2021 Elite Canada | Senior & Junior Women Live Blog

Welcome to the live blog for the senior all-around and apparatus finals at the 2021 Elite Canada, held virtually!

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1:46 am. Here are the top juniors!

1. Aurélie Tran 50.550
2. Victoriane Charron 49.850
3. Marie Millette 46.450
4. Viktoria Duchesne 46.400
5. Amelie Blanton 45.050
6. Makenzie Grant 44.350
7. Amy Jorgensen 44.350
8. Jordanna Phillis 44.000

1:37 am. Jordana Phillis FX: Popa, then a solid double pike. Front double full! Some leg form but nice difficulty. Switch, low back leg, to a tour jeté half. Double tuck, it rotates SOOOO SLOWLY, and yet she still not only lands it, but the landing is great and she’s upright?! Good for her. Ugh, no, but then crashes the 2.5 forward OOB.

Virginie Therrien FX: Double pike with a lunge. This gym, Gadbois, is BEAUTIFUL. I’m gonna post a screenshot in a minute. Switch to switch half. Front full with a step to the side. Lunge out of the double tuck. Good work!

Aurélie Tran FX: Lovely wolf turn at the start. High double tuck with a step back. I love a gym with poles in the middle of the floor, my gym growing up also had obstacles like that. One is ALMOST in the path of a tumbling line. I forgive any Gymnix girl who tumbles a little crooked, they’re just training to avoid smashing into a concrete pole holding the building up. Switch ring to switch half. Clean double L turn to pirouette. Solid double pike. Front full at the end. Gorgeous.

Anyway, here’s Gadbois

1:28 am. Marie Millette FX: Almost stuck her double tuck to start. Nice leap series before her second pass, a clean double full, little bobble on the landing. Ekes that double wolf turn around. Front tuck through to 1.5 with a step. 

Becca Mitchell FX: 2.5 with a big stumble forward OOB. Front layout to front pike is good and clean. Triple spin, little stumble. Double wolf turn. Love her music. Switch leap to switch half. Double full, lunges out of it. Split jump full. Yay! 

Sophie Patterson FX: Double pike with a lunge back. Her music is like a gymnastics/dance version of Handel’s Harpischord Suite No. 4 in D minor, which is in both an early episode of Always Sunny and my favorite WWII documentary. #FACTS Switch full to I think a ring leap full but she goes into it a little weird from this angle. 1.5 to front tuck, ugh, takes a weird stumble, couldn’t see if she put her hand down though. Now a switch ring leap full I think but this angle is REALLY bad for leaps. Honestly don’t know what the judges could have done with that. Double tuck with a couple of steps.

1:22 am. Sienna Fretwell FX: 2.5 with a step forward, that was nice. Front layout full after that, just landed a bit staggered. Switch ring, couldn’t see the leg, to switch half. Kinda falls out of her double spin, then a front tuck through to double full to finish, steps a foot OOB.

Makenzie Grant FX: Love the random guy doing p-bars in the background. Broken doll music which is always something I’m here for. Double pike, lunge back. Solid double tuck, she had super powerful vaults and you see that power here as well. Also energetic in her choreo. Good leaps as well. Front layout full to finish. Good work.

Amy Jorgensen FX: Front tuck through to double tuck, small step. Split jump full. Double spin. High and really open double pike, but puts her hands down. This isn’t the best day for her but she’d probably be one of the strongest juniors without her falls here. Tour jeté to switch half. Good double full into a lunge.

1:16 am. Amelie Blanton FX: Full Y turn, double tuck, comes in a little low but she holds it up in the end. Front layout to front pike, very clean. Switch to switch half. Tour jeté half. Double full, little hop back. 

Victoriane Charron FX: Memmel turn. Arabian double front with a step. Stuck the double tuck COLD, and nice body position on that landing! Switch to switch half, very clean. Excellent double pike, step back. Split jump full. Wolf turn. Clean stuck double full at the end. She’s perfection, and also her music was Sia’s “Cheap Thrills.”

Viktoria Duchesne FX: High double pike, great landing. Front layout full is clean as well. Triple full!! Get it. Just a little step to the side. Double tuck, small hop at the end.

1:09 am. Jordanna Phillis BB: Goes for a layout series but is a little off and bounces right off the side. Switch to split leap. Standing back tuck is solid. Big 2.5 dismount, just a step to the side!

Virginie Therrien BB: Candle mount, nice work on her wolf turn, bhs bhs loso, looks like she has it but then can’t hold on and hops off. Switch to straddle, break at the hips and a fall again. Then again on her standing back tuck. She looks pretty over it but keeps it going with a side aerial. Then a transverse straddle jump half, slips off. 😦 1.5 with a step back. The person filming is like “thank you” and laughs which is definitely NOT the mood right now! I love when there are routines where a gymnast is clearly like “wtf was that” and can immediately laugh about it, and routines that were just like, the most frustrating IN THE WORLD and this was that.

Aurélie Tran BB: Switch leap mount, very nice. Clean wolf turn. Oh, she’s Gymnix, no wonder she’s amazing and I love her. Side aerial to back handspring. Switch, GREAT back leg, pauses before the switch half. Transverse split jump half, wobble, then a transverse straddle jump half. Front aerial, step back. Split jump to straddle jump, she has a lot of toe point happening btw. Good double full, step back.

12:59 am. Marie Millette BB: Candle mount, bhs loso with a little hip adjustment, switch to split jump to back handspring, just a low back leg on the jump, front aerial is pretty good, lovely tour jeté, just a little iffy on the landing, full turn, side somi, almost breaks there, windmill arms it a bit, but doesn’t fall! Good save. Double full with a step back just like the last three dismounts.

