The 12 Days of Live Blogs: 1994 World Championships

Welcome to the live blog for the second meet watch in our 12 Days of Gymnastics series, featuring the 1994 world championships!

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8:17 pm. So long from Dortmund! That’s it for the 1994 world championships. I’ll be back tomorrow with 1983 world championships! To re-read today’s live blog, or any live blog, just go from the bottom up.

8:15 pm. Kelli Hill is still going off about 24 for 24, and Dominique and Amy are her two little queens who get to be interviewed. Amy’s like “idk I tried to stay strong” and Dominique’s like barely paying attention but she’s like “I knew if I hit I’d get good scores.” Love the excitement from this team!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But Kelli is excited and so is her scrunchie.

8:14 pm. ROMANIA WINS!!!! Not that we saw anything than a few Milo and Gogean routines. But we did watch Amy Chow eat an apple, so I don’t know what more you’d want from a gymnastics meet.

Milosovici is 18 and Elfi is like wow what an OLD LADY, how did she possibly survive this competition being SO OLD?????????

8:11 pm. Russians are crying and Americans are celebrating because the Americans are less than a tenth ahead. Romania still to finish!

Lavinia Milosovici FX: Opens with a killer double layout. Her musical style is “classical, but make it fashion.” Whips to double full to punch front tuck. Triple full at the end is EXCELLENT.

8:09 pm. I have no idea who’s on beam for Russia right now but she looks identical to Lebedeva and has the same opening series with the punch front mount and punch front? Bhs loso loso is good. Oh, THIS is Lebedeva now that I see her face. Idk who the first one was then. Grosheva? I honestly think I have face blindness. Wobbled again. Tim and Elfi are like well it is OVER for Russia 🙂 🙂 lmao. Double tuck with a hop back.

8:07 pm. Dominique Dawes VT: Yurchenko 1.5, stuck COLD! Low, and her legs are iffy, and Kelli Hill is like PLEASE STRAIGHTEN YOUR LEGS THE SECOND TIME BUT OMG THAT WAS GREAT BUT ALSO PLEASE PLEASE FIX THOSE LEGS DAMMIT. Second attempt is maybe a tad straighter but the landing is messier. “Way to bring it home!”

Everyone’s like wow you’re our new queen now, Shannon Miller WHO?!

“Do you realize you just hit 24 for 24?!?!?!” Kelli Hill can’t believe it. “Oh thank you God, oh thank God” HAHAHA I am literally Kelli Hill.

8:04 pm. Mo Huilan UB: I love that we’re not watching China at ALL, or really any team except some of Russia and Romania, but we’re seeing literally everything Mo does. Why? Because she’s PERFECT. Mo Salto catches a little close but she makes a little adjustment before dropping down to the low bar. Hecht back up to high, blind change to front giants, nice Tkachev, and a big double layout, almost stuck! Baby hop.

8:02 pm. Kerri Strug VT: EXCELLENT Yurchenko arabian! GORGEOUS in the air, so powerful, just a small step. “You got a good one under your belt, now put it on two feet.” – Kelli Hill. Unfortunately the second one is weaker in the landing, just too much power so she flies forward, but at least she has the first score.

8:01 pm. Elena Lebedeva BB: Punch front, wobble and low. Punch front after that is also super low. I love that this is literally the way Chuso starts her beam routine to this day. Bhs loso is very solid. Double tuck with a couple of steps back.

7:59 pm. Amy Chow VT: Yurchenko arabian, purposely pushes it forward so she doesn’t sit it, and just takes a lunge forward. Second vault is a LITTLE short as she tried to get a better landing but holds it up. “Now is this the meet of your life, or what?! Told you you’d have another chance!” Kelli Hill has been really cute to everyone at this meet tbh.

7:58 pm. How did we only see one vault and one beam routine on this bye?

7:57 pm. Gina Gogean BB: Punch front mount is great, then a bhs loso, what she fell on in prelims, and it’s super solid. Didn’t go into the second loso though. Solid jump series. Punch front. Good double tuck with a baby hop.

7:56 pm. OH SHITTTT, they just showed Gina Gogean’s prelims beam and she missed her foot on her LOSO landing and when she fell she slammed her head backwards onto the beam. Everyone’s like SHE’S DEAD but she just stands up because you KNOW this happens in the gym literally every day lol.

7:54 pm. The U.S. and Russia are on a bye right now. Amy Chow is eating an apple!!

Mo Huilan VT: Yurchenko arabian, pretty powerful tbh, just a step forward. Also takes a step on the second attempt.

