2021 German Euros Trials Results

The 2021 German Euros Trials were held on March 20 in Frankfurt, Germany.

All-Around Results

Rank Athlete VT UB BB FX AA
1 Kim Bui 13.550 14.050 12.350 13.550 53.500
2 Emma Malewski 13.500 12.950 12.000 12.750 51.200
3 Elisabeth Seitz 13.900 14.250 10.650 11.750 50.550
4 Lara Hinsberger 13.350 11.850 12.100 12.600 49.900
5 Carina Kröll 12.750 —— 11.550 11.700 36.000
6 Sarah Voss 13.850 —— 11.800 —— 25.650
7 Emelie Petz —— 11.950 —— —— 11.950

Article by Lauren Hopkins

5 thoughts on “2021 German Euros Trials Results

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  2. Do we have any information on some of the previous top gymnasts from GER: Pauline Schäfer, Lisa Zimmermann, Leah Griesser, Sophie Scheder? It feels like they lack the depth of the previous years.

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    • Yes! Sophie Scheder and Lisa Zimmermann decided to not shoot for Euros because they have minor injuries and are focusing on Tokyo. Pauline Schäfer is sitting her Abitur exams, which is like, an end-of-university exam, so she’s also sitting out of Euros. No news on Leah Griesser, but it doesn’t sound like she was invited to this event so I assume she’s not in the mix for Tokyo either unfortunately.

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      • She hasn’t officially retired and was back in training last time I checked her social media but…I doubt she’ll be in a position to make the team this summer unfortunately. I hope we at least get to see her again.


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