2020 Olympic Games | Men’s Team Final Live Blog

Welcome to the live blog for men’s team finals at the 2020 Olympic Games, held in Tokyo, Japan!

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9:49 pm. Team Final Results

1. Russia 262.500
2. Japan 262.397
3. China 261.894
4. Great Britain 255.760
5. United States 254.594
6. Switzerland 250.927
7. Ukraine 246.394
8. Germany 238.495

9:47 pm. Nikita Nagornyy gets a 14.666 to take the Russians 0.103 ahead of Japan to win the first team gold since 1996, the first time they competed as Russia!

9:41 pm. Nikita Nagornyy RUS FX: Piked double front half stuck! Front double full to double front, EEEE! 2.5 to barani to…double full?!, that was weird? Double double stuck. Triple full side pass WHAT IS HE DOING!!!!!! Stuck the dismount, a full-in. WOW.

9:38 pm. Hashimoto Daiki JPN HB: Tak half, Cassina, arms are crazy on the catch, Kolman is better, layout Tkachev to straddle Tkachev to mixed grip, good, tak full, a little late, Yamawaki, stalder hop full, double double layout, STUCK!!!!!!! BRILLIANT, he is a STAR!

9:36 pm. Sam Mikulak USA FX: Small hop back on the randi, 2.5 to double front really low but stands it up. Nice piked double front. Punched out of the next pass and like, almost landed on his HEAD dear lord, ended up tucking to his back. Triple full with a hop over to the side. 12.133

9:34 pm. Lin Chaopan CHN HB: Hit the first release, then a Kolman, layout Tkachev, good, layout Tkachev to mixed grip, tak full super late, finishes almost under the bar, Endo full is better but still at horizontal, Endo to tak half, bent his legs on the double double dismount, big step back. 14.133

Eddy Yusof SUI SR: Hit routine! 13.666

9:32 pm. Max Whitlock GBR PH: Some hip and foot flex at the beginning but gets a difficult early skill and the guys all clap. Handstand pirouettes down to flairs, then travels in flairs, very nice there. Loses his hip form a LOT in his circles after. Had a weird arm thing going into his dismount as well, like, they crossed over awkwardly. 14.966

Artur Dalaloyan RUS FX: Pike ddouble front. Hop forward on the second pass, a randi I think. OOB on his third pass. Double full clean and stuck. Good 1.5 to rudi. Step back on the triple full. Well, he survived and he’s thanking the sweet lord. 14.066

9:31 pm. Igor Radivilov UKR SR: Didn’t see much of this, but it was hit, small hop on the dismount. 14.633

9:28 pm. Shane Wiskus USA FX: Piked double front, clean, hop forward. Stuck the double front half! Double double, small hop back. Front double full to front full. 2.5 goes way low and long, still gets the barani out of it, stuck the triple full. 13.466

Kitazono Takeru JPN HB: Yamawaki to Endo, Cassina, some leg form, Kolman, German giants, stalder, small hop on the dismount, great! 14.500

Andreas Toba GER PH: hit routine! He’s happy with that. 13.400

9:25 pm. Xiao Ruoteng CHN HB: Layout Tkachev, layout Tkachev to mixed grip, German giants, short on the handstand out of them, straddle Tkachev to mixed grip, tak full, a little iffy in how he finished it, Yamawaki to Endo to front giant half, double double layout, deep landing, chest down, hop forward. 14.333

Christian Baumann SUI SR: Hit routine. 13.166

James Hall GBR PH: Hit routine. 14.000

9:23 pm. Denis Ablyazin RUS FX: Small hop on the full-twisting double layout, 2.5 to front double full I think, front layout to double front with a small hop, front full to randi bounced back OOB. UGH. Double full, small hop. Triple full with a hop back. 13.900

Petro Pakhniuk UKR SR: Straddle planche, pressed to handstand, sat the piked double front dismount. 12.533

