2019 World Championships | Subdivision 3 Preview

Screen Shot 2019-10-04 at 1.12.36 PM

Sarah Voss, Sophie Scheder, Pauline Schäfer, Kim Bui, Elisabeth Seitz, and Emelie Petz

The third subdivision for women’s qualifications includes the German and Egyptian teams, and then individuals from Chile, Tunisia, Algeria, Georgia, Sri Lanka, Uzbekistan, and Belarus.


The German team performing at home is sure to be a HUGE hit, and even though they had to replace Sophie Scheder with Pauline Schäfer super last-minute, this is one of the lucky teams where the alternate was basically just as strong as everyone on the team. The Germans have one of the strongest shots at qualifying to the Olympic Games, so for them, it’s more about taking it that extra step and qualifying to the team final. With a huge bars rotation and solid vaults, they’re at a good place, but they just have to get through the always crazy beam to make it work.


The biggest all-around standouts in this rotation are easily the Germans, with Elisabeth Seitz, Sarah Voss, and Emelie Petz each competing all four. None are really medal contenders, but they should definitely qualify two into the final, and potentially get two close to the top ten as well. For Egypt, look at Farah Hussein to be the standout, with Farah Salem and Mandy Mohamed also very strong.

On the individual level, I don’t think there’s anyone who could make the final, but there are a few in the mix for qualifying to the Olympics through all-around scores. Oksana Chusovitina of Ubzekistan is one of these, and I think Maria Kharenkova of Georgia could also get pretty close, as could Anastasiya Alistratava of Belarus.


We’ve got a few vaulters in the mix here, with Chusovitina likely to get into the final. I think the others — like Egypt’s Nancy Taman, if she does two vaults, and Chile’s Franchesca Santi — will be a bit too far back for the final, but I feel like someone random always ends up sneaking in, so you never know.


Reigning world bronze medalist Seitz is going to be a huge contender for the bars final and possibly even another medal here. Germany will also have Kim Bui pushing for the final, and first-year senior Petz also has a really solid set, though I think both will finish outside the final unless a few other top contenders miss out.

Outside of the Germans, Alistratava is the one to watch in this subdivision, and I really hope she can put together a fantastic routine to make the final.


Conceivably, the Germans could have a few strong shots here with Voss and Schäfer, but in reality, it’ll all come down to if they can hit. In a dream world, Kharenkova would bring back her 2014 levels of beam queendom and make the final. I like to dream.


I don’t see anyone as a real floor final contender from this group, though I feel like the Germans are going to score well enough for a couple of them to get close. Perhaps Seitz?

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