Judging for Canada’s First Technical Trial Begins Friday

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Shallon Olsen, who will represent Alabama at NCAA Regional Championships on April 2 while judges in Canada are simultaneously evaluating her elite routines for the Technical Trial #magic

The competition videos from Canada’s first Technical Trial meet – the second of three virtual meets that will determine the Elite Canada rankings for 2021 – will go to the judges today following a week of individual club-hosted meets throughout the country.

As with Elite Canada, held in February, each club with a gymnast registered hosted its own competition in the gym, which were overseen by local judges in real time and filmed to be submitted to the head judge. The assigned judges for each event will then sign into an online platform to view and judge the routines and submit their scores at the same time. Vault and bars will be up for review on Friday, April 2 beginning at 12 pm ET, and the judges will move to beam and floor beginning at 10 am ET on Saturday, April 3.

Gymnasts are not required to compete at all three meets to factor into the final standings for the Elite Canada series, with each athlete’s top scores from any of the three competitions able to count. While the field was a little light last month due to gym closures across the country, the number of competitors will nearly double this month, especially as several top seniors have signed up and are expected to compete.

Top Olympic contenders Brooklyn Moors, Ana Padurariu, and Shallon Olsen are all back for the first time in over a year, joining their 2019 world championships teammate Ellie Black, who made her return to competition at last month’s event, where she topped the field with a 55.100 in the all-around. Fellow 2019 worlds team member Victoria-Kayen Woo will also make her season debut.

In addition to Black, we’ll see repeat performances here from Ava Stewart, a first-year senior who placed second last month with a 53.200, and 2016 Olympian Rose-Kaying Woo, who was third with a 52.300. Also back are world championships team members Sophie Marois and Audrey Rousseau, 2018 Youth Olympic Games medalist Emma Spence, 2017 Pan Am floor medalist Laurie Denommée, 2019 junior world championships competitors Clara Raposo, Cassie Lee, and O’keri Venn, 2020 Elite Canada junior champion Maya Zonneveld, and 2019 Universiade team members Jessica Dowling and Denelle Pedrick, a former NCAA standout who now trains with Black at Halifax Alta.

There should be a tight race in the junior competition between Aurélie Tran, who led the field last month with a 50.550, and 2008-born Victoriane Charron, who was close behind in second with a 49.850. A total of 28 junior gymnasts are expected to compete, including all 12 who competed at Elite Canada.

All scores will be available in real time on LiveMeet, and Gymnastics Canada will also post every video from the competition once judging is complete. A list of all athletes on the roster is below, as is the schedule for the live virtual judging.