Lukas Dauser GER PH: Came off in the middle of his set. 12.100

9:22 pm. Kaya Kazuma JPN HB: Yamawaki half, tak full, a little crooked, tak half, layout Tkachev, straddle Tkachev, straddle Tkachev to mixed, Yamawaki, German giants doesn’t make it to handstand before the stalder, double double with a big squatted hop back. Uh oh… 14.200

9:21 pm. Pablo Brägger SUI SR: High hips on his straddle planche, to pike hold pressed to handstand, clean handstand before the saltos to handstand, double double with a step back. 13.433

Joe Fraser GBR PH: Really nice hit routine! 14.666

9:20 pm. Yul Moldauer USA FX: Randi, small hop back,  huge arabian double front half-out, stuck! Front double full to front full stuck as well. Hit the pass after his flairs then a double full. Triple full, two of the tiniest steps. 14.366

9:18 pm. Sun Wei CHN HB: Caught the first release, tak full, a little iffy in his body shape, layout Tkachev to mixed grip, legs apart, Endo half I think is crooked, arched his body on the giant into the Yamawaki, this is not clean AT ALL, small hop on the double double layout. 14.200

Yevgen Yudenkov UKR SR: Hit routine, double double dismount good. 13.700

Nils Dunkel GER PH: Hit routine. 13.700

9:17 pm. Okay, here we go. One rotation to go. Russia can do so much on floor but will also give me a heart attack in the process. China can’t do as much on high bar but they’ll at least live. And Japan can also do a lot here to improve, so…HOLD ME.

9:15 pm. China makes up SO MUCH on p-bars compared to Russia on high bar to now trail the Russians by just over half a point, 219.868 to 219.228.

Japan third with 218.597, they had two great p-bars sets but Tanigawa wasn’t at 100% in his routine with that big handstand mistake and the dismount.

9:09 pm. Zou Jingyuan CHN PB: Early pirouettes are brilliant, arched over a half and walked it, oof, straddle salto, Bhavsar, messed a handstand after that, LORD, like, fell out of it completely, stuck the dismount. Yikes. 15.466, I love that this is a YIKES score for him.

9:07 pm. Sam Mikulak USA HB: Caught his first release, I didn’t see what it was, I assume a Cassina or something, layout Tkachev, straddle Tkachev to straddle Tkachev to mixed grip, one-arm front pirouette, a little muscled out of it but nothing bad, hop full a little late, stalder to nice handstand, double double layout, tiny hop back. 14.566

9:06 pm. Andreas Toba GER FX: Sat the double front, that’s three falls for Germany on floor. Hit the next pass then the 2.5 to barani and 1.5 to front full side pass. 11.466

Tanigawa Wataru JPN PB: Front pike up to handstand, Ono out of it to a great handstand as well, WAY short on the handstand out of a half pirouette, and walked a little on a transition. Tippelt, Bhavsar, straddle salto, big step back on the double front dismount. 14.666

9:05 pm. David Belyavskiy RUS HB: Layout Tkachev, straddle Tkachev to mixed grip, Yamawaki, German giants, almost finishes in handstand! Stuck the full-twisting double layout. 14.166

9:03 pm. Xiao Ruoteng CHN PB: Caught a few saltos, a little jerky in the press on his Tippelt but I think that’s my only complaint in this routine, stuck the double front half dismount! 14.933

Illia Kovtun UKR PH: Pretty solid at the start, started to lose his rhythm and hip form a tiny bit at the end, but overall this was a nice win for him. 14.200

9:02 pm. Giarnni Regini-Moran GBR FX: Double double layout, step back. Double double with a hop back. Piked double front half, small bounce. Piked double front, small hop. Clean front double full to barani. Hit the side pass. Double full. Triple full, a little short, small step forward. 14.533

8:59 pm. Lukas Dauser GER FX: 2.5 to front tuck, came short into the punch and sat it. Hit the passes immediately before and after it. Short on the double full. Short triple full, step back. 11.500

