2020 Olympic Games | Women’s Subdivision 5 Podium Training Live Blog

Welcome to the live blog for subdivision five of women’s podium training at the 2020 Olympic Games, held in Tokyo, Japan!

Please refresh your browser every few minutes to see the most recent updates, which will appear at the top of the page.

9:56 pm. And that’s it for the day!

9:55 pm. Hanna Traukova UB: Maloney was clean, she had a HUGE Tkachev earlier, now working clear hips.

9:54 pm. Rebeca Andrade UB: Stalder full to piked Tkachev to Pak to van Leeuwen on bars, that was nice. Piked Jaeger, great handstand after, toe full to nearly stuck full-in.

9:48 pm. Rebeca Andrade UB: First time seeing her, had a fall on a release.

Aneta Holasova FX: Double layout, spotted, stumbled but kept it upright. I have NO idea how she’s doing that skill with her recent injury but hey. Timer for her second pass. Tour jeté half. Front layout to front tuck. Layout full with a hop at the end.

9:46 pm. Zsofia Kovacs FX: I feel like this blog is Zsofi erasure today, I keep missing her constantly. I wasn’t typing but she hit all of her passes!

9:43 pm. Pauline Schäfer VT: Really strong handspring front layout half.

Alexa Moreno FX: Double double!!! Double layout! Damn! Arabian double front, stumbled it back and rolled out of it. Hit the double pike.

9:40 pm. Yeo Seo-jeong FX: Double layout, excellent. Hit the second pass and then a double tuck.

Lisa Vaelen BB: She had a fall, I missed where.

9:39 pm. Jutta Verkest BB: Great wolf turns. Hit routine, clean dismount.

Lee Yun-seo FX: Clean routine, really like some of her choreo moments.

9:38 pm. Nina Derwael BB: Wasn’t typing but it was a pretty perfect set, I don’t think she could have wanted much better! Everything so clean and tight.

Elisabeth Seitz VT: DTY!

9:27 pm. Alexa Moreno BB: Great punch front to split jump. Hit flight series and side somi.

9:23 pm. Nina Derwael UB: Nabieva, hops off after working a stalder. I don’t think I saw her full routine which I assume she did a few minutes ago.

Lee Yun-seo BB: Had a lovely split jump full. 2.5 dismount was clean.

9:22 pm. Kim Bui FX: Double layout, spotted, but solid. Double tuck. 2.5 to punch front.

9:20 pm. Pauline Schäfer FX: Good 2.5 to start! Front full, stuck.

Rebeca Andrade VT: Even better DTY this time! Beautiful.

9:17 pm. Jutta Verkest UB: Hit the beginning, clean van Leeuwen, hit the dismount.

Sarah Voss FX: Hit her opening pass. Good double pike and double full.

Rebeca Andrade VT: Did a Cheng, then a DTY, and both were fantastic! One right after the other.

9:16 pm. Rebeca Andrade VT: Lopez, really clean and solid!

9:15 pm. Elisabeth Seitz FX: Arabian double front, solid. 1.5 through to a good double tuck. Double pike, good.

Flavia Saraiva VT: A little bit weak in her DTY.

Lisa Vaelen UB: Piked Tkachev, Pak is very clean, van Leeuwen, blind full, full-out with a step. She looks great!

9:14 pm. Maellyse Brassart UB: Caught it from the Pak, van Leeuwen with some leg separation, toe front half with a hop.

9:13 pm. Rebeca Andrade VT: Really good DTY just now! Don’t worry, I’m on Cheng watch.

9:06 pm. Really nice bars work from Julie Erichsen as we wrap up the rotation. She’s done for the day!

9:01 pm. Things are winding down…Pauline Schäfer working turns on beam, I missed most of bars as usual, Zsofia Kovacs is throwing HUGE releases right now. Looks very clean overall.

8:57 pm. Elisabeth Seitz BB: Punch front is solid. Came off on something in the middle of her routine.

Mandy Mohamed FX: Love this gorgeous routine. Double attitude turn, whip to double tuck, hit the other passes.

Aneta Holasova UB: Fall on her double layout dismount. 😦 This girl is coming back from a broken fibula and tiba a couple of months ago after hitting her leg on the side of the pit. That plus quarantining after arriving here…I’m glad she at least gets to come to PT!

8:55 pm. Maellyse Brassart VT: Gets the DTY! Lots of power.

Kim Bui BB: Hits the layout mount and the flight series this time.

Hanna Traukova FX: Double pike, low chest and a small hop.

8:54 pm. Flavia Saraiva FX: Whip to full-in, hop. Double tuck, may have been out of something but I only saw the last half. Great on her leaps as always. Hit the third pass. Great switch full. I miss her 2016 music. Layout timer last pass.

