2021 U.S. Championships | Junior Men’s Day 2 Live Blog

Welcome to the live blog for the second day of junior men’s competition at the 2021 U.S. Championships, held in Fort Worth, Texas!

Please refresh your browser every few minutes to see the most recent updates, which will appear at the top of the page.

3:40 pm. Junior 17-19 MAG AA

1. Fred Richard 155.800
2. Toby Liang 153.050
3. Joseph Pepe 151.450
4. Dallas Hale 151.200
5. Rithik Puri 150.300
6. Ignacio Yockers 149.850
7. Nathan York 149.800
8. Vishal Mandava 149.750

Junior 15-16 MAG AA

1. Kai Uemura 155.600
2. Vahe Petrosyan 155.600
3. Alexandru Nitache 152.100
4. Caleb Melton 15.2000
5. Cole PArtridge 151.450
6. Xander Hong 150.900
7. Caden Clinton 150.450
8. David Shamah 150.350

3:31 pm. Fred Richard PB: Nice pirouette transitions, Tippelt was lovely and smooth, nice work on the Bhavsar, big step on the dismount. Great routine overall.

Nathan York FX: Punches into the front double full, 2.5 to barani is stuck. Stuck the double full at the end too.

3:30 pm. Vishal Mandava SR: Hit routine!

Dallas Hale PH: Ugh, I missed this. Looked like a fall or a big mistake, only an 11.4 with a 6.5 E.

Aaron Stein PB: Big stumble forward on the double front dismount but otherwise good.

3:26 pm. Ryan Vanichtheeranont FX: I caught it from the whip to layout side pass. Double full with a hop back.

Erich Upton VT: Kaz full, a little messy, but got the landing.

Denis Irimiea SR: Straddle planche down to invert hang, back up to straddle planche, hip angle is really high, swinging a bit in his straddle sit, presses to handstand, a little shaky, small step back on the dismount.

Toma Murakawa HB: Missed his hand on something but it didn’t phase him. Nice full-twisting double layout dismount.

Kai Uemura PB: I missed most of this.

3:25 pm. Vahe Petrosyan HB: Some leg separation on the tak half, straddle Tkachev, tak to Endo, hit the dismount.

Toby Liang VT: Kaz half, solid landing.

Tai Gopaul PB: Held a really pretty handstand at the beginning. Clean work overall. Hop back on the double pike.

3:24 pm. Cole Partridge FX: I think he had a 2.5 to barani? And then a layout side pass. Double full with wobbly arms but his feet didn’t move.

Alexandru Nitache PH: Hit routine.

Chase Davenport VT: Didn’t see what he did, Kaz maybe? Lovely form and good landing.

3:23 pm. Danilo Viciana HB: Straddle Tkachev, tucked full-in dismount, good landing.

Landon Simpson VT: Kaz full with a step back.

Dave Wolma SR: I only saw the dismount but it was a gorgeous double layout.

3:21 pm. Cameron Lee PH: Really great for the most part, just muscled a bit into the dismount.

Joseph Pepe VT: Really big kaz full, step back.

Cailen Walker FX: Nice double double! Hop back. 2.5 to barani with a hop back. Clean layout side pass. Double full, tries to stick, small step.

3:19 pm. Dylan Shepard PH: Leg form broke a bit near the end but good fight through.

Caleb Melton VT: Kaz 1.5, a little seated with a small hop back.

Emmit Glover FX: I didn’t see some of this but he hit everything I saw.

3:13 pm. Rotation 11 Standings (17-19)

1. Fred Richard 142.750
2. Dallas Hale 139.800
3. Toby Liang 139.300
4. Joseph Pepe 137.550

Rotation 11 Standings (15-16)

1. Vahe Petrosyan 142.950
2. Kai Uemura 142.750
3. Alexandru Nitache 1139.850
4. Xander Hong 138.600

3:09 pm. Dallas Hale FX: 1.5 to double front, landing is a little low, but nice. 2.5 with a small hop forward, nice twisting form from my seat. Hit the third pass. Stuck the last pass.

Toby Liang SR: Saltos to pike sit, transition was almost great, hit the dismount.

3:07 pm. Ryan Vanichtheeranont HB: First time I’ve seen him today, good hit routine.

Danilo Viciana PB: Looked mostly good in the routine, but had a big lunge forward on the double pike dismount.

Logan McKeown FX: Clean double tuck. Front layout to front tuck full.

3:04 pm. Dave Wolma PH: Lots of leg and hip form stuff to be tightened, but got through it and had no problem into the dismount.

