Introducing the 2020 Calendar


All of us for the next eight months

The new year — an Olympic year, at that! — is upon us in just two weeks. To help guide you through and plan your weekends, we excitedly present…

The 2020 Gymnastics Calendar!


The calendar tracks all of the WAG and MAG meets throughout the year, though just note that many national championship meets haven’t yet been announced so we’ll be adding those as well as all of the smaller friendly meets and invitationals along the way.

Within two weeks of each meet, we also link to coverage guides that include all of our related coverage for that particular meet, as well as the schedule and where you can watch.

If you’re looking for this calendar throughout the year, you can always find it along with all of our previous calendars linked under the Meet Coverage dropdown tab on the menu bar.

Screen Shot 2019-12-18 at 9.32.35 PM

Or, ya know, just bookmark it!

For your convenience, and so you can get a little glimpse into what the year looks like, we’re also including the full calendar below…but to follow throughout the year, always use the link above.

Happy gymnasticsing!

Date Meet Location
Jan 17-18 RD761 Junior International Team Cup Houston, Texas
Jan 24-26 Metroplex National Qualifier Fort Worth, Texas
Jan 31-Feb 2 WOGA Classic Plano, Texas
Jan 31-Feb 3 Reykjavik International Games Reykjavik, Iceland
Feb 1 1st Italian Serie A Florence, Italy
Feb 5-9 Elite Canada Calgary, Canada
Feb 7-9 Brestyan’s National Qualifier Las Vegas, Nevada
Feb 7-9 Houston National Invitational Houston, Texas
Feb 14-16 Excalibur National Qualifier Virginia Beach, Virginia
Feb 20-22 Winter Cup Challenge Las Vegas, Nevada
Feb 20-23 Melbourne World Cup Melbourne, Australia
Feb 21-23 Everest National Qualifier Rock Hill, North Carolina
Feb 22 2nd Italian Serie A Ancona, Italy
Mar 6-8 International Gymnix Montreal, Canada
Mar 7 American Cup Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Mar 7-8 1st AGF Junior Trophy Baku, Azerbaijan
Mar 12-15 Baku World Cup Baku, Azerbaijan
Mar 12-15 KPAC National Qualifier Winston Salem, North Carolina
Mar 13-15 Redl Bau Team Cup Linz, Austria
Mar 14 3rd Italian Serie A Naples, Italy
Mar 18-21 Doha World Cup Doha, Qatar
Mar 20-21 University of Calgary International Cup Calgary, Canada
Mar 20-21 German Euros Trials TBD
Mar 20-22 DTB Pokal Team Challenge Stuttgart, Germany
Mar 21-22 Stuttgart World Cup Stuttgart, Germany
Mar 21-22 Danish Championships Aarhus, Denmark
Mar 28 Birmingham World Cup Birmingham, England
Mar 28-29 Stella Zakharova Cup Kyiv, Ukraine
Mar 28-29 German Junior Championships Berkheim, Germany
Mar 28-29 Scottish Championships Perth, Scotland
Apr 2-5 City of Jesolo Trophy Jesolo, Italy
Apr 3-5 English Championships Ilford, England
Apr 3-5 Parkettes National Qualifier Allentown, Pennsylvania
Apr 4-5 Tokyo World Cup Tokyo, Japan
Apr 16-19 British Championships Liverpool, England
Apr 17-19 Pacific Rim Championships Tauranga, New Zealand
Apr 18 4th Italian Serie A Modena, Italy
Apr 24-25 American Classic Indianapolis, Indiana
Apr 24-25 Hopes Classic Indianapolis, Indiana
Apr 30-May 3 European Championships Paris, France
May 7-10 Pan American Championships TBD
May 14-17 Varna Challenge Cup Varna, Bulgaria
May 18-30 Australian Championships Melbourne, Australia
May 21-24 Canadian Championships Gatineau, Canada
May 22 Hopes Championships TBD
May 23 U.S. Classic TBD
May 27-31 European Men’s Championships Baku, Azerbaijan
May 30-Jun 1 Belgian Championships Ghent, Belgium
Jun 4-7 U.S. Championships Fort Worth, Texas
Jun 5 Italian Gold Championships TBD
Jun 5-8 Cairo Challenge Cup Cairo, Egypt
Jun 6-7 German Championships Oberhausen, Germany
Jun 6-7 German Cup Waging am See, Germany
Jun 11-14 Koper Challenge Cup Koper, Slovenia
Jun 18-21 Osijek Challenge Cup Osijek, Croatia
Jun 25-28 U.S. Olympic Trials St. Louis, Missouri
Jun 26-28 Mersin Challenge Cup Mersin, Turkey
Jun 27 German Olympic Trials TBD
Jun 27-28 Dutch Championships Rotterdam, Netherlands
Jul 3-5 German Junior Men’s Championships TBD
Jul 10-11 Italian Championships TBD
Jul 24-Aug 9 Olympic Games Tokyo, Japan
Oct 1-5 Szombathely Challenge Cup Szombathely, Hungary

5 thoughts on “Introducing the 2020 Calendar

  1. Sad we won’t be seeing the Raisman’s carry out their contract with NBC a 3rd time to have the cameras glued on them for their reactions


  2. Do we know the format during qualifications at euros? It is usually 5-3-3, (right?) but now when there is two Olympic spots up to grab is the format gonna change similar to worlds with a 5-4-3?


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