2020 Olympic Games | Event Finals Day 3 Live Blog

Welcome to the live blog for the third day of event finals at the 2020 Olympic Games, held in Tokyo, Japan!

Please refresh your browser every few minutes to see the most recent updates, which will appear at the top of the page.

7:37 pm. High Bar Final Standings

1. Hashimoto Daiki JPN 15.066
2. Tin Srbic CRO 14.900
3. Nikita Nagornyy RUS 14.533
4. Brody Malone USA 14.200
5. Tyson Bull AUS 12.466
6. Kitazono Takeru JPN 12.333
7. Bart Deurloo NED 12.266
8. Milad Karimi KAZ 11.266

7:33 pm. Bart Deurloo NED HB: Oh god oh god here we go…Cassina, legs come apart in the air, Kolman, leg form is all over the place and he has a fall. Kovacs is very clean, piked Kovacs also good, moves to L grip for some front giants, tak full very late, tak half better, hop full, legs come apart, double double layout with a big stumble forward.

12.266 (5.6, 6.666)

7:29 pm. Hashimoto Daiki JPN HB: Tak half, a little crooked, Cassina, a little wild, Kolman is a little better, layout Tkachev to straddle Tkachev to mixed grip, YES! Tak full is a little rushed but gets control back, Yamawaki, stalder, hop full, a little iffy in his form there, double double layout deep but stuck. Well, it’ll certainly medal! I don’t know if it was the same quality as some of his 15+ routines here but…we shall see?

15.066 (6.5, 8.566)

7:25 pm. Tin Srbic CRO HB: Front giant full pirouette, stalder 1.5, a little rushed there, stalder Tkachev to Tkachev to layout Tkachev to straddle Tkachev to mixed grip, YES! Good layout Tkachev to mixed grip, clean stuck full-twisting double layout dismount, just a little balance check.

14.900 (6.5, 8.400)

7:21 pm. Tyson Bull AUS HB: Tak half, big Kolman, big Cassina, nice and clean, layout Kovacs also strong, stalder, ugh, weird handstand issue as he did a blind change before the Yamawaki, but he corrected so quickly…and then came off trying to uprise on a front giant, lord. Can we redo this final? Had ANOTHER weird moment in a front giant, but corrected, clean dismount with a step forward.

12.466 (5.8, 6.666)

7:16 pm. Kitazono Takeru JPN HB: Yamawaki to Endo, tak half, Cassina is WILD in the air and he has a hard fall on his back. LORD. Gets it the second try. Then a wild Kolman. German giants get “OOOHHHs” from the crowd. Layout Tkachev, straddle Tkachev, another fall. This truly is a high bar final, isn’t it. Stuck the double double layout.

12.333 (6.1, 6.233)

7:13 pm. Brody Malone USA HB: Huge Cassina, huge Kolman, big layout Tkachev connected to the straddle to mixed grip, amazing so far, layout Tkachev to mixed grip, but then can’t get his tak full around, falls out of it and has to regroup in his swing. Hop full, double double layout with a step back.

14.200 (6.5, 7.700)

7:10 pm. Nikita Nagornyy RUS HB: Caught the first release, I didn’t see what it was, Tkachev to Tkachev to mixed grip, slow to rise out of it but gets there, one-arm front pirouette, the tiniest bit crooked, stalder, double double layout stuck. Imagine if Nagornyy gets his one EF medal of the competition on HB hahaha.

14.533 (6.0, 8.533)

7:06 pm. Milad Karimi KAZ HB: Yamawaki, big Cassina, some leg form, Kovacs, fall. UGH. I’m outta here. He was supposed to connect to Kolman. Back on, off on the Kovacs again. Okay I’m really leaving. Doesn’t bother trying again when he gets up for the second time, just does his pirouette skills and a clean double double layout dismount with a hop.