Becca Mitchell BB: Bhs bhs loso, misses her front foot completely on the loso and as she’s falling, the back leg comes in and slams the beam HARD. Her left hip also looked like it hit. I yelled. I’d be like “BYE” in that moment but she’s awesome, a real trooper, and takes a second, then jumps back on. Side aerial, break at the hips, holds on, transverse split jump half, falls forward out of that landing. Then makes a straight jump full (transverse) look easy. Switch to sissone. BEAUTIFUL triple wolf turn! Then a nice double as well. For her dismount, does a back handspring right out of a handstand, then a 1.5, but comes up pretty short and sits it. Ugh. 😦

Sophie Patterson BB: Candle mount. Switch half, little step. Split jump to wolf jump, a little low on the latter. Front aerial, maybe a liiiiiittle late with the rotation but it’s lovely otherwise, bhs loso is solid. Goes for a tour jeté half but comes up about a quarter shy of the landing and falls. Side aerial, steady. OOF, one foot is kind of off the beam when she punches so doesn’t really get what she needs there for her double full and lands that to the side before falling.

12:54 am. Sienna Fretwell BB: Solid back handspring mount. Switch to sissone, clean. Side aerial, small hip adjustment. Transverse split jump half, maybe a little low. Bhs loso, knees are a tad soft. Very nice wolf turn! Layout full with a step. Great job!

Makenzie Grant BB: Switch leap (low back leg), wolf jump to straddle jump, bhs loso, again knees are sliiiightly bent but that’s an everyone problem here. Hers are some of the better knees I think. Full turn, side aerial, clean double full with a step. Yay!

Amy Jorgensen BB: Candle mount, huge floaty bhs loso but she’s just a little off-center and falls. Front aerial, switch to split jump half, full turn, side aerial, all of these are great and solid. So is her switch half, her split is angled but I kind of like that aesthetically. Clean double full, step back. Great recovery after the fall.

12:47 am. Amelie Blanton BB: Bhs loso, solid! Just slight knee form. Full Y turn, a little check and break at the hips, side aerial with a bobble, switch leap to split jump, clean double full with a hop. Good routine!

Victoriane Charron BB: Back handspring mount, break at the hips and a fall. 😦 She still wins this event, spoiler alert! Well, “wins.” No one wins until two more meets happen. Lovely bhs loso, then switch to split jump, TOE POINT! Front aerial is gorgeous. Double wolf turn. Switch half, little wobble. Clean side aerial. Transverse split jump half, extension!!! Great double tuck with a step.

Viktoria Duchesne BB: Candle mount, into a stag position. Bhs loso, some knee bend, but solid. Side somi, chest a little forward, but just a small wobble in the end. Jumps maybe weren’t quite there but not bad. Good side aerial. Short on the double full, steps out of it.

12:43 am. Sienna Fretwell UB: Pak, some flexed feet, clear hip, a little swayed in her handstand, to toe-on to another toe-on that I think was supposed to be a toe half but she comes down from it early, keeps her swing though. Toe shoot, blind change, muscles it over to JUST make it happen, and a front layout dismount. Fought through it!

Becca Mitchell UB: Pak, comes in way too high and lands it on her hips, stays on, but rests on the bar before starting her swing. Clear hip to toe-on to toe half, a little short, to toe shoot, short handstand before the giants to a double tuck dismount, step back.

Aurélie Tran UB: I like that with the senior videos being in reverse alphabetical order and the junior videos being alphabetical, the seniors end each video “rotation” with their all-around champion Ellie Black, and the juniors end with their champ Aurélie Tran! Anyway, here we go…toe-on to Maloney to a big clean floaty Pak, stalder half to toe shoot, lovely, blind full, blind change to a pretty good Jaeger, high clean double tuck with a step back. That was excellent!

12:37 am. Sophie Patterson UB: Clear hip, a little swayed, to Ray, nice! Then she loses her rhythm and has to cast again before the Pak, a little weak in the form but catches. Toe…full I think it’s supposed to be but she muscles through halfway and hops off. Almost gets the toe full this time, but her leg form falls apart at the end and she crashes down onto the bar. Gets back on for the toe shoot, great handstand before her blind change to front giant half (ankle separation), then a double tuck, a little low with a couple of steps forward, she’s smiling but in a “yikes” kind of way and her coach says “AY YI YI” HAHAHAHA. So good.

Jordanna Phillis UB: Maloney to Pak, some leg form, arches over the handstand out of it and comes off. Van Leeuwen, gets it! Blind change to piked Jaeger, form on both in her legs, blind full, legs come apart but doesn’t affect her swing, and hits the dismount with a step back. Doesn’t look thrilled.

Virginie Therrien UB: All of the in-house judges saying “good luck!” to the competitors before they go! Adorbs. Blind change, some ankle separation, to piked Jaeger, she has a coach or someone screaming for her virtually which is hilarious, arches over a handstand after that and comes off. The virtual supporter yelped. Bail, clear hip to toe shoot, arched over again and couldn’t hold the handstand. You don’t know it yet, but literally everyone is falling and only five gymnasts will get above a 10 on bars, so you’re good. Blind full, some ankle separation, tucked toe front dismount.

12:32 am. Makenzie Grant UB: Blind change, slight ankled separation, piked Jaeger goes about 100 miles from the high bar, no chance at catching sadly. Bail to toe-on is a bit arched and she has to hop off. Toe shoot when she’s back, nice handstand before the blind full, just a bit late with leg separation, and a double tuck with a step.

Amy Jorgensen UB: Stalder half, legs come apart halfway through and she tries to muscle it but can’t get it up, hops off. Stalder full, stalder half to front giant to straddle Jaeger, nice height there. Bail, arches way over and she can’t pull it back. High double tuck with a step. She has a lot of excellent bar work, too bad about the falls.

