2020 Friendship & Solidarity Meet Live Blog

Welcome to the live blog for the Friendship & Solidarity Meet, held in Tokyo, Japan!

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1:52 am. According to Nastia, Nikita Nagornyy was asking Kohei to sign something for him. ❤



1:49 am. Shane Wiskus PH: He started out nicely but while traveling his knees bent and he couldn’t straighten up and bring it back, ended up having to hop off. Good finish once he got back on. 12.700

1:48 am. Wataru Tanigawa SR: Maltese to inverted hang to maltese, double tuck to double pike to iron cross, nice and clean, inverted hang to pike, up to straddle planche, good hip angle, WAY short in handstand after though, was basically almost horizontal. Muscled it up before the dismount, a kind of wild double double with a big hop back. 13.900

1:47 am. Zhang Boheng PH: Was good for most of this but just had some leg separation and form breaks at the end. 13.800

1:45 am. Dmitri Lankin SR: I wasn’t typing during this but a hit routine, a little rushed in his saltos to iron cross, just a hop on the double double. 14.500

1:42 am. Paul Juda SR: Maltese, straddle planche, double pike to double tuck to pike sit, presses that to handstand, a little short in the handstand after that, but the next one is good, great dismount. Not the most difficult routine but done well. 13.000

1:40 am. Nikita Nagornyy SR: Iron cross, saltos up to iron cross, immediately opens his palms, love it. Really high straddle planche, great handstand, but he’s swinging a little, little hop on the double double but nice chest position. 14.700 (6.0, 8.700)

1:38 am. Kazuma Kaya PH: Nice extension on the scissors, and he has some good clearance between his hips and the horse. Flairs are nice, a little rushed into the dismount, but gets through it and lands well, with a little scream as he does. 14.800 (6.4, 8.400)

1:37 am. Yin Dehang SR: Planche, brings it down to a maltese, then to an inverted hang, maltese to inverted pike, double pike to iron cross, double tuck to handstand, OOF, barely got that up, eventually muscles it but that was a struggle. Swung a lot, and on the handstand after as well. Step and a wobble on the double double dismount. 13.400 (5.9, 7.500)

1:35 am. Alexey Rostov PH: Legs came apart on a one-arm circle, then he brushed his legs later on and lost some form there as well. But fought through it and didn’t fall or anything.

1:33 am. Ma Yue SR: Inverted cross is always crazy, planche, iron cross, double tuck to handstand, a tiny bit shaky, but gets it under control, double double with a small hop.

1:32 am. Artur Dalaloyan PH: Scissor work went well, pirouettes down to flairs looked like it was gonna go wild for a second but he got it under control super quickly. Hit routine. 13.200 (5.1, 8.100)

1:30 am. Team Solidarity has a 380.000 and Team Friendship has a 378.500! CAN TEAM FRIENDSHIP PICK UP SOME POINTS ON POMMELS? NO ONE KNOWS!

1:26 am. Zhang Boheng FX: Front layout to piked double front, nice. 2.5 to front double full, great! Casual jog into his Randi, a little low with a hop. Clean double full. And a clean triple full to finish. Really good work!

1:24 am. Shi Cong FX: Double front half out, front full to Rudi, both good. Randi is also great. Clean double full. Steps back on his triple full. Nice routine!

I missed Nikita Nagornyy’s pommels but he got a 14.200 (5.9, 8.300)

1:18 am. Paul Juda PH: Scissor work, some leg sep coming out of it. Flairs up to handstand back down to flairs, nice transitions. His flairs are really nice! This was a lovely routine! 13.400 (5.0, 8.400)

1:16 am. Kazuma Kaya FX: Piked double front is a bit low. Something into a barani after. Front double full or a back 2.5 maybe. Double full is clean. Triple full to finish. 14.100

1:14 am. I just started getting ready for Alexey Rostov’s floor and my mind went blank and I like, tuned out the entire thing while I watched it? I’m honestly afraid for my brain right now. All I remember is that he stepped forward and OOB on his final pass. Pray for me!