11.266 (5.0, 6.266)

6:43 pm. Balance Beam Standings

1. Guan Chenchen CHN 14.633
2. Tang Xijing CHN 14.233
3. Simone Biles USA 14.000
4. Ellie Black CAN 13.866
5. Sunisa Lee USA 13.866
6. Ashikawa Urara JPN 13.733
7. Flavia Saraiva BRA 13.133
8. Vladislava Urazova RUS 12.733

6:34 pm. Guan Chenchen CHN BB: Lots of applause from the Americans before she goes, Suni gives her a double thumbs up. Switch leap mount to switch half to back handspring, nice. Roundoff layout with a check. Switch leap, doesn’t connect out of it to the switch side to transverse jumps, gets the transverse connections though. Front handspring front tuck with a little step forward. Split leap to front aerial to straddle jump to Korbut, clean full turn, great double pike dismount!

14.633 (6.6, 8.033)

6:30 pm. Flavia Saraiva BRA BB: Hit her mount with no problems, but then grabs the beam on her roundoff layout series. UGH. Full turn, switch to split leap, check at the hips on her bhs loso loso series, switch ring with a big wobble, front aerial to split jump to back handspring solid. Side somi clean. Switch ring is good. Double pike comes up a little short with a step back.

13.133 (5.7, 7.433)

6:25 pm. Vladislava Urazova RUS BB: Layout stepout mount is excellent. Messes up her series, does three back handsprings. Switch leap to full Y turn to 1.5 pirouette, check there. Front aerial with a wobble. Doesn’t connect to split jump to Onodi. Illusion turn with a big wobble. Nice wolf turn, but big break on the side aerial. Leap into a cat leap. 2.5 dismount with a hop.

12.733 (5.0, 7.733)

6:21 pm. Ashikawa Urara JPN BB: Lovely back handspring mount and bhs loso. Hit clean jumps right after. Split ring jump also excellent, maybe a low front leg but I have a bad angle. Switch leap to sheep jump, little check there. Clean side somi. Transverse split jump half, little check. Misses a foot on her switch ring and bobbles but stays on. Side aerial to split jump, solid there. Double spin, a little shaky. Triple full, leg form and a hop.

13.733 (5.9, 7.833)

6:15 pm. Sunisa Lee USA BB: Triple wolf turn and double wolf turn, both super solid. Front aerial to split jump to back handspring, perfect. Switch ring to split leap, maybe a tiny bit slow but still connected I think. Switch leap to switch half to split ring jump, tiniest bobble. Side aerial loso loso, wild stumble, but amazing save. Double full, a little short in rotation with a hop to the side, she was struggling with those all warmup.

13.866 (6.4, 7.466)

6:11 pm. Simone Biles USA BB: Here we go! She looked really strong in warmups earlier today, just a little shaky at first. Hit the double pike dismount well. We’ll see how it goes here…starts with a really aggressive triple wolf turn, slight adjustment. Front aerial to split jump to straddle jump, good. Bhs loso loso with a tiny check. Switch leap to switch half, wobbles, doesn’t connect to back pike. Side aerial, pause. Transverse straddle jump half connected to the split jump half, maybe short on the latter. Double pike with a small hop back. Standing ovation.

14.000 (6.1, 7.900)

6:06 pm. Tang Xijing CHN BB: Layout stepout mount, tiniest hip adjustment. Roundoff layout, looked crooked and legs apart, check. Switch ring, paused into the split ring jump to Korbut. Shapes looked great from my angle but not sure if they’ll pay that first connection. Switch leap to split ring leap to back handspring, excellent. Front aerial to split jump to straddle jump, lovely. Full turn, clean. Double full, college stick, ankle form in the air.

14.233 (6.0, 8.233)

6:02 pm. Ellie Black CAN BB: Hit her mount leap series into a Korbut, strong connections. Double spin to full spin, wobble, ugh, she connected that series right to the straddle earlier in warmups! Straddle jump to wolf jump. Punch front tuck, great. Hits the tuck full series. Tiny adjustment on the bhs layout series. Slight check on the side somi. Basically stuck front layout full dismount. Amazing job!

13.866 (6.2, 7.666)

5:58 pm. Gymnasts marching out for beam now!

