2019 World Championships | Women’s Qualifications Subdivision 6 Live Blog

Welcome to the live blog for the sixth subdivision of women’s qualifications at the 2019 World Championships, held in Stuttgart, Germany!

Please refresh your browser every few minutes to see the most recent updates, which will appear at the top of the page.


1. China 169.161
2. France 166.713
3. Canada 162.922
4. Germany 161.897
5. Belgium 161.238
6. Australia 157.945
7. Ukraine 156.961
8. South Korea 156.662

9:33 pm. Qi CHN FX: Tucked full-in, good! Very clean double tuck. Triple spin, I think she wanted it to be a quad, it was kind of in between for me. Triple full with a step to the side. 2.5 to punch front, buckles the landing on the latter.

9:31 pm. Ryan IRL BB: Clean switch to switch half. Transverse straight jump full. Bhs loso is good, just a little check at the hips. Front aerial, little check. Cool headstand choreo. Off on a jump after that. 😦 SO GOOD to that point. Tuck 1.5 dismount.

9:29 pm. Liu CHN FX: Double turn in front attitude into a pirouette. Triple full, chest just slightly down. Memmel turn. Double wolf turn. Double tuck with a tiny hop. Switch ring half. 13.233 (5.0, 8.233)

9:28 pm. Molloy IRL BB: Candle mount. Bhs bhs loso, fall. Hit her leap series. 11.133 (4.8, 6.333)

Rooskrantz RSA UB: Toe full to Maloney, nice lift, to Pak, good! Van Leeuwen, blind change to piked Jaeger, hop change to flyaway dismount, I think a 1.5. Great routine! 13.100 (5.1, 8.000)

9:27 pm. Olsen CAN VT: Her second vault is a DTY, and a really good one! Prob form stuff that I can’t see from here but still very strong. 14.533!

Daries RSA UB: Didn’t type skills but I watched it and it was hit!

9:25 pm. Olsen CAN VT: Cheng, got a ton of distance! A little messy in the air but mostly solid on the landing. 14.833 (6.0, 8.833)

Slevin IRL BB: Side somi, wobble and a fall. Full turn, wobble. Off again on something after that.

Rankoe RSA UB: I missed this. 11.600 (4.5, 7.100)

9:24 pm. Black CAN VT: Nailed the handspring front layout full! 14.200 (5.4, 8.800). The tsuk 1.5 was also excellent.

Mordenti LUX UB: I missed this. 10.500 (3.5, 7.000)

9:23 pm. So Canada inquiried Brooklyn’s floor D and instead of getting it upgraded, it got DOWNGRADED BY A TENTH I’M GOING TO SCREAM.

9:20 pm. Moors CAN VT: Handspring front layout full, a little low but I think the best she’s done it. 13.900 (5.4, 8.600, -0.1)

Li CHN FX: Triple full, a little rough. I missed the next pass…double pike was solid. Switch half before her final pose. 12.600 (4.5, 8.200, -0.1)

Mokosova SVK BB: I didn’t see any of this sadly! 11.366 (4.5, 6.866)

9:16 pm. Tang CHN FX: Triple full, a little off, into a front tuck, corrects in the air basically. Much better on the 2.5 to front pike. Double tuck, a little low with a step. Double pike is very low, little stumble forward. 12.866 (5.2, 7.666)

Bunce SVK BB: Bhs loso, good! Had a pirouette go a bit nuts. Good leap and jumps series. Wild landing on a transverse jump. Front aerial. Hit the dismount. 11.266 (4.9, 6.366)

Rutty CAY BB: Toe-on to toe shoot, close to the bar. That’s all I saw.

9:07 pm. Li CHN BB: Hit the beginning, then a side aerial, front series, switch to back handspring, transverse jump half, clean double pike with a hop back. 14.500 (6.2, 8.300)!!!

Black CAN FX: Popa to start. Front full through to triple full, the front full came SO late I thought she’d be way OOB but she’s smart and reigns in the rest. 2.5 through to double pike, fab. Switch full. Oh weird…her last pass went haywire. Double full I think, but she kinda tucked it weirdly, it was bizarre. Still hit it I guess! 13.200 (5.1, 8.100)

Molloy IRL UB: I missed this. 10.833 (3.1, 7.733)

9:04 pm. Moors CAN FX: Nailed the Podkopayeva and the front double full to front full. Triple attitude spin! THE B MOORS. Switch ring half. Split ring jump to ring jump to Korbut. 2.5 to front tuck is a bit low but she gets it. Also FREAKING BEAUTIFUL performance. 13.666 (5.3, 8.366)…currently second!

