2021 European Championships | Qualifications Subdivision 4 Live Blog

Welcome to the live blog for subdivision 4 of qualifications at the 2021 European Championships, held in Basel, Switzerland!

Please refresh your browser every few minutes to see the most recent updates, which will appear at the top of the page.


1. Angelina Melnikova 55.991
2. Viktoria Listunova 55.465
3. Vladislava Urazova 55.299
4. Larisa Iordache 54.698
5. Martina Maggio 54.398
6. Amelie Morgan 54.032
7. Vanessa Ferrari 53.765
8. Jessica Gadirova 53.699

Viktoria Listunova qualified a non-nominative berth for Russia, while Larisa Iordache qualified a nominative berth FOR HERSELF!

2:42 pm. The UEG just tweeted Larisa’s bars score – it’s official! SHE IS GOING TO THE OLYMPICS!

2:34 pm. Filipa Martins had a really excellent bars, by the way!


2:30 pm. Apologies that I’ve been ignoring LITERALLY EVERYONE ELSE trying to find Larisa’s score. But we’ve only seen like three routines since Larisa went. 

2:28 pm. Okay I’ve been trying to get a score for Larisa but NO ONE WHO IS OFFICIALLY RUNNING THIS OLYMPIC QUALIFIER IS DOING THEIR JOB.

I’ve heard that on the stream, they said Larisa is third, which would mean behind Listunova and Urazova, which would mean she qualified. I also heard 13.466 for bars. I don’t want to get your hopes up but if this is accurate……!!!!!!!

2:22 pm. Lieke Wevers NED FX: I didn’t type/pay close attention at the beginning but she hit her opening pass. Lovely switch ring. Good turns. 

2:19 pm. Larisa Iordache ROU UB: Stalder full to Maloney to Hindorff, just minor form issues. Tkachev to Pak, some leg separation, toe-on to van Leeuwen, good, blind change to piked Jaeger, toe full, legs come apart a bit, to her full-in, looked stuck and she’s happy!

2:17 pm. Viktoria Listunova RUS FX: Saw from her double layout, good! Whip whip through to triple was a bit underrotated but not that bad. Front full. Excellent double tuck.

Elisabeth Seitz GER BB: Nice smooth double spin! Good jump series. Side aerial. Hit the dismount.

2:11 pm. OKAY. Moving on to the final rotation of the final subdivision after ten hours of this. Normally qualification days are my absolute favorite days because you get to see EVERYONE but after today I’m ready to throw all of my computers away.

2:09 pm. Emma Slevin IRL BB: Transverse straight jump full, a bit of a wobble but good fight. Wobble on the flight series as well. hit the dismount, a tuck with a twist but I only saw the end.

Sorry I haven’t been participating in the comments, it’s just been crazy trying to blog what I can while refreshing five different browser windows every 10 seconds hahahaha. Sorry if you had questions that I didn’t answer but I’ll get to them after this Fyre Festival of a stream ends.

2:06 pm. Stefanie Siegenthaler SUI FX: Stumbled a bit on her double L turn. Hit her first pass. 1.5 to front layout, a little loose in her form. Good double full. 

Megan Ryan IRL BB: Full turn, slight break at the hips, good flight series, switch to switch half, just a little bent knee on the back leg. Front aerial. Transverse split jump half, little stumble. Front lay full dismount. Happy for her to get this hit after what I assume was her bars fall!

2:03 pm. Giulia Steingruber SUI FX: Waiting for the result on this since I didn’t get to see it live.

Marine Boyer FRA BB: From what I saw she had a couple of stumbles on turns, but hit a nice double pike dismount!

1:59 pm. Would LOVE to know how Larisa Iordache did on vault but we have no stream AND no results so that’s perfect! 

She apparently got a 14.366!

1:57 pm. Göksu Üctas Sanli TUR FX: Hit her first pass, then a 1.5 to front full. Double tuck, small hop forward.

1:55 pm. Julie Søderstrøm NOR UB: Bail, toe full, oof, comes apart and comes off. Double pike dismount.