5:35 pm. Parallel Bars Standings

1. Zou Jingyuan CHN 16.233
2. Lukas Dauser GER 15.700
3. Ferhat Arican TUR 15.633
4. You Hao CHN 15.466
5. David Belyavskiy RUS 15.200
6. Sam Mikulak USA 15.000
7. Petro Pakhniuk UKR 14.533
8. Joe Fraser GBR 14.500

5:29 pm. Lukas Dauser GER PB: Arched over a handstand at the beginning, but otherwise very precise in his work. Muscled up one handstand slightly, stuck the dismount with his feet apart. That was great.

15.700 (6.7, 9.000)

5:25 pm. Joe Fraser GBR PB: Wasn’t typing during this one, but didn’t see anything major, really strong on his salto elements, just a couple of little things here and there but overall a lovely routine. Great single rail transition and almost a stick on the double front half-out dismount.

14.500 (6.1, 8.400)

5:21 pm. Petro Pakhniuk UKR PB: Clean beginning, piked down on the single rail handstand, the rest nice, big straddle salto, almost fell out of a pirouette between the bars, stuck the dismount.

14.533 (6.1, 8.433)

5:18 pm. David Belyavskiy RUS PB: Clean handstands at the start, gets the pirouettes before his Tippelt, Bhavsar, arches over a pirouette after, front pike salto to handstand, slight arch there, came out of the handstand on the single rail unfortunately, kip cast back up to handstand, then a small hop back on the double front half-out.

15.200 (6.6, 8.600)

5:13 pm. You Hao CHN PB: Great start for him, a few little adjustments on one pirouette, looked a little rushed coming out of a salto into a skill right after, double back pike was clean, Bhavsar, muscled his Tippelt a bit, Ono is very clean, low double front half with a big hop forward.

15.466 (6.9, 8.566)

5:10 pm. Sam Mikulak USA PB: Pike up to handstand gets him off to a nice start, clean pirouette after but then walks around a transition between the bars, rough. Hit some strong saltos and a big Bhavsar, Tippelt was clean and solid, steady handstand out of a pirouette after that, and a hop forward on the double front half-out dismount.

15.000 (6.4, 8.600)

5:07 pm. Zou Jingyuan CHN PB: Lovely handstand at the start, pirouettes are perfect, literally. All of them. Had a slight arch out of one but quickly corrected, big straddle salto, Bhavsar, good, baby step on the double front half, that’ll be huge.

16.233 (6.9, 9.333)

5:02 pm. Ferhat Arican TUR PB: You know how horrible I am at p-bars but I’ll try to capture what I know. Nice handstand at the start, Came really fast out of a pirouette and had to correct a bit early on, holds the next handstand forever and hits the follow-up pirouettes well. Pikes down in the single rail transition and muscles it back up. Just a little tentative throughout. But also slow and steady. Sticks the double front half dismount.

15.633 (7.0, 8.633)

5:00 pm. Getting ready to kick things off on p-bars any second now!

61 thoughts on “2020 Olympic Games | Event Finals Day 3 Live Blog

  1. On a random note, it’s refreshing to see a major gymnastics competition with the lights on in the arena during competition, as opposed to basically shining a giant flashlight on the athlete on his/her apparatus while they compete. It feels more like a sport this way too and less Cirque du Soleil. Anyway, Zou was amazing to watch and near perfection in motion. Congrats to him and Dauser. And way to go Arican for Turkey! First Turkish Olympic gymnastics medal I believe.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Yup! Arican was the first Turkish MAG to compete at an Olympic Games in 2016, and now he’s here with three of his teammates, all of whom made EFs, and he’ll be the first Turkish man to take home a medal. Beyond words. One of the fastest-rising programs in history!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Can’t wait to see Turkey this coming quad. should Arican and Colak continue on with Asil and Onder plus a 5th gymnast, they can contend for a European team medal in 2022 (already a silver in 2020 not fully attended). I also believe they will make team finals at Worlds next year. While they didn’t have Arican do the AA here (only PB and PH) and as a result had no 3rd score on FX, VT, HB Turkey would have made team finals over Ukraine with a 10.3 average on those three events. This would have easily occurred. If you take Arican’s FX/VT/HB scores from 2019 Worlds and inserted them in Tokyo the team would have been in 6th just behind Great Britain in qualifications.
        They were a strong team but adding Adem Asil has bee a game changer.