Marie Millette UB: Pak, mostly great, toe shoot, a little short in her handstands, blind change to front giant half, blind full, clean aside from a tiny ankle break, and a stuck double tuck. Good!

12:28 am. Starting bars!

Amelie Blanton UB: Toe-on to bail, short, to toe shoot, good connections, great handstand before her blind full, another great handstand before her blind change to front giant half, then a tucked toe front dismount with a step. Good work.

Victoriane Charron UB: Lovely handstand into the Pak, toe-on to Maloney to clear hip to blind change to blind full, great! Blind change to front giant half, beautiful double layout with a small step. Perfection!

Viktoria Duchesne UB: Kip casts to handstand and pirouettes right out of the handstand! I don’t think we ever see that, usually pirouettes are out of bigger circle elements so that’s really cool. Toe-on to toe shoot, nice, blind change to piked Jaeger, double tuck with a step back. Great routine!

12:25 am. Amelie Blanton VT: Yurchenko pike, decent pike shape and opens up well, but too far back on her heels and doesn’t have the landing, stumbles and sits it.

Marie Millette VT: Tsuk tuck full, pretty good! Just some pre-flight leg separation and a step back, but this is solid for her age.

Virginie Therrien VT: FTY, Decent form in the air, just a little short coming in for the landing, step forward. Second is a Yurchenko layout, lots of very straight Yurchenko layouts from the juniors! Steps back out of it and goes into a hollow body shape like she’s doing a drill, love that.

12:20 am. Jordanna Phillis VT: Yurchenko 1.5, legs are tucked throughout and she has a big hop forward. FTY, she’s also pretty piked in her hips here and a little tucked in her knees as well, and she stumbles back out of it, OOB. But lots of power and potential here.

Aurélie Tran VT: FTY, Tight and clean, just a little low on the landing with a step forward. Second vault is a big Yurchenko layout with a bounce back.

Amy Jorgensen VT: FTY, some pike in there, and a little low with a step forward. These pit mats are really not making landings super fun for a lot of people but this mat situation is the wobbliest. It definitely feels more stable than it looks but to build the mats up to competition height is like…a challenge. Yurchenko layout with a step after that.

12:17 am. Makenzie Grant VT: FTY, pretty nice! Solid in the air, great distance, small step. Yurchenko layout for the second, huge hop back. The power!

Becca Mitchell VT: Yurchenko pike with a step, and then a Yurchenko tuck with a step. Solid and pretty clean on both!

Sophie Patterson VT: FTY, a little piked down but just a small step. Then a Yurchenko layout, again pretty straight there, step back.

12:13 am. Victoriane Charron VT: FTY, Not a ton of power but she’s wee, more than good enough considering her age! Does a Yurchenko layout for her second and it’s so straight.

Viktoria Duchesne VT: The p-bars are in the way of the landing mat…FTY, leg form looked a little sloppy. Second vault is a big handspring front tuck with a hop forward.

Sienna Fretwell VT: Yurchenko pike, chest down with a step. Second vault is a Yurchenko tuck, which she sits.

12:12 am. It’s JUNIOR TIME! I think all (or most) of the juniors did two vaults, so I’ll be specifically picking the first of each before the second if that’s helpful.

12:05 am. You probably already know the results because this already happened but…here you go anyway! Juniors are coming up in a few minutes.


1. Ellie Black 55.100
2. Ava Stewart 53.200
3. Rose Woo 52.300
4. Sophie Marois 50.450
5. Audrey Rousseau 49.600
6. Emma Spence 49.500
7. Cassie Lee 49.300
8. Jessica Dowling 48.500

12:02 am. Ellie Black FX: The last senior routine. WE MADE IT! Three hours. 2.5 through to double tuck with a step back, solid. Front handspring to front double full to front tuck, also excellent. This routine is hilarious, there is literally evil laughter in it, I NEED to know the story. Tour jeté half to straddle full. Clean double full at the end. Love this new routine for her.

11:56 pm. Lucia Jakab FX:  Whip to double tuck, buckles the landing a little, but not bad! Double pike, ugh, also buckled there but too far forward as well and put her hands down. Switch to tour jeté half. Random barani, looked like she was probably supposed to do a front full and balked or something, she looks a bit rattled at the end and just stands there for a second waiting for the music to catch up to her. Good double full with a hop back.

Jessica Dowling FX: Triple full, rotation is a little short, but she gets the landing. Lovely split jump full. Double pike, chest a little forward, hop back. Switch half, melts into her choreo. Great switch ring to split ring leap. Front full at the end. Good work!

Jayne Carvell FX: Great double pike at the beginning. Low set into her double tuck but she flips so fast and still manages it no problem. Switch ring to tour jeté half, couldn’t see the ring angle from here but it didn’t look all the way there. Front tuck through to 2.5, crashed it. 😦

11:55 pm. Okay I had to take a break for a second there because it’s been three hours but I’m back!

11:43 pm. Sophie Marois FX: Tour jeté half I think, then a double pike, stuck it cold. Front full. Hop L full turn, switch to switch half, double pike, a little slow in rotation, she cowboys it, but ends up sitting. Still finished fourth AA!

Cassie Lee FX: Good double tuck, tour jeté half to switch half, floaty 1.5 to front full, just a step back on the double pike, very solid routine!

Nya Kraus FX: SHE’S. WEARING. THE. MASK. NYAAAAA. And she has fabulous choreo at the beginning. Her music stopped and she’s gonna keep going without it!!! Double tuck, step forward. Front full to front tuck. A gymnast in a mask performing floor to no music alone in a dead silent gym is the dystopian future I envisioned while reading Hunger Games. Tour jeté half to switch half. Ugh, crashes the 2.5 at the end, which is a bummer, but I love her.