7:52 pm. Some MAG drama because the U.S. men finished NINTH omg. They’re all very sad. “Performance-wise it was a complete success, it’s the best we’ve ever done!” according to the MAG coach and Timmy D is like “LIES lol they literally all screwed up.”

7:48 pm. It was Dominique Dawes’ birthday yesterday in Dortmund and she turned 18 and they gave her a teddy bear.

Dominique Dawes FX: GOD HERE WE GO AGAIN. Whip. Whip. Double full. Front tuck. Rebound. 2.5. Front tuck. GOD. Then a piked full-in. I’m dead watching. 2.5 is brilliant. I wish this was a floor final because she would’ve been gold FOR SURE.

7:46 pm. Kerri Strugg FX: Double layout is fabulous and her music is a straight-up hoe down. She’s like “Pa raised the barn last night and we’re all here in our finest gingham with our chickens and lambs to celebrate!” Can we go back to this music PLEASE? Okay her second pass was great and her tucked full-in at the end was stellar.

7:44 pm. Svetlana Khorkina UB: Lovely handstand before her GORGEOUS Tkachev. I LOVE mid-90s Khorkina so much. Her pirouette to Pak is beautiful. Blind change to Khorkina, then a great full-out with a tiny hop.

7:42 pm. Amy Chow FX: Whips into a piked full-in with an excellent landing done to classical music. Great on the Rudi as well. Front through to triple full for the last pass!!! Everyone’s like wow she’s inspirational AF and I’m like yes SAME.


7:38 pm. Dominique Dawes BB: A little shuffle on her quadruple layout series. Random scale hold is nice after. Punch front looks super solid. Switch side also great. Tucked full-in is STUCK! GOLDEN. That was fabulous.

7:37 pm. Lavinia Milosovici UB: I don’t wanna watch her bars again tbh. Sorry Lavinia!!!! I’m burned out on this set. Nice Gienger and Tkachev though. Double front half-out this time, though! Cowboyed af. 9.825

7:35 pm. Svetlana Khorkina VT: Yas, the Yurchenko half-on pike half off, and she nails it. Both of them! SO clean. 9.875.

7:32 pm. Kerri Strug BB: She had a “disturbing” warm-up. Did a back kick-out to swingdown mount thingy (what are these called) and flew off. She’s fixing the board now and Kelli ‘Scrunchie’ Hill is like “KERRI THE BOARD IS FINE” hahahaha. Leave Kerri alone!!!!! Does the back tuck kick-out nonsense to swingdown well this time. Standing loso with a big check. The next few skills are good, she also has an Omelianchik which she brings to a straddle planche. Switch side, fine. “She has no full time coach” – I just realized I have no idea what gym Kerri went to or who coached her. Double tuck with a step.

7:31 pm. I didn’t see who just went on vault for Russia but she did a Yurchenko 1.5 and it was pretty bad. It was super tucked. Elena Ledbedeva? Ooh, her second attempt is GREAT! Much straighter legs and almost stuck it. She’s like Aly Raisman, needs that one warm-up before killing it.

7:29 pm. Amy Chow BB: I can’t believe she fell so much in prelims. I’ve always seen Amy as like, the ROCK for the U.S. in the 90s/2000s but I forget she’s 16 here. Loso loso bhs loso, looked like she missed her foot on her second loso but it didn’t really screw her up. Standing full like a QUEEN! Full-twisting Korbut, great. Also does a handstand that she walks over into an Omelianchik (or something like it, idk what to call almost any of the back handsprings that finish in handstand but this had a 1/4 turn so shrug). Triple full dismount, looked like her foot was a little off but fabulous.

7:26 pm. Mo Huilan FX: MIGHTY MO! I love that I’ve seen this routine three times in the past 2.5 hours. Piked full-in to open is good. Great leaps. Clean whip whip to double full. Rudi is great as well. Straddle jumps after, then down to the floor for her crazy whips around like a starfish. Omg what was the last pass, it was so fast. a double full to loso loso? Or Rudi + loso + loso? It was fab. 9.9!!!!!!!!!!

7:24 pm. Amanda Borden BB: Punch front is a wee bit low but she pulls it around. Switch side. Gorgeous layout series. Iffy and low on her punch front. She signed her NIL for Georgia! She went pro though, right? I feel like all 96 girls went pro? Nice Korbut series. Double tuck with a hop. Mostly a great routine.

7:22 pm. Lilia Podkopayeva UB: Her feet dragged on the floor at one point 😦 😦

Gina Gogean VT: Yurchenko 1.5 with a tiny step to the side. GET IT GINA. The second attempt is…well, Elfi said better but I thought it was a little weaker overall? It was way lower and her legs were messier. But it scored higher so shrug. I really feel like the 90s were like NCAA in that they didn’t really care about form as long as the landing was okay.