Brody Malone USA HB: Huge Cassina, Kolman also good, mayb ea little crooked, layout Tkachev to straddle Tkachev to mixed grip, layout Tkachev to mixed grip, pauses a second before his tak half, stalder, hop full, step back on his dismount. 14.633

Kitazono Takeru JPN PB: Wasn’t typing but hit everything I saw. 15.000

Pablo Brägger SUI PH: Hit routine. 13.400

8:58 pm. Sun Wei CHN PB: Wasn’t typing during this but didn’t see anything particularly bad, just a big hop forward on the dismount. 14.800

Petro Pakhniuk UKR PH: Looked good at the start, Rusisans into his traveling, legs came apart and he came off. 12.266

8:57 pm. Artur Dalaloyan RUS HB: I missed the very beginning, caught it from the Kovacs, so nice in the air, Tkachev to mixed grip, tak half, layout Tkachev, came up short on a handstnad before a tak but good fight, Yamawaki, stalder, full-twisting double layout dismount stuck with his chest forward. 13.933

8:56 pm. Joe Fraser GBR FX: Double front half with a bounce back, 2.5 to rudi, good double double, hit the next pass, 1.5 to barani I think, then a double full side pass stuck. Hit the last pass. 13.866

8:55 pm. Benjamin Gischard SUI PH: Muscled throughout his pirouette handstand and came out of it awkwardly, the rest was fine, just little things throughout. 13.866

8:54 pm. Kaya Kazuma JPN PB: Arched over one pirouette handstand near the beginning, good on the straddle salto and Bhavsar and Tippelt, rest was good, nailed the dismount! 15.000

Shane Wiskus USA HB: Cassina, Kolman, Kovacs, legs a little funky, one-arm pirouette, one-arm giant, stuck the dismount! 14.000

8:52 pm. Philipp Herder GER FX: Piked double front with a small hop. Wobbled on the second pass, step OOB. 1.5 to front full, sat it, LORD. Double full, short triple full with some crossed ankles to finish. 11.866

Yevgen Yudenkov UKR PH: Muscled the first handstand before his scissors, but the rest was fine. I think exactly one person in this entire arena clapped for that which was hilarious. 13.533

8:51 pm. Nikita Nagornyy RUS HB: Yamawaki, layout Tkachev, layout Tkachev to mixed grip, tak full almost right in vertical, tak half, tiny ankle separation on both of those, straddle Tkachev connected to the straddle Tkachev in mixed grip, no problem going to handstand out of it, double double layout with a small step back, fab! 14.366

8:49 pm. James Hall GBR FX: Piked double front, good! Small hop on the double double. Front double full to barani. Small hop on the double full. Good 2.5 to front layout, pretty clean. Circles to split to Japanese press handstand. Hit the triple full! 14.033

Eddy Yusof SUI PH: Slow and steady in his work at the start, stays calm throughout the whole set, just muscles into the dismount. 13.833

8:45 pm. Russia extends its lead to nearly 3.5 points after three excellent p-bars sets, including a 15.333 thanks to Belyavskiy’s GORGEOUS routine.

China moves into second 0.098 ahead of of Japan, just a short handspring randi from Kitazono holding Japan’s otherwise FAB rotation back.

8:40 pm. Artur Dalaloyan RUS PB: I wasn’t typing but he had some absolutely gorgeous work, Tippelt was lovely, right at the end of the bars, really fluid in the transitions I saw, hop back on the double front half-out. 14.600

Joe Fraser GBR HB: Pegan, caught another release after that I think?, then a Cassina, Kolman, he’s killing it! was a little iffy in one of his pirouettes, step back on the full-twisting double layout dismount. 14.333

8:39 pm. Pablo Brägger SUI FX: Randi to start, nice. Double double, hop back. 1.5 to front double full, hop back. Hit the side pass. 2.5 to front full, stuck with a tiny adjustment to hold it, triple full with a little hop back. 14.233

8:37 pm. Sam Mikulak USA PB: Bent his knees when he caught the straddle salto, Bhavsar, basket up to handstand, Tippelt smooth, arched over and walked a pirouette, dobule front half-out, deep with a hop back. Ugh. But the judges loved it? 15.000! Okay then!