Cole Partridge HB: Caught his frist release, then a Kovacs, nice. Layout Tkachev as well. Good!

Joseph Pepe SR: Good routine, step back on the dismount.

Kai Uemura VT: Didn’t see what he did but it looked stuck!

3:02 pm. Alexandru Nitache VT: DTY, almost to his knees.

Tai Gopaul VT: Kaz, looked like a decent landing.

3:01 pm. Emmit Glover HB: Yamawaki, mostly pirouette skills after that, stuck the full-twisting double layout.

Cameron Lee FX: Double front, small hop. Front double full with a step. Stuck double full to finish.

Caden Clinton PH: Great routine, got a little stuck at the end into his dismount, but gorgeous flairs as always!

Asher Cohen VT: Looked like he stuck the kaz.

3:00 pm. Troy Nuesca PB: Handstands aren’t quite there on a pirouette. Hit overall though!

Rithik Puri VT: Kaz full with a stumble back and OOB.

2:59 pm. Fred Richard VT: Kaz 1.5 with a step to the side OOB.

Dylan Shepard FX: Hit his first pass, and second, then a 1.5 to barani for the third. Layout was clean. Double full with a good landing.

Nathan York HB: Stalder half, good Endo work as well, stuck the dismount.

Vishal Mandava PH: Hit everything!

2:55 pm. Rotation 10 Standings (17-19)

1. Fred Richard 128.550
2. Dallas Hale 126.900
3. Toby Liang 126.550
4. Vishal Mandava 125.500

Rotation 10 Standings (15-16)

1. Vahe Petrosyan 130.250
2. Kai Uemura 129.000
3. Alexandru Nitache 126.950
4. Xander Hong 125.950

2:51 pm. Tai Gopaul SR: Hit routine, tiny step back on his dismount.

Kai Uemura SR: Had one noticeably short handstand near the end and then just a small step on his double double dismount.

2:47 pm. Dave Wolma FX: Double layout was nice, little steps on the tucked full-in. Great routine overall.

Xander Hong FX: Hit routine.

Sorry, Pan Ams just started and it’s the Brazilian session so I’ve tuned out junior MAG a little but am still trying to catch what I can!

2:45 pm. Kiran Mandava FX: Stuck the double full at the end.

Joseph Pepe PH: Bends his knees considerably while traveling, leg form is gone entirely there but fights through it into his pirouettes into the dismount.

Asher Cohen SR: Saltos to straddle sit, shaky in a handstand and the next one is quite short. Steps back on the dismount.

2:42 pm. Caden Clinton FX: Opened with a double pike, bounce back, hopped back on his double full at the end.

Cameron Lee HB: Really nice layout Jaeger. Hit routine.

Vahe Petrosyan VT: Lovely stuck kaz half!

2:41 pm. Fred Richard SR: Only saw the dismount, big lunge forward on a double double.

Dylan Shepard HB: Hit everything I saw, clean FTY looked stuck.

Arun Chhetri VT: Didn’t see what he did but had a big step forward.

2:40 pm. Troy Nuesca VT: Kaz.

Vishal Mandava FX: Front double full to barani, and a clean double tuck, small hop. Stuck a 2.5.

Hasan Aydogdu VT: Small step back on his kaz.

2:38 pm. Toby Liang PH: Hit routine!

Toma Murakawa VT: Step back on I think a kaz full.

Dallas Hale HB: Ugh I missed the beginning but didn’t see him come off anywhere. Good Rybalko and stalder, hop full, wobbled while trying to stick the double double layout, also looked like he tucked one of the flips a little, but another hit routine!

2:37 pm. Rotation 9 Standings (17-19)

1. Fred Richard 115.500
2. Dallas Hale 115.450
3. Joseph Pepe 114.000
4. Toby Liang 113.900

Rotation 9 Standings (15-16)

1. Vahe Petrosyan 116.600
2. Kai Uemura 116.050
3. Alexandru Nitache 114.650
4. Cole Partridge 113.450

2:30 pm. David Shama PB: Really nice handstands from his as well, especially one out of a pirouette, but really short on one after that. Double front with a step forward.

Landon Simpson FX: Caught it after he hit his layout. A little short on his double full at the end.

2:28 pm. Ian Sandoval PB: Holds his handstands PERFECTLY forever. Nice Tippelt. A tiny bit short out of a pirouette. Pike sit pressed to handstand was nice, a couple steps back on his double front.

Joseph Pepe FX: Hit everything I saw.