7:20 pm. Lavinia Milosovici VT: Yurchenko Arabian with a big hop, but pretty gorgeous in the air. Tries it again, and just a baby hop this time. Maybe a little lower, but better overall.

7:18 pm. Wait, so Shannon literally left because she was like embarrassed about the judging issues? So now they’re recapping the U.S. team in optional prelims where Amy Chow lost her mind and fell one billion times.

MLT’s like “I’m so mad Steve and Shannon left.” Kerri’s like “we can’t revolve around Shannon” HAHA. This is so good.

Then Shannon and Steve going into the airport are like “good luck?” HAHAHAHAHA. I’m living.

7:16 pm. They’re showing Shannon Miller’s compulsory bars where she missed her foot before her toe front half dismount. DRAMA!!!!!!!!!


Omg the Russian coach is about to beat the CRAP out of the judge for giving Shannon a 9.525 HAHAHAHAHAHA omg. And the U.S. team walked out with the German crowd BOOING THEM. I’M LIVING. I NEED 90S GYMNASTICS DRAMA.

7:13 pm. Mo Huilan BB: My new favorite. #Mo2020 Bhs to split jump is lovely. Front aerial, but then had a bit of a stumble on her jump series. GORGEOUS layout. The Chinese layout technique goes BACK. Came off for her double tuck SO far at the end of the beam, basically OFF of the beam, DAMN. But she got it!

7:11 pm. Nadia Hategan VT: Yurchenko arabian with a small hop. Pikes and bends her knees quite a bit before the landing. Second vault has a bigger hop but more power.

7:09 pm. Dominique Dawes UB: Shaposh, GORGEOUS Hindorff! Got lost in her rhythm a bit on her pirouettes. Didn’t take her much of an effort to get it back together, though. Hit the full-in dismount with a hop.

7:07 pm. Elena Piskun BB: Hit the punch front mount very well. Bhs bhs layout, excellent and solid, maybe a tad piked. Switch leap to straddle jump. Someone is doing the Can-Can on floor in the background. Off on the bhs tuck full. 😦 😦 😦  I kinda tuned out for the rest out of depression but think she dismounted with a double pike.

7:05 pm. Amanda Borden UB: Gets the Jaeger to shootover, then a solid blind full to Tkachev. Also really solid on the double front. The scrunchie taking over Kelli Hill’s soul was like “you put it all together!”

7:04 pm. Kerri Strug UB: Nails the Tkachev. Straddle Jaeger to shootover also great. Stuck the full-in. That was brilliant.

7:03 pm. Before Kerri Strug goes on bars we have to watch her get injured on bars and yell HELP ME JESUS HELP ME LORD lf;kjas;dlf STOP

7:00 pm. Svetlana Khorkina FX: Steps out of her opening pass but the second was better. She’s got some ballet music. Is this Kitri/Don Quixote? Overall fine for the rest of the routine but the landing on that last pass was *CHEF’S KISS* okay god she’s gorgeous, I love to hate her in the 2000s and beyond but GOODNESS this was gorg. OH wait, her music is Carmen! Basically the same. #castanets

6:58 pm. Lilia Podkopayeva VT: Yurchenko arabian with a couple of steps forward. Absolutely beautiful in the air. The second attempt wasn’t as good.

Okay, at individual worlds they averaged the vaults, but here they take the better of the two. Just clearing that up. What are the 90s.

Omg, a Mailboxes Etc commercial!! When I was a child I was like why would a store only sell mailboxes?! But turns out it’s like Fed Ex. The more you know.

6:57 pm. Amy Chow UB: Opens up with a million pirouettes and they’re a bit wonky. Does her release and catches awkwardly, no problems transitioning to the low bar though. Also dismounts super well with a Fabrichnova! 9.376

It’s 7 on a team, six routines, five scores count, FYI.

6:56 pm. Shannon Miller may have gone home, but Kelli Hill is back with an even bigger scrunchie so I think this team is gonna be a-okay.

6:54 pm. Shannon competed in compulsories and then “she and her coach jumped on a plane and went right home” HAHAHAHA SHANNON MILLER VIBES.

90s Tim Daggett!! We’re on NBC now. It was ABC for individual worlds earlier. What a shock! 90s Tim Daggett is literally Kenneth from 30 Rock.

According to Tim Daggett, Shannon didn’t want to “damage her reputation” with the judges and went home for that reason. AGAIN: SHANNON MILLER ENERGY!

6:53 pm. The U.S. “GIRLS” are facing a challenge without Shannon Miller!!! CAN THEY DO IT?!

