2021 European Championships | Qualifications MAG Subdivision 3 Live Blog

Welcome to the live blog for subdivision 3 of men’s qualifications at the 2021 European Championships, held in Basel, Switzerland!

Please refresh your browser every few minutes to see the most recent updates, which will appear at the top of the page.

1:30 pm. Nikita Nagornyy takes over the all-around lead! Aleksandr Kartsev wins a non-nominative berth for Russia! And Adem Asil of Turkey, who competed in subdivision two, will win a nominative Olympic berth!

1:24 pm. Artem Dolgopyat ISR FX: Takes a nice big bounce across the floor before he goes, love it. I missed his first couple of passes and wasn’t typing so no quick hits until now when he’s almost done, arabian double front half-out to finish, all of his landings looked a little rough tbh. 12.600 (5.8, 7.100, -0.3)

Nikita Nagornyy RUS HB: Yamawaki, layout Tkachev, layout Tkachev to mixed grip, tak half, can’t get it over and has to swing around and get himself back in position, straddle Tkachev, straddle Tkachev to mixed grip, one-armed front full pirouette, stalder, and a STUCK double double layout! Could have been scary there on the cast but he did an incredible job to correct with almost no issue.

1:23 pm. David Huddleston BUL FX: Hop back on the double double, think it was the 2.5 to front tuck where he fell at the end. 

1:22 pm. Artur Davtyan ARM VT: Got a 14.800 (5.6, 9.200)

1:21 pm. I’ve seen a bunch of vaults out of the corner of my eye but not in time to know who they’re from or how they really looked. ANNOYING.

Ondrej Kalny CZE VT: 14.133 (5.2, 9.033)

1:19 pm. I just realized I missed Kartsev’s HB…UGHHHH. 13.558, finishes just behind David Belyavskiy in the AA standings. 

1:17 pm. Rhys McClenaghan IRL PH: Super clean and beautiful throughout, legs came apart and he had a little pause on the turn into the dismount, but that aside it was fantastic. 14.766 (6.3, 8.466)

1:15 pm. Loris Frasca FRA FX: Front full to Randi, excellent. Piked double front, a little seated on the landing with a step back. 2.5 to front double full, amazing. Step. Flairs are perfecto. Little bounce on the double full side pass. 1.5 to Rudi after that. Hands down on his triple full!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOO he looks THE SADDEST. 13.333 (6.1, 7.233)

1:14 pm. Jake Jarman GBR VT: Caught him just after he came off the table, stumbled it back and ended up putting his hand down if not fully sitting it. I think he sat it? 13.700 (6.0, 8.000, -0.3)

Second vault was a solid Dragulescu, baby hop. Couldn’t really see form in the air. 

1:13 pm. Joshua Nathan GBR VT: 14.416 (5.2, 9.216)

Ivan Tikhonov AZE FX: 13.400 (5.5, 8.300, -0.4)

1:12 pm. Sorry, was refreshing things, but the sixth subdivision just started!

1:05 pm. Ivan Tikhonov AZE FX: I think I got the floor feed back as I saw him coming out of a 3.5 into a barani which is awesome. Could have been a 2.5 or a front double full for all I know but I’m going to give him a 3.5. Nice triple at the end, just a hop forward.

1:03 pm. Sviataslau Dranitski BLR PB: I guess only the p-bars camera is working for YouTube but it’s REALLY slow and now it’s freezing every 10 seconds so I’m only getting bits and pieces of this. Not worth typing because it’s like “cool he looks great in the middle of this salto paused in the air like he defies gravity!” 12.600 (4.8, 7.800)

Takumi Onoshima BEL FX: Wish we got to see this! 14.100 (5.8, 8.300)

Alexander Myakinin ISR HB: 10.666 (4.8, 5.866)

Robert Tvorogal LTU PH: 13.366 (5.3, 8.066)

1:01 pm. Saba Abesadze GEO SR: YouTube went down just as this started so we’re doing GREAT. 13.766 (4.8, 8.966)

Tomas Kuzmickas LTU PH: 12.533 (4.9, 7.633)

Bidzina Sitchinava GEO SR: 12.775 (4.1, 8.675)

Yordan Aleksandrov BUL HB: 12.641 (5.2, 7.441)

Yevgen Yudenkov UKR VT: 13.833 (4.8, 9.133, -0.1)

1:00 pm. Yahor Sharamkou BLR PB: Legs apart on his one-arm full pirouette, but good fight to bring them back. Double pike with a hop back.