Tai Gopaul PB: Circles, traveled in circles, got a little piked near the end, but a solid hit routine.

2:27 pm. Dave Wolma HB: Good straddle Tkachev, small hop on the dismount.

Danilo Viciana SR: Looked really shaky in his last handstand but that’s all I saw from here that was noticeable.

2:34 pm. Maxwell Odden FX: Front double full with a step to start. Stuck a double full at the end. Everything I saw looked pretty clean!

Kiran Mandava HB: Hit routine, double layout dismount.

Cameron Lee PB: Muscled out of a handstand, and a little short on another after that, good one-arm pirouette, and a stuck double front.

2:22 pm. I missed a few routines just now…just losing my mind for a second!

2:19 pm. Dallas Hale PB: Great routine, stuck the double front half-out dismount!

Fred Richard PB: Scissors into circles, really nice flair work, but then he lost his rhythm after he transitioned out of it, on a skill with his hands alternating from front to back, looked similar to his issues on day one tbh. Hit the dismount.

Vishal Mandava HB: I tried to catch this but missed it.

Cailen Walker VT: Kaz 1.5 big hop to the side.

2:18 pm. Toby Liang FX: Hit his first pass, then a big front double full to front full, OOB there. Low on the pass after that.

Denis Irimiea HB: Had a huge and pretty Kovacs! Big step on the dismount.

Emmit Glover VT: Sat it but I didn’t see what he did.

2:16 pm. Chase Davenport FX: Lovely double layout. Hit routine.

Kai Uemura PH: Had a few small leg separation issues, and muscled the dismount to his handstand, but a hit routine otherwise. 

Vahe Petrosyan SR: Nice saltos up to straddle sit, pressed to handstand, stuck the double double dismount.

Ignacio Yockers VT: FTY, small hop back.

Xander Hong HB: I missed this but saw the dismount, small step back.

Nathan York VT: Think he was going for a kaz double but he crashed it to his hands and knees.

2:09 pm. Rotation 8 Standings (17-19)

1. Fred Richard 103.350
2. Dallas Hale 102.350
3. Joseph Pepe 101.450
4. Toby Liang 101.300

Rotation 8 Standings (15-16)

1. Vahe Petrosyan 103.450
2. Kai Uemura 103.400
3. Alexandru Nitache 102.050
4. Xander Hong 101.700

2:08 pm. Alexandru Nitache FX: I caught it from I think a tucked full-out. Hit a Rudi after that, then his side pass as well. Clean layout full. Good double full to finish.

2:06 pm. Asher Cohen FX: Double pike, step forward. Hit the second pass. Very pretty layout side pass. Clean double full with a hop back to finish.

Cole Partridge SR: Good routine!

Kiran Mandava PB: Hit routine.

2:05 pm. Joseph Pepe HB: Huge Yamawaki, also big on the straddle Tkachev, then a straddle Tkachev in mixed grip, stalder, hop full, huuuuuge full-twisting double layout, step forward.

2:04 pm. Caden Clinton PB: Lots of basic skills at the beginning, some baskets, very smooth Tippelt, and a clean double pike with a hop back.

2:03 pm. Rithik Puri FX: Think he had a double double to start! Hop back. Front double full with a hop to the side. 1.5 to front full. Double full side pass.

Maxwell Odden HB: Lovely straddle Tkachev, also did one to mixed grip, Endo full, Endo half, and a clean stuck full-twisting double layout.

2:02 pm. Ian Sandoval VT: Stuck his kaz full, form wasn’t quite there but solid landing.

Vishal Mandava PB: Good routine from what I saw.

Hasan Aydogdu PH: He had a cool transition from a circle element into a scissor element, also did some single handle work, hit routine.

2:00 pm. Erich Upton HB: Caught a straddle Tkachev and hit everything else I saw, full-twisting double layout stuck.

Cameron Lee VT: Kaz full, small hop to the side.

Troy Nuesca PH: Hit routine.

Fred Richard FX: I keep missing the beginning of floor and I HATE IT. Air flairs were fabulous. Front double full to front full, small hop forward. 2.5 to front layout, step back. Triple full to finish.

1:58 pm. Aaron Stein FX: Fell forward on his tucked full-in, rolled out of it. Front double full was iffy on the landing. 1.5 to front full and double tuck were both fine.

Bryan Woffinden VT: Kaz full, big step back.

I don’t think I’ve seen a single high bar fall yet?!

Toma Murakawa PH: Hit routine!

Dylan Shepard VT: FTY stuck.

1:56 pm. Chase Davenport HB: Yamawaki, piked, stalder, Endo to Endo half, hop on the dismount.

