The 2020 European Championships Women’s Master Team List

The young Romanian team is nearly all first-year seniors

The UEG has released the nominative rosters for this year’s European Championships, to be held beginning December 17 in Mersin, Turkey.

A full list of all teams is below, and we’ll change the “nominative” status to official once the rosters are announced by each federation.


Confirmed by ÖFT on December 15.


Confirmed via start lists on December 15.


Confirmed via start lists on December 15.


Confirmed via start lists on December 15.


Confirmed by the Ceska Gymnasticka Federace on December 9.


Confirmed by Magyar Torna Szövetseg on December 15. Noemi Makra and Hanna Szujo, originally on the nominative roster, were ultimately replaced by Makovits and Bacskay. Böczögö was initially dropped from the roster, replaced by Bianka Schermann, but Böczögö rejoined the team to replace Schermann, who was injured during training.


Confirmed via start lists on December 15.


Confirmed via start lists on December 15.


Confirmed via start lists on December 15.


Confirmed by Tageblatt on November 26.


Confirmed via Instagram on December 13. As of December 6, Iordache replaced Trica on the nominative roster, but as of December 13, Trica is back on the team in place of Maria Holbura.


Confirmed via start lists on December 15.


Confirmed via start lists on December 15. Bedenik replaced Sara King, originally on the nominative roster.


Confirmed via start lists on December 15. Yavuz replaced Nazli Savranbasi, originally on the nominative roster.


Confirmed via start lists on December 15. Hubareva and Motak replaced Yana Fedorova and Valeriia Osipova, originally on the nominative roster.

21 thoughts on “The 2020 European Championships Women’s Master Team List

    • I’m sure all these gymnasts who work their tails off to represent their countries on the international stage are thrilled to hear that they are a ‘joke’ to you.

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      • Amen. Do I think it’s dumb that Euros are being held? Yeah. But it’s not the athletes’ faults that they’re happening, and it’s also not the athletes’ faults that their federations are deciding to send them. I know for a fact that some don’t want to go, and haven’t been able to train due to COVID and won’t be in shape to compete. But their participation and the participation (or lack thereof) of other federations is beyond their control and with that said, I’m still going to support the athletes who have to attend and the results of this competition even if I don’t agree that it should be happening.

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        • Your comment wasn’t about their health, it was about the lineups. I’m pretty sure everyone is on the same page about the health of the athletes being jeopardized here. I already know that four athletes on the nominative rosters have COVID. Hosting Euros right now is not a good idea and they shouldn’t be happening. But the organizers are going ahead and the athletes have no control over that or their federations sending them. Hate on the organizers, don’t hate on the athletes.

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  1. I would say if you treat this as an expanded World Cup, the line-ups wasn’t that bad. (And also Mersin did hold world cups every year, so you (or they) may treat it as a World Cup 2020 anyways). So excited to see LIVE gymnastics no matter what.


    • Yeah, I think UEG would have canceled it if Turkey didn’t want to host it so badly. But Turkey REALLY wants to host, so the UEG is kind of like…why not, I guess? The “European Championships” name is what’s getting people, but like, honestly, who cares? So what if it’s not fully attended? We all know the podiums would be different if all of the eligible athletes were competing. Who cares? The same can be said for literally any world cup. Technically we can say that the Osijek Challenge Cup isn’t fair and doesn’t matter because Simone Biles is eligible and doesn’t attend so who cares about the results? Yeah, it won’t be a typical Euros year with a typical Euros podium, but THIS isn’t a typical year. Maria Kharenkova just won the Russian national beam title despite not even competing for Russia anymore, I’ve watched about six different Finnish national meets because what else do I have going on, Japan hosted a meet where gymnasts had to be locked in their hotel rooms the entire time they weren’t competing…it’s NOT A NORMAL YEAR! Euros having a depleted field a week before Christmas is one of the LEAST weird things. The least we can do is support the athletes who are keeping the season going and giving us something to enjoy even though it’s going to play out differently than a fully-attended Euros would have.

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  2. I think you got me wrong,because i am no native speaker.I meant it is a joke because there are federations still sending gymnasts not getting why all the others skip the event for good reason.Maybe lineup was not precise enough,but your comment about me hating gymnasts isn´t either. I am still hoping this event won´t


    • Get over it.
      They will be fine. They just had the Tokyo Friendly Meet. Were you critical of that event as well?
      There are COVID protocols they will have to all go through and I am sure the organizers in Turkey will be well aware and alert of safety precautions.
      Some of these athletes haven’t competed this year and are likely going for the experience. The athletes have a choice NOT to attend as well. They can simply say no. That is why Austria is only sending Hammerle as they could have fielded a full team but the other gymnasts said no. Some of the other federations were planning on sending athletes when it was Olympic qualification, so clearly they aren’t super concerned as they only decided to withdraw after FIG removed the Olympic qualifier and handed it to SUI instead.


    • Also you are absolutely hating on the gymnasts. You are wishing for the event to be cancelled. Why do you care? If they want to go and compete, let them. If they felt the risk was too great they would have opted not to attend.


      • Please keep in mind that there are many situations in which an athlete in certain countries cannot say no to being sent to a competition. Things are far more complicated in some federations & countries vs others… Lauren even touched on that in some of her above comments.


  3. Podium Prediction based on current roster just for fun:
    VT: Nekrasova, Radivilova, Stanciulescu (Will we have 8 in the final? I doubt)
    UB: Varinska, Szekely, Kovacs (And finally we could see romanians in the final)
    BB: Trica, Sfiringu, Bachynska
    FX: Stanciulescu, Sfiringu, Derek (Bachynska)


    • However if Ukraine decides to send Motak (why is she not in???) and Romania sends Iordache, the podium be totally different, and the roster will be much more ‘legit’ as well.


  4. Oh I was just reminded of Larisa Iordache. Wasn’t she supposed to have her debut here? Anyways I think Team Gold is going to be between Romania and Ukraine which is exciting. I’m really looking forward to this competition


      • She tested positive a few weeks ago and couldn’t go to an internal test meet at the end of October, which is what decided the Euros nominative roster. She’ll be attending Romanian nationals this weekend and is still in consideration to make the final Euros team, though, depending on how she does at nationals. She’s been back in the gym for about 10 days now but since she had to spend two weeks quarantining at home obviously that’s going to affect her preparation I’d imagine.


  5. Even though I think there is NO reason for this competition to be happening, I’m looking forward to seeing gymnasts who I’d never get a chance to see compete! Keeping my fingers crossed that no one get ill from this.

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  6. Do you know if coaches can still change this list?
    I wonder why Larisa is not competing or if they can still switch her out for another gymnast


    • Yeah, this is just nominative…they can still change it right up to basically a couple of days before the competition! Romanian nationals are this weekend. I assume if Larisa does well, she will make the team…but this is a very strong group of seniors, so we will see.


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