6:52 pm. Team final time! Omg what is this music in the intro? I’m pretty sure we played it in elementary school band. 90s cinematic scores were NO JOKE for evoking the feels. LITTLE GIRLS ARE CHASING DREAMS AND GOLD!!!

6:49 pm. Okay, I’ll skip to the team final from Dortmund in a couple of minutes! How’s 6:52 pm for pressing play? The link is here.

6:48 pm. Shannon back for an interview and once again she’s like so emotionally disconnected, a girl after my heart. Bart’s like “wanna say something to your folks back in Oklahoma?!” and she’s like “hi.” SAME.

6:47 pm. It’s Kochetkova with gold!!! I agree. Milosovici in second and Gogean in third. I like this podium.

I’m really sad we didn’t get to see Chorky’s 8.4 routine.

6:45 pm. Dina Kochetkova FX: Double layout, excellent. Front full front tuck, then a front full to front layout and Kathy’s like “omg VERY hard!!!” Hahaha. I love that some stuff in the 90s still hasn’t been upgraded today and then stuff like this seems positively ancient. Tucked full-in, legs are wild in the air but judges don’t seem to care about form in this era.

6:42 pm. Elena Piskun FX: Ooh, I love her. Whip through to piked full-in, super solid. I like that the floor has like, chalk pits in some of the corners. Is that a 90s thing? Step on the whip to 2.5. Switch ring, and does a stag ring jump out of it. Ugh, way low on the Rudi to finish, an ankle cruncher. 9.675

Okay in the replay Bart was like “sometimes the gymnast puts chalk in the floor so they don’t slip” thanks for reading my mind!

6:41 pm. More Australia fluff for Sydney winning the 2000 Olympics.

6:39 pm. Mo Huilan FX: Piked full-in, solid enough. She’s great in her leaps. But again her choreo is hilarious. Whip whip to double full. Stumbles a little on her layout full. Ugh, stumbled back her full-in at the end!!!!! MOOOOO WHY. 9.462

6:36 pm. Shannon Miller FX: Whip through to piked full-in, slides back OOB. GUYS. COME ON. Hit the second pass but I only saw the loso at the end. Front full to front handspring to front tuck is better than the AA but still not GREAT. 9.687

Steve Nunno’s like “I’m not gonna let you see Jurassic Park :-/”

6:34 pm. Dominique Dawes FX: PLEASE get a medal. Whip whip through to double full into a punch front rebounded into a second pass, the 2.5 to front tuck, where she stumbles and takes a step out of bounds. KILL ME! Piked full-in, stuck it COLD but her legs were pretty straddled in the air. 2.5 with a lunge to finish. 9.662

Kelli Hill whipped out her Jeffrey Dahmer glasses for this routine and everything.

6:31 pm. Lavinia Milosovici FX: Are she and Gogean actually twins? GORGEOUS double layout, better than the AA. Great whip through to 2.5 to front tuck! I actually don’t know the floor standings so this is exciting for me. Fab triple full. Excellent routine. 9.837

6:30 pm. Gina Gogean FX: Whip through to full-in, pretty controlled on the lunge back. Hit the second pass. One of her jumps was like a wolf jump…full? Full and a half? Double? Idk. She was in the air forever. Tucked full-in with a lunge back. 9.762

6:29 pm. Throwback to the vault final, which wasn’t good enough to air in real time.

Gina Gogean won it, spoiler alert! Chorky got the silver.

6:27 pm. They didn’t show the German gal. Rude.

Shannon’s face is once again like “literally who cares” even though she just won another title. Okay, now she’s kind of smiling. They’re like “you can see the emotional impact on her now!” HAHAHAHA. She literally was like *half smile* when she saw her score. SAME. We stan an unimpressed queen.

6:26 pm. Qiao Ya BB: Layout stepout mount is great. I know she’s gonna fall though. SIGH. Split jump to punch front, awesome. Handstand to back roll, front aerial, perf. Stag ring jump. She’s killing it. WHY is she going to fall?! Let’s change the past PLEASE. Bhs loso loso, leg up and she’s off. I’m done!!!! I love getting this stressed 25+ years later. Double pike low with a stumble forward.

6:23 pm. Dominique Dawes BB: Valdez into her jumps. Bhs into three losos, again, stunning. Just some leg stuff that makes me not thrilled. She looks SLAMMING in this white leo. Stumble forward on her punch front. Switch side. Transverse straddle half! #2017 Tucked full-in with a hop. They just did her dismount in slomo and her legs are CRAZY messed up in her back handsprings?!