Kai Uemura FX: I missed most of this, had a small hop back on his double full at the end.

Vahe Petrosyan PH: Ugh, I missed this.

Dallas Hale VT: Stuck his Shewfelt!!! Good for him.

1:53 pm. Tai Gopaul FX: Double front, small hop forward. Hit the rest but I wasn’t watching closely!

David Shamah VT: Kaz half, small hop to the side OOB.

Dave Wolma PB: Bhavsar, Tippelt, both nice, arched over and walked his hands on a pirouette, slide back on his piked double back.

Danilo Viciana PH: I missed this. Landon Simpson HB: Big Yamawaki, also caught a Tkachev, double layout full-out stuck.

Logan McKeown VT: Kaz, stuck!

1:49 pm. Rotation 7 Standings (17-19)

1. Fred Richard 90.000
2. Dave Wolma 89.050
3. Vishal Mandava 88.650
4. Joseph Pepe 88.500

Rotation 7 Standings (15-16)

1. Vahe Petrosyan 90.200
2. Kai Uemura 90.100
3. Alxandru Nitache 89.150
4. Xander Hong 88.700

1:47 pm. Asher Cohen HB: Endo full was late but nice. Hit the dismount.

Maxwell Odden PB: Hit routine.

Cameron Lee SR: I missed this!

1:46 pm. Hasan Aydogdu FX: I missed the beginning again, caught it from his strength elements, big stumble back on one of his passes near the end, and low on his double full, big step forward.

Dylan Shepard SR: Good saltos but very shaky in one of his handstands, stuck the full-twisting double tuck dismount.

1:45 pm. Caleb Melton PB: Clean press to handstand at the beginning. Had a couple of iffy handstands but a nice routine overall.

Rithik Puri HB: Nice Kovacs! hop full, Rybalko, flared out the full-twisting double layout.

1:44 pm. Troy Nuesca FX: I missed the beginning, in the second half he hit a 1.5 to barani, legs were tucked on the first element. Front full to front tuck full, a little iffy on the landing. Double full with his chest down and a step to finish.

Bryan Woffinden SR: Had really nice salto skills. Arched over a handstand near the end. Big hop forward on his dismount.

1:42 pm. Fred Richard HB: Yamawaki, straddle Tkachev to straddle Tkachev in mixd grip, tak half, hop full, and a deep double double layout dismount with a big step forward.

Erich Upton PB: Pike sit pressed to handstand, nice hold, basket to handstand, arms kinda gave out during a handstand on the single rail. Big stumble back on the double pike dismount.

Dallas Hale SR: Hit routine!

1:40 pm. Caden Clinton VT: Kaz with a small hop. He can barely get over the table and I love it.

Aaron Stein HB: Lost his leg form on his layout Tkachev (and after catching as well), good straddle Tkachev, Weiler, Weiler half, full-twisting double layout dismount.

Toma Murakawa FX: Beautiful double front and 2.5 to front tuck, tiny hop on the latter. Rudi side pass. Double full to finish.

1:38 pm. Denis Irimiea VT: Yurchenko double, a little deep in the landing.

Ignacio Yonkers PH: Nice routine!

Vahe Petrosyan FX: Dobule front was good, but big step on the arabian double front. Nice flairs and air flairs! Beautiful gymnast. Layout side pass was clean. Stuck the double full at the end.

Kai Uemura HB: Hit routine, double double layout dismount.

Vishal Mandava VT: Kaz with a hop.

1:36 pm. Danilo Viciana FX: I missed most of this, caught a 1.5 to front full I believe, and he stuck a double full at the end.

Tai Gopaul HB: Yamawaki to Gienger, nice, muscled through the handstand out of it, straddle Tkachev, stalder, stuck the double double layout! Beautiful routine.

Xander Hong VT: Kaz with a hop forward.

Landon Simpson PB: Hit routine, had a layout twisty dismount that was pretty.

1:34 pm. Arun Chhetri FX: Double front with a hop. 2.5 to front layout. Arabian double front was good. Hit the last pass. Good routine!

Cole Partridge PB: I missed this but think he had a fall, I thought I saw him remounting.

Kiran Mandava VT: Kaz, good landing.

Alexandru Nitache HB: Hit routine, had a stuck dismount.

Dave Wolma VT: Kaz 1.5, a little unsteady on the landing with a step.

1:31 pm. Beginning the second day of junior men’s competition in just a few minutes! Touch warmups are underway now.

Article by Lauren Hopkins

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