2020 European Championships | Senior Team Final Live Blog

Welcome to the live blog for the senior women’s team final at the 2020 European Championships, held in Mersin, Turkey!

Please refresh your browser every few minutes to see the most recent updates, which will appear at the top of the page.

9:20 am. Team Final Standings

1. Ukraine 154.663
2. Romania 154.496
3. Hungary 151.597
4. Turkey 143.795
5. Czech Republic 140.530
6. Croatia 136.762

9:11 am. Larisa Iordache ROU FX: Larisa needs a 12.933 to tie Ukraine. Piked full-in is solid. Small hop back on the tucked full-in. Switch to switch full. Big bounce back on the double full. Nailed the double pike. She missed a front element out of her third pass!!!!! It normally is a 2.5 to front tuck. 12.766

9:10 am. Zsofia Kovacs HUN VT: Huge and mostly clean DTY, just crosses her ankles near the end, and a hop back. 14.200

9:08 am. Yelizaveta Hubareva UKR FX: Arabian double front is clean with a step forward, and she hit the second pass as well, I think a 2.5 but again I already forgot. I literally need to type things instantly or I don’t remember anything. Clean double pike with a baby step back. 12.533

9:07 am. Csenge Bacskay HUN FX: Hit her FTY, no 1.5 from her today. Not bad, just little form things. 13.300

Aneta Holasova CZE UB: Maloney to Hindorff, bail to toe shoot, a little short on the double layout, good work. She cut out some skills to make this a bit easier on herself and I’m glad, she did good work to fight through it! 11.600

9:04 am. Ioana Stanciulescu ROU FX: Hit her first two passes with ease, second was a tucked full-in but I literally already forgot what the first was, then a super clean 2.5 to front tuck, hop forward on the tuck. Hop L turn to switch full, a little iffy in the leap. Double tuck with a hop forward. 13.033

9:01 am. Angelina Radivilova UKR FX: 1.5 through to triple full, ankles are a mess but she gets the rotation around. Arabian double front is cowboyed, big lunge forward out of it. Good on the double pike. 12.633

Dilara Yurtdas TUR VT: Excellent FTY! Right down the middle, solid landing, super tidy. 13.466

9:00 am. Dorina Böczögö HUN VT: FTY, Mostly clean, hop back, some slight hip and leg form but overall strong. 13.300

8:59 am. Bilge Tarhan TUR VT: Very clean FTY! Slight hop back. Great job! She’s awesome. 13.266

8:57 am. Antonia Duta ROU FX: Switch full lands a bit underrotated into the corner. Arabian double front, small hop forward. Triple full is basically a quarter twist short but not bad at all in the air actually, aside from the ankles. Switch to switch ring. Bounce back on the double tuck. Clean double full. Lovely work. 12.800

8:56 am. Sabina Halova CZE UB: Front giant to straddle Jaeger, just a layout dismount, simple routine but very nice job with it. 11.433

8:53 am. Diana Varinska UKR FX: Double tuck, small bounce back. Good on the 2.5 to front tuck. Nice switch ring. Hit the last pass as well. 12.466

Ece Yagmur Yavuz TUR VT: Tsuk full with a really hard crash, ugh. She looks to be in a lot of pain, is literally crawling off the podium. 😦  11.800

8:48 am. Rotation 3 Standings

1. Ukraine 117.031
2. Romania 115.897
3. Hungary 110.797
4. Croatia 106.463
5. Czech Republic 106.297
6. Turkey 105.263

8:47 am. Diana Varinska UKR BB: Bhs bhs back pike, super solid today. Switch ring, just the foot isn’t there. Switch to sissone, catches herself to adjust, slight check on the full turn, front aerial, small bobble, split ring jump, the foot again, but her rings aren’t THAT bad comparatively. Side somi is good, split leap, back leg not there at all, to a switch half, which comes in low and scary, but she saves it, double full with a little bounce back. 12.533

8:44 am. Göksu Üctas Sanli TUR FX: Double pike, lunge back, but clean overall. 1.5 to front full, clean landing again. Switch ring to switch half, solid and lovely. Now she gets to perform. Kinda falls out of the triple pirouette. Stuck the double tuck.