Sorry if you’re actually following me live and have no other way to watch this but honestly the broadcast is kind of a mess and cuts into routines way too quickly with no warning, plus there is absolutely no way to follow the scoring and it doesn’t seem like anyone cares about any sort of standings.

1:11 am. Well, the women are done! The rest of this thing should go pretty quickly, and I’m kinda glad because I’m tired and I haven’t been able to focus much at all tonight. LIVE BLOGGING WAS A BAD CHOICE.

Kohei Uchimura PB: He hit. It was a good routine. There is an absolutely SHRIEKING infant somewhere in the arena. ??? 13.300 (4.6, 8.700)

1:07 am. Elena Gerasimova UB: I missed what she did from the low bar but I’d assume some sort of shaposh, into a Pak…and she fell after catching the Pak. Van Leeuwen with messy legs. Nice handstand before the inbar half to piked Jaeger. My feed froze in the middle of her toe full and I didn’t see the rest. Well, the fall sucks, but she’s always had really long lovely lines with her hyperextension, and now that she’s taller, they look even more incredible. TAKE YOUR SOCKS OFF ON BARS SO THE JUDGES CAN APPRECIATE THE AESTHETIC 12.900 (5.7, 7.200)

1:05 am. Yuya Kamoto HB: Stoop half, Cassina, Kolman, fall. He looks like he’s about to eat somebody. Literally everybody is over this meet. Layout Tkachev, straddle Tkachev, stoop full, Yamawaki to Endo, stalder, hop full, double double layout stuck with an arm wobble and his chest low.

1:03 am. Kazuma Kaya HB: Stoop full, stoop half, layout Tkachev, straddle Tkachev, straddle Tkachev to mixed grip, weird arches in his handstands out of most of his releases, Yamawaki, awkward going into his stalder, a little low with a big step on his dismount. 14.300 (6.1, 8.200)

1:00 am. Alexey Rostov HB: Stoop full, Cassina, Kolman, off on his layout Tkachev and takes a moment to just kneel and be sad. Tkachev to mixed grip when he gets back on, double double layout, knees were weirdly soft in that, but hit.

12:59 am. Aleksandra Shchekoldina UB: Van Leeuwen, blind change to piked Jaeger, Pak with flexed feet and some leg sep, Maloney with some loose body form throughout, toe full, full-in with a step to the side. That was kind of a mess on each individual skill and her swing isn’t very fluid at all but it was a good hit for her. 13.500 (5.5, 8.000)

12:56 am. Artur Dalaloyan HB: Cassina, excellent! Layout Kovacs. Hard fall on his SIDE on his layout Tkachev to mixed grip. Oof. I think he had another Tkachev release before that but I already forgot. Hit all of his pirouette skills, then a Yamawaki, and just a small hop on the full-twisting double layout dismount.

12:55 am. Sophia Butler VT: FTY, small hop. Not bad. 13.500

12:53 am. Team Solidarity is apparently in the lead, if that means anything to you.

Yul Moldauer HB: Hard fall on his Kolman. This routine happened previously so it’s weird that they’d cut back to show a routine with a fall, especially since it’s like, one of two American MAG routines they’ve decided to show, hahaha. Hop full, Rybalko, stoop half, one-arm giant, full-twisting double layout stuck. 12.100 (4.8, 7.300)

12:49 am. Wataru Tanigawa FX: Something into a Randi, then a piked double front half-out, very nice. Piked double front after with a little hop. Clean double full. 2.5 to front full, gets a little rushed in that one and hops. Triple full with a big hop back. The beginning of this routine was great but just got a little messy near the end.

12:48 am. Lu Yufei UB: Tkachev to Gienger, one-arm front pirouettes to piked Jaeger, misses the release. UGHHHH. Does the combo again out of just one one-armed pirouette this time, into a Pak, holds the handstand before the van Leeuwen, then a step on the full-in.

