World Bronze Medalist Sydney Turner Headlines Elite Canada Field This Weekend


Sydney Turner

Less than three months after helping her team to the bronze medal at world championships, Sydney Turner is set to lead the field at Elite Canada, held in Saskatoon this weekend.

Turner is the only member of the 2022 worlds team who will compete this weekend, but the senior field will still be an exciting one, especially with the long-awaited return of Clara Raposo, once a standout junior who has spent most of the past three years sidelined by injuries and Canada’s strict COVID-19 lockdown rules. This weekend’s competition marks Raposo’s first in-person meet since the 2020 edition of Elite Canada.

Also on the senior roster is 2020 Olympian and Turner’s 2022 Pan Am Championships bronze-medal winning teammate Ava Stewart; 2021 Junior Pan Am Games all-around medalist Aurélie Tran, who missed out on most of her senior debut season last year but returned in November to earn a silver medal on bars at the Gymnova Cup in Belgium; 2022 Commonwealth Games bronze medalists Cassie Lee and Jenna Lalonde; veteran Jessica Dowling, who won the silver medal on bars at the Mersin Challenge Cup in October; and most interestingly, former U.S. junior standout Azaraya Ra-Akbar, who finished fifth all-around and third on floor in the junior field at last year’s Winter Cup, but who has since moved to Dynamo outside of Toronto, though whether she plans to compete for Canada going forward is still unclear.

Leading the junior field is 2022 national champion Victoriane Charron, who will be difficult to upset if she competes all four events, but Cristella Brunetti-Burns has some beautiful work on beam and is definitely one to watch. We’ll also see last year’s novice champion Lia Monica Fontaine step up into the junior group here, and Aaliyah de Sousa is another name to keep an eye on at this level.

The men’s competition includes Zachary Clay, Félix Dolci, Chris Kaji, and Samuel Zakutney, all members of the 2022 world championships team that helped Canada to its third-best finish in history. Jayson Rampersad and Kenji Tamane, members of the silver medal-winning Commonwealth Games team and bronze medal-winning Pan Ams team alongside Dolci and Kaji, will also compete here, as will 2020 Olympian René Cournoyer, who was expected to be on a couple of international team rosters last year, but was then sidelined by a knee injury, and Léandre Sauvé, an up-and-comer who showed excellent promise on floor and vault throughout the world cup and challenge cup season.

A full list of competitors is available further down the page.

The Schedule

Here’s the complete schedule for this weekend. All times are local to Saskatoon, which is one hour behind ET.

9:00 am MAG Aspire Day 1
12:15 pm WAG Novice Day 1
12:30 pm MAG Junior Day 1
5:30 pm WAG Senior Day 1
MAG Senior Day 1
9:00 am MAG Aspire Day 1
9:25 am WAG Junior Day 1
3:30 pm WAG Novice Day 2
11:30 am WAG Junior Day 2
MAG Junior Day 2
3:45 pm WAG Senior Day 2
MAG Senior Day 2

How to Watch

Unfortunately, it looks like there will not be an official live stream for Elite Canada this year. There are a few accounts on YouTube and Facebook advertising a stream of the event, but these are scams linking to websites that ask you for money. Don’t do it! I’ll update everyone on Twitter if something real does pop up, but for now, it looks like we’ll only be able to follow live results via SportzSoft. Here’s the WAG link, and I’ll share MAG when it’s available.

The Competitors

Jessica Balan
Taylor Bennett
Zoé Cotnoir
Sophia Couture
Jordyn Crerar
Megan DiPietro
Alexis Djoboulian
Jessica Dowling
Makenzie Grant
Maddison Hajjar
Amy Jorgensen
Jenna Lalonde
Kahlyn Lawson
Cassie Lee
Jordan Loock
Marie Millette
Sophie Parenti
Sophie Patterson
Jordanna Phillis
Azaraya Ra-Akbar
Clara Raposo
Alexandra Reddick
Frederique Sgarbossa
Tegan Shaver
Ava Stewart
Virginie Therrien
Jenna Timmons
Aurélie Tran
Sydney Turner
Saki Yoshida
Evandra Zlobec
Gabrielle Black
Autumn Brown
Cristella Brunetti-Burns
Chloe Callo
Victoriane Charron
Veronica Clouet Ivan
Lindsey Corbett
Brooklyn Couto
Samantha Couture
Sarah Couture
Aaliyah De Sousa
Zora Demers
Gabrielle Fausto
Charlie Fleury
Lia Monica Fontaine
Stefanie Gatin
Selena Gonzales
Alyssa Guerrier Calixte
Élodie Langevin
Kayla Lawrence
Eve-Marie Leblanc
Elena Metz
Abby Schmidt
Zoe Tsaprailis
Reese Wilson
Liviane Charron
Coralie Demers
Bianca Gourdeau
Addison Graham
Mackenzie Grant
Emily Kim
Zoe Kramer
Stella Letendre
Kendall McClary
Carlaya Millin
Julia Read
Madeleine Reed
Alexane Reid
Maryam Saber
Brooklyn Smith
Chloe Watkins
Jameel Ali
Benjamin Astorga
Elel Baker
Pietro Bertola
Addyson Cheladyn
Zachary Clay
Napoléon Côté
René Cournoyer
Mathieu Csukassy
Dorian Doan
Félix Dolci
Michael Drover
Nathanael Gilroy
Chris Kaji
Graham Kelly
Ashton Kotlar
Charles-Etienne Légaré
Tristan McDermid
Raphael Pedneault
Quilan Perron
Maxime Prieur
Kenji Tamane
Ryan Woodhead
Samuel Zakutney
Toby Cairns
Joshua Carroll-Martini
Phillip Carson
Evan Hachey
Ethan Ikeda
Kai Iwaasa
Trevor Ma
Trent Milligan
Leland Morgan
Carson Ogg
Jayson Rampersad
Noah Royer
Daniel Reynolds
Léandre Sauvé
Ben Talbot
Patrick Talbot
Benoit Tremblay
Dominic Allaire
Matteo Bardana
Liam Benoit
Brody Benson
Emeric Bissonnette
Carter Bryk
Riley Bryk
Victor Canuel
Albert Chagnon
Trey Chowen
Brian Delf
Zachary Doig
Fyodor Dolotin
Nathan Dykstra
Isaac Erickson
Connor Fielding
Owen Fielding
Theo Freeman
Aiden Gonzalez
Aiden Harder
Maximus Hewstan-Gates
Hayden Isfeld
Jonathan Ko
Chad Koller
Raphael Madore
Owen Magraken
Jackson Martin
Jacob Martin
Blake Morfitt
Bruce Murray
Xavier Olasz
Carson Oxley
Salvatore Panetta
Antoine Primeau
Samuel Rakita
Gage Reilly
Sam Smith
Jack Stargratt-Sweeney
Liam Vanounou
Sam Waller
Gabriel Arsenault
Tyler Binaday
Hubert Decoste
Reuben Dykstra
Raphaël Fortin
Alec Ikeda
Daniel Istvan Dunai
Keita Kuramoto
Carter Noseworthy
Parker Smith
Thomas Tittley
Nicolas Bishara
Rafael Callejas
Jaydon De Silva
Rory Freeman
Talon Gaynor
Majus Grabliauskas
Joshua Hands
Daxton Hull
Olivier Lapointe
Ethan Lee
Joshua Li
Jack Murray
Jonathan Ogilvie
Ben Scarborough

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