12:58 pm. Noe Seifert SUI PB: My YouTube stream came back at the end of his routine. 11.466 (5.9, 5.566)

Luka van den Keybus BEL FX: Double front half-out. Front double full to barani. 2.5 to front full. All good so far! 1.5 to Rudi with a big hop back. Double full. Triple full, a little iffy on the landing, legs apart and hop to the side. Good routine overall! 13.800 (5.6, 8.200)

12:55 pm. Some scores……

Igor Radivilov UKR VT: 14.333 (5.6, 8.833)

Joshua Nathan GBR SR: 12.900 (4.5, 8.400)

Marco Pfyl SUI PB: 14.766 (6.2, 8.566)

12:51 pm. David Huddleston BUL HB: Yamawaki, layout Tkachev, layout Tkachev to mixed grip, can’t get the handstand out of it and hops off. Endo, Endo full, randomly comes off on a giant after that it looked like. Big hop on the full-twisting double layout. 10.300 (4.4, 5.900)

Rani Dalsgaard DEN FX: Double front half-out, Randi, stuck! I missed everything else but those were good.

Oskar Kirmes FIN PH: Came off at one point.

All the streams are down (all the streams are down) and I’m gonna scream (and I’m gonna screaaaam).

12:49 pm. Nikita Nagornyy RUS PB: I didn’t have a p-bars stream which is rude. Waiting for the result…

Ilias Georgiou CYP PH: Hit routine and he’s REALLY happy.

Aleksandr Kartsev RUS PB: 14.708 (6.0, 8.708)

12:47 pm. Julien Gobaux FRA HB: Yamawaki half, Yamawaki, his leg form is a little loose on those, Rybalko, tak, Endo to Endo half, reaaaaaally low and long full-twisting double layout, stumbles it back and crashes it. 12.166 (5.1, 7.066)

12:46 pm. Missed the first couple of routines because as I was working on Chrome on my Surface laptop, Chrome got inexplicably deleted from my computer??? Literally is Windows okay? 

12:41 pm. Going into the FIFTH rotation!

12:37 pm. David Jessen CZE PH: 13.566 (5.7, 7.866)

Bidzina Sitchinava GEO PH: Some execution areas of concern but a hit routine.

Tomas Kuzmickas LTU FX: Arabian double front, baby hop, 2.5 to barani, nice. Double full, little hop back. Triple full, clean in the air, maybe a little strong, big step back to control the landing.

12:35 pm. Elias Koski FIN FX: 2.5 to barani landed OOB. Double full a little low with his chest position. Triple full, crossed legs, chest down, but got it around with a solid landing.

Yevgen Yudenkov UKR SR: 14.133 (5.6, 8.533)

12:30 pm. Luka van den Keybus BEL HB: Wild on some of his pirouettes. But a hit routine!

Joshua Nathan GBR PB: Great transition from a handstand pirouette down into his flairs. The rest was great, just some form things, but he does a really solid mix of elements! Hit routine. 14.533 (6.9, 7.633)

Oskar Kirmes FIN FX: I wasn’t typing during any of his passes until the 2.5, but the ones before these were all hit! Clean double full side pass. Triple full a little short, step to control it. 

Yahor Sharamkou BLR VT: I saw the landing on the first vault, looked stuck but with one foot OOB. Would guess a kaz 1.5. 14.333 (5.2, 9.233, -0.1)

Second vault is a Dragulescu, also a little off to the side, but not bad in the air or on the landing. 14.633 (5.6, 9.033)

Igor Radivilov UKR SR: Didn’t see any of this. 14.800 (6.0, 8.800)

12:28 pm. I lost the streams so hopefully will get to see something on YouTube.

Adam Steele IRL HB: Layout Tkachev, then straddle Tkachev to straddle Tkachev in mixed grip, good! I missed the rest.

Andrin Frey SUI VT: Second vault was much better, a nearly stuck kaz 1.5. 14.400 (5.2, 9.200)

Loris Frasca FRA PB: Missed this but here’s the score. 12.700 (4.9, 7.800)

12:27 pm. Georgios Angonas CYP FX: Hands down on his full-in at the start of his routine.

Andrin Frey SUI VT: Handspring double front, too far forward, hands down.

12:25 pm. Nikita Nagornyy RUS VT: Dragulescu, really solid, small hop. 14.766 (5.6, 9.166)

Second vault is a Yurchenko double pike, two big steps back out of it. Casual!