12:46 am. Kohei Uchimura FX: I missed his first pass, then he went for a front tuck full to front double full. Clean double full, chest just really low, at his knees basically. 2.5 with a small hop. Oh, maybe I missed more of the beginning than I thought? Unless he really just stuck to the most basics of basics. Idk. I’m watching from my streaming cable channel and it keeps stopping and then jumping ahead so I might be missing a lot. 13.500 (4.5, 9.000)

12:39 am. Dmitri Lankin FX: Triple back straight from a roundoff which is nutso, tiny baby bounce in place. Nastia’s like “no one does that skill” and I’m like WINK. Hit the second pass, I wasn’t paying attention to entries but it was a combo twisting pass. Quad twist, damn, just a step back. 2.5 to front double full with a big step forward OOB. Front layout to Rudi I think for the side pass. Triple full to finish. 14.100 (6.5 D)

12:37 am. Asuka Teramoto VT: Okay she did a handspring layout half instead of her usual Rudi and the way her ankle SEPARATED FROM HER BODY made me JUMP out of my chair and yell “F—ING F—” and I think my heart left my body but she’s fine THANK GOD. We do NOT need this today. 13.700

Nikita Nagornyy FX: Legitimately could not watch this with a clear brain thanks to Asuka. But he hit?

12:36 am. Going into the fourth rotation! Team Solidarity moves to floor for the men and bars for the women, while Team Friendship goes to high bar for the men and vault for the women.

12:31 am. Asuka Teramoto FX: I wasn’t typing during her first two passes, I think the first was a 1.5 to 2.5 maybe. She hit both well. Had a wolf turn and was also precise on her leaps, great landing on her double pike. Not bad for her first time back competing floor since her injury!

12:29 am. Sophia Butler FX: Double layout, chest is a little forward and she has a small hop back, but pretty solid! Piked full-in, little hop back. Switch ring, tour jeté half. 2.5 to front tuck, leg form on both. Kinda bails out of her double wolf turn a little too early. Whip to double pike, lands a tiny bit low. Overall a good routine!

12:28 am. Chiaki Hatakeda VT: DTY, keeps a pretty straight body line for most of the time she’s in the air, just softens up a little bit as she comes in to land, and takes a step to the side OOB. 14.200 (5.4, 8.900, -0.1)

12:25 am. Angelina Melnikova FX: OH MY GOD THE DOUBLE LAYOUT TO SPLIT JUMP. I’M CRYING. My feed froze during her turns after that and started up again on her switch to split ring half so I may have missed her second pass. I didn’t see what she did for the pass after that, only that she may have balked a leap out of it so did a beat jump which is ICONIC. Big bounce back OOB on her last pass, a double pike.

12:22 am. Artur Dalaloyan PB: Tippelt, kind of drops down into a sit when he catches and has to muscle back up. Nice on the straddle salto, little basket up to front pike salto, his handstands are solid, little shuffle on his dismount. Meh. 12.900

Akari Matsumura VT: FTY, a tiny bit piked down, not a ton of distance, hop back. 13.400

12:21 am. Shilese Jones VT: Did a huge and lovely DTY. 14.800 (5.4, 9.400)

12:18 am. Shane Wiskus PB: Our first look at the American men! One-armed pirouette had some nice control. High straddle salto, Bhavsar, lovely Tippelt, really smooth on the press too handstand, small hop back on the double front dismount.

12:17 am. Zhang Jin VT: DTY, they cut to her basically when she was midair and left the second she landed, THIS FEED IS CHAOTIC. I could barely even register that she was vaulting let alone how she did.

12:15 am. Wataru Tanigawa HB: I assume this is the Japanese TV broadcast and that’s why we’re getting the Japanese MAG show instead of…anyone else. Yamawaki, Layout Tkachev to straddle Tkachev mixed grip, layout Tkachev mixed grip, stoop, Endo, stalder, double double nearly stuck, little scoot. 14.400

12:14 am. Kohei Uchimura HB: We jumped into this REAL fast after a commercial break, I’m scared, LET’S GO. Bretschneider, CASUAL, apparently he fell in warm-ups but that was good, just caught really high on his forearms. Cassina, Kolman looks WAY too easy for him, he’s like I WANNA TWIST MORE, and honestly it looked like he was gonna keep twisting hahaha, hit a pirouette after that, Yamawaki, Endo, stoop half, hop full, double double layout with a hop back. 15.200 (6.6, 8.600)!!!