11:36 pm. Charlise Radencich FX: Excellent double pike. Switch to switch half, her form is great. Split jump full. Double tuck, little hop. Clean double wolf turn. 1.5 to front tuck, just some knees on the twists. Good end to her day! Really just beam was rough for her, I think? Otherwise she looked fab!

Denelle Pedrick FX: HUGE triple full, a little overrotated! And her form in the air is OUTSTANDING. Tour jeté half to switch half to straight jump full, good series, then a 1.5 to front layout with a hop. Split jump full isn’t QUITE there from this angle. Excellent double pike. And the choreo at the end is awesome. Okay, this is promising.

Éloise Monat FX: Memmel turn, step back on her double tuck, double L turn, good. Front layout to front tuck into a leap, looked fine. Switch ring to tour jeté half I think but kind of hard to see from this angle. Good on her wolf turn. Layout full at the end. Good comeback after her rough beam.

11:29 pm. Jenna Sartoretto FX: Double pike, chest is a bit low and when she pulls it back to correct she takes two big steps back. Switch to switch full. Double turn, front attitude. Front layout full, little step. Tour jeté half. Stuck the double tuck at the end. Good!

Audrey Rousseau FX: Looked like she was doing a split jump 1.5 at the beginning but didn’t quite get it around, or was a little off. Ugh, sits the arabian double front. 1.5 after that. Tour jeté half. Switch ring to switch half into a true balletic jeté, love it as a nice little bit of choreo. Stumbles back the double tuck.

Rachael Riley FX: Step back on her tucked full-in. Switch to switch full, double L turn, little hoppy. Double tuck, tiny step. Split jump full. Comes short out of the 2.5 at the end, punches into a tuck, but is still a little short and puts her hand down.

11:23 pm. Ava Stewart FX: Excellent split jump full at the start. 1.5 through to double pike, fantastic! Switch full. Tour jeté half to switch ring. THE LEAP DIFFICULTY MY GOODNESS. 2.5 to front tuck, great. No wonder she had the highest floor score, she is straight killing it. Step on the double tuck. Incredible, Canada’s next star.

Sydney Stevens FX: Double tuck, doesn’t get quite the air she needs and puts it down. Front layout to front pike, big hop forward. Switch half, split jump full, full Y turn, also doesn’t get the air for the double full and crashes it at the end. 😦

Emma Spence FX: 1.5 through to double tuck, a little low on the latter but pulls out the landing. Great Popa. Tour jeté full. Front tuck through to double full, some leg form there but solid. Switch ring is nice, to switch half. Great work!

11:17 pm. Maya Zonneveld: Triple wolf turn, then a solid double tuck to start. Front tuck through to a good double full. Double wolf turn. Switch ring to switch half. Her music has some Laurie Hernandez vibes. Good double pike with a step forward to finish. Good work!

Rose Woo FX: Makes a triple spin look easy. Triple full with a step. Her gym has a mirror bordering the floor that terrifies me, how are kids constantly not tumbling directly into it?! Any gym where the floor is within like two feet of walls I’m just like HOW, but that’s literally EVERY GYM. 2.5 to front tuck, good. Switch ring to switch half, double pike with a hop. Lovely work.

Leah Tindale FX: Great double pike to start! Popa, the straddle is maybe a little low. Double tuck, little unsure of the landing but keeps it upright. A couple wolf turns. Straight jump full through to a switch full. Front layout full to finish. Good job!

11:08 pm. Laurie Denommée BB: Roundoff layout, slight adjustment, but solid. Switch leap, switch half to split jump, a little short on the first, good on the front aerial to straddle to back handspring, great transverse split jump half, solid side aerial, she’s killing it “today.” Side somi. Front layout full with a hop.

Jayne Carvell BB: Side aerial, a tiny bit short, switch leap, off on the split jump full, full turn, wobble, bhs loso, had bent knees there, and a fall. Transverse split jump half is a little low, front aerial with a break at the hips but a good recovery, split leap to sissone, double full dismount, sits it, and she’s overtime.

Ellie Black BB: Switch leap mount to switch half to Korbut. Kills it. Good double spin, slight check, wolf jump to straddle jump, punch front pike with some knee form and a hop back, bhs tuck full, awesome, just a scoot back, also nails the layout series, good side aerial, and stuck the double full. EXCELLENT!

Time for FLOOR!

11:01 pm. Nya Kraus BB: Mask queen is masked again! Switch to switch jump half, doesn’t get the rotation on the half really but saves it from being worse than a wobble. Full turn, bhs loso is super solid. Okay, I need NCAA to snatch her up as well. A socially responsible technique queen? We love to see it. Split leap to side aerial, little adjustment. Beautiful switch half. Great side somi. Clean double full with a step. YES!

Lucia Jakab BB: Double wolf turn just gets a little wonky, good side somi, side aerial, switch to switch half, a little low, super solid on her bhs loso, front aerial is also good, small hop on her layout dismount. 

Jessica Dowling BB: Gets the wolf turn around nicely, bhs loso loso, almost has it, adjusts, but falls. Switch to switch half, nice extension on the first. Side aerial, and a double full dismount.

10:54 pm. Éloise Monat BB: Candle mount, then a VERY silly fall on her double wolf turn. I think it was supposed to be a triple. Lands on her butt and bounces off. Back on for another one and somehow has an even sillier fall where she like, gets her ankle stuck? Wolf turns are demons!! Side aerial loso, off again, and that fall seemed more frustrating than silly, switch to split leap to split jump, transverse split jump half, solid double full with a step.