Mélanie De Jesus Dos Santos FRA BB: Stumbled on her mount, leg up on her punch front pike. Bhs layout, a little deep in the landing but holds on. Sissone to wolf jump. Transverse split jump half. Apparently she fell on her bars dismount. Front aerial, also hit a ring leap, stuck the double tuck!

1:52 pm. Celeste Mordenti LUX FX: Double tuck, good. That’s all I saw!

Sanne Wevers NED BB: Double L turn, messy coming out of it. Hit her flight series. Front aerial to split jump. Stumbled throughout the entirety of her turns + leaps sequence. The split leap to hop full turn was fine but everything else lacked control. Gainer full dismount.

Anna Locmele LAT UB: Her swing is SUPER piked on everything which is going to be one million deductions. Did the back tuck from handstand for her dismount.

1:50 pm. Marija Ribalcenko LAT UB: Maloney to Pak, toe shoot, some messy legs throughout. Blind full to blind half, legs came apart, to straddle Jaeger, caught with her legs kind of loose and she had to pause for a second. Layout dismount.

I haven’t seen a single score come in all rotation FYI.

1:49 pm. Lieke Wevers NED BB: Hit the mount into a jump, side aerial to back handspring, kind of stumbled around an L turn, hit a double spin after. Split leap to side somi, good. Gainer full dismount.

Lola Schleich LUX FX: I didn’t pay super close attention but she hit what I saw.

Aneta Holasova CZE VT: Good FTY!

1:48 pm. Elisabeth Seitz GER UB: Maloney to Ricna, blind change to piked Jaeger, Downie to Pak, killing it! Van Leeuwen, some leg separation, toe full, to a low full-in but she goes low and long and just hops it forward, no big deal.

1:46 pm. Angelina Melnikova RUS BB: Dear lord, she kinda stumbled out of her mount and I think got tripped up as she was going into her next leap and she just like, fell from tripping? She has no Olympic spot on the line so it was legal for me to laugh. The rest of the routine went well, solid flight series, good double pike dismount.

1:45 pm. Kim Bui GER UB: Piked Jaeger to Pak, Maloney to Bhardwaj, caught really high but she got it, back up to the high bar, arched over a pirouette but pulls it back around and goes into a Gienger like it was no big deal, hop on her double pike.

Marlies Männersdorfer AUT FX: Another good FX routine for Austria! Hit everything I saw.

1:41 pm. Jasmin Mader AUT FX: Hit everything I saw, ended with a solid double pike. 

Viktoria Listunova RUS BB: Triple wolf turn. Big break on her front handspring front tuck but she doesn’t come off. Switch to split ring leap, back leg isn’t there at all. Front aerial to split jump. Random split jump after that she doesn’t connect to the Kochetkova, falls. Sissone to wolf jump. Double tuck dismount. 

Edel Fosse NOR UB: Nice piked Jaeger and Pak! Also hit the dismount. Good work.

1:33 pm. Barbora Mokosova SVK FX: Hit the opening pass, a double back of some sort, I only saw the landing. Hit the next pass as well, sorry, I’m not paying attention because I’m trying to get an alternate stream to work. Switch ring was nice. Also had a good turn connection. Looked like a front lay full to finish.

Megan Ryan IRL UB: 11.133 (4.0, 7.133)

1:32 pm. Giulia Steingruber SUI BB: Punch front, solid. Another punch front after that, but I literally can never tell the difference between tucks and pikes when gymnasts punch on beam and it’s partly the angle but also partly just because everyone is REALLY ambiguous. Oof, she came off on something after. Hit the dismount. 12.000 (5.0, 7.000)

1:29 pm. Mélanie De Jesus Dos Santos FRA UB: They teased us by saying “up next…” and then didn’t show the routine. 🙂 The in-arena announcer just said in German that all went well for her so thanks for that, bro. 