12:10 am. Nikita Nagornyy HB: Yamawaki, short handstand out of it for some reason, layout Tkachev, layout Tkachev mixed grip, stoop full, stoop half, straddle Tkachev to straddle Tkachev mixed grip, one armed front pirouette, stalder, double double layout dismount stuck. Honestly the worst was the handstand after the Yamawaki.

12:08 am. Yuya Kamoto PB: Nice handstand to begin, holds it forever before one-arm pirouetting, comes up short in the handstand out of that though. Big straddle salto, Bhavsar, Tippelt that he takes a minute to press out of, holds a handstand at the end nicely, then clipped his foot hard on his double front half-out, didn’t really mess him up in the air, so he got the landing. 14.600 (6.6, 8.000)

12:06 am. Liu Jieyu FX: Triple full to punch front, gets the rotation on the triple nicely, but is just a little short into the tuck. 2.5 to front pike, same thing there, but still not bad on the landing. Switch ring I think to switch side. Double tuck is clean in the air with a large step back. Double full. Nice work!

12:05 pm. I’m not really following the team scores…I feel like they’ve announced them a couple of times but I don’t think anyone cares tbh?

In rotation three Team Friendship is on p-bars for MAG and floor for WAG, while Team Solidarity is on high bar for MAG and vault for WAG.

11:59 pm. Angelina Melnikova BB: Hit her opening leap sequence very nicely. Bhs loso, the extension in her legs though!!!! Front aerial to split jump to straddle jump, YES?! THE LEGS!!! I’m obsessed. It’s like she spent all of COVID just working on pointing her legs on everything and doing nothing else. Kochetkova. Lovely double wolf spin. Side somi, solid. Transverse split jump half. Double pike is great. 14.100 (5.6, 8.500) – SO DESERVED. This was so solid and clean and lovely.

Wataru Tanigawa got a 14.800 on p-bars but I didn’t see any of it. Am I purposely disassociating from p-bars because I hate it that much?

11:56 pm. Yana Vorona BB: Off on a punch front it looked like. A leap into it maybe. I mentally checked into this routine like 2 seconds after they started showing it, and they missed the beginning. Check at the end of a bhs loso loso. Switch ring, back foot was super flexed but hard to see the entirety of the leg angle. Another check on something after that. Front aerial to split ring jump, foot again isn’t there but again hard to see the shape super well. Hit the double pike with a step. 12.800

11:54 pm. Dmitri Lankin PB: I have a vague memory of a p-bars routine happening a few minutes ago but I couldn’t tell you when or who it was. Honestly. I blame the election for my brain being entirely broken right now. Anyway, Lankin fell within the first three or so seconds of his routine, just like, swung right out of a handstand and off of the bar. He has a lot of handstand/pirouette elements, no big saltos yet. Tippelt, adjustment and has to muscle up to handstand. Double front with a stumble back. Nastia sounds SO disappointed in him for some reason??? 11.400 (5.8, 5.600)

“This is devastating. I don’t think he EVER thought he would see a score like that next to his name.” I’m crying, this is the most fatalistic commentary about a routine that doesn’t matter at all.

11:52 pm. Hitomi Hatakeda BB: Punch front into a great jump series. Front aerial, solid. Side aerial. Great side somi. Switch leap to switch side, excellent. Had a slight bobble out of her full turn. BEAUTIFUL double pike! Tiny step. That was fantastic. That routine right there is why she’s going to the Olympics.

11:48 pm. Asuka Teramoto BB: Double wolf turn, double pirouette, switch half, just misses her foot, so she has a little stumble and puts her hand down before falling. She was really aggressive on it, but maybe too much so. Front aerial to a jump series, little bobble. Side somi. Bhs loso, good. Side aerial. 2.5 was almost a little short but she was just able to sneak it around, took a step to the side to steady it. 12.200 (5.3, 6.900)

11:46 pm. Aleksandra Shchekoldina did her entire floor routine while we watched Asuka Teramoto stand still. Her ENTIRE floor routine!!!

11:42 pm. Chiaki Hatakeda FX: Double wolf turn to start. Triple full, just slight ankle form, and a big hop to the side, but gets the rotation around nicely. Double L turn to a pirouette, a little rushed. 2.5 with some ankle form to a front tuck. Double tuck, little bounce back. Good, energetic routine.