        • Very true. Turkey’s rise on the gymnastics scene is spectacular. They had by far had the best team at the 2019 Wordls among the non qualified. Could’nt believe they finished behind Italy and France (esp.), two team Türkey had beaten at the 2018 Mediterranean Games (a big first for them IIRC)..
          I agree they can already be considered in the 4th-8th group and totally expect a full team in Paris 2024.
          I also think the WAG team can qualify a full team to the 2023 Worlds, which would be quite something. The improovments they showed at last years euros was quite impressive I think, on both junior and senior sides.


    • This!!! I root for them both every time. As a fan of both of their beam routines I hope they’re both able to come back fighting, but what I mostly hope is they both do the best thing for their health long term.


        • It’s in the Balance Beam Situation live blog, so Spencer saw it too: “Black – switch mount to switch 1/2 to korbut, solid opening – double turn to full turn, wobble on the full turn, lean – split to wolf – front tuck, solid – bhs to tuck full, hits it! Step back – larger wobble on choreography – bhs to layout 2 feet, hip angle in the air but secure – side somi, check – front full dismount, hop.”


      • I wasn’t listening to the commentary so I don’t know if they did actually call her turns “choreography.” That said, she did have a check on a piece of plain old choreo in addition to the wobble on her turns. In fact, I think the choreo wobble was the bigger of the two?? (could be misremembering) I was like ELLIE NO.


  2. I love Ellie but she wobbled on choreo, and a few other times and I’m sure her technique on her bhs always gets deducted.

    Also, if you’ve got nothing better to do than bitch about Biles, get off Lauren’s site?

    Liked by 1 person

    • ^^^–THIS (the second half of your comment). Lordy, irrational Biles haters (who just don’t get it) have nothing better to do. . . .


  3. THRILLED for Chenchen and Xixi!!!!!!!

    Not so thrilled that we might have to put up with Biles trying to get to Paris now that she “only” got bronze again…. in a final she shouldn’t’ve been competing in……. especially since bronze should’ve gone to Ellie……


    • My heart was for Black ahead of Biles but It was definitely her right to compete ! she qualified . And given other’s mistakes her bronze is deserved though I much prefered Ashikawa’s style and thought Lee had just star quality until her break on her serie. Very disappointed by Iordache’s withdrawal. I know it’s all about Biles but Iordache … (and Andrade, Ferrari before 2021 …).

      Liked by 1 person

      • Simone’s is the only routine I’ve been able to see as someone posted it somewhere (probably taken down by now). So I haven’t seen Ellie’s yet. Simone’s was beautifully done, though. Very well executed.
        I really wanted Simone to medal and am thrilled she did medal…but I also like Ellie’s beam a lot.

        I don’t want to complain since I got a lot of results I wanted in this Olympics, but oh…it would have been a really perfect ending if the gym gods had given us one more bronze-tie to round things off- Simone and Ellie sharing beam bronze like Gelya and Mai would have been great.


    • I love Ellie and really hope she’s well enough to stick around and pull a Ferrari to get an Olympic medal – she’s come so close! But Simone had every right to compete and did a solid routine that was rightfully rewarded. I don’t know if Simone will necessarily treat it as “only” a bronze – Guan Chenchen was so strong I feel like Simone would struggle to outscore her if they were both at their best.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Can we just stop bashing gymnasts please?? This was not unfair, since Ellie had a couple of wobbles and Simone didn’t. Simone has every right to try for Paris, or not. She can do whatever she wants, since it’s her life! This was a great balance beam finale and I’m really happy for all of the gymnasts!

    Liked by 4 people

  5. China showed up the past two days and ends up with the most medals in Gymnastics.

    Shout out to Japan for hosting these Games amid the pandemic! Can’t believe the artistic gymnastic portion is done. Hope the athletes get home safely. On to Paris 2024!


  6. I’m still reading, but pausing to applaud this: “This truly is a high bar final, isn’t it.” ROFLMAO and also OH NOES. . . . Also LOL’d at the “I’m really leaving.” Oh high bar, how can you hurt me so, yet I still love to watch you!.


  7. Many thanks for the live blog (that I’m reading late), @Lauren!!! More nail biting. I’m thrilled Simone Biles was up to competing beam and congrats to her on the bronze. I can’t wait to (try to) watch these finals, especially the Chinese on beam!