6:21 pm. Lavinia Milosovici BB: I really don’t love skills that start in one body position and then like, kick out? Like her mount, which kicks out into a swingdown to straddle the beam. It’s kinda weird. Huge wobble on her side somi. Bhs loso bhs loso, wolf jump to bhs to handstand 1/4 I think, holds it better than she did in the AA. Stuck the double tuck. But that side somi is gonna kill her.

6:19 pm. This segment about how gymnasts are XX lbs lighter than “normal” 17-year-olds DID NOT AGE WELL. They’re showing a ten-year-old and they’re like “THIS is why you have to be teeny tiny to matter :)” Omg “the beam is four inches wide but this kid is eight inches wide so she’s better than a BIG PERSON, hint hint” I HATE IT

6:16 pm. Oksana Fabrichnova BB: Punch front into a cool little jump. Bhs into three losos, excellent. Punch front is low with a wobble. Ha, she does that back cradle that everyone FREAKED OUT about in NCAA this year. Hers is really well controlled though. ANOTHER full-in dismount, with a hop back.

I can’t believe full-ins were THE THING 25+ years ago and it took ALL THAT TIME for someone to upgrade that to the double double beam dismount and the FIG didn’t take that into consideration at all when evaluating Simone’s skill.

6:14 pm. Lilia Podkopayeva BB: Punch front mount. Big switch side but she’s wonky on the landing. Bhs to that pike swingdown. Perfect punch front to wolf jump. Headspin, her hair stayed a little nicer this time. Wobbled on a full turn. Nice relevé. Full-in is short with a big hop. Okay, the close-up of her hair after she dismounts is hilarious HAHAHA.

6:13 pm. Shannon Miller BB: Hit her front acro mount into a jump, literally WHAT is the bhs down to a 1/4 handstand called, why am I blanking on it?! Omelianchik? Either way it was good. The Miller was a little rushed. Full-in was a little low but I think it was stuck. 9.875

6:12 pm. A  montage of Shannon Miller walking through the woods to a 10,000 Maniacs song I’m SCREECHING

6:11 pm. They’re showing beam from the 50s and it’s just really slow walking. I’d be the 1952 Olympic beam champion tbh.

6:10 pm. Oh, it’s over! Luo Li with gold, Chorky with silver, and Kochetkova with bronze.

6:09 pm. Svetlana Khorkina UB: Good old CHORKY is here! Huge clean Tkachev. 1.5 to Pak is perfect. Blind full is a tiny bit late, into some front giant work then the Khorkina, full-twisting double back dismount with her chest down. The beginning was medal-worthy and the end wasn’t, but given the falls, I’ll give her a medal.

6:07 pm. Dominique Dawes UB: Shaposh, 1.5 pirouette is a little late, into a bail, her composition isn’t GREAT but she worked this routine. Full-in dismount was good.

6:06 pm. Luo Li UB: She had a really cool front giant + German giant series at the beginning. 1.5 pirouette to Tkachev is cool. Dismount is a pike-in layout-out and it’s gorgeous. 9.912!

6:04 pm. Mo Huilan UB: So she actually debuted the Mo Salto in the all-around final? Amazing. She’s back to do it again and Kathy’s about to jump off the roof she’s so excited. She has a few little form issues throughout  but her Tkachev and double layout are both huge and gorgeous. Oh wait, they literally just replayed her all-around routine LOL. She’s not in the final??? Literally what.

6:03 pm. Dina Kochetkova UB: Blind full to Tkachev to Pak, great again. Shaposh to clear hip to bail is also good. Short on the handstand before the super floaty double layout.

Kathy’s like “this is how bars should be worked, with lots of back and forth.” #TRUTH!

6:00 pm. Amanda Borden UB: Loveeeee! Blind chance to straddle Jaeger, misses completely. AMANDA WHY. Blind full to Tkachev is better. Double front, a bit cowboyed with a step. MLT with her 90s hair is like “ur ok.”

5:58 pm. We’re starting with bars for some reason.

Lavinia Milosovici UB: We just saw this. Shaposh, meh. Okay Gienger to shootover but she didn’t connect everything she was supposed to. Tkachev was good. Double front rotates SUPER slow and she sits it. MILO WHY.

5:56 pm. Now moving onto event finals here! I’ll press play at 5:58 pm.

5:54 pm. An interview with Shannon and she’s basically like eh who cares.

Oh, they interviewed Dawes at the end of her competition earlier, I thought it was still midway but forgot we didn’t see her bars. I WAS GONNA SAY.

5:53 pm. Mo Huilan UB: She’s gonna do the Mo! Blind change into a front giant into the Mo Salto, a front flip over the bar caught in reverse grip, which we last saw from Yao Jinnan, YAS. Literally the difficulty in 1994 is crazy. Tkachev and a double layout near the end. Phenomenal.