Sophie Marois BB: Candle mount, bhs loso, skids back out of it and her leg comes up, serious wobble but no fall, punch front is solid, switch to switch half to bhs, front aerial to split jump, wobble, but overall she’s showing really tidy and kind of effortless-looking work, transverse split jump half, a little low, gainer layout dismount off the end. 

Cassie Lee BB: Full wolf turn, side aerial loso loso, AWESOME, smacked those landings DOWN. Clean side somi as well. Transverse straddle jump half is a little low but landed well. Roundoff layout, UGH, a fall there. Damn, she got a 13.0 for this routine, so that was WITH a fall!!! Manjak’s making BEAM QUEENS. Switch to switch half to straddle jump, the straddle is just a little low, but I’ve also been rewatching “Cheer” today and my model for comparison is Ladarius, which is just UNFAIR. 1.5 dismount is good.

10:47 pm. Denelle Pedrick BB: Switch leap mount, full turn, great. I’m so glad she came back to elite! Bhs loso, slides back on the landing but somehow hangs on! Switch to split jump to back handspring, very solid work there. Great attack on the switch half as well. Side aerial, just corrects her hips. Love Ellie Black in the background rooting for her. Transverse split half, then a transverse straddle jump, a little low. Clean double full with a step. Nice work.

Kiora Peart-Williams BB: Back handspring mount, fall there. Switch leap, misses the connection to the switch half, which comes in a little short in hip rotation and the split. Bhs loso, again her body parts just aren’t where they need to be on the landings today and she falls. Little things. Hits the side somi, forward but holds it. Transverse split jump full, falls on that. Full Y turn, big break at the hips, split leap, side aerial. Little finger snap. Walks back to the other end for her dismount, a layout, stuck. A bit rough but just seemed like a bad day, she’s pretty strong generally.

Imogen Paterson BB: Candle mount, omg, love that she springs up from her toes to stand up, unfortunately just a little off on her bhs loso and has a fall. Again with the counting out loud for the time to re-mount, it’s terrifying!!! I’d be like I’m getting there, hold on please!!! Side aerial to split jump to back handspring, good connections and clean, solid series. Front aerial, traveled well there, to split jump full!!! Didn’t connect it fully but damn that’s some serious business. Full turn. Switch to switch half, just a slightly low back leg. 1.5 with a hop. So many good things in there!!

10:40 pm. Rachael Riley BB: Bhs loso, some bent legs, but solid. Transverse split jump half, just a little short, chest down. Straight jump full right after, fall backwards. Switch to side aerial to split jump to sissone, great! Front aerial, wobbles a bit but saves it. Split jump full. Illusion turn, wobble and then a fall, noooo. You can hear someone in the background (over video maybe) saying “NO! AHHHH!” It’s me. 1.5 dismount with a large step forward.

Clara Raposo BB: Our queen hath returned! Side aerial loso, little scoot back. She can add another loso to this. Glad they’re playing it safe with her now. Double spin, tiny bobble, switch to front aerial, good. Transverse straddle jump half, a little low. Straddle jump to split jump to back tuck, leg up, but overall nice! Just a layout dismount. Some downgrades but very well done.

Charlise Radencich BB: Double wolf turn, bhs loso, some bent legs and her angle is off throughout, including on the landing, fall. Switch to switch half, a little short there and a rough landing but good fight and she stays on. Side aerial. Side somi, too far forward and a fall there. Transverse straddle jump half, the straddle isn’t there, then a transverse split half, which is MUCH better. 1.5 dismount, stuck.

10:34 pm. Emma Spence BB: Candle mount, clean double wolf turn, front aerial, little hop forward, side somi, solid! Transverse tuck jump half, also solid. Cat leap to switch side is great. Nails the bhs back pike series. She’s crushing it! Just the dismount I think…cartwheel to 1.5, very good!

Jenna Sartoretto BB: Kills it on the layout stepout mount, then full turn in front attitude. Get it! Side aerial loso, shoulder angle is a little off but she adjusts and saves anything bad from happening. Switch to switch half, good. Split jump to wolf jump, also solid. Transverse straight jump full, split leap to side somi, chest is forward on the landing but she pulls back, walks to the end of the beam for her dismount which is allowed here based on the competition rules (since she’d normally be dismounting from the opposite end), just a layout. Really good routine!

Audrey Rousseau BB: Candle mount, good on the bhs loso, front aerial, switch leap to split jump, transverse split jump half, side aerial, switch half with a step back, nice high double tuck with a hop back. Great work! This trio of routines was fab.

10:27 pm. Leah Tindale BB: It took me this long to realize the routines are in reverse alphabetical order. Candle mount, triple wolf turn, double wolf turn, a little wobbly on the latter. Front tuck, roundoff to back layout/pike, has a bit too much energy when she lands it and she pops right off. Transvere straight jump full, cat leap to switch half, wobble, pike jump to straddle jump, a little low on both, just a layout dismount, landed well.

Ava Stewart BB: Candle mount, opens her legs into a little upside down straddle, bless. Clean on the double wolf turn. Switch leap to wolf jump, makes it effortless. I can’t believe she’s only done two elite meets and came onto the scene as a junior last year. Bhs to tuck full, ALMOST has it, but just pop right off. UGH. Transverse split jump half. Front aerial to split jump to Korbut, very nice. Switch ring, only the foot is really problematic, then double pike with her chest a tad low and a step back. 

Sydney Stevens BB: Ooh, she has a whole little crowd in there cheering at the beginning. Front aerial to back handspring, wobbled after the aerial but covered it up super well and got the connection! Good job. Switch to split jump, maybe a little low? Korbut into some choreo, cute, and she dismounts with a front walkover to front tuck, love that.