Andreas Toba GER HB: I saw a ton of pirouettes and circles, hit routine, double double layout with a step back. 12.366

8:36 pm. Illia Kovtun UKR FX: 3.5 to barani, 2.5 to front full with a hop forward. Hit the next pass then an arabian double front half-out. Clean double full side pass. Great triple full to finish. That was fantastic! 13.800

8:34 pm. James Hall GBR HB: I saw him catch two releases, then a Yamawaki, tak full, tak half, good stalders, stuck the dismount with a little wiggle. 14.200

David Belyavskiy RUS PB: Tippelt, Bhavsar, press handstand on the single rail was lovely, transitioned perfectly back to both, and a double front half-out stuck, that was gorgeous. 15.333!

8:33 pm. Benjamin Gischard SUI FX: Hit the first pass then the double front half, double double with a hop back, front double full to barani, 2.5 to front full, hop forward, clean double full, triple full deep with a step forward. 14.000

8:32 pm. Lukas Dauser GER HB: Kovacs, rest was mostly pirouettes and circles, stuck the full-twisting double layout dismount. 13.600

Yul Moldauer USA PB: Caught his straddle salto and tuck half salto, lovely swing on a pirouette, the rest was good! 14.566

Hashimoto Daiki JPN VT: Kaz double full I think? I only really saw the landing, it was good! 14.833

8:30 pm. Petro Pakhniuk UKR FX: Front full to front double full with a hop forward OOB. 2.5 to barani. Double front I think as a side pass. 1.5 to rudi. Hit the last pass. 13.466

Xiao Ruoteng CHN VT: Kaz double with a step back. Beautiful in the air though! 14.733

8:29 pm. Max Whitlock GBR HB: I missed the beginning, didn’t see any releases from him, had some pretty stalder work, and a baby hop on the dismount. 13.366

Nikita Nagornyy RUS PB: Saw bits and pieces, pretty great throughout, stuck the dismount! 15.166

8:28 pm. Tanigawa Wataru JPN VT: Handspring double front pike half, NAILED IT!!!!!! 15.233

8:27 pm. Eddy Yusof SUI FX: Double double, 2.5 to barani, hit the pass after that, the rest was good, small hop on the last pass. 13.833

Sun Wei CHN VT: Kaz double, HUUUUGE air, a little low on the landing with a hop. 14.866

Shane Wiskus USA PB: Saw most of this, had a nice Bhavsar and Tippelt, good dismount. 14.700!

8:26 pm. Nils Dunkel GER HB: Huge tkachev, some leg form brefore he caught, Endo full to L grip, one-arm front pirouette, Endo to Endo half, step back on the dismount. 13.033

8:25 pm. Kitazono Takeru JPN VT: Handspring randi, comes up really short, takes a couple of small steps. 14.166

8:24 pm. Yevgen Yudenkov UKR FX: Hit the first pass, then a front double full to barani, 2.5 to front full, tucked full-in, all good. Hit the pass before his final pass and then the triple full with a little hop. 13.966

Lin Chaopan CHN VT: Kaz double full, leg form is a mess and he’s low but he screams in ecstasy when he hits. 14.733

8:19 pm. After a BRILLIANT vault rotation, the Russians move almost three points ahead of the rest of the field with a 132.304. Japan loses steam on rings and now only has a 0.002 lead ahead of China, 129.699 to 129.697.

8:16 pm. Philipp Herder GER PB: Straddle salto, Bhavsar, Tippelt is clean, maybe a little arched in the handstand, arched a pirouette before the double pike but he stuck the dismount. 14.566

8:13 pm. Giarnni Regini-Moran GBR PB: Adjusted after one early pirouette, Bhavsar went well, Tippelt, stuck the double front half dismount! 15.166!

