2020 Olympic Games | Men’s Subdivision 3 Qualifications Live Blog

Welcome to the live blog for subdivision three of men’s qualifications at the 2020 Olympic Games, held in Tokyo, Japan!

Please refresh your browser every few minutes to see the most recent updates, which will appear at the top of the page.

9:43 pm. All-Around Standings

1. Hashimoto Daiki JPN 88.531
2. Nikita Nagornyy RUS 87.897
3. Xiao Ruoteng CHN 87.732
4. Sun Wei CHN 87.298
5. Joe Fraser GBR 86.298
6. Artur Dalaloyan RUS 85.957
7. Kitazono Takeru JPN 85.948
8. Ahmet Önder TUR 85.665

9:41 pm. Sofus Heggemsnes NOR SR: Saltos through to pike hold, double double dismount with a hop back.

9:40 pm. Ferhat Arican TUR PH: A little messy in his leg and hip form throughout but a hit routine.

9:35 pm. Samir Aït Saïd FRA SR: Planche to invert hang to maltese, invert hang swings through to handstand, saltos up to maltese, to iron cross, planche, handstand, full-twisting double layout stuck. I didin’t see his very first skill so I don’t know if he did the upgrade, the uprise out of the planche. He must have!

Double front with a small hop, front full to rudi, 2.t to barani

Andreas Toba GER HB: Beautiful routine, huge dismount, the German guys are going crazy!

9:34 pm. Lee Jun-ho KOR PB: Hit routine, step back on the dismount.

9:32 pm. Adem Asil TUR PH: Oh hey I missed this. GREAT.

Tang Chia-Hung TPE FX: Front double full second pass was strong, 2.5 to barani, 1.5 to front tuck full, hit the dismount.

Lukas Dauser GER HB: Kovacs, Tkachev, Rybalko, one-arm front pirouette, hit the dismount, good set!

9:31 pm. Sam Mikulak USA VT: Kaz 1.5, with a small hop forward. Good! He’ll make the all-around final for sure.

9:29 pm. Yul Moldauer USA VT: Kaz 1.5 with a hop forward.

Lee Chih-Kai TPE FX: Hit his first two passes, then a 2.5, flairs, triple full to finish, good routine!

Brody Malone USA VT: Kaz 1.5 stuck on his toes!

Nils Dunkel GER HB: Really good set, small step on the dismount.

9:28 pm. Philipp Herder GER HB: Hit routine from what I saw, small hop on the dismount.

Ludovico Edalli ITA PH: Good routine, pressed up into the dismount but is very happy with that overall.

9:27 pm. Shane Wiskus USA VT: Sat his kaz 1.5, bummer.

9:24 pm. Still no scores, so no rankings for you again. Again…LOVE THAT FOR US.

9:21 pm. Scoring system still down in the arena, love that for the Olympics! Waiting to see if Shin got into the final, but pretty sure he did. OOP, just updated, and yes…he’s LEADING it!

9:16 pm. Cyril Tommasone FRA PH: A little stiff in his early transitions as he goes up and down to handstand and scissors, came off in the middle of the routine. Close to the end actually.

Shin Jea-hwan KOR VT: Hit his kaz 2.5 and handspring randi with a hop back.

9:14 pm. Sam Mikulak USA SR: Hit routine.

Lukas Dauser GER PB: Excellent set, and he’s freaking out!

Ahmet Önder TUR FX: We’re losing power and internet in the arena naturally so I haven’t been typing as much but this was a fully hit routine, just slightly short on his triple at the end.

9:12 pm. Yang Hak-seon KOR VT: Sat his second vault, kaz 2.5.

9:10 pm. Adem Asil TUR VT: Hit his first few passes, I wasn’t typing and of course don’t remember, second pass stumbled OOB though, started typing at the double double, arabian double front side pass, hit the last pass.

Yang Hak-seon KOR VT: Handspring randi, good! Smal hop back.

9:08 pm. Lee Jun-ho KOR VT: I think he had a kaz double for his first, and then he nailed a Shewfelt for his second! Korea is a vault MACHINE.

Brody Malone USA SR: Wasn’t paying super close attention here but it was a hit routine.

9:07 pm. Carlos Yulo PHI FX: Dobule double layout to his hands and knees, then short on the piked double front half. Also shor ton the pas after that, and wild out of his 3.5 to barani. Stuck double full. Hit the next pass. He just looks so rushed on everything. Nerves. Triple full short with a step back.