8:42 am. Larisa Iordache ROU BB: Switch leap to wolf jump, toe point on the wolf jump! Side aerial, big step back out of it. Solid bhs tuck full, just a baby step back. Front aerial to split jump to back handspring is super solid. Switch half is clean. LOVELY finish on the double spin, she ends it with an extra quarter turn as always but does the most amazing little flair out of it, so great. Triple full with a step back, that was very good. The side aerial had me scared because when you show nerves on a side aerial, it’s usually over, but she was like, not today Satan. 14.133!!!

8:40 am. Dorina Böczögö HUN FX: Front handspring to double front, baby step back. Good second pass, I think a double tuck but I didn’t type it instantly and I have already forgotten? Layout full for the third, into a split jump. Tour jeté half. Clean double pike with a step back. 12.666

8:38 am. Anastasiia Bachynska UKR BB: Front handspring front tuck, too far forward on the landing and steps out of it. Switch to switch half, basically connects that to her jump series as well. Front aerial to split ring jump to back handspring, just iffy in the ring. Leap into a side aerial, solid there, switch ring, back leg not there at all and a large wobble, full turn with a check, double tuck with a step. 12.700

8:37 am. Bilge Tarhan TUR FX: Front through to double tuck, and a whip to double full. Great on both! Just a hop on the double pike. Fab work! 12.033

We didn’t see Silviana Sfiringu’s beam but she got a 12.366 (5.0, 7.366).

8:35 am. Mirtill Makovits HUN FX: Double pike is way short, hands down. Hit the rest. 11.033

8:34 am. Petra Furac CRO VT: Handspring front tuck, some cowboying and a lunge forward. 12.733

8:32 am. Anastasiia Motak UKR BB: Front handspring front tuck, leg up, but fights and saves it. Switch leap to switch half, nowhere near split on the latter. Split jump to wolf jump. A 20 hour pause before her front handspring front pike, low, grazed her hand on the very far forward landing, hopped for a second to try to save it, but then fell. Stumbles out of the random back tuck. 50 hour pause before her triple full dismount, which is messy and short with a step forward. 11.833

8:30 am. Cemre Kendirci TUR FX: 1.5 to front full, a little low and wild in her landing on the latter, but nothing too bad. Clean double tuck. Solid double pike. Clean double full to finish. Great work! 12.033

Zoja Szekely just got a 12.166 (4.4, 7.766) on floor, but they didn’t show the routine.

8:29 am. Magdalena Coufalova CZE VT: Handspring front pike with a significant hop forward, a little weaker than her qualifications attempt. 12.966

8:27 am. Daniela Trica ROU BB: Hit her back handspring mount and a transverse half jump, both fine. Front handspring front tuck, leg up but she saved it. Full turn. Switch leap to split ring leap, not bad, just the back leg really, and a check. Front aerial to split jump to Korbut. Hit a jump series after. Double full dismount, mostly okay leg form aside from the knees, pretty steady on the landing. 12.466

8:24 am. Rotation 2 Standings

1. Ukraine 79.965
2. Romania 76.932
3. Hungary 74.932
4. Turkey 69.164
5. Croatia 68.564
6. Czech Republic 67.031

8:21 am. Ana Derek CRO FX: Switch ring full to switch full, a queens-only level opening leap pass. Front tuck through to just a layout. Memmel turn to full pirouette. Side aerial into the corner for her second pass, just a layout full. Hit another big leap into the corner before the last pass but I didn’t see what it was, then a back tuck to finish. She truly was like “I do not want to tumble today” and that’s fine. 11.166

8:19 am. Aneta Holasova CZE FX: Double layout, mostly good in the air, just a little low on the landing, hops back OOB. Open double tuck with a big hop back. Switch to tour jeté half. Front pike through to clean layout full. Popa. Double pike, a little low and buckled, but not bad. Glad to see her come back so strong here!