5:52 pm. It looks like it’s Miller for gold, Milosovici for silver, and Kochetkova for bronze. Are you SHOCKED?! Nothing has changed. Gogean in fourth and Dawes in fifth. NONE FOR CHORKINA.

5:51 pm. Dina Kochetkova UB: Blind full to huge Tkachev to Pak, DAMN. Shaposh to clear hip to bail, I feel like I’m watching an NCAA routine today. Jumps back up to the high bar and does a solid double layout. Just piked it down a tad at the end maybe. That was pretty sweet.

5:50 pm. SHANNON’S DONE IT!!!!!! Steve Nunno is like “you are the world champion.” She still doesn’t even look all that thrilled lol.

5:47 pm. Shannon Miller VT: Hop forward on the Yurchenko arabian. BEAUTIFUL at first but she pikes down pretty severely at the end. 9.8 for that one, and the second attempt is MUCH better, still the step but no real pike.

She’s not THRILLED though. You know how the Hulk turns green and gets huge when he’s mad? That’s what I want to see happen to Shannon’s scrunchie.

5:46 pm. More Miller fluff! She’s like here I am in my hometown, I’m super famous and my hair is the frizziest ya ever did see. Suck on that, Oklahoma.

Training footage, falling footage, training footage…really great stuff!!!

5:43 pm. Lavinia Milosovici BB: Hit her mount. Wobbly on the side somi. “That could be the difference” for a medal. Tbt to when a 0.3 wobble could cost you a medal in elite. Quadruple flight series, excellent, she does a bhs loso bhs loso, but then she didn’t hold her flip down into handstand at all. Double tuck was also a little weak. 9.837

5:41 pm. Mo Huilan VT: Handspring front pike half with a step forward. Good enough! Second one is slightly better with a smaller step. Just a bit tighter. I kinda like averaging two vaults…… #BringThisBack

5:37 pm. Shannon Miller FX: Didn’t she just do beam ONE second ago? Literally it’s been four minutes. First we get some KZB fluff. Almost just cried when she just won because I was picturing KZB holding Ragan up in the air for Ragan to win a world title in 2017. Kill me!

Shannon opens with a full-in pike I think, then does some nice leaps. I wasn’t really following her second pass, it was maybe a Rudi through to a loso or something? I zone out a lot. Front full to front handspring to front tuck which I think was a CRAZY mistake, maybe supposed to be front full + front layout + front tuck? She came out of the front full super crazy. The front tuck was cowboyed. She’s pissed. Steve Nunno’s like “well everything else was great, and you pulled it out.” Oh, in the replay it just looks like she came up too high out of the front full so the front handspring ended up also coming up high with no distance, making the tuck weird.

5:35 pm. Lavinia Milosovici UB: Shaposh, arched in a handstand before her blind to front giant half to Gienger to shootover. Not GREAT so far but okay. Blind full, pikes her hips on the swing down into the Tkachev, and a double front with a big step. MEH.

5:33 pm. Dominique Dawes watching from the crowd. What a weird way to do an all-around final.

Shannon Miller BB: Her opening series was a leap to a handstand 3/4 I think? Maybe 1/4, I wasn’t paying attention, and then out of that she did like a Valdez kinda walkover. “The Miller” which is another hold in handstand after that. Split leap to sissone. Another full-in double back dismount because #1994 and it’s excellent. Omg Peggy Liddick has a matching scrunchie LOL.

5:31 pm. Lavinia Milosovici FX: Yurchenko arabian, beautiful, just the tiniest little scoot forward. Repeats the vault because they’re averaged in 1994, “you can’t just get lucky with one good one” says Bart. The second one loses some of the amplitude of the first so she has some buckled knees and a hop.

“Mo Huilan and her typewriter music got a 9.725”

5:29 pm. More Australia fluff!!! They’re like “we’re basically the same size as the United States!” Oh that was it. Bye!

Mo Huilan FX: Piked full-in to open. Her music is fun. Her choreo is insane hahaha. Whip whip to double full with a lunge back. Front handspring to Rudi after that, then a couple of straddle jumps, Popa maybe one of them. SHE’S 4 FEET 3 INCHES TALL GOODBYE!!!!!!!! Omg her choreo where she’s just throwing herself around on the floor is hilarious. Full-in to finish. BLESS.

5:27 pm. Shannon Miller UB: The intergalactic champion is here!!!! With her scrunchie that is now apparently in a museum. Okay I couldn’t type during this because my buzzer rang #Amazon but I was watching while buzzing them in and it was GORG. Hopefully they do a replay. Yes, here we go. Hop full to Gienger is PERFECT. 1.5 pirouette to straddle back is also lovely. Double layout dismount IIRC. 9.85!