Yelizaveta Hubareva UKR FX: Arabian double front, hop back. Triple full, not bad. Double full, hit. 12.166 (4.8, 7.366)

Filipa Martins POR FX: 12.333 (4.7, 7.633)

1:27 pm. Marine Boyer FRA BB: Piked Jaeger, toe-on to blind full to double tuck, we missed the beginning. By “we” I mean the person showing routines on this YouTube stream. 13.100 (4.9, 8.200)

Göksu Üctas Sanli TUR BB: Good leap series for her mount. Bhs back…tuck I wanna say. Hit but iffy. Front aerial to split jump to back walkover. Side aerial. Front layout full dismount.

1:25 pm. Lola Schleich LUX BB: she had two falls that I saw. NOOOOOO. I love her beam. 9.100 (3.8, 5.300)

Celeste Mordenti LUX BB: 10.200 (4.6, 5.600)

1:24 pm. Lieke Wevers NED UB: Maloney to bail to toe full, nice. Back on the high bar, blind change to front giant to front layout dismount. Uhhh. Didn’t she have more than that a couple weeks ago?

Rafaela Ferreira POR FX: 10.666 (4.4, 6.566, -0.3)

1:23 pm. Tjasa Kysselef SLO VT: 13.733 (5.0, 8.733)

1:21 pm. Viktoria Listunova RUS UB: Hit the beginning, I wasn’t typing but all looked fine, van Leeuwen, inbar half to Jaeger, just a couple of steps back on the dismount. 14.166 (6.0, 8.166)

1:17 pm. Larisa Iordache ROU FX: Piked full-in, lunge back, looks like OOB. Yes, two steps out. 2.5 to front tuck, little shuffle forward. Attacking her leaps. Triple full with a slight hop back. Hit the last pass but the stream froze because it loves me so much. 13.400 (5.7, 8.000, -0.3)

Jasmin Mader AUT BB: Starts with some leaps, missed her flight series and smacked her foot on the way down so hard that her shoe came off. 10.933 (4.4, 6.533)

Angelina Melnikova RUS UB: We didn’t see this at all. 14.625 (6.2, 8.425) – she takes the lead!

I think that was actually Meg Ryan who had the nasty bars fall for Ireland but I really don’t know for sure. They zoomed in and it didn’t look like Emma, but they kept saying Emma’s name. Also, as I was typing this, Emma’s score just came in and it’s definitely not the routine we saw. BUT I GUESS WE HAVE NO WAY OF KNOWING. 

Emma Slevin IRL UB: 12.933 (5.0, 7.933) 

1:16 pm. ??? IRL UB: She just got back up and continued a few minutes later. Van Leeuwen, bent her knees on it but caught, Jaeger, layout double full dismount, love that. Glad she’s okay!

1:14 pm. Marlies Männersdorfer AUT BB: Had a weird stumble while doing her choreo LOL. Nooooo. Random cartwheel out of it. Hit everything else I saw, gainer pike dismount.

Antonia Duta ROU FX: Switch full. Arabian double front, sits it. Hop on the 2.5 to front tuck. Double full to finish.

1:13 pm. ??? IRL UB: Maloney to Pak, van Leeuwen, OH NO, slips off after grabbing the bar and is flipping as she flies forward, lands high on her back. Sits up after a second but GOD that was terrifying. It doesn’t look like she was continuing but not sure, the stream went off of that area.

Kim Bui GER VT: FTY, good, hop back! 13.400 (4.6, 8.800)

1:10 pm. Stefanie Siegenthaler SUI BB: Candle mount, comes out of it quickly. Front aerial, hit her triple flight series, side somi, clean. Good full turn. Double full dismount, really strong routine difficulty-wise! 11.700 (5.0, 6.700)

Julie Søderstrøm NOR VT: 13.300 (4.8, 8.500)

Aneta Holasova CZE FX: Memmel turn, double layout, really good, just a slight hop back OOB. Double tuck is also great. Switch ring to tour jeté half, front through to layout full, small step. Finishes with a double pike, tiny hop. YES! 12.366 (4.7, 7.666)

Edel Fosse NOR VT: Handspring front tuck, hop forward.