Xiao Ruoteng CHN SR: Maltese to invert hang to maltese to invert hang, tucked saltos to planche, pulls through to an iron cross, nice and fluid on everything so far, double pike through to iron cross, invert pike, a little shaky in a handstand before his taints, double double with a hop forward. 14.366

8:12 pm. Illia Kovtun UKR HB: Layout Tkachev to straddle Tkachev to mixed grip, one-arm front pirouette, Yamawaki, stalder Tkachev, weird bend in his swing, I don’t understand it, stalder Tkachev to mixed grip, tak full, not that late, tak half, hop full, stuck the double double layout. 14.433

8:10 pm. Hashimoto Daiki JPN SR: Caught it from the iron cross. Saltos through to iron cross, hips are SO high on his straddle planche, I can see that even from my angle, good handstands before the double double dismount, stuck! 13.833

Lukas Dauser GER PB: Way arched over a 1.5 pirouette and walked it around, hit the dismount. 15.466

8:09 pm. Pablo Brägger SUI HB: Endo full, Kolman, layout Tkachev to mixed grip, layout Tkachev, straddle Tkachev to mixed grip, tak full is pretty late, tak half, hop full, full-twisting double layout stuck, excellent!!! 13.933

8:07 pm. Sun Wei CHN SR: Looked great at the start, had a couple of nice iron cross transitions, invert pike to saltos to pike hold pressed to handstand, a little shaky on one handstand, then a hop back on the double double dismount. 14.233

Joe Fraser GBR PB: Ugh, Jess was trying to fix our monitor up here and I couldn’t see p-bars at all so I missed this. I blame her. 14.666

Petro Pakhniuk UKR HB: Hit routine! 13.466

8:04 pm. Brody Malone USA VT: Kaz 1.5, looked like he had the stick but took a small step after a second. Not very big off the table. 14.233

Tanigawa Wataru JPN SR: Wasn’t paying close attention to this but it was a hit routine. 14.500

8:03 pm. Nils Dunkel GER PB: Came off early on. Also had a really messy pirouette after. Step on the dismount, a little low there. 12.733

Christian Baumann SUI HB: Yamawaki, layout Tkachev, stalder 1.5, tak half, stalder, stuck the dismount. 13.966

Denis Ablyazin RUS VT: Handspring randi, chest low with a baby step but MY GOD what a vault rotation. 14.866

8:02 pm. Sam Mikulak USA VT: Kaz 1.5, stuck!!! Sticky feet are catching fire. 14.466

Zou Jingyuan CHN SR: I completely missed this with the vault madness right now. And I’m sad about it, his score is killer! 15.000!

7:59 pm. James Hall GBR PB: Basket to handstand came up short, had some good pirouette work after that, but then muscled down a single rail handstand and had to press back up, shocked he got that tbh, front straddle salto to pike sit pressed to handstand. Hit the dismount. 13.100

Artur Dalaloyan RUS VT: STUCK THE HANDSPRING DOUBLE FRONT PIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 14.933!

Yevgen Yudenkov UKR HB: Didn’t see a lot of this, saw he stepped on the dismount. 12.666

7:58 pm. Kaya Kazuma JPN SR: Maltese is a little shaky, iron cross, saltos through to iron cross, straddle planche, arched a handstand, double double layout dismount I think, hop back. 14.100

Yul Moldauer USA VT: Kaz 1.5, hop forward. 14.200

7:57 pm. Nikita Nagornyy RUS VT: Stuck the Dragulescu! KING. 14.966

Eddy Yusof SUI HB: Hit the routine, dismounted with a full-twisting double layout. 13.500

7:54 pm. Russia moves into the lead with an 87.539 after an excellent rings rotation, while both Japan and China each had to count less than ideal pommels routines on top of two good ones. Japan currently second with 87.266, and China third with 86.098.