10:22 pm. Maya Zonneveld BB: Candle mount, triple wolf turn, lovely! Standing loso + loso, awesome series. Front aerial, a little to the side, adjusts, then does her jump series. Ugh, also a little off on her side aerial and can’t save this one, fall. NOOOO, then hits her heel at the end of her double wolf turn and has to take a second fall. Transverse split jump half. Double full with a step back.

Rose Woo BB: Full turn, bhs to back pike is smooth and solid. Switch ring, back leg isn’t there, but again solid. Clean side aerial, tiniest of tiny adjustments. Front aerial, switch half, a little low and with a step. Switch leap to wolf jump, her best so far. Side somi, just a little balance check. Double pike, chest is a bit low, step forward.

Sydney Turner BB: Candle mount, switch to switch half, wobble with her leg up there but good leaps. Missed the connection to the bhs so she does it solo. Side aeiral loso, ugh, hips just don’t make it square and she falls. Double wolf turn is wild. Split leap to front aerial to split jump, lovely! Transverse split jump half, lands it a bit backwards, but pulls her core forward and saves it. 1.5 dismount. 

Crying laughing because during Sydney’s routines, in the absence of a bell, the judge said “ding” for the warning and “ding ding” for OT just when she landed her dismount. Amazing.

10:21 pm. That’s it for bars! Moving onto beam in one second.

10:14 pm. Laurie Denommée UB: Hop change to front toe-on half to Maloney to Pak, awesome, and very clean, especially in the Pak, van Leeuwen, just some leg separation, Gienger, a little close, blind full, tucked toe front half with a hop back. I’m very sad she didn’t end up doing NCAA because I think she would have THRIVED but I’m glad she stayed in elite because I love her.

Jayne Carvell UB: Huge Maloney to bail, some leg separation, to a stalder full, also with some leg separation. Toe-on to toe shoot, caught a little close, muscles it into a pretty decent handstand, stalder half to front giant, UGH, she’s ALMOST over but just can’t sneak that last hair around. Back on for a stalder to tucked toe front half with a step.

Ellie Black UB: Nice handstand before the Maloney to Hindorff, very nice, Shang, ALMOST has it, just a little too far over. Hop change to piked Jaeger to Pak, the catch on the Jaeger looked like it might be wonky but she fixed it pretty quickly, van Leeuwen, then a tucked toe half dismount with a baby step. Too bad about the fall but the rest was great.

10:10 pm. Nya Kraus UB: Bail right to handstand, to toe-on to toe shoot, lovely! Blind change to front giant half, blind full to double tuck, basically stuck. Nothing huge in there skill-wise but it was clean and she did it in a mask!!! AGAIN!!!

Lucia Jakab UB: Toe full, some ankle separation, blind change to piked Jaeger, good. Short handstand before the Pak, Maloney to bail, a little short and piked, to toe shoot, short again on the handstand before her giants, then just a layout dismount, she doesn’t look thrilled but it was a solid hit.

Jessica Dowling UB: Nice handstand before the toe half to straddle Jaeger, goes out really far and can’t grasp the bar. Stalder full to Pak, very clean but loses her legs when she catches, Maloney to Gienger, form isn’t there on the Gienger, and she goes out a little too far again, and without really enough height as well, so another fall. 😦 UGH. Perfect handstand before the toe-on, then a full-in with a step.

10:05 pm. Éloise Monat UB: Short handstand before her blind full, a little late, blind change to front giant to straddle Jaeger, good, a litle jerky in the swing into her Pak, but catches, ugh, then doesn’t get her dowel around on the Maloney and slips off backwards. Tries it again, gets it this time, to a bail, arches over and comes off again. Back on for a layout dismount, stuck.

Sophie Marois UB: Nice handstand before the blind change to straddle Jaeger to Pak, just some form on the Pak. Maloney comes in low but she gets it, and into a Bhardwaj! Toe shoot back up to the high bar, arches over in handstand but fights through, blind full, then college sticks the toe front half dismount.

Cassie Lee UB: Blind full, blind change to straddle Jaeger, good, clear hip to nice high Pak, arches over the handstand after, has to take an extra swing before the toe shoot which is caught in a dead hang and she has to kick back into her swing again. Hits the double tuck. So much fight in so many of these routines.

I didn’t realize how long a meet would be going routine by routine. Will I be done by midnight?!

10:00 pm. Charlise Radencich UB: Clear hip to blind change to piked Jaeger, NICE! Very clean so far. Bail to toe shoot, excellent handstand after, blind full, big almost stuck double tuck. Fantastic! Not high difficulty but some NCAA teams need to jump on her.

Denelle Pedrick UB: Blind change to front giant half, high Tkachev between the bars, Pak to switch kip, toe shoot caught a bit close, muscles out of it, blind full, some leg separation, tucked toe front half is a little low. Nice hit set!

Kiora Peart-Williams UB: Nice handstand before her Ray, Pak, a little iffy on the form there, toe half can’t get around really  (or to handstand)…I think it was supposed to be a full as well. Van Leeuwen, tucks it, clear hip half, muscles through, to a front giant half, also muscles it. She’s a fighter. Lots of fighting but she’s winning them! Dismount goes high but gets no distance, double tuck, slowly rotates and kind of collapses in on the landing and I think her hands touched the mat. Just a bit labored in this routine but like, COVID circumstances. We’re all labored.

9:54 pm. Jenna Sartoretto UB: Ray to Pak! Pak is a bit arched but really good difficulty combo for her. Toe full is pretty late on the low bar, then she does a toe circle to jump to high bar. Clear hip half is a bit wild, and she can’t get it up to handstand, falls. Clear hip half is better this time, into a Khorkina! YAS. High double tuck dismount. 