5:24 pm. They’re showing some upcoming competitors including MO HUILAN!!!!

Lavinia Milosovici FX: Excited for this queen. Double layout, lovely in the air, just a tiny bit short with a step forward. Nice leap work, works well with her choreo. Whip through to 2.5 to front tuck, fab! Triple full to finish, chest way down but again pretty solid in the air. Just crosses her legs at the end. 9.812

5:22 pm. Gogean moves ahead of Dawes, and then Podkopayeva is behind them.

Oh wow, they interviewed athletes between rotations back in the day? I don’t remember this. She’s basically starting to cry again talking about her vault so I can see why coaches were probably like CAN WE NOT DO THIS?????? Bart’s like “your chance for the all-around podium is gone!” and she’s like “cool thanks.”

5:20 pm. Gina Gogean FX: Whip to full-in is excellent. Front pike to front handspring to front full I think? Lots of little front acro skills all in a row. Double tuck with a lunge. That was fine.

“Gina Gogean speaks about five words a week!” Okay maybe look into that.

5:18 pm. Dominique Dawes VT: Yurchenko 1.5 and she lunges and forward rolls out of it and basically starts crying. LAWD HELP ME. One of her hands basically isn’t even on the HORSE. Time to cry through vault #2 which is always safe. Okay, she’s not crying anymore. Second vault still has a step forward…a little messier in the air and time to cry again. Kelli’s like “you’re okay.” Kelli also has a GIANT bow.

5:15 pm. More footage of Dominique Dawes crying about her vault fall at 1993 worlds. Kelli Hill is like BE HAPPY. BE HAPPY!!!!!!!! BE HAPPY!!!!!!! WAVE TO THE CROWD!!!!!!! Omg Kelli looks like a CHILD here lol.

Fluff of Dominique moving into Kelli’s house, Dominque at school, she’s like “I’m going to Stanford, my fans are gonna be so mad at me!” Totally didn’t know she planned on NCAA initially.

5:13 pm. Lilia Podkopayeva BB: I missed the very beginning but she hit her mount and a leap series. Piked Korbut is what I’m gonna call what she just did. Hop to front aerial, gorg. Punch front to wolf jump. Here for it. Head spin and now her hair is a mess. For a worthy cause. We sacrifice when it’s necessary. Another full-in dismount

God, the 90s were great because you had tremendous difficulty AND tremendous beauty. Not that there aren’t beautiful routines now but…it’s definitely more rare. But the 90s really showed that you didn’t have to sacrifice your artistry to have difficult skills.

5:12 pm. KANGAROO FLUFF!!!!!!!!!! In an Australian accent!

5:09 pm. Svetlana CHORKINA is here hahahaha. I love transliteration!!!

Dominique Dawes FX: Whip whip to double full to punch front into back handsprings to 2.5 to punch front, I literally can’t even type that fast, HOW is she still able to breathe. Full-in for her second pass is also great. What a phenomenal floor worker. Tons of jumps. 2.5 with a little stumble.

So I assume under this code, you could do two of the same pass if one was in connection to something and the other was on its own? I’ve never seen any code of points pre-2004 so I don’t know code stuff super well. Hopefully Kathy will spain it.

5:07 pm. Oh god we have to put up with Steve Nunno. Lord beer me strength.

They’re explaining how the hell this thing works. A field of 67 gymnasts divided into three sessions? There weren’t 67 gymnasts in the all-around final, am I going crazy? The big thing is that Dominique Dawes is competing in an early session, but all of the real contenders are competing later. Okay?

5:05 pm. They just said Dominique Dawes is leading after the first rotation. So…SHOW THE FIRST ROTATION MAYBE?

Dominique Dawes BB: Valdez to jump series, nice. Bhs loso loso LOSO, legs get a little janky but it’s forgiven on a quadruple series. Does the turn, and a solid punch front. Switch side. Full-in double tuck like it’s easy, WHAT A STAR.

5:04 pm. KATHY AND BART! It’s so fun that I can turn on a meet from 1994 and a meet from 2020 and have the same fabulous commentators.

5:03 pm. Shannon Miller is going for her second world all-around title. Simone’s like “I’m not born yet but wait like 20 years sweetie.”

5:02 pm. A very 90s opening. ABC’s Wide World of Sports! Shannon Miller fluff and Dominique Dawes comeback fluff.

5:00 pm. I’ll be clicking play at 5:02 pm!

4:58 pm. Today’s meet watch is the 1994 world championships! I’m starting with the all-around competition and then doing event finals, and if we want to keep going, I’ll add the team competition as well even though it wasn’t like, the same meet. Here are the links:

I’ve never seen this and I’m seriously so excited!