Artur Davtyan ARM PH: Good! Mostly clean throughout, rhythm was on until JUST before he dismounted where he had a little tiny break but overall very good. 14.266 (5.9, 8.366)

12:23 pm. Sviataslau Dranitski BLR VT: Second vault was a kaz 1.5, form wasn’t cute in this one, OOB again as well. 13.833 (5.2, 8.933, -0.3)

Ilias Georgiou CYP FX: Double double, front layout to double front, good on both. 13.566 (5.5, 8.366, -0.3)

Aleksandr Kartsev RUS VT: Really nice kaz 1.5, small hop forward. 14.433 (5.2, 9.233)

12:21 pm. Robert Tvorogal LTU FX: Low double front but stuck it. I missed a pass or two after that, caught it at the 1.5 to front full, clean, also a good double full. 13.666 (5.1, 8.566)

Sviataslau Dranitski BLR VT: Dragulescu, landed OOB but hopped it back center. 14.358 (5.6, 9.058, 0.3)

Harald Wibye NOR PB: Walked his hands a lot before a one-arm pirouette, also walked around a 1.5 pirouette. Piked double back, good landing.

Ivan Tikhonov AZE HB: Good on the Kovacs, layout Tkachev, straddle Tkachev, then one to mixed grip, Endo full, hit the dismount.

12:20 pm. Heading to rotation four!

12:15 pm. David Huddleston BUL VT: Really deep landing on his kaz 1.5, stumbled it backwards and sideways off the landing mat. 13.300 (5.2, 8.400, -0.3)

12:14 pm. Yordan Aleksandrov BUL VT: I only see the landings on all of these so apologies for not knowing a single thing that’s going on here, but he sat whatever he attempted. 11.866 (4.4, 7.766, -0.3)

12:11 pm. Ondrej Kalny CZE FX: Full-twisting double layout, good, and then a solid double double as well. Randi, good effort, just landed it OOB. Double full with a hop to the side. Front double full to front full. Triple full to finish was the weakest of his landings/form, but good and difficult routine overall! 13.533 (5.9, 7.733, -0.1)

Elias Koski FIN HB: Endo full, tak half, layout Tkachev BARELY clears the bar, straddle Tkachev half, one-arm front full pirouette, Endo, full-twisting double layout. Some execution issues in there but hit! 12.800 (5.2, 7.600)

Yevgen Yudenkov UKR PH: Legs started coming apart halfway through, fall. 11.866 (5.2, 6.666)

Loris Frasca FRA VT: Hit with a step back but didn’t see what. 

12:10 pm. Julien Gobaux FRA VT: Think he did a kaz full, I only saw the landing which looked good. 13.766 (4.8, 8.966)

12:05 pm. David Jessen CZE FX: He’s been chillin on the side of the floor for about an hour after Jake Jarman’s routine. Literally grabbed his jacket and is just sitting there waiting. Finally gets to go. Hit his first pass, then a double tuck, good, whip half to front full I think after that. Double full is good, and a 2.5 with a step back to finish. Good work! 13.600 (5.1, 8.500)

Filipe Almeida POR PH: Hit routine! 11.900 (3.8, 8.100)

Oskar Kirmes FIN HB: Looked like he caught his Kovacs but then just dropped down, the least dramatic HB fall ever. Everything before that was good. Back on for a stalder Tkachev, another fall. Back up again and gets the stalder Tkachev this time, hop full, stalder, and lovely full-twisting double layout dismount, big hop back.

12:03 pm. Luka van den Keybus BEL PB: Hit routine, low on the double front dismount, hopped out of it. 14.000 (5.8, 8.200)

Georgios Angonas CYP HB: Huuuuuge straddle Tkachev, Endo full, Endo half, full-twisting double layout to his hands, ugh. 11.566 (4.5, 7.066)

Jose Nogueira POR PH: Had a fall.

12:00 pm. GYMTV streams are back! Some of them.

Ilias Georgiou CYP HB: Tak half, oof, peels off on his Cassina. Kolman is good, layout Tkachev, straddle Tkachev, he’s going all out. Hit the dismount. 12.533 (5.2, 7.333)

Nikita Nagornyy RUS SR: Iron cross, saltos through to iron cross, good straddle planche, maybe a little loose, handstands look pretty solid, hopped forward on the double double dismount. 14.733 (6.0, 8.733)

Pawel Kaskow POL PB: Had a fall midway through.

11:59 am. The audio is working on YouTube, but not video. I’m sitting in dead silence and then suddenly I hear “JAKE JARMAN!” and nothing else for a full minute hahaha. I love this.