Audrey Rousseau UB: Kip cast to handstand on the low bar and then she immediately hop changes to reverse grip for a Weiler, ALMOST gets it to handstand, but isn’t fully there and has to hop off. Back on for a Weiler half to Maloney to bail to toe-on to Ray, nice, then a nice high Tkachev between the bars. Blind full, only a little late, then a tucked toe-front half with a hop.

Rachael Riley UB: Leg separation on the toe half, into a piked Jaeger, catches a little close and takes an extra swing before the Pak, leg separation there, then an extra swing out of it, toe shoot, also caught close, the routine is just a little clunky but a lot of individual pieces are there, double tuck with a step.

9:46 pm. Leah Tindale UB: Immediate blind change to Jaeger, nice, Pak, just some flexed feet, toe-on to van Leeuwen, doesn’t get quite the amplitude she needs and misses the high bar. Clear hip, blind full, almost right over the bar, then a tucked toe front dismount.

Ava Stewart UB: Stalder full to Maloney to Tkachev, this kid can SWING! Galante, nice, Pak is very nice, van Leeuwen, just some slight bend in her knees, stalder half to piked double front!!!!!!! YESSSSSS!!!!! Lands it low but YES YES YES!!!! I just had to watch the dismount again because I am SO EXCITED.

Emma Spence UB: Toe full, legs come apart a bit, to Maloney to Pak, good so far! Van Leeuwen, legs got a bit wild there, but she gets it to the high bar, and does a nice handstand after, blind change to piked Jaeger, decent height there! Then she is in handstand, and looks like she’s swinging down from it in a regular giant, and just…truly unintentionally dismounts, complete with a salute. I’m dying. She’s shrugging like what do I do, and they tell her to get back on so she’s continuing. Gets back on…oh, I see the issue. She meant to do a back tuck dismount from handstand!!! A new dismount for her. When she gets back on she literally just casts to handstand and does the dismount. UGH, that was all that was left. Crashes it on this attempt. UGHHHH, it was so good to that point.

9:39 pm. Maya Zonneveld UB: Nice handstand before her Maloney to bail, leg separation on the bail, to toe shoot, short handstand before her blind change to straddle Jaeger, short handstand after that though, and then she loses her swing and has to cast to handstand, blind full, then a double pike with a step. Pretty solid aside from that little blooper!

Rose-Kaying Woo UB: Toe full to big Tkachev to Pak, Maloney to clear hip to blind change, toe half to front giant to double front dismount, big step forward. Overall a solid routine, and I think she had the top bars score of the day. Her Pak was a little too arched, but I think the rest was good, just small things to clean up throughout.

Sydney Turner UB: Inbar to toe half, gets stuck and has to pause on the bar, then hop off. I’d be such a bad home gym judge because I’d be like IT’S FINE JUST START OVER I’LL PRETEND THAT DIDN’T HAPPEN but this judge is literally counting down the seconds she has to remount out loud, A PROFESSIONAL. Back on for a piked Jaeger, toe full into a nice Pak, Maloney to stalder to stalder half, then just a layout dismount. She has a LOT of nice qualities here.

9:35 pm. Laurie Denommée VT: Second vault is first, love that for us, an FTY, super powerful and super clean. One of the better vaults in terms of being a total package vault so far at this meet.

Laurie Denommée VT: Okay, her first vault is up next. Handspring, a bit archy into her block, some leg separation off the table, then the front pike full off has wild leg form throughout, the pike shape starts out nice but she loses it pretty quickly and then tucks her knees as well. Big hop to the side. That one was definitely more chucked.

Rachael Riley VT: Oh, the vault we saw before was her second vault, this is her first vault. Yurchenko 1.5, starts out solid in the air but then she tucks her legs after the first half twist, also takes a huge leap forward on the landing off the front of the mat.

That’s it for vault! Moving onto bars.

9:30 pm. Ellie Black VT: Handspring front layout full, and it’s very good! Piked hips throughout, but not enough to call it a pike. Super upright on the landing, like she drops onto the mat like a DART. Just a hop forward. I’d say this is good enough to upgrade but I don’t want her to get injured so I’ll say this is good enough to keep perfecting and get a BOSS score in Tokyo.

Sophie Marois VT: Here’s her first vault, which we’re seeing second on the video list. DTY, also a bit whippy just like her tsuk was, it’s like her upper and lower halves are twisting independently of one another. Her form’s a little weak when she pops off the table, but she tightens it up quickly. Rotation is a little short but not enough to devalue. Chest a little forward but she pulls it up on the hop back.

Rachael Riley VT: Yurchenko half-on front tuck, leg separation on the preflight, tuck looks decent from here, big step off the side of the mat.

9:24 pm. Jayne Carvell VT: Yurchenko layout half-out, comes off the table a bit piked, and then tucks her legs pretty quickly and they stay tucked until she lands it, stumbles it back and then steadies herself.

Sophie Marois VT: We’re getting her second vault now, I’ll go back and watch her first vault when it comes up so I don’t disturb the order of things. This is a tsuk full, some leg separation on the pre-flight, it’s a bit whippy in the air, and lots of little form things as well.

Denelle Pedrick VT: Here we go, this originally got credited as a Yurchenko 1.5 with a fall, but then her score got updated to a zero. She gets the rotation around twist-wise for the 1.5, but the height isn’t there, tucks her legs at the end, but still can’t stand it up, and sits it. She definitely didn’t hit feet-first. I wonder what happened for them to originally score it and then go back and give her a zero? An inquiry of some sort, I assume?