    Watching the High Bar final will surely do me in, it sounds like. SO MANY FALLS! BTW I’m impressed Brody Malone was so close to the podium. Maybe .3 isn’t super-close, but there’s a huge gap to the next competitor, so to me it feels close. I’m not clear though, did he fall off the bar, or hang on? @Lauren, you wrote he “falls out of [the element]” but I wasn’t sure how you meant that.


  8. Where are people watching Day 3 of event finals? Every other day of competition has been available in the morning on nbcolympics.com streaming schedule, but for some reason, I can’t find a link to Day 3 this morning. Was it there earlier? I do pay for a tv provider so if anyone knows where I can find the link to watch, please let me know. There’s no point in watching whatever they put on primetime tonight because they don’t show all the routines.


    • @square444: I go here and scroll down past the useless NBC links. Although you can also use the NBC Sports app on a mobile device.

      Here’s the main coverage link from that page:

      But I just clicked and it says “Coverage Concluded” instead of having a play button . . . SIGH. I hope that gets fixed so I can watch it tonight!

      BTW I see their link for yesterday’s finals has a space (%20) that should be a dash. When I change the URL for the rings/vault/floor final to this…
      …it works and has a play button.

      Now hopefully they’ll fix today’s page to show a play button instead of “Coverage concluded”!


    • I have no idea, I managed to find it first thing is this morning, but the stream just said “Coverage concluded” with no way to actually watch it and then when I tried refreshing everything and trying to find it again it totally vanished. Super annoying as I got up early to watch before work to avoid being spoiled and then at the top of the site it said the results. Ugh.

      Hoping it’ll show up later or maybe on peacock, because I would like to watch all the rountines not just the random three that nbc deigns good enough for their primetime coverage


    • I was just coming here to vent about this. I’ve been watching on nbcolympics.com every morning. It’s always been there immediately. Today it isn’t there. I guarantee NBC is holding it to force people to watch the insanely long and commercial-loaded primetime. Not to mention they don’t show all of the routines.


    • I also couldn’t find it on the NBC Sports app, which usually has the replay of each day’s events as its own thing. BUT I did find it on my device (Apple TV) in the general “Olympic Sports” segment. I think it was the first/earliest segment for August 3rd if that helps.


    • Sorry if this double posts; for some reason I don’t see my earlier post. I have been using NBC Sports app on Apple TV, and I also couldn’t find the event coverage this morning. BUT I checked out the general “Olympic sports” segment (like the one that has a mix of a bunch of stuff), and today’s 3 event finals were included in there. On my device it was the first/earliest segment of the replays from August 3rd, if that helps.


      • Thank you to everyone for trying to help with this issue. Apparently they are deliberately holding it until after primetime coverage airs tonight. Which I wouldn’t be upset about had I known in the first place. But every single other day of streaming coverage was posted immediately after, so no one would know today that their choices were to get up at 4am or wait for primetime. Every other day, I’ve gotten up at 6am and watched the replay.
        Originally I thought they just forgot to post the stream in the usual place, so I went looking for it elsewhere and got the headline “Biles Wins Bronze!” Well, thank you so much for ruining that for me, NBC. I have avoided spoilers by not looking at anything online every morning but going directly to the stream link.
        And the thing is, I considered not trying to find the stream another way and waiting for primetime, but because the primetime coverage has been so terrible, I figured I would wait all day and they wouldn’t show all the routines anyway.
        So thank you, NBC for marring the final day of gymnastics competition, including my very favorite event. And I do pay for TV coverage. This is not a complaint about not seeing things for free. It’s about seeing things at all.
        Honestly, I don’t think NBC should get to have rights to the Olympics, no matter how much they pay for it, if they don’t know how to air sports. It would be like buying all the food in the grocery for yourself to resell to hungry people, then not selling it.

        And this goes for 4-year viewers too. I’m not a 4-year-er, but know people who are. And they really get into the gymnastics in primetime, IF NBC allows them to. You have to post enough coverage throughout the week in primetime so viewers get familiar with the athletes and start to pick their favorites and root for them and want to tune in for finals. But it starts by showing coverage of preliminaries and certainly ends by showing at least 6/8 competitors in each event final, including all the medalists.

