Around the Gymternet: Now cracks a noble heart

“When I was modeling in New York during 9/11 people were dying but I still worked it and was fierce.” -Tyra Banks. I might be watching too much TV

Comp news

Laurie’s back at camp. Laurie Hernandez got an invite to November’s national team camp, making her comeback official. Tom Forster says he hasn’t seen any training videos from her, but that he spoke to her at nationals about her progress. Here is the rest of the camp roster—note that the worlds team is exempt, and Riley “my muscles are no longer releasing a toxic chemical into my bloodstream I’m good” McCusker is in. 

A few lil comps happened. For some reason, people are still competing after worlds (don’t they know this is cinnamon roll season?). Jade Carey and Allan Bower won the Swiss Cup, and the Romanian Juniors did better than their senior counterparts in the junior comp.

Meanwhile, Oleg Verniaiev won the Arthur Gander Memorial, while Lorette Charpy won on the women’s side; Kim Bui won a Bundesliga event over the weekend; and Alva Eriksson won the Malar Cup.

U.S. party in Cottbus. Turns out three U.S. men will be representing at Cottbus.

Wut happened

NCAA: Athletes will be able to profit. The NCAA Board of Governors decided Tuesday to allow student-athletes to profit from their “name, image and likeness.” But it’s unclear how this new policy will work and what rules the NCAA will put into place to regulate it.

  • The Game Over commission, which was “founded to examine the institutional failures that led to the Nassar case,” is holding its first public hearing today as part of their independent investigation into the case.
  • The Tokyo gymnastics arena is finished, including a state-of-the-art, under-the-table concrete sleep area for Lauren Hubkins, The Gymternet.

Required reading

  • “It’s always worth trying one more time”: Interview with Austria’s Elisa Hämmerle (The Gymternet)
  • Read Spencer’s Clickable Code of Points (The Balance Beam Situation)
  • The NCAA isn’t allowing athletes to get paid. The NCAA is buying time (For The Win)
  • Thank You (Deadspin)

Star status

Retirements. Jordan Bowers has retired from elite gymnastics, she announced Saturday. In a Twitter post, Bowers wrote that due to her back injuries she’s dropping to Level 10 and focusing on getting ready to start competing for Oklahoma.

Meanwhile, Georgia sophomore Alexa Al-Hameed also retired, as did Wang Cenyu.

Recoveries. Ellie Black is on the up-and-up after ankle surgery. She she tore ankle ligaments when she landed short during the worlds all-around final and is kindly updating us on her progress via Instagram.

Upgrades. Danusia Francis did a painful-looking giant, and Kylie Coen caught a Nabs in a mixed grip.

Commits. Jessica Castles is going to Arizona, and looks like Luisa Blanco is joining Alabama early.

Chuso’s journey. Catch up with Oksana Chusovitina in this interview.

Staying social

Shawn maybe had a baby? It’s unclear, but I’ve learned my lesson and won’t post anything here until I see it in America’s most trusted news source, People Magazine.

Halloween happened! And everyone dressed up!

Jordyn Wieber dressed up as Chris Brooks, Simone Manuel (the swimmer) dressed up as Simone Biles (the gymnast), Simone btw was/is an angel, a dinosaur did the Nadia, Kim Zmeskal was a flying squirrel, Morgan Hurd was Captain Marvel, and Nastia’s boyfriend went as…her?

Call her Archie. Watch this intense bar save.

Last words

Rest in peace, Deadspin. 

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10 thoughts on “Around the Gymternet: Now cracks a noble heart

    • Because that is a perfectly reasonable assumption. I don’t think anyone has achieved this in the US with only 8 months to the Olympics.


  1. Tell me with a straight face that this attempt of a ring leap should have been credited. Seriously Lauren, I am begging you to tell me.


  2. An aside…Is it just me or is anyone else having a hard time watching the All-Around series on the Olympic Channel? For the life of me I can’t find the spot to click to watch any of the episodes on their website. What’s the trick? Anyone have a link?


  3. I think it`s more difficult to find and click on using a smartphone. On a laptop, it`s very easy to see. google Olympic Channel all around and you will be directed to the correct page and then watch it there.


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