9:05 pm. Kim Han-sol KOR VT: I didn’t see what he did but he hit with a small hop back. Kaz 1.5 stuck for his second vault!

Sofus Heggemsnes NOR PH: Hit routine!

9:03 pm. Ludovico Edalli ITA FX: Hit his first two passes then a 1.5 to front full. 2.5 at the end was clean.

Ryu Sung-hyun KOR VT: Big kaz double!

Shiao Yu-Jan TPE HB: Had a good routine going until he dropped his dismount to his hands.

9:00 pm. They’re not showing the all-around standings after four rotations for some reason but I bet Hashimoto Daiki is in first hahaha.

8:55 pm. Alec Yoder USA PH: Handstand to scissors smooth, one-arm spin, Russians between the handles, got the quick circles that were giving him trouble yesterday, travels well and nails the ending. BEAUTIFUL, and I don’t think the guys have been happier for ANY OTHER ROUTINE.

8:54 pm. Hung Yuan-Hsi TPE PB: Front pike to handstand, dropped down out of it, oof, I think Yulo did something similar, didn’t hold a handstand after that at all, Bhavsar, Tippelt, hit the dismount.

8:51 pm. Loris Frasca FRA FX: Hit his frist pass, wild hop back on the double front half, 2.5 to front full stuck, short on something after that, triple full with a little step to the side.

Ahmet Önder TUR HB: Caught his first few releases, a couple of Tkachevs in there, hop full, stuck the double double layout COLD!

Sam Mikulak USA PH: Really strong routine! Slightest hesitation going into the dismount.

8:50 pm. Ivan Tikhonov AZE FX: Had a strong double layout, hit the next couple of passes. Good 2.5 to barani. Solid on the last pass.

Brody Malone USA PH: Nice solid set!

Lee Chih-Kai TPE PB: Really clean routine from what I could see!

Carlos Yulo PHI HB: Hit routine, good dismount. Had a beautiful Kovacs.

8:49 pm. Kim Han-sol KOR SR: Saltos through to iron cross, iffy transition there, weird arms into the cross. Hit the rest!

Ludovico Edalli ITA HB: Hit routine, but I obviously forgot literally everything he did.

8:48 pm. Andreas Toba GER VT: Deep landing and big step forward on his kaz 1.5.

8:46 pm. Robert Tvorogal LTU FX: Piked double front to start was clean. Clean double full side pass. 2.5 at the end.

Ludovico Edalli ITA HB: Hit routine, had a hop full and full-twisting double layout with a step.

Shane Wiskus USA PH: Legs came apart right before the handstand into the dismount but otherwise this was a solid set.

8:45 pm. Philipp Herder GER VT: Stuck the heck out of a handspring double front!

Lee Jun-ho KOR SR: Hit routine, no problems with it.

8:44 pm. Lukas Dauser GER VT: Kaz full, SO close to the table.

8:43 pm. Adem Asil TUR HB: Tak half, okay, I stopped typing there but the rest was great, full-twisting double layout dismount.

Yul Moldauer USA PH: Scissors could have been a little cleaner but transitions well out of them, nice flairs and traveling in flairs and doing everything in flairs. Amazing there. Hit routine.

8:41 pm. Rotation 3 Standings

1. Hashimoto Daiki JPN 45.033
2. Artur Dalaloyan RUS 44.391
3. Xiao Ruoteng CHN 44.366
4. Kitazono Takeru JPN 43.999
— Nikita Nagornyy RUS 43.999
6. Adem Asil TUR 43.991
7. Sun Wei CHN 43.899
— Ahmet Önder 43.899

8:36 pm. Ahmet Önder TUR PB: Hit routine, clean throughout, double front half was stuck I think.

8:34 pm. Ivan Tikhonov AZE HB: Hit what I saw, good double double layout dismount.

8:31 pm. Sam Mikulak USA FX: Randi with a bounce back, looked OOB with one foot. 2.5 to double front came in really low but he hits it. Jogs into his piked double front, low landing there but not bad. Flairs, front double full to front full, triple full a bit short with a hop to the side.

Carlos Yulo PHI PB: He’s gotten so good on this event, super clean routine from what I saw!

8:28 pm. Brody Malone USA FX: Piked double front, 2.5 to barani, iffy landing there. Hit a couple of passes after that. Double full. Good triple full to finish.

Robert Tvorogal LTU HB: Missed the second Tkachev in his connections. GOODBYE. Hit the rest.

