2019 World Championships | Subdivision 6 Preview

Screen Shot 2019-10-04 at 8.05.17 PM


The sixth subdivision for women’s qualifications includes the Chinese and Canadian teams, and then individuals from South African, the Cayman Islands, Luxembourg, Ecuador, Ireland, and Slovakia.


So, China looks amazing right now, and they’re gearing up for what should be silver to the U.S.’s gold. I feel like we’ll see some incredible work from this team today and in the final, and since they’re SO strong right now, it would take a lot for them to fall from that expected second-place position.

Canada also has a fantastic team, with the key four — Ellie Black, Brooklyn Moors, Ana Padurariu, and Shallon Olsen — all here and healthy, while Victoria-Kayen Woo — who has had the best year of her career, pretty much — rounds them out. I think they’ll again have a shot at a medal this year; even though it’s going to be tough with so many teams at the same level, Canada is right where they need to be and I think they’ll have an incredible worlds.


For China, Liu Tingting has looked fabulous in the all-around this year, and I consider her a top-five gymnast if she hits. Tang Xijing and Li Shijia are also competing all four events for China, and I think depending on how they look today, either one can also make it into the all-around pretty easily.

Black is the obvious bet for Canada into the all-around final, with both Moors and Woo also competing all four, and though Moors is the stronger of the two, Woo beat her at Pan Ams, so it’s nice that they have a backup who is capable of following through with clutch routines the way Woo can.

For the individuals, I don’t think we’ll see any all-around final contenders, though Emma Slevin and Meg Ryan of Ireland and Barbora Mokosova of Slovakia should do well enough to be in the hunt for Olympic qualification, as will Caitlin Rooskrantz of South Africa, who hasn’t been able to compete in the all-around due to injury, but she was fabulous last year and if she can score as well as she did in Doha, she’ll likely make it to Tokyo.


Qi Qi of China and Olsen are the big names to watch here, with Black also hoping to get in.


I feel like pretty much anyone competing bars for China could sneak into the final…they don’t have any Fan Yilin-esque routines, but they have some that are really fantastic and it’ll come down to who hits. For Canada, Black and Padurariu are the strongest, but I don’t think either will end up getting into the final, and no individual competitors in this subdivision are necessarily bars gymnasts.


Again, basically almost all of China, with reigning world champion Liu my favorite, but Li has really stepped up to become a key beam kid this year, and both Tang and Chen Yile are fabulous as well as backups. As in 2018, Black and Padurariu are both likely to make the final if they can do what they’re capable of, and again, for individuals, there’s really no one on the list.


I love Qi on floor, and really hope we see her get in. It’ll be hit or miss, as floor scores have been a bit low today, so a lower score might be just what’s needed to sneak in. Black is always a standout here, but of course, Moors is the best on this event, and I hope she can pull off the kind of routine she had in the Pan Ams final.

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