2021 1st Chinese Olympic Trials Results

The 2021 1st Chinese Olympic Trials were held on June 18 in Shanghai, China.

All-Around Results

Rank Athlete Province VT UB BB FX AA
1 Zhang Jin Shanghai 14.233 13.600 14.866 13.700 56.399
2 Tang Xijing Beijing 13.466 14.666 14.500 13.733 56.365
3 Lu Yufei Henan 13.233 13.933 15.100 14.066 56.332
4 Wei Xiaoyuan Guangxi 13.333 15.033 13.866 13.633 55.865
5 Luo Rui Guangdong 13.233 14.133 14.933 13.366 55.665
6 He Licheng Anhui 13.533 14.000 14.400 13.666 55.599
7 Qi Qi Beijing 14.366 11.900 13.533 13.866 53.665
8 Ou Yushan Guangdong 14.333 14.333 15.633 —— 44.299
9 Liu Tingting Guangdong —— 14.800 14.800 —— 29.600
10 Guan Chenchen Zhejiang —— 12.400 15.133 —— 27.533
11 Fan Yilin Shanghai —— 15.233 —— —— 15.233
12 Sun Xinyi Guangdong —— —— 13.666 —— 13.666

Many thanks to Golden China for providing the results!

19 thoughts on “2021 1st Chinese Olympic Trials Results

  1. Any idea why Ou Yushan didn’t perform floor? That’s a high score for her and China, generally and would have shot her over 58AA. I hope Li Shijia’s injury wasn’t serious, because she has a lot to offer the team. I’m not sure how overscored they are compared to how overscored the US was at nationals, but team China looks to be coming for many medals, of potentially all colors.

    I know the consistency isn’t there, but if they’re on when it counts, USA might be in for a shock.


  2. Wow if you put OYS’s floor from the nationals AA (14.333) she gets a 58.632! ZJ really is putting up a fight too! I wonder who they will pick


    • ZJ has been doing great but I’m afraid that despite being so consistent, none of her scores are strong enough to make her worth taking…she’s beating everyone and consistently getting on the podium but I feel like she wouldn’t make a team if you looked at the combinations of highest-scoring individual events which is a shame! But she’s getting those 56 scores with fully hit days while the others are counting falls and still scoring similarly so they can either take her as someone who will be a consistent force for the team, or they can take riskier routines with potentially huge payoff…it’ll be interesting to see what they go for but I have a feeling ZJ won’t make it.

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      • Yeah I completely agree. I wonder if LSJ will recover from her small injury in time. If she doesn’t it may be ZJ, TXJ, OYS and LYF. But if she’s at the same form as nationals I think she’d make it over ZJ.
        Obviously FYL is going and GCC is a big favourite for the other individual, but do you think they’d think about putting in ZJ for the AA as an individual as she’s consistent?


        • Yeah, I was thinking if LSJ doesn’t make it back in time, ZJ, TXJ, OYS, and LYF…or that same team minus ZJ plus QQ since she impressed me here now that she has her DTY back plus a good floor. But I still don’t fully trust her and would need to see her again at the second trial before seriously considering it. But totally agree that LSJ would make it over ZJ or QQ if she’s healthy enough.

          I don’t know if they’d go with an AAer for the second spot or with someone who could be an individual medal threat…it would be helpful to have ZJ there just in case someone on the team ultimately doesn’t work out?


      • My feeling is that China’s level on VT is just too worrying not to include ZJ . Unless LSJ can vault a DTY in a month time, which is now very doubtfull, she shoudn’t make the team (and I really hope she’s not pushed too hard … because we know a knee injury can really be something ….). That TXJ can’t show a DTY is another problem, especially if LYF sticks to her FTT. If the team was to be choosen today ZJ is 99% on it IMO.


    • She got injured on vault just before the competition so withdrew…apparently it’s “not bad” and we “shouldn’t freak out” but obviously still concerned given how close it is to the team selection!


    • As far as I know, she’s still in the mix, but I’m not sure why she wasn’t at this trial…I haven’t seen anything about her specifically but I did see the mention of injury.


      • she was there at the trial, she just didn’t compete. I think she is still dealing with injuries (as in the last three years really:() She posted a photo with LTT hugging on ‘friendship road’ they are so adorable. Sadly I don’t think any of those two will make it


    • I just wrote a whole post about this and looked into the numbers for everything, and Ou is on every single top-scoring team…she’s irreplaceable! But then she’s also super inconsistent so I’m like, OY. The most consistent ones aren’t the most impressive ones, while the impressive ones are such risks. Love China’s depth right now, though. It’s great that it’s so hard to choose!


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