Alexa Moreno UB: Saw from the blind full, piked Jaeger, bail to toe shoot, couldn’t make a handstand near the end and hopped off.

Pauline Schäfer VT: Had some trouble with her turns.

8:53 pm. Julie Erichsen UB: Piked Jaeger, van Leeuwen had some leg form, beautiful blind full, high full-in dismount, she’s just back from a torn Achilles so only bars for her here.

8:52 pm. Nina Derwael VT: Yurchenko 1.5 with a hop forward.

8:50 pm. Sarah Voss BB: Solid bhs loso. Aerial to jump to back handspring. Hit the dismount!

Rebeca Andrade FX: Front full through to full-in, hop back. Stepped back on the second pass. Switch full. Double layout, hops back. Switch to tour jeté half. Double pike to finish. Excellent!

Lisa Vaelen VT: Looked like she was trying a handspring front pike 1.5???

8:48 pm. Zeina Ibrahim FX: Hit the first pass, then a front layout last pass.

Good FTYs from the Belgians.

Aneta Holasova is on bars, she’s not in this subdivision but she’s free from quarantine prison and they let her train so she can get podium experience!

8:46 pm. Kim Bui struggling a little on beam, off on her layout mount and also a little weak in the layout stepout series.

Lisa Vaelen working her handspring front pike half on vault.

8:43 pm. Yeo Seo-jeong just went for the handspring front double full, a little deep on the landing, but she got it!

8:40 pm. Hanna Traukova BB: Switch leap to split leap to split jump, wobble. Solid bhs loso. Good routine.

8:39 pm. Rebeca Andrade BB: Leap mount, random back handspring, aerial to a straight jump, she’s just marking things, not going full-out. Hit switch to side aerial. Jumps better this time, timer for the dismount.

8:38 pm. Flavia Saraiva BB: Back handspring mount, layout series, full turn, all good. Clean leap series, solid bhs loso loso, switch ring, slight check, good on the front aerial to jump to back handspring series again, side aerial I think after that, just does a timer dismount this time.

8:37 pm. Elisabeth Seitz UB: Downie to Pak again, van Leeuwen, toe full MUCH tighter this time, right into the dismount.

8:36 pm. Yeo Seo-jeong VT: Another big handspring rudi!

Mandy Mohamed BB: Off on her flight series this time. Hit the side somi. Wobbled on the side aerial. Gainer tuck dismount.

Caught a little of Kim Bui’s most recent bars set, good dismount.

8:34 pm. Zeina Ibrahim BB: Switch leap to wolf jump, check. Side aerial loso, little bobble. Side somi. Front aerial.

Alexa Moreno VT: Stumbled back out of the tsuk double full.

8:33 pm. Alexa Moreno VT: Huge rudi! Hop back.

Hanna Traukova BB: I missed a lot of this but she was on most of the time I was looking.

8:30 pm. Rebeca Andrade BB: Switch ring, stumbled out of it. Wobbled on a jump series as well. Stuck the double pike.

Elisabeth Seitz UB: Maloney to Tkachev, piked Jaeger, legs looked a little iffy, Downie to Pak, really straight and clean, van Leeuwen, toe full, hips were bent at one point, full-in with a hop. Mostly good!

8:27 pm. Flavia Saraiva BB: Layout series, some leg separation. A little wobbly on another acro series. Front aerial to jump to back handspring was solid.

Pauline Schäfer UB: Clear hip to huge Jaeger!

Lisa Vaelen FX: Great arabian double front. I think a full-in after that, strong. Hit her third pass. Switch half.

Lee Yun-seo VT: Clean FTY.

8:25 pm. Mandy Mohamed BB: Bhs loso out of a tick tock was good. A little iffy on an aerial, break at the hips. Hit the gainer dismount.

Nina Derwael FX: Stumbled out of her Y turn. Double tuck with a step back. 1.5 to front full with a hop. Clean leap series.

Sarah Voss UB: Just saw her back tuck from handstand dismount, good.

Zsofia Kovacs VT: Solid DTY!

8:24 pm. Jutta Verkest FX: Double pike with a hop back. Double tuck also steps back a bit, OOB. Switch ring to tour jeté half. Front layout full with a hop forward.

I think Alexa Moreno did a rudi almost immediately? Could’ve been just a half, I wasn’t paying super close attention. FTY from Zsofia Kovacs.

8:23 pm. Zeina Ibrahim BB: Good on her wolf turns. The rest was clean!

Yeo Seo-jeong warming up handspring timers on vault.

8:22 pm. Maellyse Brassart FX: Full-in to start, I think piked, but it was kind of ambiguous, almost laid out at one point? Double pike with a lunge back. Front full is good. Clean double tuck, step back.

8:20 pm. Podium training starting for Germany, Belgium, and two mixed groups! Germany in gorgeous unitards.

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