Evie Astle, River Valley
Jessica Balan, Laval Excellence
Lilian Bate, Dynamo
Ellie Black, Halifax Alta
Jayne Carvell, Flicka
Kyra Cato, Calgary Gym Centre
Laurie Denommée, Méga Gym
Jessica Dowling, Kitchener Waterloo
Jordyn Ewing, Halifax Alta
Marilou Gosselin, Unigym
Lucia Jakab, Okanagan
Piper Johnson, Calgary Gym Centre
Nya Kraus, Gym Adventure
Kahlyn Lawson, WIMGYM
Cassie Lee, Manjak’s
Sophie Marois, Gym-Fly
Cloé Martineau, Unigym
Rylee Miller, CAN-AM
Éloïse Monat, Équilibrix
Brooklyn Moors, Dynamo
Myrelle Morin, Gymnix
Shallon Olsen, Flicka
Ana Padurariu, Gemini
Kiora Peart-Williams, Futures
Denelle Pedrick, Halifax Alta
Maya Peters, Manjak’s
Charlise Radencich, Revolution
Clara Raposo, Manjak’s
Rachael Riley, Bluewater
Audrey Rousseau, Équilibrix
Jenna Sartoretto, Futures
Frédérique Sgarbossa, Unigym
Quinn Skrupa, Brandon Eagles
Ava Sorrento, Manjak’s
Emma Spence, Dynamo
Sydney Stevens, Fundy
Ava Stewart, Gemini
Leah Tindale, Dynamo
Sydney Turner, TAG
O’keri Venn, Xperience
Kiera Wai, Manjak’s
Rose-Kaying Woo, Gym-Richelieu
Victoria-Kayen Woo, Gym-Richelieu
Jada Yip-Janniere, Oakville
Saki Yoshida, Gadbois
Maya Zonneveld, Revolution
Marlee Bedard, WIMGYM
Taylor Bennett, Unigym
Amelie Blanton, Fundy
Hannah Buchmann, TAG
Victoriane Charron, Gym-Richelieu
Freya Cope, Kanata Gymnosphere
Viktoria Duchesne, Vancouver Phoenix
Sienna Fretwell, TAG
Makenzie Grant, Vancouver Phoenix
Maddison Hajjar, WIMGYM
Athena Hutchinson, Club Aviva
Amy Jorgensen, Marian
Jenna Lalonde, Ottawa Gym
Carley Leakos, Club Aviva
Stéphanie Lemay, Unigym
Ella Mayerhofer, WIMGYM
Marie Millette, Marian
Becca Mitchell, TAG
Sophie Patterson, Club Aviva
Jordanna Phillis, Vancouver Phoenix
Alexandra Reddick, Ottawa Gym
Coralie Remarais, WIMGYM
Tegan Shaver, Unigym
Yurina Soya, WIMGYM
Virginie Therrien, Gym Gadbois
Jenna Timmons, Calgary Gym Centre
Aurélie Tran, Gymnix
Evandra Zlobec, WIMGYM
Date Time Category Apparatus
April 2 12:00 pm Junior Vault and Bars
2:30 pm Senior Bars
3:30 pm Senior Vault
April 3 10:00 am Junior Beam and Floor
2:00 pm Senior Beam and Floor

Article by Lauren Hopkins


13 thoughts on “Judging for Canada’s First Technical Trial Begins Friday

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      • Oh wow do you know why? I used to compete against the Omega gymnasts all the time. It’s kind of a shock to hear that they closed. Also couldn’t really find much information online about their closure.


        • I thought it probably had something to do with COVID and gyms being forced to close for extended periods of time…I think they shut down in April 2020, so I remember thinking COVID was my guess at the time.


        • A lot of gyms shut down almost right away knowing an extended shutdown wouldn’t be sustainable…I think a month into the lockdowns, gyms that didn’t have substantial savings or alternative sources of funding knew they were done and so they just closed down knowing it was over rather than putting resources in not knowing when they’d be able to have their rec classes back (which are the financial backbone of most gyms). Still now a year later many gyms aren’t allowed to do rec, at least not in the same volume as pre-COVID. From what I’ve heard, I’m pretty sure Omega had no plans to shut down pre-COVID and it was COVID that pushed them to do so.


  2. Do we know if they will be judging Shallon’s vault from the Alabama meet or is she opting out of todays Vault/Bars and just doing beam and floor?


        • Yup! Each club has its own scheduled meet with a judge live in the facility to make sure every rule/regulation is followed (e.g. checking equipment/vault landing heights, making sure gymnasts who fall don’t just toss that video and start the routine over, and keeping track of OOBs and timing for routines, how long a gymnast takes to re-mount, etc). Those judges are then responsible for sending the videos to the head judge, and then all of the judges responsible for evaluating routines watch them and score them together over a Zoom-like platform. It seemed to work seamlessly in February.

          Liked by 1 person

  3. Canada Gym Fed: Here’s a regulated, standardized, (mostly) transparent procedure to evaluate gymnasts progress without necessitating them traveling across the country during a pandemic

    USAG, USFS, FIG, The ISU: We do not see it..

    Liked by 1 person

    • Canada even publicly released all of their directives, including what the inquiry process looks like, the requirements for equipment (like vault landing heights, how to use mats to create a regulation landing surface over a pit, etc). It’s about as transparent as possible, everyone understands what they need to do, I’m amazed lol.


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