8:18 am. Zsofia Kovacs HUN BB: Switch leap mount, to switch half to Korbut. Side aerial to split jump to wolf jump. Switch leap to front aerial, bhs loso, lands it buckled and takes a step back but saves it from a worse fate. Big leg up to save her double spin. Side somi with her chest down. Good double tuck dismount, just a step back. 12.533

8:17 am. Silviana Sfiringu ROU UB: Maloney to Pak, not bad, van Leeuwen with some leg separation, little pike in her hips as she goes into the front giant for her piked Jaeger, and I think due to the issue with her giant, she doesn’t get the release she needs, so she ends up getting REALLY close to the bar and just tucks it, lord, straddle Jaeger, really msucles into the front handstand, but gets a front giant around and goes right into her double front, which she lands today. Could have been worse! 12.166

8:13 am. Göksu Üctas Sanli TUR BB: Switch leap mount to split leap to split jump, nails it. Bhs loso, bent knees on both and bounces right off. Full turn, slight check. Transverse split jump half. Front aerial, slight check, side aerial, a bit short and wobbles but saves it. Front layout full is a little short with a hop. 11.766

8:12 am. Anastasiia Bachynska UKR UB: Stalder to Maloney to Pak, form isn’t bad on any. Van Leeuwen, toe full is a little late, just some leg form, to Tkachev, handstands are a little sloppy overall, caught a Jaeger after, then a little step back on a big double tuck. 12.833

8:11 am. Larisa Iordache ROU UB: Maloney to clear hip, slight leg separation, to big Tkachev to Pak, again, just slight leg form. Van Leeuwen, more significant leg breaks, blind change to piked Jaeger is solid, a bit arched in the toe-full, then a solid full-in dismount. 13.100

8:09 am. Dominika Ponizilova CZE FX: Double wolf turn, double pike, comes up a little short, lands with her chest down and lunges back OOB. Front full to front tuck is clean. Switch leap to switch side. Layout full. 11.233

8:08 am. Diana Varinska UKR UB: Chow to Pak, Maloney to clear hip full, Tkachev half to straddle Jaeger, form is weak but gets the connection, toe-on to high double tuck, gets the landing easily. Little form things throughout mostly in her hip form from what I could tell but overall a nice routine. 13.233

8:06 am. Bilge Tarhan TUR BB: Punch front mount, slight bobble. Roundoff layout. Transverse straddle jump is a bit short but she gets it. Switch to wolf jump, little check. Hit an aerial after. Double pike with a lunge back. 12.100

8:04 am. Ioana Stanciulescu ROU UB: Maloney to Tkachev, hip form is a bit wonky going into the flight, I think she either had a Hindorff or a Ray for her second Tkachev element but I didn’t see the entry, she had a fall, though. Ughhh. Pak, van Leeuwen, both fine. Way short handstand before her blind change to straddle Jaeger, gets nervous in her pirouette work and completely loses her rhythm, can’t get it around and has to hop off. A second fall. Back on and gets the blind full this time, and a full-in dismount, but Romania will have to count two falls in just one routine. 9.800

8:02 am. Magdalena Coufalova CZE FX: Hit the double back at the beginning and then a front layout in the second pass. Back 1.5 for the third, not bad. Switch half. She’s such a lovely performer, I wish she had more to work with choreo-wise. 11.466

8:01 am. Anastasiia Motak UKR UB: Nice handstand before her Komova II to Pak, clean on both. Van Leeuwen, a little bit swayed in her bak, inbar to inbar half (bent elbows) to straddle Jaeger, toe full is a bit late, double layout with a step forward. Not bad! They really attack her for her form and she does have lots of little things going on with her elbows and hips but as a total package her lines make her look better than her E score might suggest. 13.033

7:59 am. Cemre Kendirci TUR BB: Candle mount, bhs loso, some soft knees and a large break at the hips, switch leap to wolf jump, side aerial with a slight check at the end, side somi, transverse straddle jump half, ugh, not quite there and she falls. Also off on a second transverse half jump. Full turn. Double tuck with a hop. 10.833