11:58 am. Some scores while we wait…

Tomas Kuzmickas LTU HB: 12.733 (4.6, 8.133)

Ivan Tikhonov AZE PB: 13.833 (5.2, 8.633)

Yahor Sharamkou BLR SR: 12.833 (4.3, 8.533)

11:57 am. All streams down now, including YouTube. Is Switzerland’s WiFi situation okay?

11:56 am. Andrey Medvedev ISR VT: Handspring double front for his second vault, also a GREAT landing and looked good in the air. He’s one of the better pike guys on vault. I hate that he’s not going to Tokyo.

11:54 am. Joshua Nathan GBR FX: Double back with a small hop. Only saw the triple full at the end after that, small step back. 12.366 (5.4, 6.966)

Andrey Medvedev ISR VT: I HATE THIS, they just cut away from floor to show this vault, but showed it just as he landed it?? STICK TO ONE THING. HAVE A PLAN. Anyway, he had a good landing!!!! Would have been great to see the entire thing. 14.733 (5.6, 9.133)

11:51 am. Going into the third rotation warm-ups!

11:47 am. Roman Vashchenko UKR FX: Saw a piked double front at the beginning. Triple full at the end had crossed ankles and a hop back.

Reigning Euros champ Matvei Petrov didn’t make the pommels final, 13.366 (5.8, 7.566). I feel like many who outright won in 2020 won’t even make finals this time around since 2020 was so depleted but he was one I thought could be in the mix to medal again. I remember thinking the 2020 pommels final was better than most fully attended Euros finals!

11:45 am. I missed a few things because I had to handle a work email but here are some scores!

Filipe Almeida POR FX: 13.500 (5.3, 8.400, -0.2)

Loris Frasca FRA SR: 13.600 (4.9, 8.700)

11:40 am. Jose Nogueira POR FX: I think this is Jose. Had a really nice double layout at the beginning!

Nikita Nagornyy RUS PH: Hit routine! 14.066 (6.1, 7.966)

Joshua Nathan GBR HB: Yamawaki, Kovacs, straddle Tkachev, straddle Tkachev to mixed grip, tak, stalder, full-twisting double layout a little low with a hop. 13.166 (5.0, 8.166)

11:38 am. Aleksandr Kartsev RUS PH: Not the best PH routine in the world but he stays on! Body line got a little soft throughout and had one more significant form break with his knees near the end. 13.733 (5.7, 8.033)

Julien Gobaux FRA SR: Legs a little low on his straddle planche and had a big bobble when he pressed to handstand after. Saltos up to handstand, held it for about a quarter of a second, swings through to another handstand that looks better. Small hop on the dismount. 12.766 (4.9, 7.866)

Jake Jarman GBR HB: Layout Tkachev, straddle Tkachev, another straddle Tkachev, maybe the entry was different on one and I didn’t notice. Or maybe one was supposed to go to mixed grip? Lets bent on his full-twisting double layout. 12.400 (4.5, 7.900)

11:36 am. Saba Abesadze GEO HB: Yamawaki, no releases after that, looked good on most of his circle elements, a little low and long on the dismount, hop forward.

Pawel Kaskow POL FX: Saw a 2.5 with a step forward for his final pass.

11:35 am. Adam Steele IRL VT: Didn’t see what he did, just the landing, tiny hop forward. 14.366 (5.2, 9.166)

Sviataslau Dranitski BLR PH: 12.033 (4.7, 7.333)

11:34 am. Ivan Tikhonov AZE VT: 13.700 (4.8, 8.900)

Yordan Aleksandrov BUL SR: 13.000 (4.6, 8.400)

Aron Jacobsen DEN VT: 13.466 (4.8, 8.666)

11:32 am. Tomas Kuzmickas LTU PB: They keep cutting away from routines on the YouTube stream right in the middle and it’s SO ANNOYING. Tomas had some saltos early in his routine, arched over a handstand near the end, double pike dismount with a step. 13.200 (5.2, 8.000)

Bidzina Sitchinava GEO Big Tkachev, looked like he had an inbar, stalder half to front giants, front stalder full, full-twisting double layout to his hands and knees. 11.066 (4.6, 6.466)

11:30 am. Yevgen Yudenkov UKR FX: Missed the beginning but caught from a 2.5 to front full I believe. Jogs into his Rudi and double full. Triple full with a hop back, heels maybe OOB. 13.366 (5.5, 7.966, -0.1)

David Jessen CZE HB: Kovacs and stalder Tkachev both good, then a Tkachev as well. Stream cut to pommels after that. 13.266 (5.3, 7.966)

Noe Seifert SUI PH: Great routine! Some really nice flair work.