“Not quite the same difficulty as Simone Biles!” Okay, I hope you say that about the Americans, too, because these Americans are ALSO nowhere near her, and, newsflash, literally no one is on floor. Why do commentators always feel the need to say this about international athletes, and especially those who aren’t even world class on this particular event? Like, if you’re watching a worlds final and want to compare Simone’s actual competition, then yeah, fair game, but you’re comparing a 16-year-old with a relatively simple routine that would never get close to a world/Olympic floor final to the best floor worker probably ever? Don’t.

11:40 pm. Kazuma Kaya VT: Kaz double, looked like he came up a little short, took a huuuuge step OOB to hold on, got credited with the three twists though. 14.200

11:38 pm. Akari Matsumura FX: Double tuck stuck nicely at the beginning. 2.5 to front tuck, a little short into the tuck. Split ring to switch half, not bad. Good landing on the 1.5 to front full. Simple routine but very well done. 12.600 (4.7, 7.900)

11:37 pm. Sophia Butler BB: Side aerial to Onodi to split jump to sissone, the leaps are a tiny bit shy of 180 but that was a really cool series. Okay I stopped typing to watch for like one second and forgot literally every skill she did (GOD I’m rusty, my short term memory is nonexistent) but she had a layout series that she came up SUPER short for and I thought she was gonna fall for sure but she somehow stayed on?? It’ll be called a pike for sure but that was a great save. Had another combination after that, then stumbled back out of a double pike. Some pieces to tidy up but a nice hit for her after so much time away. 12.500 (5.5, 7.000)

11:36 pm. Artur Dalaloyan VT: WELP kill me, he just crashed his piked double front half-out to his FACE and it looked VERY painful, I expected his nose to be absolutely smushed when he picked his head up. 14.100

11:34 pm. Okay, so that’ll do it for rotation one. Rotation two will have Team Friendship on vault for the men and beam for the women, while Team Solidarity will move to p-bars for the men and floor for the women.

11:29 pm. Shilese Jones BB: Standing arabian, got some nice height, but steps and wobbles out of it and falls. Bhs bhs layout, legs are really split on the layout and the landing isn’t quite there. Also doesn’t have the angle in the air to get it credited as a layout. Put her hands down on the side aerial. Transverse split jump half. Then a straddle half. Double pike with two big steps back.

11:25 pm. eMjae Frazier BB: Front aerial to split jump to straddle jump, good, switch to switch side, little bobble, but good correction with her hips. Side aerial, nice chest position. Transverse split jump half, another good adjustment on a bobble. Bhs loso, some leg form and a wobble. Switch ring, actually the ring shape didn’t look that bad from this angle, I want to see it again in slo mo, but she had a fall on the landing. A split ring jump to a back tuck I think, another ring position that didn’t look that bad at this angle. Lovely shape on the double pike. REALLY need still shots of those rings from a better angle. OH, okay, never mind. We just got a side view and…no. The first angle was deceiving. They’re not quite there from the side unfortunately. 11.600 (5.2, 6.400)

Dmitri Lankin VT: They cut to him quickly right before eMjae went and I think he did a handspring Randi, stepped OOB. 14.600 (5.6, 9.100, -0.1)

11:23 pm. Zhang Boheng SR: Maltese, drops into a painful looking invert pike, the SHOULDERS on that, my goodness, double pike up to a planche, iron cross, pike through to an iron cross, double tuck up to handstand, a tiny bit shaky, next handstand is also a little off, stuck the double double cold. 14.700 (6.1, 8.600)

11:22 pm. Nikita Nagornyy VT: Dragulescu, not the GREATEST, and a big lunge back, but right down the middle and not bad on the chest position. 14.600 (5.6, 9.000)

Hitomi Hatakeda UB: I didn’t have time to start typing for this but it was a good routine, just form things throughout. 13.900 (5.9, 8.000)

11:19 pm. Zhang Jin BB: Hit a leap series to Korbut but we’re at an awkward angle so hard to say exactly what they were. One looked Yang Bo-esque. Bhs bhs layout, lovely. Front aerial with a little wobble, and a tiny little bobble on a full turn, switch to sheep jump to straddle jump, the sheep jump wasn’t quite in position, transverse split jump half, looked precise. Great double full dismount. 14.400 (6.0, 8.400)

11:18 pm. Commercial break! Touch warm-up now for the second half of the first rotation. Maybe we’ll see some beam now? Oh yeah, they’re going back and showing some.

