2019 German Worlds Trials Results

The 2019 German Worlds Trials were held on August 24 in Stuttgart, Germany.

All-Around Results

Rank Athlete Club VT UB BB FX AA
1 Emelie Petz Backnang 14.050 14.100 12.600 13.600 54.350
2 Kim Bui Stuttgart 13.700 14.450 12.500 13.650 54.300
3 Elisabeth Seitz Stuttgart 13.750 14.550 12.300 13.000 53.600
4 Pauline Schäfer Chemnitz 13.600 13.250 13.850 11.700 52.400
5 Leah Griesser Neureut 12.850 12.900 12.600 12.950 51.300
6 Isabelle Stingl Rintheim 13.500 11.900 12.750 13.050 51.200
7 Lisa Zimmermann Chemnitz-Altendorf 13.600 9.600 13.550 12.650 49.400
8 Lisa Schöniger Chemnitz-Altendorf 13.500 12.950 10.750 11.800 49.000
9 Kim Ruoff Neckar 13.100 11.200 10.050 12.350 46.700
10 Helene Schäfer Pflugscheid-Hixberg 13.450 11.800 —— —— 25.250


20 thoughts on “2019 German Worlds Trials Results

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  2. Does this mean we’ll see Leah Griesser at Worlds?? She is such a graceful gymnast!!!

    Also hooray for my girl Kim Bui, and can’t wait to see how young Emelie Petz debutes!


  3. All I gotta say is Kim Bui deserve to do the AA at Stuttgart. Voss, Petz, Bui AA, Seitz VT/UB/FX, Schafer BB would be a dream! Hoping Seitz can bring back her DTY!

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    • That’s a great lineup! But I think Seitz will do AA, especially if she brings back the dty! She always does AA, plus she is usually better on beam than Kim! Although I really love Kim’s gymnastics and she seems like a really nice person. But I dont think they will let Seitz and Bui do beam in qualification. It’s all about the team for them, I think. So I guess in quals it will be Voss, Schäfer/Scheder, Petz, (Seitz)

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      • Yeah, I think Seitz will get the nod for it, even though I think Bui has looked more consistent this year overall. It’ll definitely come down to who can hit beam, I think…and because both are a mid-12 on a good day and neither is consistent at all, it might just come down to whoever is looking better in podium training and general training during the lead-up to quals.


  4. Sophie Scheder has a torn muscle fibre (I dont’t know if that’s what it’s called in english?), so she sat this one out as well but plans to compete in the second trial. I would really love for Emelie Petz to get the chance to compete at worlds, preferable in the all around because I think she has so much potential for the future. But I guess the team will be Seitz, Bui, Voss, Scheder and Schäfer with Petz as the alternate because it’s all about the olympic qualification and I feel this team is the most reliable for that job. Propably not the team with the highest scoring potential but you at least know what you get because these five women all have proven themselves at big international competitions. But as I sad, I really want Petz on that team. 😉


  5. I would wish they’d take Lisa Zimmermann as Beam/Vault specialist instead of Pauline Schäfer. She was awesome on beam and she had a DTY at nationals. At trials she had a little breakdown on bars but otherwise I loved watching her. When she can show the DTY at 2nd trials again, she is for me the one to take considering how inconsistent Pauline was up to now (although I love her gymnastics)

    And just because Seitz is always on the team: this should not be a reason to take her this time. Right now, she only has bars for me (except that DTY will be there again)
    It depends who looks better at the Friendly meet/ 2nd trial, she or Sophie Scheder. But I also know that Ulla Koch always goes with Eli Seitz. Because she usually is consistent and awesome on bars.

    I think it will be Voss (AA),
    Petz (AA),
    Seitz (AA),
    Zimmermann/Schäfer (BB, VT) and
    Bui (UB, FX)

    (actually, I think, she’ll go with Pauline Schäfer instead of Lisa Zimmermann)


    • @Me I am a 100% with you. I would really love to see Lisa Zimmermann on the team. She has improved so much in the last two years. And Seitz was good but not as good as she used to. Depending on the second trial I really hope that the selection is based on results and performance.


    • I’m so glad I wasn’t the only one. Her beam was exceptional and I’m really curious what her potential on bars is. Just from what I gathered from the trials stream it stood out to me, how much more Seniority and experience is valued on Team Germany. They were talking about Petz and Zimmermann a lot in terms of “well, they only just turned seniors”. I felt like their philosophy was a lot about “take the veterans”. I know that a lot rides on Stuttgart, but I really, really wish they were better at giving the youngsters more chances.
      I think Petz has earned her place on the team over either Scheder/Schäfer, but I’m secretly hoping that Lisa will CRUSH it at second trial.


      • My impression from the stream was that the commentators were supportive to each gymnast competing and that Emelie Petz and Lisa Zimmermann just turned senior is a fact. From my point of view they didn’t promote the philosophy to take the veterans. With regard to the world’s team Ulla Koch, the head coach, said that priority number one is to qualiy a team for the olympics. Then they wold like to reach the team final in Stuttgart and if they do that their gymnast must have had a good competition which may also result in some individal finals. The criteria to nominate the team are published on DTB Gerätturnen.

        I’m glad that there are many gymnast on the same level pushing but also supporting each other. And still there are missing some gymnasts due to injury, first of all Tabea Alt, but also Emma Höfele, Michelle Timm, Carina Kröll.

        And hopefully Sarah Voss and Sophie Scheder recover in time for the next trial.


    • This would be my pick for the team as well with Schäfer over Zimmermann. I agree with Sandra below that it’s probably too early for Zimmermann. And IF she hits Schäfer has a good chance for beam finals and with a little help from others even the chance to medal.


  6. I agree with you that it shouldnt be a reason that Seitz is always on the team. Besides Seitz hopefully bringing back her DTY I dont see them taking Scheder over Seitz. Right now they are capable of scoring a similar number in AA (without the Dty)But they both excel on UB. Seitz is way better this year on bars than Scheder. Only Seitz has event final and medal potential in my opinion. Seitz is also better on vt and fx than Scheder for the team. Scheder has only bars for me, maybe getting a good score on beam. Scheder is still a wonderful gymnast, though!!

    I think it s too early for Lisa Zimmermann but I hope she has a bright future!


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