19 thoughts on “The 12 Days of Live Blogs: 1994 World Championships

  1. -Tim Daggett is def Kenneth!! Lmao

    -The scrunchies! Shannon wore like 4 at a time. I forget that Kelli Hill had one too lol

    -Dawes was a lot cleaner from AA Worlds in the beginning of 94 to the team worlds at the end of 94.

    -Speaking of form…it’s like you guessed: it was pretty negotiable if you stuck ur landing, as far as the 90s were concerned.

    -Mo Huilan was insane! Still my favorite Chinese gymnast, 4758 quads later..

    -Why did Luo Li come in and do a bar routine THAT insane, win the world title, and then just disappear?!?

    -Love how many 3/1s there were back then. It’s like it was compulsory in Romania in the 90s.

    -I HATED all of the cheap front tumbling back then! I love a good 2/1 front or full, but those endless damn 1/1s and rudis were terrorism.

    Great job Lauren! This was hilarious once again.


    • Thank you!! Yes, the changes Dawes made from the individual worlds to the team worlds were INSANE. She looked fantastic at team worlds.

      The 80s and 90s “nothing matters except the landing” vibes are so NCAA. So is the front tumbling!!! I can’t believe we’re seeing Dawes do 1.5 billion skills in a row and then the hardest front tumbling is a Rudi hahaha.

      Also obsessed with Mo Huilan and basically had never really thought about Luo Li before but yes, it’s hilarious that she didn’t really do anything else?!


  2. I think I remember reading somewhere that Shannon only did compulsories at those Worlds because her wrist (elbow?) was basically broken but she was like “sure, I can still do compulsories!”

    Nunno was probably like “just tape it up, you’re fine.”


    • Hahaha yes, I was reading a bit more about it and it was kind of like, she originally said she was only going to do compulsories, and apparently said it on an NBC broadcast at nationals or something, but NBC didn’t say anything about that when she left worlds and instead just created that drama about how she left because she “didn’t want to be embarrassed” by the judges overscoring her? Which doesn’t make sense at all hahaha. And just makes Shannon look psycho.


    • It was the opposite. USAG wanted Shannon to compete because she was two time World champ and wanted her scores. Nunno didn’t want her to compete at all and rest her after she had already done individual Worlds as well as the Goodwill Games. The team event was 3 rounds. Compulsories and Preliminary Optionals and then Finals Optionals for the top 6 teams in TQ. Nunno knew it was too long of an event for her and she was already tired after a long competition season and didn’t want Shannon’s reputation to be damaged if she made several errors while in Dortmund. The compromise was to have Miller do compulsories and that was it. USAG was hoping that maybe Miller might do one or two events in team finals but obviously Nunno had his mind made up. What was wrong was Nunno pulling Miller and both of them leaving to head back tot he US after compulsories. She should have stayed with the team, after all she ended up with a silver medal as well as the rest of the team.


  3. Regarding the Gina Gogean horrible beam fall. The clip didnt show, how Octavian Belu was telling the other coaches to leave Gina alone and let her finish in the background, as Gina fixed her pony tail, and was going to finish… THE JUDGES stopped her from going on the beam and finishing….. Crazy.

    Liked by 1 person

      • Yep. Gina ( almost in shocked, more emotionless than normal) Just in a daze, fixed her loose ponytail, and Belu was like putting his hands out, like no no dont run to her, she finish! But literally the judges were shaking their head, STANDING SAYING NO! No No No! This isnt the best angle, but here it is… – Judges on the left waving to STOP. Cant find the footage I saw, where it was closer up, and it showed the judges shaking their heads, hitting the table, posturing for someone to come get her and not let her go on.

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Since you asked, on beam the half back tuck, then arched back to the beam to finish like a Korbut, was called a Chen. The arabian Yurchenko vault was called a Hristakieva. It was supposed to be different than a Yurchenko with a half twist, and was apparently quite hard to do correctly, so not many people did it correctly.


    • For the Hristakieva, it’s the same issue that was happening in NCAA, where gymnasts were doing the Yurchenko while twisting through a back layout and expecting a 10.0 start value when that vault was worth only a 9.95 and the true half twist into a front layout was a 10, so I assume that’s likely the same issue that happened in old-school elite (though most people I saw doing this vault in 1994 were doing it the right way). And thanks for the name re: the Chen! I’m realizing that there are so many skills from the 90s and earlier that we never see now, so I don’t know the names if they’re eponymous and I’m pretty sure most other people reading probably also wouldn’t know them by skill name so I’ve been trying to be descriptive while also learning the names.


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