2019 U.S. Worlds Trials Results

The 2019 U.S. Worlds Trials were held on September 22 in Sarasota, Florida.

All-Around Results

Rank Athlete Club VT UB BB FX AA
1 Simone Biles World Champions 15.350 13.850 14.550 14.800 58.550
2 Sunisa Lee Midwest 14.550 15.000 14.550 14.100 58.200
3 Kara Eaker GAGE 14.000 13.900 15.200 14.000 57.100
4 MyKayla Skinner Desert Lights 15.050 13.500 13.650 13.850 56.050
5 Jade Carey Arizona Sunrays 15.250 13.350 13.400 13.900 55.900
6 Grace McCallum Twin City Twisters 14.700 12.700 14.400 13.750 55.550
7 Faith Torrez Legacy Elite 14.700 13.500 13.100 13.550 54.850
8 Leanne Wong GAGE 13.250 14.150 14.050 13.300 54.750
9 Morgan Hurd First State 14.400 12.550 14.050 13.100 54.100
10 Emily Lee West Valley 14.400 13.050 14.200 11.800 53.450
11 Jordan Chiles World Champions 13.100 13.850 13.050 13.200 53.200
12 Trinity Thomas Florida 14.000 13.450 13.350 11.750 52.550
13 Aleah Finnegan GAGE —— —— 13.200 —— 13.200

17 thoughts on “2019 U.S. Worlds Trials Results

    • There was rumor that grace did well on bars on 2nd day and morgi didn’t. if that’s the case then the team is what it is.

      If grace did do well on bars on 2nd day, she is the better pick than wong because she also has better vt and better fx as well even if you discount her bb which is higher slightly than wong or hurd too.

      I do wish that they would have been transparent and at least release the score if not the video for 2nd day because that would have completely justify the team even if it seems to be by rank order.

      Like i said, a lot of people think grace is the alternate. I am a skinner fan, but i would still say that grace could still potentially knock skinner out after podium if she can keep up a consistent high ub scores of 14.4+ as well as doing the best dty she ever can.

      The advantage is slightly favoring skinner right now for the highest team score. But she definitely has no room to even slack off for a milimeter. I think at podium they will pick whichever combination giving the highest team score.


    • Seems like Grace, Leanne, and Skinner would all be justified in making the squad and they had to pick two, so I can’t say they made the wrong choice. But I admit, Leanne would have been a good one. There’s been lots of talk about whether Morgan would add more on bars or Skinner on vault, or whether Grace will add more on bars vs. Skinner on vault. Leanne seems an obvious way to cut through all of that. She’s good on both. Even if she can’t quite match Skinner on vault, she can match Grace’s great DTY score, plus she’s been consistently great on bars, unlike Grace who has had a couple of issues (13.5 at Nationals/fall at camp). Leanne did fall on vault at camp, but Grace fell on bars, so it should even out. If it were me, I think I might have taken Leanne. But of course we don’t know what happened on the second day of camp. But that’s the USAG’s fault, so if we’re criticizing their choices, it’s based on the lack of info they gave us.


  1. Here;s the men team selection report. It’s somewhat of an elusive link as they did not include this in the news annoucement of the team but in a separate outside link

    Click to access m_19worlds_report.pdf

    it seems fairly straightforward on a fast first read.

    We still don’t have the one for the women team yet. I wonder how long it will take them to release this all important doc …lol….. I think they are like painstakingly editing and re-editing it to try to make it sounds as “fair” as possible? lol….


  2. I think the correct team was chosen. Yes, they could have chosen Leanne Wong over Grace, but the difference is minimal. Grace outscores Leanne on 3 events, and she possibly could have gotten a higher bars score the 2nd day of trials. I feel bad for Morgan Hurd but she was not top 3 on any event. It seems maybe she needs to rest and recoup before she makes a run for Tokyo. I love her but maybe she has already peaked! I see her falling further and further behind. Is anyone else surprised at Faith Torrez! Wow, she placed ahead of Morgan and Leanne Wong. I also was impressed with Emily Lee’s beam. I hope these two elites stick around. Even if they don’t go to the Olympics, they could make other teams such as Jesolo or Pacific Alliance, etc.


    • yes, i am like who’s faith torrez also….now knowing that she’s a first year senior, that’s even more impressive. she’s definitely on my list to watch now….

      It sucks on the oversight of her having no FIG license. i mean who in usag in charge of licensing should be talked to…. i thought that was a criteria to even get invited to trial? also if she did somehow manage to get a competitive score, then what if you can’t have her compete because of the license? stupid oversight… but glad she got her chance to show her potential.

      i can’t wait to see that public report still !!


  3. This is such a crazy pick for the worlds team, imo. I’m still stunned and a bit upset. However, it is what it is, and now I’m attempting to predict which 5 girls they’ll go with for the team. I averaged all 6 of the girls’ scores from 2019, dropping highest and lowest, and from that, here’s my analysis:
    *Definitely Simone & Sunisa on the team. Simone’s a no- brainer for AA, and I fully believe they should and will let Sunisa do AA in quals, even though her vault isn’t that strong compared to the others, since she is top 3 on all other events.
    *Grace and Kara have similar strengths, but if it comes down between the two, I would keep Kara for sure. She’s hugely strong on beam (though I worry about her falling again) whereas Grace is just good. Both are decent enough on bars to be a 3rd person in team or just a 4th in quals, though Grace is a teensy bit higher on bars than Kara. I still would pick Kara over Grace if I had to choose between those two but a case could easily be made to have both on the team, too, since neither Jade nor MyKayla are decent on bars or beam.
    *Jade and MyKayla are also similar in strengths to each other, and since they’re strongest on vault and floor, both of which Simone is strongest on, I don’t see how they both need to be on the team. They are almost neck in neck on vault scores, but Jade is a bit higher on floor. That said, MyKayla is a bit higher on beam, though we won’t need either of them on beam if GM & KE are on beam.
    **My Predictions for the team:
    Simone and Sunisa, Kara and Grace. Then my preference and hope is MyKayla, with Jade the alternate, but I can totally also see it being the other way ’round with MS & JC.
    What should *not* happen, imo, is to put both MyKayla and Jade on the team, since that leaves the team more vulnerable on bars and beam.

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    • “What should *not* happen, imo, is to put both MyKayla and Jade on the team, since that leaves the team more vulnerable on bars and beam.”

      That would also create the most unartistic team in History LMAO


    • I absolutely agree with your conclusion. Also, neither Grace nor Kara can try out for AA if McKayla AND jade are on the team. What’s ALSO frustrating is that Grace, Kara, Simone, and Suni all outscore McKayla and Jade on floor. There’s no point in using them for that event


  4. Does anyone know if it’s possible to put someone in the team final lineup that you didn’t use in qualifications? Like, if both MyKayla and Jade were on the team, but they Kara, Sunisa and Simone all did AA in quals, and MyKayla just did beam/bars? Would they still be able to use MyKayla on Vault and Floor in the team final? I know this wouldn’t make that much sense, but that way they can still have three try for AA and super high vault scores in the final. MyKayla would get screwed over though, not being able to try and qualify for anything, and this is kinda silly to do, but I was wondering if it’s allowed.


    • Yup! The TF lineup can be whatever they want. They could have MyKayla sit out of qualifications entirely but still be “on the team” (aka not the alternate), and then she could come in and do all four events in the team final.


      • The only few times a gymnast does not a routine in qualification but then does the routine in TF recently is Maggie. In general, you want to know if your gymnast can hit and what that will score in qualification. So i doubt they will have skinner just sit out entirely. in qual…

        We are still waiting to see if skinner will indeed be selected over grace or not..


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