7:54 am. Rotation 1 Standings

1. Romania 41.866
2. Ukraine 40.866
3. Hungary 40.466
4. Turkey 34.465
5. Croatia 34.065
6. Czech Republic 32.499

Silviana Sfiringu ROU VT: Getting a look back at this, DTY with crossed ankles and a pike down, lunge back, 14.200

7:52 am. Christina Zwicker CRO BB: Switch leap mount, then a leap into a side aerial, lovely. Big switch leap, split jump to sissone, bhs bhs loso, clean with just a slight break at the hips when she lands it. NOOOOOO, off on her transverse straddle jump. Are they playing the change rotations music DURING her routine?? HAHAHA RUDE??? Front aerial, back tuck, back handspring to layout full. Good recovery after the fall. And good work before it. 11.166

7:50 am. Aneta Holasova CZE BB: Layout stepout mount, nice. Bhs loso loso is super solid. Front aerial, little adjustment. Little wobble on a switch leap so had to pause but then got a leap series right after. Full Y turn with a wobble that takes her another half turn around but good fight to save it. Clean layout dismount with a hop. 11.466

7:48 am. Dilara Yurtdas TUR UB: Lovely toe full at the beginning, Maloney to Pak, slight leg separation, toe shoot, Gienger with leg separation, blind change to front giant half, does the half almost perfectly in vertical, then nails the double tuck. Yes! 12.166

7:46 am. Zsofia Kovacs HUN UB: Toe full, just a slight balance check before hitting handstand but it was pretty much right in handstand, van Leeuwen, toe half to piked Jaeger, Downie to Pak, good! Van Leeuwen is also clean, then a good tidy double tuck with a little bounce to finish. 14.200

7:44 am. Ana Derek CRO BB: Great amplitude on the bhs loso, just a slight leg up at the end. Switch ring, not bad, full turn, switch half with a wobble but she saves it, front aerial to split jump to back handspring, slight check but clean. Side aerial to sissone to wolf jump. Switch leap. Split leap, doesn’t connect to the side somi, but she’s clean on both. Ugh, I wish she had this routine in qualifications. Gainer tuck dismount. 12.066

7:43 am. Cemre Kendirci TUR UB: Blind change to big straddle Jaeger, ugh, a fall. Toe-on to blind full to Pak, very tidy, toe shoot, a little dead hangy there, double tuck lands a little back on her heels, a couple of steps back out of it. 10.566

7:42 am. Anastasiia Motak UKR VT: DTY, legs are bent and crossed throughout but she has the best landing of anyone in this rotation, really solid and right down the middle. The form gets her, though. 14.000

7:41 am. Zoja Szekely HUN UB: Big Church, huge Tkachev to Pak, some leg sep in the latter, Maloney to Gienger, leg sep on both and Gienger is a little low but nothing severe, nice air on the piked Jaeger, toe full, the coach is standing DIRECTLY in front of the camera hahahaha, good, they just realized they need to switch angles, I think she did the full-in right out of the pirouette, just some form in the air, step forward on the landing. 13.400

7:39 am. Larisa Iordache ROU VT: DTY, looked much better than it did in quals, just some soft knees in the second twist and a tiny hop to the side, looked like she went slightly OOB with one foot. 14.166

Anastasiia Bachynska UKR VT: FTY instead of the 1.5, clean and solid, just a slight pike and a tiny bounce. 13.533

7:38 am. Bilge Tarhan TUR UB: Toe half to piked Jaeger, not bad, good handstand before a clean Pak, toe shoot, short handstand, pirouette, solid double layout, fab! I’m obsessed with this group of first-year seniors for Turkey, they’re killing it here. 11.733

7:37 am. Petra Furac CRO VT: A little wild on her double turn but gets it pretty well in the end. Aerial to roundoff, switch to side aerial, off on her side somi. I think a front toss after that, random back handspring, wolf jump, split jump to sissone, misses the split on both, hit the front layout full dismount. 10.833

7:35 am. Ioana Stanciulescu ROU VT: DTY, ugh, I wish they had her doing the full. The second twist is just not good and she comes in really short and piked, lands it hunched over and has to take a big hop over OOB. 13.400 I think.

Yelizaveta Hubareva UKR VT: FTY, mostly clean, a little forward on the landing, small step.