1:05 pm. Going into the second rotation now, I at least have a working beam feed on my phone. Sometimes. Everything else is hit or miss but thanks for sticking with me! 

Larisa took over the beam lead by the way. With a fall. Most of her routine was pretty solid but with a lot of her form I’m pretty sure the judges, based on how they were attacking some earlier routines, were like “actually we’re just gonna nudge her right on up there today pals.” 

1:02 pm. Yelizaveta Hubareva UKR BB: Side aerial loso, a little stumbly and her leg form isn’t perfect but she hangs on. Hit leaps after that, then a little rough on her switch half. Front handspring front tuck, and she’s off. UKRAINE WHY. Split leap to front aerial to split jump. Side somi, transverse split jump half, a bit wonky. Dismount goes crooked and she hops it back/to the side. 10.733 (5.1, 5.733, -0.1)

12:58 pm. Diana Varinska UKR BB: Hard fall on her triple series ending with the layout…never an easy skill for her and she crashed it today. Switch to split leap. Front aerial to jump series, side somi, good. Off again after that, on a split leap to side aerial. Double full dismount. 9.833 (4.2, 5.633)

Anna Locmele LAT FX: 10.166 (3.6, 6.866, -0.3)

12:52 pm. Filipa Martins POR BB: Side aerial to back handspring, side somi, good on both. Excellent leaps. Tour jeté half was fab. Front aerial into a jump into a back handspring, she is CRUSHING it. Switch to switch half, leg comes up a little but everything else was SO good. Hop back on the double full. 

12:51 pm. Nazli Savranbasi TUR UB: Has looked good so far, beautiful Ray to Pak! Maloney to stalder half, a little short on that handstand, blind change to double front, ugh, sits it! 11.233 (5.4, 5.833)

12:49 pm. Göksu Üctas Sanli TUR UB: 11.266 (4.4, 6.866)

Rafaela Ferreira POR BB: Had a fall on her flight series. 9.733 (4.2, 5.533)

Marija Ribalcenko LAT FX: 11.766 (4.4, 7.366)

12:45 pm. Larisa Iordache ROU BB: Side aerial and jumps were good. Bhs tuck full, solid enough, front aerial into a weak split jump. Good switch half. Then fell, I saw it and can’t even tell you the skill, it’s my lizard brain fight or flight because I am DONE (it was a double spin). Side somi. Hit the dismount but do I care anymore? 13.466 (6.1, 7.366) WITH A FALL!!!!!!!

12:43 pm. Kim Bui GER FX: WOWWWW that double layout!!! Killed it. Double tuck with a little stumble. Her music is so zen. 2.5 to front pike, beautiful. She’s like I’m going to make every Olympic team in this country until I’m 80. Great leaps, and a double pike to finish, stuck. FABULOUS.

12:41 pm. Antonia Duta ROU BB: Two falls so far, they cut in late on both so I didn’t see which either was. Assume flight series because that’s the theme for today. 

Jasmin Mader AUT UB: Hit routine.

12:38 pm. Elisabeth Seitz GER FX: Arabian double front, some leg form with a hop back. Music is a little more somber at the beginning but pretty quickly launches into crazytown which I love for her. 1.5 through to double tuck, and a good double pike at the end. 

Marine Boyer FRA VT: 13.733 (4.6, 9.133)

Julie Søderstrøm NOR FX: 12.033 (4.6, 7.433)

Marlies Männersdorfer AUT UB: 10.900 (4.8, 6.100)

12:36 pm. Aneta Holasova CZE BB: Nailed her triple flight series. Good jumps. Side somi. Double pike, chest a little low, but good hit routine! 12.266 (4.7, 7.666, -0.1)

Lieke Wevers NED VT: Hit her FTY.