7:50 pm. Pablo Brägger SUI PB: Tippelt, clean, beautiful pirouette to the single rail and back, front pike to handstand, one-arm pirouette, 1.5 pirouette, a little shaky there, step back on the double front half. 14.833

7:47 pm. Petro Pakhniuk UKR PB: Front salto, pike through to handstand, almost loses it but muscles it up, pirouette to single rail back to both is great, another transition between the rails, front straddle salto, short on a single rail handstand at the end, and a hop back on the dismount. Shame about those two handstand issues, the rest was fantastic. 15.200

7:45 pm. Denis Ablyazin RUS SR: Maltese to invert pike to double tuck to double pike to planche, drops down a little in the position, saves it into the iron cross, legs a little crooked in his last handstand, hop back on the full-twisting double layout dismount. 15.033

Kitazono Takeru JPN PH: Scissors to handstand down to scissors into his circles, goes into flairs quickly and has great extension, hips nice and high, had an iffy handstand going into the dismount. 14.200

7:44 pm. Christian Baumann SUI PB: I didn’t see the beginning of this, but everything I saw near the end looked clean, hopped forward on the dismount. 14.600

7:42 pm. Brody Malone USA SR: Saw a maltese, planche, double saltos through to straddle hold pressed to planche, great, really strong handstand before going right into a stuck double double dismount. 14.100

Xiao Ruoteng CHN PH: Legs came apart and hit the horse at one point, also gets a little stuck coming down from a handstand, but keeps the rhythm going, another moment where his legs come apart, hits the dismount. Ugh. 14.166

7:41 pm. Giarnni Regini-Moran GBR VT: Huge kaz double! 14.666

7:39 pm. Illia Kovtun UKR PB: Saw him walk his hands on something earlier in the routine, arched over and walked a pirouette (1.5 I think), took him a minute to press to a handstand near the end, then arched over his single rail transition and crashed down off the bars. Got back on to hit the dismount. 13.233

Hashimoto Daiki JPN PH: wasn’t paying super close attention but transition into his flair work was great, had a couple jerky moments with his legs at times, but a good routine overall. 14.800

Artur Dalaloyan RUS SR: Front saltos to iron cross, otherwise great, hop back on the dismount, lots of applause for him in the arena. Lots of athletes and coaches here today. 14.666

7:38 pm. Sun Wei CHN PH: Aside from the hip angle at times I have no complaints about this routine, it was super solid and he’s thrilled with himself. 15.000

Andreas Toba GER VT: Kaz 1.5, excellent landing, also looked mostly clean in the air. 14.333

7:37 pm. Yul Moldauer USA SR: Maltese looked pretty sharp from here, through to iron cross, takes a second to get the position on the straddle planche then is arched and shaky in handstand after, stuck the dismount with his chest down. 13.900

Eddy Yusof SUI PB: Arched over a one-arm pirouette, cleaned up really nicely after that, had another beautiful one-arm swing before his dismount, good landing. 14.633

7:36 pm. Joe Fraser GBR VT: Kaz double full. Legs apart on the pre-flight and a bit in the air as well, with bent knees, step back. 14.133

7:34 pm. Nikita Nagornyy RUS SR: Really clean and fluid on the saltos through to iron cross, good straddle planche, great on the dismount. 14.700

Philipp Herder GER VT: Handspring double front with a step back. 14.333

Kaya Kazuma JPN VT: Little things in there but overall VERY good, mostly fluid going in and out of different element types. 14.566

Yevgen Yudenkov UKR PB: Had a couple of swayback handstands and a hop on the double front dismount.

7:32 pm. Zou Jingyuan CHN PH: Brilliant start on pommels for China thanks to Zou! 14.800

Lukas Dauser GER VT: Hit, think he did a kaz full. 13.700

Shane Wiskus USA SR: A hit routine from him as well! 14.166

James Hall GBR VT: Kaz 1.5, step to the side on the landing, a little deep as well. 14.233

7:27 pm. Japan leads the first rotation with a 43.700 after three excellent floor sets, ahead of Russia with a 43.140 thanks to a big hit from Belyavskiy. China counts a fall from Lin and is third with a 42.132.