11:16 pm. Asuka Teramoto UB: Stalder half to piked Jaeger, lovely. Ricna, stalder full to Gienger, some slightly flexed feet on almost everything so far (I actually wonder if it hurts her to point her foot with the Achilles injury fully…I know when my Achilles hurts even slightly I can’t point my foot AT ALL), and her hips aren’t fully extended either, straddle Jaeger, bail to Ray, and a full-in stuck cold. Aside from the little form things, it was a nice routine. 13.500

11:13 pm. Yuya Kamoto SR: I wasn’t typing during this, but he had a rare double layout salto element that he tried to take up to handstand, though he kinda lost it and slowly melted down hahaha. Oof.

We’re not seeing any beam routines. Someone’s going up n the background it looks like right now. I saw a two-foot layout series that looked good.

11:11 pm. Kazuma Kaya SR: Maltese to invert hang to iron cross, back to invert hang that he swings into his double tuck to double pike to iron cross, opens up his hands, up to a nice straddle planche, excellent split there, lovely hold on his handstands, then a double double layout with a baby hop. Good routine. 14.100

11:10 pm. Angelina Melnikova UB: Inbar full to Komova to Pak, I think a van Leeuwen back to the high bar, I didn’t see the entry, inbar half to piked Jaeger, and a toe full to full-in, just some leg form as she releases into the tuck dismount, but that was such a confident and easy-looking routine, honestly. 14.500 (6.2, 8.300)

11:08 pm. Artur Dalaloyan SR: Starts in a maltese and moves into an invert pike to maltese to iron cross, lovely. Does a double pike to double tuck to iron cross, and cracks his neck like a king, then up to a straddle planche. Hit the dismount, double double maybe? I wasn’t paying super close attention because I noticed someone doing beam in the background. 14.500 (6.0, 8.500)

Wataru Tanigawa VT: Handspring double front pike, just comes up a bit short and sits it. 14.000

11:06 pm. Kohei Uchimura VT: Shewfelt, which he makes look like a Yurchenko 1.5. Suuuuuper clean in the air, borderline perfect. Just a hop forward on the landing, maybe not as powerful off the table as we’re used to seeing from him. Just beautiful. 14.500 (5.2, 9.300)

11:04 pm. So for beam, Zhang Jin is always lovely, and Chiaki Hatakeda has a really good routine, but she can be hit-or-miss there…and as an outlier for the Olympic team, she has to start getting more sets on the “hit” side of that spectrum. Elena Gerasimova, meanwhile, is a beam queen, and then there are the U.S. gymnasts, eMjae Frazier and Shilese Jones…I wouldn’t call beam a standout event for either, but both do have really good skills.

11:02 pm. Tanith White and Nastia Liukin are commentating. I was going to try to preview a bit more but we’re jumping right into the competition!

Kohei Uchimura will kick us off on vault. I don’t know if we’ll see literally every routine. We’ll see what they show.

Okay, Kohei isn’t starting yet. They’re lining up. Everyone’s confused. Touch warm-up now I’d imagine.

10:59 pm. I think most notably on bars are Angelina Melnikova and Asuka Teramoto. China’s Zhou Ruiyu also has a pretty big difficulty score there generally (around a 6.0) and could easily go 14+ but teammate Liu Jieyu is a bit weaker.

Omg it’s STARTING!!!!!

10:57 pm. Hey, all! It’s live blog time! Are you ready for some friendship and solidarity?!

Things are about to start in a few minutes, with Team Friendship on rings for the men and bars for the women, while Team Solidarity will start on vault for the men and beam for the women.

Before the meet started, the Olympic Channel was streaming the Stuttgart worlds all-around final. TEAR.