Angelina Melnikova RUS VT: 14.300 (5.2, 9.100)

Barbora Mokosova SVK BB: 12.166 (4.2, 7.966)

Edel Fosse NOR FX: 11.233 (4.1, 7.433)

12:35 pm. Giulia Steingruber SUI UB: Pretty sure I just saw her bars on a YouTube stream being recorded by someone in the arena…you can watch that here. Anyway, she hit.

12:33 pm. Well, back to live scoring since this stream IS BEING PRODUCED BY SATAN.

Emma Slevin IRL VT: 13.500 (4.6, 8.900)

12:30 pm. Just kidding, ALL of the streams just turned off. 🙂

12:27 pm. Warm-ups have begun for the first rotation of the final subdivision! And ALL FOUR STREAMS ARE WORKING!


69 thoughts on “2021 European Championships | Qualifications Subdivision 4 Live Blog

  1. I am so mad at the livestream (YouTube). I was literally screaming “go to bars!” At my phone after they announced Melanie but completely skipped her routine.


  2. Pingback: 2021 European Championships | Qualifications Subdivision 4 Live Blog – SportUpdates

    • Last year her scores ranged from 13.100-13.566. I think she needs about a 13.133 on bars to make it. It makes me nervous but at least her vault was better than I expected and makes things less scary. I think it’s realistic for her to go 13.4-13.6, 13.7-13.8 at best.


  3. The presenter said Larisa Iordache is 3rd behind both Russians. That means Larisa Iordache IS GOING TO TOKYO. Omg I’m crying..


  4. Thank you for battling the crappy live feed and live scores. My patience didn’t enable me to persevere with it so I’ve been super grateful for this coverage so I still have an idea of what’s going on!


    • I feel exactly the same. The comments are always harsh concerning execution. I suppose people don’t see her form breaks, or don’t want to see them. Her floor is really mediocre. Still, she gets good scores on beam with a fall.


    • No. She is generally well balanced all-around, she typically has beautiful extension and dynamic leaps and tumbling and she’s very artistic. Score wise, if you add back the point for the fall on beam that would be competitive for at the very least an EF spot, potentially a medal at the Olympics, and if you add back the three tenths for the OOB penalty she’s right up there in the high 13s-14s, which is where you’d expect the floor qualifiers to be for worlds/Olympics. Sure she’s not the practical shoo-in for a medal the way she was leading up to Rio, but the fact that she came back from multiple surgeries on her wrist, multiple Achilles surgeries, barely missed out on the Olympics, was told that she may not ever do gymnastics again less than two years ago and has basically carried the Romanian program on her back since 2013? Pretty freaking incredible and worthy of all the praise she gets.


    • She is not a typical recent Romanian. she had bad luck at London Olympics games (injury). also when she was in her best form, she get injured in the training just before competing at the words in 2019. So, she always worked hard and got no significat results as she well deserve. She could not participate to Rio as the team did not make it. To conclude, all the ppl that love gymnastic would love to see her at Tokyo!!!


  5. Bácskay Csenge made the aa and vault final and Péter Sára the vault final! Proud Hungairan here.
    Also, I’m so sorry that Mara Ceplinschi missed the floor final by half a tenth, this was her senior debut and she did amazing!


  6. Can we just take a minute to appreciate Melnikova? So many people have been saying that she’ll get 2-per’d by Urazova and Listunova at the Olympics, but she easily beat both of them here (with all three falling on beam, of course). The race for silver and bronze in Tokyo is going to be insane, so much better than 2016.

    *sacrificing to the gym gods to keep everyone healthy*


    • Yes!!! I talked about that a bit in my recap of Russian nationals, about how not being top two there didn’t mean ANYTHING – she is the one with the senior international experience and is such a leader, and she’s going to be the one the other two need to watch out for, no matter how fantastic they are!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Yes! Also, she’s been pacing herself really well these past few years, not peaking until Worlds. I remember being skeptical after Euros 2019, thinking she wouldn’t be able to improve enough to medal at Worlds, but then she reworked beam, cleaned up floor, and finally got her individual medals.