7:22 pm. Sam Mikulak USA PH: Flairs at the start into his circles with no issue, legs come apart after that and he takes a second to tighten up, and once he does, it’s pretty good! 13.733

Xiao Ruoteng CHN FX: Randi, 3.5 to barani, wild in the air but good landing, small hop on the double double, 2.5 to front double full with a hop forward, flairs, stuck double full, triple full goes short and deep with a hop. 14.600

Really the best rotation for China at all…Sun and Xiao had pretty great sets but also mistakes that are going to hurt more since they’re counting a fall. They needed to be a few tenths higher each.

7:21 pm. Nils Dunkel GER SR: Maltese, saltos through to iron cross, wavered a little there, drops down to an invert pike, handstand looks okay from here, but the next one arches over, I can see that even with a front-on view, full-twisting double layout a little low but stuck. 13.600

7:19 pm. Tanigawa Wataru JPN FX: I think a front double full to rudi to start? Piked double front half-out, some knee form but a good landing. Piked double front, tiny bounce. Hit the side pass, 2.5 to front full, triple full with a small step back to finish. 14.500

David Belyavskiy RUS PH: So precise and quick with his hand movements throughout, doesn’t miss a beat. Goes a bit horizontal into the dismount. 14.841

7:17 pm. Brody Malone USA PH: Wasn’t typing but this was a really solid routine overall. 14.000

Giarnni Regini-Moran GBR SR: Two really nice handstands at the start then salto through to pike hold pressed to handstand, stuck the double double! 13.733

7:15 pm. Sun Wei CHN FX: I missed his first pass but he hit it, double double layout with a hop back, tucked double double with a big hop back, small hop out of the pass that followed, big triple full to finish. 14.366

Andreas Toba GER SR:  through to straddle planche, iron cross, hit the dismount. Good routine. 13.533

Artur Dalaloyan RUS PH: I somehow missed this entirely which seems impossible be cause I am directly in front of pommels. 13.833

7:12 pm. Hashimoto Daiki JPN FX: Triple double, step back OOB, front full to randi with a hop back, 2.5 to front double full with a tiny bounce, 1.5 to rudi stuck, side pass is a clean stuck double full. Stuck triple full. GORGEOUS routine. 14.600

Joe Fraser GBR SR: Didn’t see this too closely but nothing major, step back on the dismount. 14.500

Igor Radivilov UKR VT: Step on the Dragulescu, cowboyed in the air and chest down. 14.600

7:11 pm. Yul Moldauer USA PH: Beginning was nice, fluid into his flairs, everything looked pretty solid, no major mistakes to be upset over. 14.366

Benjamin Gischard SUI VT: Kaz 1.5 with a big step forward off the mat. 14.000

7:09 pm. Philipp Herder GER SR: Maltese, to iron cross, had to really muscle the straddle planche, shook in it too, stuck the double double dismount. 13.200

Lin Chaopan CHN FX: Bounce back on his first pass, 2.5 to front double full had an iffy landing but he stuck the piked double front, front full to randi, crashed to front support, goes into his circles from it HAHAHA. This SUCKS for China, though. Stuck the double full. Triple full short at the end. 13.166

Petro Pakhniuk UKR VT: Kaz 1.5, to his knee, off the mat. 13.233

7:08 pm. Nikita Nagornyy RUS PH: I jumped into this a little late but think he hit everything, no trouble at all going up into the dismount, his usual solid self. 14.466

Eddy Yusof SUI VT: Tsuk double pike with two big steps back. 14.166

7:07 pm. Kitazono Takeru JPN FX: Hit the double front half (pike), then a double double, stuck. Randi with a little hop back. And the pass after that had a good landing. Side pass good. Also hit the last pass but I didn’t see what it was, just that he landed it. 14.600

James Hall GBR SR: Front pike to iron cross was lovely. Saltos to straddle planche, really crooked, into the pike hold pressed to handstand. Step back on the double double. 13.600

Yevgen Yudenkov UKR VT: Kaz full, pretty clean, hop back. 13.666

7:06 pm. Pablo Brägger SUI VT: Nice kaz full to start. 13.833

7:03 pm. Of course, China and Japan will start on floor, and then the U.S. and Russia are on pommels. So far nothing tragic out on the floor but it’s only been three minutes.