Chen CHN BB: Hit her flight series, then a switch leap to split ring leap to back handspring, superb. Front aerial to split ring jump. Triple full, step back. 14.266 (6.4, 7.866)

9:03 pm. Slevin IRL UB: Van Leeuwen, blind change to straddle Jaeger, Pak, Maloney to bail to toe shoot, good, just flexed feet on the Pak. Blind full, layout double full. 12.200 (4.9, 7.300)

9:01 pm. Rooskrantz RSA VT: I think she had an FTY but I couldn’t see the landing. 13.233 (4.6, 8.733, -0.1)

8:59 pm. Tang CHN BB: Hit her mount, then a messy layout series. Off on something and then a jump series right after. UGH. Switch leap into a leap to a back handspring. Full turn. The rest was good, I wasn’t typing but she hit everything, double full with some ankle form. 11.733 (5.8, 5.933)

Woo CAN FX: Double layout, super low, big step out of it. Hit her 2.5 nicely and also hit the last pass.

Bunce SVK UB: Had a fall but I missed the skill. Finished well. 10.900 (4.4, 6.500)

Daries RSA VT: FTY, looked a little rushed/messy. 13.133 (4.6, 8.633, -0.1)

8:58 pm. Mokosova SVK UB: Toe full, a little messy into the Maloney to Pak, van Leeuwen, some leg form, stalder half to piked Jaeger, clean double pike.

Mordenti LUX VT: Clean handspring front pike.

8:57 pm. Rutty CAY VT: Yurchenko layout, chest down a bit, hop.

8:54 pm. Liu CHN BB: Candle mount, holds it well. Front handspring front tuck, solid. Switch leap to split ring leap to back handspring. Switch ring. Hit a mixed series after that into a Korbut. Side aerial to her jump series. Double full, clean and solid. Well, that was brilliant. 14.300 (6.2, 8.200, -0.1)…HUGE lead, almost a point!

Olsen CAN FX: Double double, good! A little messy but just a hop on the landing. Piked full-in. Front through to doucble tuck, a little low with a hop. Triple full, a tad short.

Ryan IRL UB: Hit routine! Excellent job! 11.300 (3.9, 7.400)

Rankoe RSA VT: I missed this. 11.300 (3.7, 7.600)

8:47 pm. Daries RSA FX: Has some really cool opening choreo. Double wolf turn. Split jump full. 2.5 goes low and long, still gets the front tuck out of it somehow. OOB I think. Double L turn. Double pike with a hop back. L turn to full pirouette. Hit her last pass, a double full. Great job!

8:43 pm. Padurariu CAN BB: Triple wolf turn, great. Little wobble on something after that. Side aerial loso loso, nails it. Tiniest little check. Switch half I think I can’t see jumps at this angle. Front aerial to split jump to back handspring, lovely. Switch leap to sheep jump, little bobble. Double full is a little short, step forward. 13.500 (5.9, 7.600)

Mordenti LUX FX: Double tuck, solid landing. Front full. Clean double full with a step back. 11.400 (4.2, 7.200)

8:41 pm. Rutty CAY FX: Double back was solid. Front through to layout full. Little stumble on her last pass, I think a front layout full. 10.800 (3.9, 7.300, -0.4)

8:40 pm. Black CAN BB: Punch front, tiny check. Super solid bhs layout. Hit her leaps into an acro, and the 2.5 dismount. 13.533 (5.6, 7.933)

Li CHN UB: Blind change to piked Jaeger, Ricna to Pak, just slight leg separation, Maloney to Gienger, could be a little tighter in her form there, Full-in stuck! 14.166 (5.6, 8.566)

8:39 pm. Slevin IRL VT: Hit her FTY well, just not a ton of amplitude. 13.400 (4.6, 8.800)

8:38 pm. Bunce SVK VT: FTY, a little messy.

Liu CHN UB: A shaposh variation (didn’t see the entry) to Pak, Maloney to Gienger, blind change to front giant to Ling to Healy to Healy half, clean double layout, little slide back. 14.766 (6.0, 8.766)

8:36 pm. Tang CHN UB: I only saw the Ling to Healy to piked Jaeger, and the double layout, all were lovely. 14.633 (6.0, 8.633)

Moors CAN BB: Fell on her front flight series. 😦 Full turn in attitude, lovely. Hit the dismount. 12.133 (5.1, 7.033)

Rooskrantz RSA FX: Love her opening choreo. Stuck the double pike. Double tuck with a step back. Front tuck through to a 1.5 I think. 11.833 (4.3, 7.533)

Mokosova SVK VT: Hit, I didn’t see what though, just the landing. 13.500 (4.6, 8.900)

8:35 pm. Ryan IRL VT: Handspring front pike half, solid!