8:27 pm. Ferhat Arican TUR PB: Really exact with one of his early pirouettes, held a handstnad forever before a single rail transition, Ono out of it to handstand was good, low double front half-out with a big step forward. Good but not his best. Will still score well!

Sofus Heggemsnes NOR HB: Layout Tkachev, straddle Tkachev, Rybalko, hit the dismount, and then his signature bow, bless his heart and soul.

Andreas Toba GER SR: Straddle planche, to invert hang, okay, I tried on this one but that’s all I saw.

8:26 pm. Shane Wiskus USA FX: Piked double front, small hop. Stuck the double front half-out. Double double, small hop. I think a front double full to barani and then a 2.5 to punch front after that IIRC. EXCELLENT triple full to finish.

8:25 pm. Lee Jun-ho KOR PB: Hit routine!

Rasuljon Abdurakhimov UZB HB: Hit routine, I saw a good straddle Tkachev.

Tang Chia-Hung TPE VT: Kaz 1.5, almost stuck.

8:24 pm. Adem Asil TUR PB: Great routine, arched out of an Ono, but had some good salto work and handstands for the most part, muscled his Tippelt, hop forward on the dismount.

Lee Chih-Kai TPE VT: Kaz 1.5 with a step forward.

8:23 pm. Shiao Yu-Jan TPE VT: Kaz 1.5 I think, hit well.

8:19 pm. Yul Moldauer USA FX: Great randi to start. Hit the double front half right after. Front double full to front full, stuck. Flairs, awesome as always. 2.5 to barani. Double full, stuck the triple full with his chest at his knees.

Ryu Sung-hyun KOR PB: Hit routine!

Philipp Herder GER SR: Had to really muscle the crap out of one handstand but hit routine otherwise.

Hung Yuan-Hsi TPE VT: Kaz full, good landing.

Loris Frasca FRA HB: Yamawaki, stalder, front giant work good, full-twisting double layout with a step back.

8:17 pm. Rotation 2 Standings

1. Hashimoto Daiki JPN 30.333
2. Xiao Ruoteng CHN 30.100
3. Adem Asil TUR 29.900
4. Sun Wei CHN 29.899
5. Denis Ablyazin RUS 29.700
6. Milad Karimi KAZ 29.532
7. Lin Chaopan CHN 29.399
8. Kitazono Takeru JPN 29.333

8:13 pm. Ivan Tikhonov AZE PB: Front pike up to handstand, legs came apart on a turn and he came off.

Tang Chia-Hung TPE SR: Hit routine!

8:11 pm. Robert Tvorogal LTU PB: A little short on one of his first transitions, calms down after that, Tippelt, good double front dismount.

8:10 pm. Carlos Yulo VT: Really strong Dragulescu, he flips so fast, big step back. I think that was his second vault. I didn’t see his first.

8:09 pm. Sam Mikulak USA HB: Layout Tkachev, straddle to straddle half, messy legs and circles around to fix his swing, big error, hop full, bent his legs a bit, stalder, double double layout almost to his knees, big hop forward. Well.

Am missing like, all of the Germans and Taiwanese this rotation.

8:05 pm. Brody Malone USA HB: Kolman, layout Tkachev, layout Tkachev to mixed grip, tak full was late and messy, tak half, hit the dismount.

Ryu Sung-hyun KOR FX: I missed his first pass,I think it was a full-in half-out double front, front full to front triple full, amazing, piked double front half out. Double double. Hit the pass after that. Stuck double full. 3.5 to finish. INSANE!

8:03 pm. Loris Frasca FRA PB: Tried to catch this but missed it.

Andreas Toba GER PH: Hit routine.

Yul Moldauer USA HB: I saw his straddle Tkachev, good on his front swings, hit the dismount.

Kim Han-sol KOR FX: Piked double front half-out, then does it tucked, randi landed OOB. Hit the pass after that and the last pass.

Adem Asil TUR VT: I think a piked Dragulescu for his first, the landing looked great! Second was a tsuk double pike with a step back.

8:02 pm. Ahmet Önder TUR VT: Second vault was a Dragulescu, not bad! A little low.

8:00 pm. Lee Jun-ho KOR FX: Piked double front with a hop forward. Step back on the double double. Stepped back OOB on his last pass.

Ahmet Önder TUR VT: Step forward on I think a kaz 1.5.

Shane Wiskus USA HB: Caught his first release, Cassina I think, then a Kovacs, one-arm pirouette, stalder, hop on the double double layout.