7:34 am. Mirtill Makovits HUN UB: Toe full is clean, a little late, though. Chow to Pak is very clean. Van Leeuwen, slight leg separation, toe half to big piked Jaeger, toe half is a little short, then a super high clean double tuck. Awesome job. This girl hasn’t missed bars basically once in her entire career. 12.866

7:33 am. Sabina Halova CZE BB: Front aerial, a little short, wobble. Switch leap to split jump, good,bhs loso, severely bent knees on the loso, and she comes in REALLY short and low, lands it basically hard on her knee on the side of the beam and falls. Side aerial lands almost fully off the beam for another fall. Good on the illusion turn and side aerial. Front layout is stuck. 9.533

7:31 am. So unlike the other day where we had steams of all four events at once, today it’s JUST the one stream, which you can watch here. Good news is that only three events are happening at a time, and both Ukraine and Romania are in the same group, so we should hopefully see all of their routines, but you never know.

7:29 am. The touch warm-up just started for the first rotation!

13 thoughts on “2020 European Championships | Senior Team Final Live Blog

    • Yes, so much talent on that team! And that’s with Nazli Savranbasi missing out as well…I hope they all continue into 2022 because I think they could have some great potential for qualifying a full team to worlds the following year!


  1. Wow that was a nail biting final!! Larisas beam was amazing! I wanted Romania to win but well done Ukraine they did well and should be proud!


    • Yeah, I really thought Romania would be able to dig themselves out of that bars hole, and they got SO close! Really unfortunate that it didn’t happen, but ultimately Ukraine had the better day even if they aren’t the stronger overall team.


  2. Just a hypothetical afterthought, not saying Larisa should do this in that split second she need to decide to change her routine after missing front tumbling requirement.

    If she instead perform a front handspring to front tuck (which is fairly basic that gymnasts don’t really need to train for it) for her last tumble, she will actually gain 0.4 in difficulty, since this A element will be replaced by her C ring element (-0.1 from double piked) but gaining 0.5 CR.

    The COP actually have a few instances where incredibly amateur and laughable skills can do some amazing job at the correct moment, the most prominent example is that a tucked 1/1 propelled Ponor into 2012 floor finals. (She might have actually gained 0.3 in execution since her 3/1 was her messiest skill of the entire routine)


    • I think the skills counted (for any event) are 7 highest + dismount. So if she did front tuck as her dismount, she’d lose the double pike (-0.4) but gained the requirement (+0.5) and the front tuck (+0.1). so -0.4 + 0.5 + 0.1 = 0.2 which would’ve been enough for gold.


  3. I think the game also shows us how much team depth and low-key ‘filler’ gymnasts or specialists should be appreciated.

    Duta, Trica, Radivilova performed 1 event and scored very consistently and reliably to buttress their team scores. The all around stars multi-eventers Sfiringu, Stanciulescu, Iordache and Motak all have major mistakes and perhaps they should have enjoyed their teammates doing 1 more routine for them.


    • Depth is everything, you’re right. And there were talks here and there prior to the competition Romania could win with just their top trio. The answer is NO. And actually it’s a very good thing for Romania – for its future – that they needed Duta and Trica, even if just on a single event.
      And talk about Hubareva … who did her job on FX when whe probably was Ukraine’s number 5 on this event, and was certainly not expected to replace Radivilova on VT prior to these Europeans.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I was honestly worried, especially when Holbura was on the team, that Romania was just going to use the top three in the team final and not bother with the other two, but I’m glad Trica and Duta ended up proving themselves in qualifications…they both did great work both days of competition, especially Trica coming into the situation after at first getting booted from the team. I think Romania puts too much stock in what the gymnasts score at domestic meets, but as we learn time and again, these scores are meaningless and can’t be trusted, especially when certain athletes are favored at home and given higher scores than others. Even if they came into this setting thinking Sfiringu and Stanciulescu would be scoring much higher than Duta and Trica respectively, I’m glad they framed their team for the final on how the gymnasts were scored in qualifications instead of how they score at home.

        Liked by 1 person

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