Men’s Olympic Games Roster Set

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Team Russia

Just as we helped you sort out the women’s Olympic Games roster earlier today, now it’s time to take a look at the complete men’s roster, now that all teams have been named and individuals have officially qualified via the vast number of avenues open to them this quad.

Men’s artistic gymnastics had a total of 98 spots available for the Tokyo Games, 48 of which were reserved for the 12 qualified teams (four members per team), while the remaining 50 were available for individual athletes. Below, we break down the rules for each team and individual qualifier as well as any updates to these rules in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, and we also talk through any changes and reallocations that have happened since the athletes who earned these spots were originally determined.

2018 World Championships

The top three NOCs will qualify a full four-member team based on their finish in the team final competition.

China Lin Chaopan, Sun Wei, Xiao Ruoteng, Zou Jingyuan
Russia David Belyavskiy, Artur Dalaloyan, Aleksandr Kartsev, Nikita Nagornyy
Japan Hashimoto Daiki, Kaya Kazuma, Kitazono Takeru, Tanigawa Wataru

2019 World Championships | Teams

The top nine NOCs that didn’t previously qualify in 2018 will qualify a full four-member team based on their team finish in qualifications.

Ukraine Illia Kovtun, Petro Pakhniuk, Igor Radivilov, Yevgen Yudenkov
Great Britain Joe Fraser, James Hall, Giarnni Regini Moran, Max Whitlock
Switzerland Christian Baumann, Pablo Brägger, Benjamin Gischard, Eddy Yusof
United States Brody Malone, Sam Mikulak, Yul Moldauer, Shane Wiskus
Taiwan Lee Chih-Kai, Shiao Yu-Jan, Tang Chia-Hung, Yu Chao-Wei
South Korea Kim Han-sol, Lee Jun-ho, Ryu Sung-hyun, Yang Hak-seon
Brazil Francisco Barretto Jr., Arthur Mariano, Diogo Soares, Caio Souza
Spain Néstor Abad, Thierno Diallo, Nicolau Mir, Joel Plata
Germany Andreas Toba, Lukas Dauser, Nils Dunkel, Philipp Herder

2019 World Championships | Individuals

A total of 32 individual athletes will qualify nominative spots based on their finish in all-around qualifications (one per NOC) and apparatus finals (maximum of three per NOC across all apparatuses).

Note: Up to 18 athletes were eligible to qualify via apparatus finals. In 2019, 12 gymnasts qualified this way, with the remaining six spots reallocated to all-around qualifications.

Carlos Yulo (Philippines) Manrique Larduet (Cuba)*
Ludovico Edalli (Italy) Milad Karimi (Kazakhstan)
Loris Frasca (France) Robert Tvorogal (Lithuania)
Alexander Shatilov (Israel) Ferhat Arican (Turkey)
Artur Davtyan (Armenia) David Huddleston (Bulgaria)
Bart Deurloo (Netherlands) Daniel Corral (Mexico)
René Cournoyer (Canada) Rasuljon Abdurakhimov (Uzbekistan)
Marios Georgiou (Cyprus) Ivan Tikhonov (Azerbaijan)
David Rumbutis (Sweden) Andrey Likhovitskiy (Belarus)*
Artem Dolgopyat (Israel) Rhys McClenaghan (Ireland)
Cyril Tommasone (France) Ibrahim Colak (Turkey)
Marco Lodadio (Italy) Samir Aït Saïd (France)
Marian Dragulescu (Romania) Le Thanh Tung (Vietnam)
Shek Wai Hung (Hong Kong) Ahmet Önder (Turkey)
Tin Srbic (Croatia) Tyson Bull (Australia)
David Jessen (Czech Republic)* Tomas Gonzalez (Chile)*

* As of July 2, Andrey Likhovitskiy of Belarus withdrew from his nominative spot due to injury, and it was reallocated to the first reserve, David Jessen of the Czech Republic. On July 9, Manrique Larduet withdrew from his nominative spot, and it was reallocated to Tomas Gonzalez of Chile.

2018-2020 Apparatus World Cup Series

A total of six individual athletes will qualify nominative spots based on their ranking at the conclusion of the eight-meet series, beginning in November 2018 and concluding in June 2021.

Note: This series was originally supposed to conclude in March 2020, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the final meet of the series was instead held in June 2021.

Floor Exercise Rayderley Zapata (Spain)
Pommel Horse Kameyama Kohei (Japan)
Still Rings Eleftherios Petrounias (Greece)
Vault Shin Jea-hwan (South Korea)
Parallel Bars You Hao (China)
High Bar Epke Zonderland (Netherlands)

2020 All-Around World Cup Series

A total of three NOCs will qualify one individual spot apiece based on their ranking at the conclusion of the four-meet series held March–April 2020.

Note: The all-around world cup series was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and the three nations were instead selected based on team rankings in qualifications at the 2019 world championships.

Russia Denis Ablyazin
China Liu Yang
Japan Uchimura Kohei

2020 Continental Championships

A total of nine spots will be awarded to an individual on a nominative basis if the individual’s NOC didn’t qualify a full team to the Games, or on a non-nominative basis to the NOC if the individual’s NOC has already qualified a full team.

Note: The 2020 continental championships meets were all postponed to 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

African Championships Omar Mohamed (Egypt) Uche Eke (Nigeria)
Pan American Championships Alec Yoder (United States)** Arthur Zanetti (Brazil)**
Asian Championships* Dinh Phuong Thanh (Vietnam) Loo Phay Xing (Malaysia)
European Championships Adem Asil (Turkey) Vladislav Poliashov (Russia)**
Oceania Championships Mikhail Koudinov (New Zealand)

* The 2021 Asian Championships were canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Asia’s two continental berths were instead awarded to the top two gymnasts from Asian NOCs that had not previously qualified athletes to the Olympic Games based on all-around qualifications at 2019 world championships.

** Russia, the United States, and Brazil earned non-nominative spot due to previously qualifying full teams at world championships in 2018 and 2019. The NOCs later named the athletes who would take these spots.

Host Country & Tripartite Invitations

The host country is guaranteed one spot if not qualified through other criteria, and one nominative tripartite commission invitation spot is available to an athlete meeting eligibility criteria.

Sofus Heggemsnes (Norway)* Matvei Petrov (Albania)**

* Since Japan qualified a full team to the Olympic Games, the host country’s berth was reallocated to the next highest-ranked all-around athlete based on qualifications at world championships in 2019.

** NOCs eligible for the tripartite invitation that had athletes competing at world championships in 2019 included Albania, Kuwait, Monaco, and Syria.

Article by Lauren Hopkins

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