        If primetime viewership is down, it’s not Simone’s fault. It’s because they never showed enough to allow new viewers to connect with other athletes.


  9. Biles issues have kind of taken over the media, but the amount of historic medals we saw happen in these games was amazing.
    – First Russian team title since Soviet dissolution (WAG, maybe MAG too, but I think the Russian men got it in Atlanta)
    -First ever female medalist for Brazil (WAG AA)
    – First medal/gold for Israel (MAG FX)
    – First female Olympic champion for Brazil (WAG VT)
    -First female medalist for South Korea (WAG VT)
    – First medal for Chinese Taipei (MAG PH)
    -First medal for Armenia (MAG VT)
    – First medal/title for Belgium (WAG UB)
    – First female medalist for Italy (WAG FX)
    – First medal for Turkey (MAG PB)
    Also Sunisa is the first Asian American AA champion, GB got their first medal as a team in almost a century, Rhys is the first Olympic event finalist for Ireland and there’s probably a lot of other big moments that I’m forgetting.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Murakami is also the first individual WAG medalist for Japan — they have a team medal but had no individual athlete medals until this year’s floor final.


  10. OH AND ALSO didn’t the bronze put Biles at the highest World and Olympic medal count? Doesn’t this put her at the same number as Latynina and she wins on golds?


    • Should not be compared to Latynina, IMO. Completely different eras of gymnastics. Latynina competed at a time when Worlds were held every 4 years, same as the Olympics. Biles has had 75% more opportunity to amass medals, and the two should not be compared on numbers of worlds titles; not apples and apples. Even in the likes of the 1970s-1980s, worlds was every second year so again, Biles has had double the opportunity of gymnasts competing at that time. Taking nothing away from Biles achievements of course, she has been dominant for basically 10 years. But let’s not cheapen other gymnasts by comparing what Biles has achieved to that.
      The only constant competition as far as opportunity goes for the two is the Olympic Games, where Latynina won 18 medals, 9 of them gold. Biles has won 7 medals, 4 of them gold. For a direct comparison. To top Latynina’s total, Biles would need to go to the next two Olympic Games and win medals in every event at both of them, being on top of the podium at least 6 more times.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Sports keep records, man, I don’t know what to tell you. It’s not cheapening Latynina to note a change in the record. I mean, I’m excited to see it, but that’s because it’s fun to see records break. Heck, Latynina would seem to agree, seeing as she wanted to present Phelps his record breaker! (Stupid IOC and their stupid bureaucratic rules!)


    • No, it puts her tied with Shannon Miller for most Olympic medals won by an American and she wins on gold. Biles isn’t even close to Latynina in terms of the Olympic medals; Latynina is the second most decorated Olympian in any sport ever, behind only Phelps. But as was said before, it’s an unfair comparison. The sport is unrecognizable between these two eras.


      • Oh just saw it’s worlds also. In that case yes it does, but as mentioned before that’s keeping in mind that worlds were every 4 years in Latynina’s time.


      • The idea that it’s way easier to rack up a medal count now than when Latynina was competing so it’s not fair to compare records isn’t convincing to me when her record held for fifty years. The top ten are Biles, Latynina,
        Khorkina, Caslavska, Tourischeva, Gogean, Milosivici, Mustafina, Kim, and Amanar, which covers basically every era, so it seems to me like the factors all sort of even each other out.


  11. Just in case NBC decides not to put the vault final on the website with the rest of the gymnastics events, I decided to watch it on primetime. I’ve only seen one beam routine so far (they skipped Ellie Black), 10 minutes of commercials, and Tim and Nastia being so stupid I’m about to turn it off. Bridget and John might not be great commentators but the stupidity of Tim and Nastia is unsurpassed.


      • If you watch it on Peacock you have to watch at the times prescribed, even after the fact. They do replays but you have to watch them at that time. All of the gymnastics events, except Event Finals Day 3, are on demand on nbcolympics.com and were from the moment they were finished. But this one they held to up their viewership during primetime. It’s still not there today.


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