        Liked by 1 person

  7. I think Martina backed up why she is the most likely to replace the 03 group; I really think at the current moment Asia and Giorgia are really the only Italians that I consider safe assuming nobody gets injured.


    • Yes!!! She is on fire right now and I think even had Giorgia competed AA, Martina would have given her a run for her money for that top spot. They need her desperately on beam and floor.


      • I agree that the Brixia 4 are not all locks for the team as once thought In 2019. Plus they really need a strong floor number. Unfortunately not earning a 6th spot here means Vanessa and Mori will definitely go head to head for that 5th spot, and I imagine Vanessa and Martina are showing that they could be used on the 4 person team now that could be their ticket to Tokyo.


    • I think she was injured in 2020 and her coaches want to save her for the Olympics. Since she couldn’t qualify an Olympic spot anyway, there wasn’t any point in doing AA aside from proving herself – which, as the reigning European AA and floor champion, she doesn’t need to do.


    • It’s so that someone who gets 2-per’d can still qualify a spot. Alexander Kartsev just qualified a spot for the Russian men, even though he got 2-per’d by Nagornyy and Belyavskiy, because those two were on the 2018 team and not eligible. If the finals were the qualifier, Russia wouldn’t be able to qualify a spot at all, which would be super unfair considering their depth.


  8. So Russia continues to be a MESS on beam and no one (but Mustafina) qualifies for the 100th consecutive year. HELP

    Gerasimova was taken just for this and failed spectacularly. Valentina will eat her alive and she is NOT going to Tokyo for sure.

    Vladislava “I will beat Biles” Urazova fails to qualify AA, BB and FX and has only a single final in UB. Pretty underwhelming for her first major senior comp.

    Why aren’t Vladi and Listu doing two vaults for finals? This “fuck vault final” attitude needs to STOP!

    Now let’s hope Russia can go 1 and 2 on AA, UB and FX.


    • I should know better, considering your name, but……why the negativity? Honestly, why is it a problem that Urazova and Listunova aren’t training two vaults? Why should a gymnast train two vaults when she can use that time to upgrade her floor and boost her AA D score (see: Listunova’s floor)? Only a handful of the top-level AA gymnasts compete two vaults–offhand, I can think of Biles, Melnikova, Ellie Downie, and Ellie Black, but not MDJDS or any of the other Americans, except Grace McCallum on occasion.

      Urazova never said she would beat Biles, only that it was her dream, and shouldn’t it be? Everyone should compete for the Olympic gold, even if they know it’s a very, very unlikely prospect. Also, she is injured right now, so maybe you don’t need to shit on her performance, especially since she was 3rd in AA and 8th on floor. One of the Russians was going to get 2-per’d in those finals (including UB, where she did qualify), and she did post competitive scores. If Melnikova had been knocked out instead I’m sure you’d have a lot to say about how her time is over….


  9. Ok can we all just marvel at the fact that Lieke Wevers floor remains an all time favorite. Her music selection and choreography is seriously unmatched I finally watched and was blown away, so beautiful


  10. This year’s euros are reminding me of 2017 worlds, with the falls and near injuries, probably because of the lights. They need to fix that problem before Someone really gets injured right before Tokyo (last time we lost Ferrari, Smith and Iordache; not again please)


    • What was up with the lighting? I kept thinking it was the bad feed because why would they do that?? Was that the actual setup??? It was so dark! Like a freaking concert or one of those ice skating/gymnastics shows. Seems really unsafe and looked ridiculous.


      • It’s like a trend they’ve been sticking to that I really dislike. You’re right it’s like concert lighting. They did it at several world cups and worlds I hate it and it seems really unsafe, especially on beam


    • IIRC, I think the analysis after the fact was that the injuries at Worlds were more likely caused by extremely hard mats in the training gym than by the lights (lights can cause falls, but falls don’t always correlate to injury — Ferrari and Iordache’s injuries weren’t caused by falls) and/or not getting a lot of time in podium training. Doesn’t mean it’s good though as it brings down the quality of the competition


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