11:26 am. Moving on to the second rotation! 

All of the GYMTV streams are down but YouTube is going so fingers crossed we have SOMETHING.

11:24 am. Loris Frasca FRA PH: Had a fall near the end but the YouTube stream is frozen so I missed a lot of the beginning. Got back on just to dismount basically. 12.200 (5.2, 7.000)

11:23 am. Yes, live scores just updated…15.066 for Nagornyy, 6.6 D, 8.566 E! And -0.1 ND which I didn’t see.

11:21 am. Taking a long time for Nikita Nagorny’s score but I think I just heard in the German announcement that it’s 15.066! My college German professors would be like “wow congrats you barely understand NUMBERS.”

Julien Gobaux FRA PH: A little short on the handstands out of a scissor element. The rest is fairly good, but then can’t muscle the handstand at the end, ugh, the worst time to fall. Gets back on just to dismount. 11.700 (4.9, 6.800)

11:19 am. Just the French guys left to go, on pommels. I also missed all of rings this subdivision, which is an event I actually enjoy.

Jose Nogueira POR HB: 11.4 (2.8, 8.600)

11:15 am. Nikita Nagornyy RUS FX: Here we gooooo! Triple back pike, just a step forward, YAS! Piked double front half out must feel SO easy for him after. Front double full to double front, little hop. 2.5 to front full to…couldn’t tell if it was a barani or Rudi but he hit. Double full side pass. Think his last pass was an arabian double front half out but I missed the entry. Fabulous. 15.066 (6.6, 8.566)

Artem Dolgopyat ISR PH: Legs came apart when he was traveling and couldn’t pull them together, fall. Hit the dismount after getting back on. 12.900 (5.9, 7.000)

I just realized I think I missed ALL of vault. 

11:13 am. Jake Jarman GBR PB: I missed Joshua Nathan before him, he got a 13.7. Jarman has looked good so far, had to press up his Tippelt and looks a little clunky on some elements, step back on the double front half dismount. 13.866 (5.7, 8.166)

Aleksandr Kartsev RUS FX: Double front half out, baby step on the double double, front full to front double full, good. 2.5 to Rudi I think after that. Big step on his triple full at the end. 14.233 (5.8, 8.433)

11:12 am. Alexander Myakinin ISR PH: Hit routine.

Pawel Kaskow POL HB: Kovacs, really late stalder half to his front giants, stalder, and a full-twisting double layout with a step.

11:11 am. Sviataslau Dranitiski BLR FX: Piked double front, a little low, steps back. 2.5 to double front, really low, stumbles it forward OOB. Front double full to front full, 1.5 to Rudi. Triple full to finish.

Tin Srbic missed the HB final!!! 13.233 (5.9, 7.333)…this was when the stream went down I believe.

11:08 am. All the streams just turned off so I moved to the YouTube stream as well, hopefully that will help. Saw the second half of Yahor Sharamkou’s floor which looked good. Score just came in at 14.566 (6.5, 8.066). Some scores for now…

Ivan Tikhonov AZE SR: 14.200 (5.9, 8.300)

Saba Abesadze GEO PB: 13.500 (5.0, 8.500)

11:05 am. Benjamin Gischard SUI FX: Randi, double front half and double double were all very good. Wasn’t typing during the rest but he hit everything! 14.666 (6.0, 8.666)

The streams are hit or miss like they were yesterday, though a LITTLE better. I’m mostly following those that are “hit” for me. 

Someone just crashed vault but I couldn’t see who…Tomas Kuzmickas actually, his score just came in.

Hit high bar routine from Filip Borosa.

11:03 am. Andrin Frey SUI FX: Piked double front half-out and a double double to start, both good. Then a piked double front and I think something to a Rudi after but I didn’t see the first skill, front double full? 2.5 to front full after. Double full, stumbles back a bit. Triple full to finish was a little underrotated with a couple of steps. Good hit routine!

Yevgen Yudenkov UKR HB: I wasn’t typing but he hit!


5 thoughts on “2021 European Championships | Qualifications MAG Subdivision 3 Live Blog

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  2. Thanks for this . Nagorny is so primed for Tokyo . Hope he stays healthy unlike Arthur . What do you think Arthur’s chances are for Tokyo ?


    • I hope so too! I am worried that they’re going to try to push Artur too hard to make him ready in time…I think since his injury wasn’t too severe, it’s realistic he could get back to a few events, but I don’t want them pushing him too hard and potentially making him worse.


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