9:20 pm. Nya Kraus VT: FTY, and she does it with a mask!! Actually pretty clean, just not a ton of power and she takes a hop forward.

Lucia Jakab VT: FTY, a little slow, not bad, just a bunch of little things, nothing overtly wrong with it. Small hop when she lands.

Jessica Dowling VT: FTY, blocks really low on the table, doesn’t look like she gets a ton of distance because half of her distance is basically clearing the table, not bad, flexed feet were most noticeable for me. Decent landing, just steps into the salute.

9:14 pm. Imogen Paterson VT: Love that there are kids training in the background. FTY, knee form is a bit weak throughout, I’d imagine that’s where most of her deductions are coming from. Decent distance off the table and a stable landing considering the surface!

Éloise Monat VT: FTY, comes off a little low, twists a bit slowly as well, I feel like this kid has been injured her whole career. Lands it out-of-bounds with her chest at her knees, but because there is only like, a hair between OOB and the pit, she then takes a step off of the mat. I think they count it as a fall.

Cassie Lee VT: FTY, her arms are really bent on the table I think, her head looks super close, doesn’t get QUITE the pop I’d like, but makes up for it with good twisting, could just be a tiny bit tidier. Little hop on the landing.

9:09 pm. Jenna Sartoretto VT: FTY, gets some good distance, had a nice pop off the table as well. Just tiny form things in the air and a shuffle on the landing.

Audrey Rousseau VT: Yurchenko 1.5, form in the air gets a little bit piked, then her knees get soft a little too early, lands it with her hips back and has to take a couple of steps back to adjust.

Charlise Radencich VT: FTY, lots of power, maybe a bit scrappier than most of the other vaulters with her form, also has to take a pretty huge hop back, at least four feet. Love that she just (purposely) falls off the end of the mat when she’s done.

9:04 pm. Ava Stewart VT: FTY, Nice and clean, pretty upright on the landing, just a little balance check that she turns into a salute.

Sydney Stevens VT: Tsuk tuck full, some leg separation on the pre-flight, decent tuck shape throughout, lands a bit forward with her feet staggered, but not bad!

Emma Spence VT: FTY, not a ton of power off the table and she’s a little forward/piked down with a little hop to control the landing.

A lot of these landing surfaces are sooooo much softer and bouncier than a hard competition landing since most gyms don’t have like, a legit competition surface in them. There are many who are just doing pit landings with a million mats stacked up to regulation height (GymCan had the specifications for the kind of mats/how many mats were needed for this). I think it’s affecting a few of the landings but someone was just on Twitter making a case for how these surfaces SHOULD be competition surfaces because they are SO much better for athlete health/safety. I wouldn’t hate it.

9:03 pm. I’m going to do three at a time before switching over. I was trying to do all vaults back to back but each video is less than 20 seconds and it was too quick! I need time to PROCESS!!!

9:01 pm. Okay, I just hit play. Here we go!

Maya Zonneveld VT: FTY, and it’s pretty clean! Just a step back.

Ugh I have to physically click to the next video?! This is a workout.

Rose-Kaying Woo VT: FTY, and it’s not super tight, with a big hop back, but it’s decent enough I guess.

Leah Tindale VT: Goes for a Yurchenko 1.5, and she gets some good distance, but she comes in a bit low and doesn’t really have enough forward momentum to pull it up, stumbles it over to the side and sits it. 😦

8:59 pm. Hi all! I’m about to start watching the videos for the Elite Canada senior session. I’m going to watch all vault, all bars, all beam, and all floor, in that order, in the order that they exist on Gymnastics Canada’s video page, which you can find here: http://gymcan.org/events-results/elite-canada-wag/wag2021virtualcompssr-vids

I’m going to watch the seniors first (link above), and then the juniors, which are here:


Hope you can follow along, but if not, I hope this helps you in some way when you eventually get to watch!


11 thoughts on “2021 Elite Canada | Senior & Junior Women Live Blog

    • Thank you! I hope it’s helpful for people watching and trying to figure out skills or see what went wrong/why a score might be lower than expected. I think Canada pulled this meet off really well and am glad we got to see everyone!


  1. Did you watch the same Pedrick vault that I did???

    The one I watched she in no way got the DTY around, it was an Yurchenko 1 1/2 that was sat down. She was short of height and kicked out after the 1 1/2 and fell backwards


    • I must have lost my mind when watching because I remember the 1.5 exactly including the kick out and her facing away from the table when landing, but then when I started typing for that group of vaults, I was picturing her getting two rotations around I guess? I have no idea how, I think I just remember being like “well the rotation was perfect FOR a 1.5” and I guess I went back and wrote that the rotation was perfect for a double, and took it from there? Literally no clue.


      • I also remember when watching thinking why would they inquiry that when it was definitely a 1.5, but then when I typed I was like wait of course they’d inquiry it if she got the rotation around and was credited lower…clearly I need more sleep.


        • Oh it’s all good. I appreciate the quick hits as I haven’t been able to watch all the videos.

          I just didn’t know if there was a separate event finals video or what.

          Based off your quick hits I selected routines to watch.

          Pedrick’s VT was one I was watching for because her DTY was very good and could be a good asset to the team if Olsen isn’t able to get back to elite form.


        • Yeah, I still am laughing so hard at my brain just like, short-circuiting on that, so thank you for pointing it out!

          They didn’t do event finals here, they just had gymnasts submit one set of videos, but they’re having two more competitions (one in March and one in April) to determine the AA and EF rankings…and the gymnast’s top score from ANY event will be what determines her ranking. So like, Rose Woo is basically currently leading bars, but didn’t technically “win” them because if someone scores higher than her at either of the next two meets, they’ll win. So it’s essentially a three-day competition just spread out over three months lol.


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