8:33 pm. Rankoe RSA FX: Roundoff right into her double tuck. I didn’t see much of the rest but she hit what I saw.

Woo CAN BB: Bhs loso, slight check. Double spin, looked like it might go over or be problematic but she stops it perfectly. 12.300 (4.8, 7.500)

Chen CHN UB: Some sort of shaposh to Pak, Maloney to Gienger, good. One-arm front pirouette to Jaeger, then a Healy, and hit her dismount. Good! 14.366 (5.9, 8.466)

8:32 pm. China had a 43.265 on vault by the way!!!!!!

8:26 pm. Pino ECU BB: Bhs loso, fall. Front aerial, splits the beam and then swings under it and falls again. Jump series has a huge wobble at the end. Switch half with a bobble. Also a wobble on the side aerial. Hit her leap series. Transverse split jump half is good. Front layout full, deep landing. 8.333 (4.3, 4.033)

8:24 pm. Bunce SVK FX: Double pike, some leg separation but good landing. 1.5 to front layout into the corner, solid. Split jump full, a little short. 2.5, a little soft in her hips but nails the landing. Clean double full. 11.800 (4.3, 7.500)

8:22 pm. Mordenti LUX BB: Switch leap to wolf jump. Off on her bhs loso. Switch side. Transverse split jump half. Stumbled out of her side aerial. Full turn. 1.5 dismount is good. 10.033 (4.5, 5.533)

8:21 pm. Mokosova SVK FX: Double tuck with a bounce back. 1.5 to front tuck, came in super low for the tuck but gets it around. Double full with a hop. Good work. 11.766 (4.3, 7.466)

8:19 pm. Rutty CAY BB: Bhs loso is good! Sissone to wolf jump, low on both. Transverse straight jump full. Back tuck, solid. Switch leap, low back leg, and a layout full. EXCELLENT for her! 10.166 (4.0, 6.166)

8:17 pm. Ryan IRL FX: Super high set on her double tuck, lands it a tad bit low and takes a step. Switch leap to tour jeté half. Nice 1.5 to front full! Good double full. Popa. 12.100 (4.4, 7.700)

8:14 pm. Molloy IRL FX: Double pike with a hop back. Switch leap to tour jeté half. Clean double tuck. 11.833

Qi CHN VT: First vault was an excellent DTY, just a step back. 14.533 (5.4, 9.133). I believe she did a Rudi for her second vault, looked good from here.

Padurariu CAN UB: Toe half to piked Jaeger is great. Nice handstand before her inbar piked Tkachev, stalder to bail to stalder full, Ray, high double tuck with a step back. She’s hella downgraded but I think it’s what she needs based on podium training. 13.433 (5.2, 8.233)

Rankoe RSA BB: Hit routine! 11.033 (4.7, 6.333)

8:12 pm. Rooskrantz RSA BB: Off on her back tuck series. 😦 Hit her side aerial. 11.300 (4.8, 6.500)

Black CAN UB: Hit her first release, then a Shang and a piked Jaeger to Pak, good! Van Leeuwen, pretty solid, blind full, tucked toe front half. 14.266 (5.9, 8.366)

8:10 pm. Li CHN VT: Really excellent DTY! 14.466 (5.4, 9.066)

Woo CAN UB: Maloney to clear hip full, toe-on to bail to toe shoot, piked Jaeger, super clean stuck double layout. 13.500 (5.1, 8.400)

8:08 pm. Moors CAN UB: Pak, toe full, van Leeuwen, blind change to piked Khorkina, Moors dismount. Great routine! 13.333 (5.0, 8.333)

Slevin IRL UB: Clean double tuck with a bounce back. 11.733 (4.3, 7.533)

Daries RSA BB: Layout series was good. Back tuck. Hit the dismount. 12.100 (4.7, 7.400)

9 thoughts on “2019 World Championships | Women’s Qualifications Subdivision 6 Live Blog

  1. Is it even allowed to downgrade an D-Score?! (I mean of course it is otherwise the judges wouldn’t have done it, but really…) That must suck for Brooklyn.


  2. i didn’t know you can get a double wammy with inquiries, getting a downgrade as losing money at the same time? ;(. I thought just being denied and losing your money was bad enough?!


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