7:56 pm. Rotation 1 Standings

1. Sam Mikulak USA 15.433
2. Hashimoto Daiki JPN 15.300
3. Lee Chih Kai TPE 15.266
4. Tanigawa Wataru JPN 15.241
5. Kaya Kazuma JPN 15.100
6. Kitazono Takeru 14.900
7. Denis Ablyazin RUS 14.800
— Adem Asil TUR 14.800

7:52 pm. Carlos Yulo PHI SR: Invert hang, maltese, invert hang, maltese, iron cross, invert hang, he loves being upside down, handstand, dobule pike to double tuck to iron cross, little head nod, hips really high on his straddle planche but he brings them down, muscles the last handstand before the giants, awesome double double, great landing.

7:49 pm. Marco Lodadio ITA SR: Inverted cross through to maltese, great, maltese after that is a little muscled, saltos through to iron cross, got wobbly on his planche but fixed it quickly, through to iron cross, first handstand is pretty good, two steps back on the dismount. Not what he needed I don’t think…

7:45 pm. Ludovico Edalli ITA SR: Good routine.

Ivan Tikhonov AZE VT: I think he did a tsuk double back, which looked EXCELLENT in podium training, but he sat it here. Devastated for him. Doesn’t bother doing a second.

7:43 pm. Sam Mikulak USA PB: Arched over and walked his hands a tiny bit in a pirouette, but otherwise great, tuck half salto through to a straddle salto, that connection looked pretty excellent, Bhavsar, stuck the dismount.

Ibrahim Colak TUR SR: Saltos through to maltese, super straight body line here, down to iron cross, got really shaky on a handstand for a second but settled down, piked double front with a hop back.

7:41 pm. Adem Asil TUR SR: Iron cross, planche, muscled in a handstand, double double layout dismount, excellent landing!

Lukas Dauser GER FX: Hit the beginning, I started typing at the 1.5 to rudi. Triple full, good landing.

Lee Chih-Kai TPE PH: Excellent routine! Beautiful throughout.

Brody Malone USA PB: Hit routine from what I saw. Good piked double back dismount.

7:39 pm. Lee Jun-ho KOR HB: Wild legs on the Cassina, hop full, hit the rest.

Shiao Yu-Jan TPE PH: Had a fall, really dramatic onto his back.

Andreas Toba GER FX: Hit everything but the legs on the triple full at the end were wild.

Robert Tvorogal LTU VT: Hit a really nice kaz full! Deep landing on the double front after.

7:38 pm. Rasuljon Abdurakhimov UZB VT: Handspring double front, deep landing.

Shane Wiskus USA PB: Big straddle salto, Bhavsar, Tippelt, all pretty clean. Double front with a step.

7:36 pm. Loris Frasca FRA VT: Looked like his fingertips touched the mat on his double front half-out.

Tang Chia-Hung TPE PH: Hit routine!

Nils Dunkel GER FX: Double front, front layout to rudi, 1.5 to front full, 2.5 with a big hop forward to finish.

Kim Han-sol KOR HB: Caught one release, then a straddle Tkachev, stalder half, Endo, full-twisting double layout stuck.

7:35 pm. Yul Moldauer USA PB. Looked like he hit his foot on the bars, and then fell out of a handstand. LORD. Stuck the double front half.

Ahmet Önder TUR SR: Hit routine, stuck the dismount.

7:33 pm. Hung Yuan-Hsi TPE PH: I missed this.

Philip Herder GER FX: Hop forward on the piked double front. 2.5 to front layout. Hit the rest!

Ryu Sung-hyun KOR HB: Stalder 1.5 done so fast! nearly stuck the dismount.

Loris Frasca FRA VT: Kaz double full, step to the side off the mat.

7:30 pm. Athletes are just starting the touch warmup!

6 thoughts on “2020 Olympic Games | Men’s Subdivision 3 Qualifications Live Blog

  1. Where are you seeing all the US routines? I watched the replay on NBCSN. The one labeled USA tracker was an international feed and the one labeled main had US commentators. They still only showed maybe 2 US routines per rotation.


    • Lauren is THERE!

      I was streaming this morning and had the same experience as you. It’s weird NBC’s feeds are the same (when the USA tracker is supposed to show US routines). Also, annoying that they split-screened with swimming several times. But I mostly watched the “tracker” (international since it has UK commentators?), except during those split-screen times, when the voiceover was from swimming. I kept both up (just muted one); if I closed/reopened the “main” one, or even just refreshed it, it took a long time to actually show anything. (Another oddity.)

      I hope the apparatus version (showing all four) works tonight. . . .


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