7:01 pm. Athletes are being introduced now! So excited for this.

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  1. UGH NBC WHY? The apparatus feed had a view of P Bars even though the fourth event is floor right now. Sigh. Now they’re showing 2 unused apparatuses but are showing floor. Get it together, NBC. . . .

    Yay, Lauren for the live blogging!!!


    • Yes, I realized that right after I typed it, from far away I can’t tell those two apart, and I can’t tell Pablo and Eddy apart…I literally have to look for Pablo’s leg tattoo every time hahaha.


  2. Lauren, thank you so much for bringing the Olympics into my home! Your writing is incredible! And Dalaloyan…..my God–what a warrior! When i see his name, I cringe and hold my breath. I cannot believe this guy, especially that vault! wow!
    anyway, thanks so much!! Your work is truly appreciated and i am sincerely grateful.


    • I’m curious as well, there are no PB specific D penalties that are 0.3, unless he failed to salute, or went over time on warm-up or something silly like that? Never seem that before…


  3. USA hit every routine…except the last by Sam. How many times has Sam choked on the very last routine? Cost them 4th place and I have no clue why they’d ever have him anchor any apparatus with his history.

    That all said, absolutely exciting competition!


  4. I can’t believe how suspenseful that was (and my only coverage was this blog/Twitter). I appreciate this so much, especially the commentary tht is beyond just the skills/breaks.


  5. What a great competition! I couldn’t handle the main feed with Sloan and Jon, and them showing people not in the hunt, so I watched the apparatus feed and got to see what I wanted. I had no idea who was in the lead, as they dont show the standings on the apparatus feed or I missed it. It was fun that way. I thought Japan won it by the way they were celebrating after the final score came up, and Russia seemed more somber so I thought they were just fighting for a medal, but out of the gold. Such a fun competition!

    One thing tho is the e scores are still weird on some routines. Some of the routines were separated by 1 tenth when clearly it should have been much more. Was really strange.


  6. Great, down to the wire competition. I was kind of pulling for Japan, but they really gave it away by not working up to their full abilities on P-bars.

    The US just can’t stop themselves from getting 5th place, can they?


  7. Thanks, Lauren, for the recap. I love these! I’m curious what you thought of the judging?

    I haven’t watched it all back, but it seemed the judges were underscoring Japan on what I have seen. On Floor, the first guy up for Japan nailed it and got an 8.4 execution. Then one of the Chinese floor workers had three tenth hops all over the place and scored 8.3-something in execution and I was like, WHAT?? How could those only be separated by a few hundredths when the Japanese guy was several tenths better in execution? I thought, oh boy, here we go. The judges holding Japan’s scores down so Russia can win. But I could be wrong. Would love to hear your take, Lauren!


  8. I’d never previously listened to a broadcast with John and Bridget commentating. Is it just me, or are they unbelievably negative, unrelentingly negative? Once in a while, they’ll add a tiny positive note amid all the negativity, something like, “Oh, that was bad, bad, that was bad, oh, no, big deduction, bad, bad, ouch, oh, not good, overall that was beautiful gymnastics, but boy those deductions are going to kill him.” Makes it hard for me to enjoy it. I had to turn off the sound. There was so much fantastic gymnastic in this competition, and I wanted that to be the focus.


    • I disagree. I think their commentary is just more relexed. They’re younger than Tim (Nastia plays it safe and doesn’t just call things things…most likely because of the issues w her dad…Elfi called things things…ijs) but I’d muth rather listen to John n Bridget doing US broadcasts.


  9. Am I to assume that the judges ‘missed’ Dalaloyan hitting his foot on the pbars? Tim said it was a .5 deduction, so his 8.4 exec score seems impossible.


    • Nevermind, I heard John n Bridget say that pbars had been scoring high. I missed quals and heard only caught pieces of the NBC broadcast in the background tonight.


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