. Switch leap to tour jeté half. Clean 1.5 to front full, little bounce on the landing. Clean double full with a hop. 12.500 (4.5, 8.000)

2:45 pm. Lilly Lippeatt UB: Weiler half to Ricna to Pak, Maloney to blind full to bail, a little messy in the bail, to toe shoot, nice handstand before her toe-on, stuck the full-out cold. Great! 13.600 (5.6, 8.000)

2:44 pm. Katelyn Rosen VT: Yurchenko 1.5, slightly forward on the landing, takes a step as well, but looked mostly solid in the air, perhaps just a tad short. She’ll have a DTY next season for sure. 13.600 (5.0, 8.600)

2:43 pm. Ariel Posen FX: Lovely front double full to stag. Clean double tuck, little bounce on the landing. Switch ring, back leg a bit low, to tour jeté half. 1.5 through to double full, slightly short, step forward. Love the leap down into her gorgeous ending choreo and pose. 12.500 (4.4, 8.100)

2:42 pm. Skye Blakely VT: DTY, looked great to me in the air, just a lunge back. I hate how fuzzy-ish the feed is, it makes it really hard for me to see leg form in twists as easily as if it was HD (or, you know, if I was there. 14.300 (5.5, 8.800)


1. Kayla DiCello 70.800
2. Konnor McClain 70.600
3. Sydney Barros 69.100
4. Olivia Greaves 68.650
5. Anya Pilgrim 68.450
6. Skye Blakely 68.000
7. Ciena Alipio 67.400
8. eMjae Frazier 67.300

2:37 pm. Kailin Chio FX 12.350 (4.7, 7.650)

Ava Siegfeldt FX 11.300 (4.8, 6.500)

2:36 pm. Olivia Greaves BB: Hit her wolf turns, and a front aerial with just a slight check. Split jump, little bobble. Sissone to straddle jump, straddle is way short. Bhs loso, check. Punch front, tiniest check. Also a break at the hips on her side aerial. Double tuck, just a tiny bounce. Not at 100% there today but she fought and hit. 12.950 (5.1, 7.850)

2:35 pm. I like that judges are actually taking deductions that exist for Sophia Butler’s beam but at the same time the fangirl in me is like RUDE, JUST GIVE IT A 9.5 SHE DESERVES IT. I’m Carol giving feelings scores.

2:34 pm. Love Birt UB 12.600 (4.9, 7.700)

2:33 pm. Sydney Barros UB: We cut in late, I started typing at the van Leeuwen, stalder half to piked Jaeger, and a FTDLO to finish, slightly short with a hop forward. 13.850 (5.4, 8.450)

Karis German VT: DTY, not super clean today, and she’s a bit short as well. 14.150 (5.5, 8.650)

2:32 pm. Sophia Butler BB: Split jump to sissone, nice. Front aerial to split ring jump to back handspring, excellent! So fluid and pretty freaking clean. Bhs bhs layout, only minor leg separation in the air, bananas good landing. Switch leap. Full turn. Transverse split jump half with excellent extension. Side aerial is super solid into a straddle jump to back tuck, MY GOODNESS she’s KILLING IT. Onodi with a slight check and slight pause into the stag ring jump. Dismounts with a double pike, STUCK. OHHHHH. MYYYYY. GODDDDDD. SOPHIA. 13.050 (4.9, 8.050, -0.1)

2:31 pm. Anya Pilgrim VT: DTY, very nice! Hop back but her form was mostly tight. 14.550 (5.5, 9.050)

2:30 pm. Addison Fatta BB 12.800 (4.8, 8.800)

Mya Witte VT 13.050 (4.6, 8.450)

2:29 pm. Kaylen Morgan FX: Good arabian double front to start, just a bit cowboyed. Popa. A little short on her double tuck, takes a big step forward. Tour jeté half. Double full, some knee stuff. Switch to switch half. Good work. 13.000 (5.0, 8.000)

2:28 pm. eMjae Frazier VT: DTY, form issues are pretty minor, just some softness in her knees, a little deep in her landing but not bad at all. 14.000 (5.5, 8.500)

2:27 pm. Konnor McClain UB: Inbar to inbar half to piked Jaeger, good. Pak, stalder full, great handstand before her Maloney to stalder half, super solid full-in dismount. 14.100 (5.5, 8.600)

2:26 pm. Aww, they just showed Simone’s parents in the crowd on the “flex cam,” I love that they show up to support the WCC juniors.

2:23 pm. Mid-rotation break so I’ll give you some scores from routines we missed!

Sienna Robinson VT 13.150 (4.6, 8.550

Ariel Posen BB 13.200 (5.1, 8.100)

Lauren Little FX 12.500 (5.0, 7.500)

Sophie Parenti BB 13.000 (4.8, 8.200)

2:21 pm. Katelyn Rosen FX: Great landing on her tucked full-in. Double pike, lunge back. Tour jeté half to switch full, ambitious series. Front tuck through to double full, little leg things but super solid. Full L turn down into her low choreo. Popa, into a little hop pirouette. Switch ring. She’s a great performer. Double tuck, stuck to finish. Excellent job! 12.500 (4.7, 7.800)

2:20 pm. Nola Matthews UB: Stalder half to huge straddle Jaeger, great. Toe-on to stalder full to Pak, some leg separation, short handstand, and then she has to take an extra kip cast before going into her Ray back to the high bar, double layout with a small hop back. Mostly good! 12.450 (4.8, 7.650)

2:18 pm. Skye Blakely FX: Beautiful double layout, just a hop back. Switch ring to tour jeté half. Tucked full-in, almost stuck. Front handsrping to front double full to front tuck, beautiful and stuck. Beautiful switch full, noticeable oversplit. Double pike, just a bit too much rebound out of that, which causes her to bounce OOB. 13.400 (5.3, 8.200, -0.1)

Lilly Lippeatt VT: FTY, not bad! Just not super powerful. 13.250 (4.6, 8.65)

2:17 pm. Lyden Saltness UB: Hop change to her Weiler, gets stuck coming back up out of it and has to do it again, but gets it the second time into the piked Jaeger. Pak, just some slight flex in her feet. Toe-on to van Leeuwen to Gienger, only gets halfway around in the toe full, hangs from the bar for a second, rests on the bar for another second, then turns herself back in the direction she needs for the dismount. Double layout is pretty good. I love that she chucks so much but mentally I don’t think she’s ready for a lot of her difficulty, it always holds her back from hitting. 9.900 (4.6, 5.300)

2:16 pm. Ciena Alipio BB: Clean full turn. Side aerial loso loso, very solid. Bhs bhs layout, leg separation and she’s angled a bit wonky on the landing but she just takes a balance check, switch to switch half, a little short in rotation and split on the latter. Split leap to side somi, good. Front aerial to split jump to straddle jump, also good. Transverse split jump half, this is a weird angle but she looked a little low there. Finishes with a double full, just some ankle form. Overall great routine! 14.350 (6.0, 8.35)

Levi Jung-Ruivivar with an 11.950 on beam (4.4, 7.550).

2:15 pm. Ella Zirbes UB: Toe full to Ray to Pak, very nice! Slight ankle separation before her stalder to toe shoot, blind change to front giant half, and a clean full-in with a hop back, she’s very happy with that! 12.850 (4.7, 8.150)

2:14 pm. Zoe Miller VT: Clean FTY, just lunges it back. 13.250 (4.6, 8.650)

Sydney Morris with a 13.350 on bars (5.3, 8.050).

2:13 pm. Jamison Sears FX: Beautiful tucked full-in to start! Excellent in the air and the landing was perfect. Front tuck through to double tuck, tiny bounce back. Split jump full, then a really nice leap series. She’s one of the most underrated kids here I think, one we can expect to blow up in the future. Double pike, clean and brilliant landing. This was SO GOOD. 12.850 (4.6, 8.250)

2:12 pm. Kayla DiCello VT: Huge and super solid DTY, landed with feet apart but basically stayed in place. Will be a big E score. 14.800 (5.5, 9.300)

A reminder that juniors get a tenth bonus for doing a DTY!

2:11 pm. Here we go! Rotation is beginning now!

2:08 pm. Really hoping everyone will be the hit machines we saw on Friday. It was SUCH a good meet.

2:07 pm. Touch warm-ups starting now!

Kayla DiCello will start the meet on vault, with Sydney Morris starting on bars, Levi Jung-Ruivivar on beam, and Jamison Sears on floor.

2:04 pm. The athletes have just marched out and we’re just waiting for the national anthem to be over before going into the touch warm-up.

2:00 pm. So excited for junior finals at U.S. Championships!

As a quick reminder, Konnor McClain killed it in prelims, and she comes into today’s competition with a half point lead ahead of Kayla DiCello, who was also incredibly solid. In fact, most of the juniors looked excellent on day one, with Olivia Greaves just a few tenths behind Kayla, while Sydney Barros was also really strong to finish fourth, and then Skye Blakely had some struggles on bars but still pulled off a fifth-place finish.

These five continue to be my favorites to get automatic national team spots, but I think that sixth spot is totally up for grabs. Anya Pilgrim and eMjae Frazier went above and beyond on Friday, pushing them ahead of both Sophia Butler and Ciena Alipio, who had some struggles. I think Sophia and Ciena are close enough to come back and sneak into that top six, but if Anya and eMjae continue being solid as heck, they’re not going to make it easy.

15 thoughts on “2019 U.S. Championships Live Blog | Junior Women Day 2

    • LITERALLY. I’m pretty sure it’s da-CHELL-oh because that’s how I’ve heard people say it just casually at meets, but he threw me with his da-SELL-oh, and now he keeps going back and forth with it and I’m like WHAT IS THE TRUTH.


    • Also, everyone has looked quite a bit weaker so far…with the exception of Kayla on vault and maybe Olivia on floor there have been some bobbles and little things happening that we didn’t see as much of on night one!


    • I can’t speak to most of the little details because I’m bad at spotting that stuff, but a couple of her tumbling passes were stuck Friday and had small, but still visible, hops today. So that would account for at least some of the difference.


      • Yeah, and her last pass was pretty rough today in addition to the hops on her other passes. She was SO ON on Friday, literally one of her best floor routines, and today was just kinda “meh” in comparison.


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